Chapter 2: Save the Beauty

Midnight, in the brightly lit room.

Wei Chi Li leaned against the bed and accidentally drifted off into dreamland.

In the dream, her limbs were bound in the corner like a dog and the ground was sticky. Not knowing if it was her blood flowing out or something else that made the ground sticky. And the feeling of the pain on her body was very real and there was boundless hatred that filled the small and cramped room.

A figure appeared in front of her, it was Liu Luo Yi. She was dressed in white, looking cold, and noble like a fairy that has descended from heaven. While she was just a hideous dying trash.

“Wei Chi Li, I hate you, you got what you deserved.” Liu Luo Yi was crying.

The sharp object pierced through her heart. When that severe pain violently hit her, Wei Chi Li screamed and sat up vigorously.

“Princess, What’s the matter with you?” Xin Ran hurried in and wiped the cold sweat off her forehead.

“Nothing.” Wei Chi Li clasped her chest and gasped. She was shocked at how real this dream was.

When her mood has calmed down, she looked at her surroundings. The wooden tables and chairs were carved with unknown patterns and the candlelight was flickering. Candlestick was slim, transparent and the bottom was made of suet jade.

This room as compared to Liu Luo Yi’s room with only one broken bed was vastly different.

If she remembers correctly, tomorrow should be the old madam’s grand 60th birthday. At the banquet, Lu Yun Kui would force Liu Luo Yi to dance and wait on others. And after the banquet, it would be the first time for the male and female lead to get engaged.

The dream just now was too bloodcurdling, she must leave this place as soon as possible. As a princess, it should not be too difficult to write a letter of divorce.

Unexpectedly, the moment she thought of this, there was a sudden sharp pain in her chest. Wei Chi Li shook violently as she clenched her fist over her chest. She bends down as the pain was so intense that it seems to be able to kill her on the spot.

Seeing this, Xin Ran hurried forward to held her: “Princess, what’s the matter? I’ll get the doctor!”

“Wait.” Wei Chi Li reached out to stopped her. She muttered in her heart, “Damn, I will not leave, isn’t it okay if I don’t leave?”

Miraculously, the pain in her heart suddenly dissipated. Wei Chi Li heaved a sigh of relief and reached out to wipe off her sweat as she kicked the footboard angrily.

An invisible force was somehow preventing her from making certain decisions. Wei Chi Li frowned. Was this the original world’s trajectory or this body’s obsession with Lu Yun Kui or something else………

The story between Liu Luo Yi and Lu Yun Kui will affect the later part of the story, including Wei Chi Li’s death.

Shackled within this body, she could not escape the plot for the time being. As of now, she could only come up with a plan to halt the development of the original plot and then think of a plan when she was temporarily safe.

In other words, she could only prevent the female lead from falling in love with the male lead.

Wei Chi Li was a courageous person. At the beginning, she was able to set up a camp beside a bear’s lair and ate barbeque. Now that she has a goal, nothing could stop her from sleeping.

Thus, she collapsed on her bed and slept all the way till dawn.

Early next morning, Wei Chi Li was dragged out from the quilt by Xin Ran. She yawned as she watches dazedly at Xin Ran scurrying around the room.

“Princess, this is the first time you have to face the young, old, female and male from the Lu family. You must be decent and dignified and not drop your guard. In the future, you might have to suffered wrongs. They have never regarded you as a princess nor a lady, instead they acted like a bloodsucker and looked at you as though you are a punching bag for them.”

Wei Chi Li’s eyes flashes a cold look and nodded.

The original owner was from the Northern Territory and grew up on horseback and led a wilful and happy life. It was a pity as she had such a good life, yet she abandoned her hometown and freedom and came to this small broken house to guard this kind of man. Settling for this kind of life.

So stupid.

Once she had bathe and dressed, Wei Chi Li looked at herself with satisfaction. She wore a crimson dress which was very eye-catching but without any flowery burden and even the sleeves were tied, making it neat and tidy.

She loves this kind of publicity.

Previously having seen the old houses of the celebrities compared to the current house. Lu Yun Ku’s house was only a palm-size as it took him only two steps to reach the banquet hall.

A group of maidservants had already arranged the dining tables, leaving a space in the middle for singers and dancers.

Suddenly, an old woman voiced out: “As the lady of the house, not only did you not serve diligently, you came late too! Preposterous!”

When Wei Chi Li heard this, she turned around. It was an old lady in dark green silk dress with a wooden hairpin inlaid with emeralds. She was overbearing, hale and hearty.

“Grandmother.” Wei Chi Li lowered her head but raised her eyebrows slightly.

According to what was written in the book. This person had made the original owner suffered and to forced her to have children, she made her drank a lot of medication that was harmful to the body.

This had weakened the original body to the extent of being on one’s last legs. She had also suffered from Lu Yun Kui’s inhumane torture and could not escape.

Indeed, she was harmed horribly by the entire male lead’s family.

The woman sized Wei Chi Li up and scorned: “Since you have married into our Lu family, you are Kui’er ‘s wife and no longer have a princess identity. Just now, many juniors have come to the room to kneel and congratulated me. Why didn’t I see you?”

Upon hearing this, Wei Chi Li sneered in her heart. Anyhow, she was still a princess. This was no way of degrading her status.

She decided to ignore it and turned around to leave.

Immediately, the old woman became anxious and could not be bothered about the guests presences, she pointed her walking stick at Wei Chi Li: “I have said before, if want to marry a Man Di(!) who does not knows their manner, should be beaten. Someone come, tell her to kneel down in person.”

(!)蛮狄 Man Di: in ancient time it is a term for the ethnic minorities in the north and south.

A group of maidservants swarmed up and surrounded Wei Chi Li.

The surrounding guests circled around. They rushed up to watch the excitement, letting out laughs from time to time and said: “The Northern Territory princess is nothing more than this. She still has to be disciplined by her husband’s family.” etc.

Wei Chi Li furrowed her eyebrows deeper and deeper. She had always hated this kind of noisy scenes, especially this swaggering old woman was so irritating. She still thought she was the original owner deeply in love and allowing others to create difficulties for a dignified princess?

Someone even grabbed her arm and tried to press her down to her knees.

She could not take it anymore. She raised her hand suddenly and Xin Ran flashed out from nowhere. In a blink of eyes, several maids were sent flying, and curled up on the floor, crying.

The old woman did not expect she would retaliate. She was stunned on the spot, blood boiling and nearly passed out: “How dare you……”

Because the former Wei Chi Li loved Lu Yun Kui deeply, so even when she was abused, she had never resisted it.

Wei Chi Li patted her wrinkled sleeves and lowered her voice: “For this princess(!) is hungry, I will spare you this time. If you commit this crime again, beware this princess will change your birthday to your funeral.”

(!)[本公主 Ben Gong Zhu]: This Princess. 本/Ben refers to a prefix for things affiliated to oneself. in this case, since her identity is princess, so she referred to herself as ‘this princess’

After that, Wei Chi Li strutted into the hall with her hands to her back. The old woman behind her screeching.

Fortunately, with this move it had created some deterrent effect. No one dared to talk to her anymore as she sat down drinking tea and listens to music leisurely.

The group of dancers and singers had changed and most of the guests had arrived. With a smile on his face, Lu Yun Kui sat gracefully at the table beside Wei Chi Li.

A woman stood behind Lu Yun Kui. That woman’s jet-black eyes were staring at Wei Chi Li. Once she was out of Wei Chi Li’s sight, she rolled her eyes proudly.

Wei Chi Li scratched her head, she could not remember who this was.

At this moment, Wei Chi Li’s sharp eyes saw a slender figure dressed in full white, hiding in a corner. Her whole body emitted sadness, which was incompatible with the surrounding atmosphere.

Indeed, worthy of being a female lead. She was just like snow-white lone goose looking perplexedly at the cloudy sky. A beauty without make-up but still eye-catching. Wei Chi Li could not think of anything for a while. After mulling for a long time, she said in her heart, she is good-looking.

However, thinking of that dream, her heart palpitates.

At this moment, the singers and dancers has stopped. A pipa and qin appeared out of nowhere and the smooth, mild music resonated, and Wei Chi Li immediately got rid of the laziness and straightened her back.

Liu Luo Yi came out.

She was like a willow tree, with good figure, delicate yet resilient. The white robe floats out like clouds following the wind. Dancing like a touch of sorrow in the sky to a miserable song 《Autumn Moon over Han Palace》.

Do not asked how she knew it was 《Autumn Moon over Han Palace》, it was written in the novel.

The usually noisy people had all gotten quiet and watches intently. Lu Yun Kui played with his wine glass; his expression remains unchanged.

Wei Chi Li has noticed the man with apron belly on the opposite was staring at Liu Luo Yi with squinted eyes. His saliva and the oil on his face was dripping down into his wine glass.

After 1 dance, the whole hall cheered.

Liu Luo Yi was panting a little. Her sweat and hair stuck to her face and her clothes were quite thin that it almost sticks to her skin. Within that loneliness appearance adds a bit of temptation.

Wei Chi Li frowned and turned to look at Lu Yun Kui. He was admiring Liu Luo Yi with an unfathomable smile.

Letting his own woman wore this kind of clothing to dance, not to mention that Liu Luo Yi used to be a noble lady from a scholar family. Now she was like a phoenix that had fell into the human world, being teased by others. It was really, extremely insulting.

Wei Chi Li’s heart suddenly softened especially after seeing Liu Luo Yi’s expression in her eyes.

“Good, good, not only has my nephew become a high-ranking official, but there are also good things in this house! Come, this uncle cheers to you!” The old man on the opposite laughed heartily. His eyes roam all over Liu Luo Yi’s body.

Lu Yun Kui picked up his wine glass politely and humble: “Uncle, you jest. She was once the daughter of Liu prime minister. Now that the prime minister is in prison because he had collaborated with the enemy, she has also been demoted to a slave. If uncle likes her, I will give it to you.”

When the man heard his word. His gaze was even more blatant, and his smile revealed his molars: “It is rare to see a woman from Liu family, good, good!”

When Liu Luo Yi heard this, she grasped her sleeves so tightly that her joints turned white. She hung her head and Wei Chi Li could not see her expression clearly.

“You, go to uncle and serve him well, if you don’t serve him well…….” Lu Yun Kui smiled and stopped talking.

Liu Luo Yi’s body trembled, and Wei Chi Li could feel her whole body shaking from where she was. After a while, she walked over to the man obediently.

The man stretched out his fat arms and pulled Liu Luo Yi over. In front of so many people, his hands had almost reached into Liu Luo Yi’s clothes.

Liu Luo Yi’s heart was like dead ashes. She knew exactly what would happen. That old man’s hand was wandering all over her shoulder and the stinky smell had almost made her faint.

A similar kind of scene which she had seen many times, just like when her house was searched and confiscated. That was a never seen before hell and that she would never forget it.

She closed her eyes and a clear tear flowed out.

“En, what a natural Hu Mei Zi(!).” the woman behind Lu Yun Kui mumbled.

(!)狐媚子 Hu Mei Zi: An old saying of women who uses deception to deceived/seduced others

Wei Chi Li could not take it anymore, she suddenly raised her voice: “Husband, that woman is clean and meticulous. Xin Ran is clumsy and can’t even pour water properly. How about letting Xin Ran serve uncle, and let me use her instead?”

Xin Ran, who had been sell-out by her own princess: “?”

Lu Yun Kui never expected that she would unreasonably deal out her card and frowned. He could not respond promptly, and the room had suddenly become extremely quiet. Everyone had looked over and stared at this couple.

The murderous intent in Lu Yun Kui’s eyes gradually rose. He had long wanted to get rid of Wei Chi Li.

Unfortunately, he was one step away from getting promoted. He still needs Wei Chi Li’s assistance. Therefore, in public, he must still act well in ‘Good relationship between spouse’.

So, Lu Yun Kui curled the corner of his lips and said with a face full of affection: “whatever Li’er said is right.”

Wei Chi Li stood up abruptly and flashes over to Liu Luo Yi’s side like the wind. She grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the old man’s arm. Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes in a flurry and met Wei Chi Li’s gaze with tears in her eyes. She was stunned but her body was still trembling. 

[T/L Note]: So! to those who are curious how《Autumn Moon over Han Palace》sounds like, here are the links, & Fyi, Guzheng is not qin aka guqin. GuZheng has 21strings while guqin has only 7strings. However, the number of people that knows how to play guqin is declining (years ago, I heard there were fewer than 3000people who can play it). so i could not find youtube version for that piece of music. Do listen to Guqin if you want to, the sound is ethereal (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)♡

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