Chapter 61: Confession

“Don’t go. She said softly, her tone was calm like it was constrained, carrying a hint of sobbing.

Wei Chi Li stopped walking.

There was no more sound coming from behind. Wei Chi Li turned around. Her whole body trembled.

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes were closed, her slim fingers tremblingly and reaches out to untied the belt on her clothes. The snow-white outer clothes slide down her body, revealing the thin dress inside.

Her shoulders were exposed and strands of hair cascade on the tender, smooth and white shoulder. The collarbone was slightly raised like a snow-white jade, making her look delicate and fragile.

Coupled with an immortal-like face, it makes people unwilling to look away.

Unlike any other ordinary women, even if she were dressed like this, she could still make people feel desolated. Like a frosted lotus flower on the peak of the snow mountain, looking down on a billow of clouds but trembling in the wind.

Emitting charming feeling of making people wanting to step forward, hug and warm her.

Liu Luo Yi took a step forward and Wei Chi Li felt that her body was no longer her own. Her brain was blank and does not know what to do.

She wanted to figure out this matter properly but did not expect that Liu Luo Yi would be so brave. So brave that makes her feels ashamed.

“Do you still remember that day at GuanNan Marquis mansion, I said….” Liu Luo Yi said, choking a little.

Give you everything. I remember. Wei Chi Li said in her heart.

Liu Luo Yi reached out her arm, using her index finger to gently hooked Wei Chi Li’s fingertip. Wei Chi Li’s fingers trembled slightly but did not retract. A woman’s soft finger teasing her palm as if it were caressing her heart.

The fragrance from her whole body made her body scorching hot.

Liu Luo Yi continued moving. Her agile fingers untied the belt of her inner clothes. The moment when all the clothes were sliding down, Wei Chi Li reached out her hand decisively and held the lapels tightly, grasping it in her hand.

But still saw some things that she should not have seen. Wei Chi Li’s heart jolted and quickly turned her eyes away.

Liu Luo Yi’s body stiffened, tears flow out of her eyes, and was unable to stop it. She does not want to intentionally stop it.

“Wei Chi Li…” She murmured, and then her body softened, leaning her head against Wei Chi Li’s shoulders and her shoulders trembling slightly.

Disregarding everything, she suddenly throws herself at Wei Chi Li. Breaking away from the restraining clothes, she reached out 2 soft arms to wrap around Wei Chi Li’s waist. Unprepared by the sudden soft and tender embraced, Wei Chi Li was pushed against the door behind her.

It just so happened that for some reason the candlelight flickered and snuffed out.

Xin Ran who was waiting outside, thought that Wei Chi Li was in danger when she saw that the room has suddenly became dark and there was a sound of a heavy object hitting the door. She shouted for the princess, rushed up the steps and pushed the door violently.

She was quite strong and because Wei Chi Li did not stand still, in that instant, she could not even stand firmly anymore. She staggered forward a few steps and nearly bump against the cabinet. The door was suddenly opened wide and Xin Ran rushed in.

Wei Chi Li subconsciously hugged Liu Luo Yi tightly, using her wide sleeves to cover her body then shouted: “Xin Ran, get out!”

Xin Ran did not see anything clearly when she heard Wei Chi Li’s shout. Her body shook and then turned into an blur when she rushed out, closing the door tightly.

She patted her chest, feeling aggrieved because princess has never lost her temper with her before.

She was angry.

In the darkness, there was silence and only 2 people’s heartbeats were very loud.

Wei Chi Li felt that her own shoulders were soaked. Liu Luo Yi’s soft body was almost completely stuck to her body. Supple as if boneless, making people feel restless and heartache.

Wei Chi Li sighed, her hand going around her back and forcefully pry off Liu Luo Yi’s hand and pushed her away.

Liu Luo Yi felt Wei Chi Li pushing her away, and the expression in her eyes, hardened.

She lowered her head and sobbed. She slapped her hand away and her tone has turned cold: “Leave.”

She has become lowly like this for her and does not want to continue like this. Although she really, really likes Wei Chi Li.

Liu Luo Yi wanted to squat down to feel around for her clothes when there was a sudden warmth on her shoulders. A coat was drape over her, carrying grass fragrance from Wei Chi Li’s body.

She wanted to fling it off, but the lapels were pulled together tightly by someone and this time, her hands were wrapped in it and could not move, like a silkworm chrysalis.

“What are you doing?” She asked in a low voice.

Wei Chi Li’s helpless chuckles travelled from above her head. She suddenly took a step forward and pushed Liu Luo Yi onto the cabinet behind her. Liu Luo Yi was pressed closely against the cabinet and for some reason, she felt a little nervous.

She still could not move her hands and began to suspect that Wei Chi Li was doing it deliberately, so she was a little annoyed. She twisted her body, wanting to break free, but was held by Wei Chi Li with another hand.

“Little Liu’er ah, Little Liu’er, I really….” Wei Chi Li lowered and shook her head.

She often does things without the slightest hesitation but in fact, would also be tangled up in some aspect. Especially when it comes to facing Liu Luo Yi.

Although she was scrupulous, she was not a fool. She could always feel that palpitation, but at first, did not realize what it was. And when she had realized it, she did not dare to think about it.

Falling in love with a woman in a completely unfamiliar world.

If this was pushed forward by a few months, she would not believe it even she was beaten to death.

But now it has happened. The living Liu Luo Yi was standing in front of her. She could not deny that she wants to hug her, wants to kiss her, wants to be nice to her for life and wants her to smile.

Before she herself appeared, Liu Luo Yi’s life was too bitter. Although Wei Chi Li would never be conceited and regard herself as a saviour, she really wanted Liu Luo Yi to live happily, just like what she had blurted out that day.

“Go run and jump, be wilful and commit all kind outrages things. You can be unruly too, conceited too.”

Before Liu Luo Yi appeared, her life maybe exciting, but she was somewhat lonely. After Liu Luo Yi appeared, she realized that there was an undeveloped barren land in her heart.

Slowly sprouting luxuriantly.

“Silly girl.” Wei Chi Li whispered and suddenly laugh like she was not herself.

Liu Luo Yi was even more annoyed. She looked at Wei Chi Li and did not care about the tears on her face.

Until Wei Chi Li’s warm fingertips gently touch her face and wiped away her tears little by little.

Then, Wei Chi Li suddenly leaned forward, and Liu Luo Yi subconsciously evades backwards. But because there was a cabinet behind her, she could only slightly tilt her head. Wei Chi Li’s face suddenly got closer to her, and the tall tip of her nose gently touch her nose.

Wei Chi Li exhale and her breath spray onto her face and Liu Luo Yi suddenly felt that her body was limp. Soft like a puddle of water and could not stand still.

Wei Chi Li knows her problem well and has already reached out her hand to wrap it around her waist to hold her firmly in her arms.

Liu Luo Yi’s voice trembled: “Wei Chi Li…”

She could not say anything else and could only call out her name repeatedly.

“I’m here.” Wei Chi Li smiled. Being so closed to her, she looked at Liu Luo Yi’s appearance up and down and watched her trembling in her arms. The enchanting eye were red, and the tip of her nose was reddish, like a white rabbit.

Contrary to the usual cold feeling, Wei Chi Li suddenly felt satisfied because only she could see such a cute side of her.

“Little Liu’er, I like you too.” Wei Chi Li. She did not hesitate anymore and could not be bothered to think about identity, gender, and future world.

To hell with her world. She would not care even it was a dream.

Liu Luo Yi was stunned, the expression in her eyes was absentminded. Did she hear it wrongly? What did Wei Chi Li say, she likes her?

After that, the happiness that was enough to explode, filled her chest. Liu Luo Yi felt that since she was born, she has never experienced such ecstasy

She really likes her, and not it was not a wishful thinking.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly grinned but tears were still flowing and could not wipe away no matter what and even Wei Chi Li has given up.

“Then you, still don’t let me go?” Liu Luo Yi choked.

“I’m afraid with my body like this, I can’t handle it.” Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi up and down. Liu Luo Yi felt her gaze, quickly shrank back and afterwards her face flushed.

Oh god, she actually had done such a thing, it was too shameful!

Liu Luo Yi suddenly leaned into Wei Chi Li’s arms, not wanting to show her face. Wei Chi Li embraced her and held back from laughing out loud, which made her face a little sore.

She was also incredibly happy. Such a perfect woman belongs to her from now on.

Her Little Liu’er.

The 2 of them hugged this way for a long time and only then did Liu Luo Yi straightened up, avoiding Wei Chi Li’s gaze and asked: “But, why did you say ‘too’? You obviously said it first.”

Wei Chi Li pretended to be surprised and gently let go of her hand, saying: “Oh? Then just now who was the one who does not even want the outer clothes?”

When she let go, the clothes on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulders slide down naturally. Liu Luo Yi screamed and quickly draped the clothes back on properly and reached out to punch Wei Chi Li.

“Okay, I will not look at you, put on your clothes properly.” Wei Chi Li said gently and closed her eyes lightly, taking 2 steps back.

After that, a pair of slightly cool lips touches her lips, it was still carrying wetness and saltiness from tears.

But it was just a short moment and Liu Luo Yi has run away. In that instant, Wei Chi Li felt her heartbeat was like beating a drum.

Who taught her all these? Able to tease her till she was unable to control her affection. Wei Chi Li sighed. Fortunately, it was considered that she did not forget oneself.

Now was not the time for some things. They still have a long time and a future, so they could take their time.

“Okay.” Liu Luo Yi said, and Wei Chi Li opened her eyes, the room was already bright.

She looked at Liu Luo Yi and saw that there was still red glow on her face but has already dressed appropriately. She stood there, rubbing the corner of her clothes in panic.

Wei Chi Li was about to walk over, but the cabinet that was wrecked by them just now finally did not hold up and has opened a gap.

The corner of a book came out.

To hide her embarrassment, Wei Chi Li reached out to take it and said: “What kind of books does a knowledgeable person like Little Liu’er usually reads?”

Seeing this, Liu Luo Yi hurried over and wanted to close the cabinet door. But unexpectedly, she tripped over the clothes that were scattered on the ground and almost fell. Wei Chi Li quickly reached out to embrace her.

Great. The 2 slammed the cabinet door wide open and the books inside fell out. And one of them open to a page.

Wei Chi Li immediately saw the pictures and she opened her mouth, stunned.

Great. It was even more embarrassing. She thinks.

[T/L Note]: no words to explain this feeling.

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    Confession (check)
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    So many milestones ah!

    *wipes tears* they grow up so fast, it seems like it was only yesterday that they were so far back into the closet. I am so proud of my gay children. I hope they get married and make more gay children.

    Thanks to Wei Chi Li’s possessiveness, Xin Ran was not forced to eat premium dog food. She almost stepped on a landmine. Welp, can’t be helped, it’s a feast only for the readers! Cheers fellow readers!

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    Finally WCL just said fuck it and accepted that goddess, I deed she’s now all yours, should have eaten her up, Luo Yi was definitely feeling it after just reading some pornos and even getting herself ready.

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    God I’m so glad I caught up to exactly this chapter haha how fucking nice.

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