Chapter 34: Emperor

Liu Luo Yi looked at Wei Chi Li, only then was she completely relieved.

Wei Chi Li turned her head and saw Lu Yun Kui’s bloodshot eyes then she looked at him up and down. No matter how she looked at him, there was a sense of desolation.

It seems like after she had left, he leads an awfully bad life.

Not bad, Wei Chi Li nodded with satisfaction.

Lu Yun Kui saw Wei Chi Li’s expression and as if there were a mouthful of blood choked in his heart.

He often felt that some turns in course of events were too sudden and he should have a smooth sailing life, but came to an abrupt stop and all of this was because of Wei Chi Li.

She was even more energetic and daring than before, seemingly not affected at all, and even Liu Luo Yi was vastly different from before. Her current vigour was definitely absent when she was by his side.

This made Lu Yun Kui’s heart surged with an inexplicable fury. He gritted his teeth and held back, releasing his clenched fist.

He curled the corner of his lip and smiled at Wei Chi Li. He still has the last of makeweight and did not dare to act on it before, but now he would die trying it.

He wants to snatch back what he had lost.

The expression in his eyes was ever-changing, but in the end, it settles into an incomprehensible dullness. He finally bowed to Wei Chi Li, turned, and left.

Xin Ran looked at Lu Yun Kui’s back then looked at Wei Chi Li’s expression and could not help but felt puzzled: “Princess, what does he mean by this?”

Wei Chi Li shook her head as she has a bad feeling in her heart. She looked down at her legs again and have made a decision in her heart secretly. Since she could almost use her QingQong, she decided to sneak into the Lu Mansion tonight.

Although this may not be wise, she could not ignore this bad premonition.

She was lost in thought as she walks to the left of the intersection and forgot to release Liu Luo Yi. Liu Luo Yi did not say anything either as she let her hold her and followed her quietly.

The 3 of them walked all the way to the Imperial study room in silence. The anxious Eunuch Li at the entrance ran over with his unique finger gesture towards Wei Chi Li. He grabbed her and pushed her towards the door.

“Ei yo, Wei Chi Princess, the emperor was waiting anxiously, why did you just come!” He raised his pitch and rebuke. Wei Chi Li got goosebumps again and quickly dodged.

While desperately prying his hand off, she was being pushed and her head probed into the Imperial study room.

“You 2 servants will stand guard at the door, do not go in and disturb the emperor!” Eunuch Li moved quietly to close the door then pointed at Xin Ran and Liu Luo Yi’s nose to warn them.

Liu Luo Yi nodded in response but kept staring at the exquisite mahogany door of the Imperial study room.

Talking about Wei Chi Li, after she stumbled in, she nearly hit her head onto the folding screen. A landscape was painted on the folding screen and a light canoe floating on the water. A woman dressed in elegant clothes was standing on it, but for some reason, this person seemed to be smudged by water, leaving a vague outline.

Wei Chi Li was enchanted by this painting as she approached it slowly. She bends over a little to admired, feeling that if the person in the painting was not smudged, it would probably come alive.

“Why are you still standing at the door after entering for so long.” A man’s voice travelled from inside. It sounded very majestic, seemingly not allowing any criticism or interruption.

Wei Chi Li smooth out her clothes then strode in and bowed to greet respectfully: “Wei Chi Li greets the emperor.”

“Don’t have to be over courteous.” That voice sounded again, only then did Wei Chi Li straightened up and raised her eyes to look at the Yan country’s emperor.

Indeed, he was quite different from what she had imagined. She had thought that characters like the emperor had a face full of beards and have a dignified manner belonging to middle-aged people. But did not expect that he was still young with a strong body.

He does not have a beard at all and seems a little handsome, but he was too stern and makes people dare not take a look.

While there was a woman sitting on his right and Wei Chi Li thought she was a consort or something, so she did not dare to take a closer look.

 “Do you still feel sick?” Chen Hao asked.

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li quickly lowered her head: “Thanks the emperor for the concern, I am fine now.”

“Do not need to be reserved. I have known the Northern Territory King for a long time. I have called you today for a casual chat and at the same time let you meet your sister.”

Wei Chi Li moved her ears, saying that it was bad in her heart. Sister?

Wei Chi Die?

This person does not have scenes in the original book and only was raised up a couple of times in life experience of Wei Chi Li. As compared to Wei Chi Li who grew up in the barracks, Wei Chi Die only cared about love, lust and was not doted by the Northern Territory King. Hence, since young, she was very jealous of Wei Chi Li and so, their relationship was not friendly.

Wei Chi Li said in her heart again, this was bad. Now, she only has some memory fragments and some childhood stories she has gotten out of Xin Ran. If she was exposed, how should she explain it.

She must bite the bullet and looked at the woman. She was almost the same as the description in the book, and indeed she looks decisive and unconstrained.

Curvaceous body, a great figure. She was wearing layers of red dress and with a slight movement, the skirt would bloom like flowers and the sleeves was made of light chiffon, revealing white arms faintly.

Compared to the attire of the Yan Country’s women, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Her appearance was definitely superior and was unlike Liu Luo Yi’s immortal-like coldness. Her lips were red like blood with high nose bridge, her skin was whiter than snow and there were light freckles scattered on her cheeks. Eyes were amber and were aggressively beautiful.

“Uh, greetings to sister.” Wei Chi Li does not know how to address her as she lowered her head and said in a proper manner.

Wei Chi Die seemed surprised and looked at Wei Chi Li up and down then looked away and gave a cold ‘en’ response.

Wei Chi Li raised her head to look and sighed. She often felt in life, huge problems often crashed on her head one after another.

“Since you sisters have met, go and talk about the old days. Wei Chi Die go find someone to send letter to the Northern Territory king and said that I am concerned about the trade between the 2 countries: Yan and North. It is worth discussing the construction of North-South trade route. You and Wei Chi Li will stay in the capital for a few more days. After I have discussed with the ministers, I will summoned you into the palace.” After saying that, Chen Hao picked up the tea on the side and took a sip then frowned: “Someone come, quickly change the tea.”

At the same time, there were some problems outside.

Eunuch Li has just taken over the teapot from the palace attendant and another little eunuch rushed over, leaning near his ear and whispered. He became anxious and yelled: “Let you all take good care of him, so why let him run out again?”

The little eunuch slightly shrank his neck, not daring to speak.

Eunuch Li dragged the little eunuch and run out in a panic, but then ran back. He wanted to hand the teapot to Xin Ran but saw the sword in her hands and hesitated, instead he turned and stuffed it into Liu Luo Yi’s hand.

“How dare you enter the palace with your sword. What are the guards at the gate doing! Quickly keep the sword and do not let anyone see it. You, this little girl, go and serve the tea to the emperor and do not say anything. There are guards hidden inside and if anything goes wrong, your master cannot save you!”

Eunuch Li said with haste then raised his fingers and in a blink of an eye, he ran away without a trace.

Liu Luo Yi was about to say something but heard Chen Hao’s impatient urge travelling from inside again. Although she was panicking, she could only walk in with courage.

It was simply helping to send tea.

She walked in quickly, lowered her head to pour the tea then backed down, wanting to go out. Although during the whole process, her hands were trembling, it seems to others that she was not flustered, and was even very calm.

But even so, it shocked Wei Chi Li.

“Wait. You, palace attendant looks very unfamiliar, where did you come from?” Chen Hao suddenly furrowed his brows, lowering his voice that held a kind of oppression from a superior  

Liu Luo Yi paused and upon seeing this, Wei Chi Li quickly stepped forward not batting an eyelid as she blocked Liu Luo Yi behind herself then said respectfully: “replying to the emperor, she is a slave in my mansion.”

Wei Chi Li secretly tugged Liu Luo Yi and Liu Luo Yi continued: “This slave was waiting outside the door when Eunuch Li has something to do at that very moment and could not simply leave. So, he had me to send it in.”

Chen Hao stared at Liu Luo Yi closely, making it unable to distinguish his emotions: “Oh? Eunuch Li has always been serious in doing things, so how can he let an unknown woman into my study room? You, raise your head.”

Liu Luo Yi has a trace of panic in her heart. She had never thought that the emperor would notice her and would grab hold of her, not letting her go.

Wei Chi Li comfort her by holding her hand and replied again: “Emperor please calm down. Perhaps, Eunuch Li really has some urgent matter and was afraid of delaying the emperor’s tea. And seeing that she is a weak woman and would not endanger you, he has overlooked this.”

Since it was trouble caused by the Eunuch Li, then all the faults should be pushed onto him.

There was some resentment in Wei Chi Li’s heart. If he had not bullied Liu Luo Yi for being innocent and ignorant of the world’s affairs. So how could this new problem arise?

Besides, this emperor’s attitude was really weird, why could he not let a little girl go.

“Wei Chi Li, move aside.” Chen Hao suddenly stood up and his tone was a little heavy.

Although Liu Luo Yi was feeling afraid in her heart, she did not want to Wei Chi Li to suffer for her, so she reached out her hand wanting to pushed Wei Chi Li aside. Unexpectedly, Wei Chi Li did not move at all and even backhanded and held both her hand in her palm.

“You dare to defy me?” Chen Hao frowned. After all, he was a king of a country and once he unleashes his fury, his aura was still somewhat terrifying.

But it was unknown as to where the courage came from, as Wei Chi Li did not move a step at all.

“Wei Chi Li, for the sake of the Northern Territory King, I will not quarrel with you. But do not forget whose land you are stepping on, move aside for me!” Chen Hao raised his voice and suddenly a group of court guards jumped out of nowhere and surrounded Wei Chi Li.

“Princess, don’t.” Liu Luo Yi exerted more force to struggled out of Wei Chi Li and knelt towards Chen Hao, “It is this slave’s fault for disturbing emperor, please don’t blame princess.”

Although she was kneeling, her back was straight and looking neither inferior nor superior, but Wei Chi Li could tell that she was already trembling with fear.

Wei Chi Li was about to step forward and pull her up, but saw that Chen Hao seemed to have seen a ghost as he rushed in front of Liu Luo Yi, reaching out his hand as if to touch her cheek.

Frightened by the sudden movement, Liu Luo Yi was unable to move at that instant and could only watch as that terrifying emperor getting closer and closer to her.

 How could Wei Chi Li watch as this happened? Although she would suffer punishment for it, she still strode forward and pry Chen Hao’s hand away.

Could this so-called king of a country be a lecher?

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  4. What? Where? When? How??? So much confusion in one chapter.

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