Chapter 62: Gentle

Seeing this, Liu Luo Yi even has the thought of committing suicide. She pushes Wei Chi Li away, bent over to take it then put her hand behind her.

The two looked at each other face to face without saying anything.

Wei Chi Li never expected that she would see such a book in Liu Luo Yi’s room. No wonder, Liu Luo Yi’s behaviour just now held immaturity with a hint of dexterity. Were those affections displayed because she looked at these things?

Wei Chi Li looked at her up and down, then lowered her head to pick it up but Liu Luo Yi grabbed her hand, lowering her volume to beg: “Wei Chi Li, don’t….”

Wei Chi Li did not fall for the trap. She bent over to grab a random book and flipped through the pages with 1 hand. The pictures almost made her stifle on the spot as she falls on her back.

Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi. Liu Luo Yi feeling guilty, let go of her hand.

Wei Chi Li does not believe it, so she opened the cabinet door completely and took out all the books to have a look at it. The contents were lifelike and enough to reach the master level.

There was also some incredibly detailed tutorial in it. Wei Chi Li look at Liu Luo Yi who was feeling at loss Because she did not have the audacity to continue reading it, she closed the book.

“Little Liu’er, is very diligent.” After holding back, a long time, she forced out such a sentence.

Liu Luo Yi did not say anything. In fact, she was about to shrink into the crack in the wall.

There was silence again. Wei Chi Li touched her own face and realized that it was ridiculously hot.

Lone and unmarried women together under the dim lights and because of the words that came out just now due to her momentary impulse made the current atmosphere extremely hot. Wei Chi Li took a step forward and Liu Luo Yi quickly backed away. Unfortunately, there was a wall behind and there was nowhere to retreat.

Wei Chi Li skim her own lips, her heart was in a mess.

Liu Luo Yi watches her as she touches her lips and felt an extremely unbearable feeling in her heart. She had such a dream many times before, wanting to be closer to Wei Chi Li, hug her tightly and smelling the fragrance on her body.

After that, being touched by her and what kept rocking in front of her blurry vision was the bridge of her nose, her lips and her long and slender fingers and her everything.

Sinking into such madness and palpitation.

What was she thinking about? Liu Luo Yi shook her head to stop the messy thoughts in her mind. She has been through enough shameful things today.

When she came back to her senses, Wei Chi Li was already standing in front of her, reaching out her warm hand to tuck the strands of hair from her forehead behind her ears.

Her movements were so gentle, forever so gentle. Liu Luo Yi closed her eyes to wait for everything that was about to happen.

Yet, Wei Chi Li’s other hand which was dangling by the side was pinching herself desperately. Not allowing herself to do more, not allowing herself to be careless, because a mistake may cause everlasting sorrow.

The flushed Liu Luo Yi in front of her, with her skins that were exposed a little and the lips that she has bitten red, were arousing the longing in Wei Chi Li, little by little. Wei Chi Li slowly reach her hand out, but in the end, she only touches her cascading hair.

As of now, she does not have the certainty that she, herself can be with Liu Luo Yi without any hindrance. She really could not ignore everything because this would harm Liu Luo Yi.

Just nice at this moment, maybe Liu Luo Yi was too scared and nervous that she let out a faint groan.

Listening to this, it was like a hook, hooking Wei Chi Li’s heart and kept pulling forward desperately. 

Wei Chi Li suddenly raised her hand and embrace Liu Luo Yi, hugging her tightly. The soft body belonging to a woman embraced in her arms was so comfortable, but she was very unsatisfied. Wei Chi Li could only endure and whispered in her ear.

“Little Liu’er, wait for me.”

Liu Luo Yi was pulled back to reality by her words. She lowered her eyes and looked at Wei Chi Li’s shoulders. A cold drop of tears rolled down.

Just now her heart which was full to the brim, suddenly became empty.

But it does not matter because she will wait. She was already incredibly happy to hear that sentence today, or it could be said that even today was just a dream, she was still very satisfied.

After all, for her, just a hug was enough to make her feel at ease, like it was a gift from heaven.

The warm embrace quickly disappeared, and the night wind blew through the door and onto her body. Liu Luo Yi suddenly opened her eyes. There was no one else in the room. She shivers and wraps the clothes on her, tightly.

Just now was really like a dream. Liu Luo Yi walked to the cabinet, wanting to close the door but was surprised to find out that all those books have disappeared.

In that instant, she blushes again and was so bashful that she wanted to hide in the cabinet.

Thinking in a daze, what if the eldest princess came to find her, wanting her books back, what should she do?

On the other side, Wei Chi Li was carrying big baggage, walking aimlessly in the dark. Xin Ran followed behind, keeping a 4, 5 arms distance away, looking at the ground angrily.

Wei Chi Li suddenly stopped, threw the baggage on the ground, and turned her head, telling Xin Ran: “Hurry up and hit me.”

Xin Ran was taken aback. She blinked and felt a little moved in her heart.

Hence, she said embarrassedly: “Princess, I am not angry. Although it was the first-time princess threw such a huge temper at me. If princess can be more gentle next time…”

Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows as she looks at her. Feeling that everyone was abnormal today.

“Hurry up.” Wei Chi Li urged.

Xin Ran was very obedient and took a step forward to slapped Wei Chi Li on the shoulder then took 2 steps back and looked at Wei Chi Li vigilantly.

Wei Chi Li felt the pain and sucked in a breath of cold air. Only then, did she feel a little better and the temperature on her face drops.

She sighed and picked up the baggage from the ground again then strode towards her room. Xin Ran followed her and with a puzzled look, she asked: “Princess, what are you carrying?”

“Martial Art secrets scripture.” Wei Chi Li said.

Xin Ran’s eyes gleamed upon hearing it: “Princess, can you reward me 1 book?”

Wei Chi Li turned to look at her and smiled: “It is pointless for you to learn it. I am going to take it back, swallow it alone and concentrate on practising it.”

Soon it will be a fruitful season. Hearing the call of the changing season, the summer blazing sun has finally restrained itself and shone gentle sunlight. Some trees were very anxious and could not wait for that day, so they have changed its colour, making the capital patches of yellow and patches of green, making it looked pretty like it has been splashed by irregular dye.

The annual sacrifice to heaven was right in front of their eyes.

Every family in the capital has made preparation and hung home-made bless-for-safety lanterns, waiting for the emperor’s chariot to pass by and all will kowtow for a blessing.

Early this morning, Wei Chi Li had just finished her sword training and was filled with vibrant life as she walks towards the gate. She happens to see Wei Chi Die who was instructing others to hang the lanterns at the gate.

Seeing Wei Chi Die with her hands on her hips, sitting on a small round stool at the gate, reaching out her slightly raised finger from time to time: “Its crooked, its crooked, move up again.”

Wei Chi Li probed out her head and twist it upwards. Was it not An Ge who was hanging the lantern on top of the wall?

Currently, she was doing a high-level action, with her feet resting on an almost no protruding wall, one hand on top of the wall while the other hand was constantly changing directions according to Wei Chi Die’s instruction.

“Left. No, right. Go left again, go right again. How come you cannot even hang a lantern properly. Useless.” Wei Chi Die snorted.

Wei Chi Li knows that she was in a bad mood again. Moreover, she has not been in a good mood ever since An Ge came here.

An Ge was still dressed in black, making her look a little taciturn but still did not disobey Wei Chi Die’s orders at all. Even if the words seem to be ridiculing her, she did not care at all.

“She is like a dead person. No matter what she will not get angry.” Wei Chi Die rolled her eyes and whispered to Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li shook her head and was about to turn around when Wei Chi Die suddenly became excited: “Hey, what’s the progress between you and Little Liu’er?”

“None.” Wei Chi Li was very perfunctory. She suddenly remembered that Little Liu’er should have gotten up at this timing. But she has always been avoiding her these few days and so, she could not see her.

She was still a little worried.

“Have you kissed her?” Wei Chi Die stood up and leaned towards Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li shook her head.

“Then that, have you done that?” Wei Chi Die leaned closer.

Wei Chi Li shook her head again.

Exasperated that she did not do better, Wei Chi Die slapped Wei Chi Li hard and said contemptuously: “Why do I have a cowardly sister like you, not daring to do anything. When Little Liu’er runs away, don’t come crying to me!”

Wei Chi Li rubbed the painful area that she had been slapped and said helplessly: “After all, this is Yan Country and not the Northern Territory with its free-spirited folk custom. I cannot do whatever I want to do. At least, wait till I have rescue Lord Liu, only then can I really be with her.”

These few days, Wei Chi Die must ask her every time she sees her and did not feel annoyed at all.

She would not say for the fact that she was too shy till she does not know what to do after reading those books and then simply buried them all under a tree.

She still wants to keep her dignity.

After Wei Chi Die listened to her, she became angrier and vented it all on An Ge. She sat on the stool again and said angrily: “You are so clumsy, why haven’t you hung it up yet!”

An Ge looked down at her and smiled: “Princess, this subordinate realised that the inscribed board on the mansion is loose.”

Wei Chi Die raised her head and glanced: “Then you can fix it later.”

“Yes.” An Ge replied then continued to hang the lantern which she can never seem to hang it well. Wei Chi Li felt her own neck was sore after having to raise her neck to look up. Thus, she has admiration for her physical strength.

There were footsteps sounds from behind. Liu Luo Yi was walking towards her with her head down. She suddenly raised her eyes and saw Wei Chi Li then immediately stopped, wanting to turn and walk back.

“Little Liu’er, come here.” When Wei Chi Li saw her, her mood immediately improved a lot and while smiling, she beckons her over.

Liu Luo Yi’s steps were a little stiff, her expression was as usual, but her heartbeat was jumping like an energetic rabbit.

Since that day, she really could no longer stay by Wei Chi Li’s side anymore. After the dream-like ecstasy at the start has disappeared, she kept reminiscing.

The moment she saw Wei Chi Li, she would think about the series of things that day. On 1 hand, she was so ashamed that she wants to run away, while on the other hands, she longs desperately for Wei Chi Li. Longs for a word from her, a touch, or an embrace.

It was like 2 small people fighting and loathe to part.

In the end, she still walked over without any expression and stood in front of Wei Chi Li. Looking at Wei Chi Li’s smiling face, she could not help but feel a little angry. How come she does not have any reaction, could it be that she has forgotten what had happened that night?

“Why has princess call for me?” Liu Luo Yi said coldly.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback, then leaned towards her and said softly: “Why don’t you call me Wei Chi Li anymore?”

Liu Luo Yi took a step back and her face immediately turn red like a cherry.

Wei Chi Die looked at the 2 of them conversing, her red lips pursed together, smiling meaningfully.

At this moment, the inscribed board hanging high up on the gate suddenly fell rapidly towards them. Wei Chi Li subconsciously pulled Liu Luo Yi aside and reached out to protect her.

While Wei Chi Die also stood up and moved to avoid it. But because she got up a little late, and was a step slower, a black figure almost falls at the same time as the inscribed board, flashing and shielding in front of Wei Chi Die.

The wooden inscribed board that weighs a little heavy was stopped in mid-air. Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows, her right hands grabbing the corner of the inscribed board, and hugging Liu Luo Yi in her arms with her left hands. The shock to her hand made it extremely numb.

While An Ge was facing Wei Chi Die, bent down and using her shoulders to support the fallen inscribed board.

At the same time, a long iron nail fell from the wall. Wei Chi Li was afraid that the nail would hit Liu Luo Yi, so she pulled her back.

As a result, she accidentally let go of her hand and because An Ge was caught off guard by her action, there was more weight on her shoulders and she accidentally hug Wei Chi Die directly.

[T/L Note]: Heya All!!! 2021 did not start off well for me, so I was away for abit, but I do hope it has been great for everyone! Happy Belated New Year! Sorry for the wait! I am back now!

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  4. Cmonnnnnnn …. Made LLY again by denying her Wei Chi Li …. She was ready and eager and you just break her dreams and preparation like that …

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  5. It is pointless for you to learn it. I am going to take it back, swallow it alone and concentrate on practising it.”

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