Chapter 3: Snatching Person from Jaws of Death

Previously, she had seen through Wei Chi Li. She was bigotry, cruel, coquettish, and loved Lu Yun Kui very much. But now, looking into Wei Chi Li’s eyes, she could only feel that it was like a deep water and was not able to see anything clearly.

How does she want to insult her now? Liu Luo Yi sneered in her heart and forcefully broke free of Wei Chi Li’s hand. Without looking at her, she stood there like a pillar, not moving at all.

To her, serving that old man and serving Wei Chi Li was the same.

That old man saw that the flower-like jade girl in his arm being pulled away and was about to get angry. Helplessly, Xin Ran with dark face stood in front of him holding a sword in her arms. He choked and could not say a single word.

Wei Chi Li was too lazy to say anything as she turned and sat in her original seat. Liu Luo Yi lowered her head, following her and stood behind her.

Lu Yun Kui stared at Liu Luo Yi. He did not hide the aggression in his eyes, making Liu Luo Yi felt like a knife cutting her body. The fear brought about by the man was too intense, so she closed her eyes tightly, refusing to look at anything.

The atmosphere in the hall was very subtle. Xin Ran stood there with a ferocious expression as the old man sat there obediently and dare not let out a fart. And over here was weirdly quiet.

Only the sound of Wei Chi Li devouring her food could be heard. She had been in the mountain for over 10days and was only able to eat some flowers, birds, fishes, insects and was often hungry. Now there was a spread of delicacies in front of her, she could not be bothered about the atmosphere.

Lun Yun Kui suddenly raised his arm to get the wine and Liu Luo Yi’s body shook violently. Only then did Wei Chi Li was pulled out from her selfless binge eating and drinking.

“You, come and pour wine for me.” Wei Chi Li’s mouth was stuffed with food, yet her speech was unusually clear.

Liu Luo Yi was stunned for a moment then slowly kneeled to picked up a flagon of wine from the side and filled up Wei Chi Li’s cup mechanically.

Wei Chi Li inadvertently reached out and grabbed her ankle and tugged. Liu Luo Yi could not hold on and tilt towards Wei Chi Li. She was startled and quickly reached out to support herself up, throwing away the flagon.

Wei Chi Li calmly grabbed the flagon and placed it firmly on the corner of the table but did not helped Liu Luo Yi. Letting her flitter like an octopus for a breath and then fell heavily on Wei Chi L.i 

The faint grass fragrance surrounded Liu Luo Yi. For some reason, Liu Luo Yi’s heart stopped beating for a few seconds. She was angry, anxious, and afraid. She blushed and sat up quickly, not daring to raise her eyes up.

Not knowing what new tricks Wei Chi Li was thinking of using to deal with her.

“Body weakened to this extent, how many days have you not eaten? Wei Chi Li asked.

Liu Luo Yi wants to ignore her.

“It seems like a long time, what a scumbag.” Wei Chi Li smacked her lips and took a meat pie from the table and stuffed it into Liu Luo Yi’s hand.

Wei Chi Li’s guess was right. Liu Luo Yi had not eaten any filling food for 3days now. She even had to dance, and now was feeling dizzy from hunger. She looked at Wei Chi Li suspiciously and could not understand Wei Chi Li’s thoughts.

“Relax, it is not poisonous.” Wei Chi Li wanted to laugh when she saw her cautious expression.

Naturally, Liu Luo Yi did not believe her, but she was very hungry, thinking that at most she would just die. She either do it or do not, if she does, she must go through it all the way. She lowered her head and starts eating.

Soft hair flows down her cheeks. Her facial features were very gentle, like painting a faint line, not aggressive at all. Her pale lips made her cold and delicate features more obvious unlike a mortal-being.

As expected of a young lady from a noble family. Despite being famished, she was still able to eat gracefully. Wei Chi Li held her face as she looked at her, feeling a little shameful.

The wine was still warm, and the guests were still drinking merrily with one another making the atmosphere harmonious. Especially when Lu Yun Kui was dragged aside by a few relatives to drink, was when Wei Chi Li felt a lot relaxed.

Liu Luo Yi’s movement was very elegant but fast. After Wei Chi Li looked around and then lowered her head, the huge meat pie was gone.

Wei Chi Li wanted to laugh in her heart but remained expressionless. She then stuffed another piece into her hand and even poured a glass of water. Liu Luo Yi remained quiet. She ate whatever was given to her, small bites after small bites like a mouse.

The singers at the middle had changed the music to 《Golden oriole》and sang lazily as Wei Chi Li listened to it lazily. Although the ancient people led a precarious life, it was filled with leisure activities.

Oriole, oriole, a cloak of tuft, double speech. In the depths of the peach and apricot blossoms, following the smoke up the summit, singing and dancing wildly.

Liu Luo Yi raised her head to look at Wei Chi Li, only to see her squinting her eyes, dozing off. After a while, her head lowered and fell asleep completely.

Liu Luo Yi was a little curious. In front of her, Wei Chi Li had always looked vicious and domineering. Looking at her now, she realized she was very good-looking.

Compared to the women in central plains, she does not have that delicate look but instead, have a valiant youthful spirit. At the same time, there was a certain natural charm to it.

But it was just a fleeting moment. Liu Luo Yi retrieved that expression in her eyes as she sneered in her heart. How could Wei Chi Li suddenly change into a different person, after she woke up, she would surely continue making things difficult.

The birthday banquet was soon over, the guests were all drunk and needed their servants to support them as they stumbled around. Ending the banquet nosily.

Only then did Wei Chi Li woke up with drools. She stretches contently, allowing Xin Ran to pulled her to her feet.

“Hey, why did everyone leave?” Wei Chi Li tried to open her eyes.

“Replying to your princess, it is over, let’s go back to the room?”

Wei Chi Li nodded and then seemed to think of something. Her body shook. “Where is Liu Luo Yi?”

“She, huh, a while ago, with Lu Yun, no, young master, flirting with one another as they leave.” Xin Ran scorned.

Suddenly, Wei Chi Li slapped her thigh and dashed out of the hall. Anxiously, Xin Ran tried to chase after her but did not catch up. As she watches a crimson figure disappearing by the doorway.

“Princess, what is so good about that Lu Yun Kui!” Xin Ran exclaimed as she stomped her feet with anger.

Wei Chi Li relied on her memory to run to Liu Luo Yi’s room. However, it was not for Lu Yun Kui but for her own life.

If Lu Yun Kui succeeds today, then the male and female lead would have confirmed their promise to one another. She could neither run nor leave, so when it reaches the finale, she would definitely die!

Finally getting back her life, she could not let that scumbag ruined it.

She finally ran to the door she remembered. Wei Chi Li did not say a single word and lifted her leg to kick. With a loud bang, the latch flew out and the door were wide open.

Wei Chi Li was also taken aback. She had never thought that this body not only knows how to ride horses and hunt but also knows martial arts.

Of course, the one who was most frightened was Liu Luo Yi. She was currently removing her dancing dress, exposing half of her beautiful shoulder……

Before she could scream, Wei Chi Li flashes in and covered her mouth firmly.

At this moment, Liu Luo Yi was terrified. She does not know what Wei Chi Li would do, so she used all her strength to struggle. As she began to panic, she reached out to her waist to take out a piece of broken porcelain.

Originally, she wanted to keep it hidden and used it to commit suicide.

Naturally, Wei Chi Li saw this, she let go of her left hand and held Liu Luo Yi’s wrist and then pressed her down onto the bed violently.

“Wei Chi Li, what do you want! Wei Chi Li……” Liu Luo Yi whispered in a crying voice as the tears flowed down from the corner of her eyes and into the misty temples.

Wei Chi Li was also gloomy. She thought that since Lu Yun Kui had took Liu Luo Yi, he should have been in the room. She was too careless; she should have taken a look in advance.

“Why is it that you either wants to commit suicide or cry.” Wei Chi Li muttered.

However, Liu Luo Yi suddenly exerted her strength and pushed her away. She hugged her knees and shrink into the corner, revealing a pair of watery eyes and said hysterically: “What else can I do, my family is still in his hands, I can’t die nor can I live.”

This should be the first time in a long time since she vented. Her body was shaking like a sieve, looking very pitiful.

Wei Chi Li regretted her words. She scratched her head but do not know how to comfort her. Her hand hovered in the air for a long while before landing gently on her head and caressed.

Seeing her curled up coldly, it makes one feels affectionate.

Liu Luo Yi ‘s vision was blurred with tears as she raised her head. She was dazed by the warmth felt on top of her head.

It has been a long time since anyone had been gentle towards her. So long as if it had been a lifetime.

There was footsteps sound from outside the door. Wei Chi Li was taken aback and quickly placed her finger on her lip, signalling her not to make a sound, after which, she jumped down from the bed and hide behind the folding screen.

Before figuring out the circumstances, she planned to look at the situation before deciding.

Before Liu Luo Yi could react, the door opened with a creak and then fell to the ground with a bang.

Wei Chi Li: ……Was she so Strong?

Lu Yun Kui was a little surprised as he walked in. He looked at the door on the floor and then at Liu Luo Yi who has shrunk into the corner. His mouth twitched: “Are you that scared of me?”

Liu Luo Yi did not speak; she watches numbly at Lu Yun Kui walking in slowly as if looking at a distracted ghost.

“Liu Luo Yi, even if your status is low now, you are still mine, I want to make you unable to forget me for this life.”

He suddenly rushed forward, reaching out to dragged Liu Luo Yi from the corner. Liu Luo Yi almost gave up struggling, letting him drag her like a corpse.

“You say something, Say Something!” Lu Yun Kui’s eyes were very gloomy, He reached out and grabbed Liu Luo Yi’s neck and lifted her up and then threw her onto the bed and went forward.

Liu Luo Yi seemed to be clear-headed now. She opened her eyes wide as she screamed desperately while struggling.

When Lu Yun Kui saw this scene, he seemed overly excited. He could not care whether the door was wide open or not, as he threw himself on Liu Luo Yi and reached out to pull her belt.

“I looked down on your noble lady’s attitude. You are obviously a lowly slave yet pretends to be upright. Well, I shall ruin you today!” Lu Yun kui used the most vicious tone to humiliate Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li who was hiding behind the folding screen, opened her eyes wide in shock. The original narration was only briefly described, making her think that the so-called engagement was just cuddling to developed affection. Who knows….

She hated this kind of situation the most in her entire life and could not helped clenching her fist as her anger surged.

Hearing only “tear” sound, Liu Luo Yi suddenly felt a cooling sensation on her shoulder. She stopped struggling and did not cry anymore. She simply looked at the torn chiffon above her head in despair.

She had been struggling in hell for a long time, for she had endured the burden for her father. Recalling the carefree days in the past, it was like a lifetime ago.

She could not live anymore. She does not know if her father was still alive or not and her younger brother was still missing. She was too incompetent and could not save them.

She closed her eyes and found that broken piece of porcelain.

[T/L Note]: ooooo. cliffhanger!!! I’m feeling a little mischievous, maybe I should translate the next chapter at the end of October! keeping y’all on your toes! Hee-hee ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

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