Chapter 20: Feeding Medicine

Liu Luo Yi lowered her head to looked at Wei Chi Li’s hand that was gently holding her wrist and her heart jumped in that instant.

She had said that she wanted to protect her, does that mean she could leave here?

And she does not need to be locked up in the shed day and night, and do not need to agonise anymore?

“Keep her here.” Lu Yun Kui glared at Wei Chi Li with a pair of blood-red eyes, “She stays, you take all your things and leave.”

Suddenly, Liu Luo Yi stiffened her body. The fear of nightmare returning has once again embraced her.

Yes, why would Wei Chi Li help her? She has taken back everything that belongs to her. She was the noblest princess of the Northern Territory while she was just a slave.

The light in Liu Luo Yi’s eyes has dimmed. She lowered her eyes, and in her heart, she was mocking herself for overestimating her capability.

“Dream on, with me here, I will never let you touch her again.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile. The hand she had hidden behind and was grabbing Liu Luo Yi, squeezed hard.

“Don’t be afraid.” She whispered.

Liu Luo Yi only felt a lump in her throat and everything in front of her became blurry, her vision was full of water vapour.

“Wei Chi Li, are you going to rob everything from me?” Lu Yun Kui supported himself on the wall to stand up, as if like a stray dog.

“No No, I am just taking my things back. And as for Liu Luo Yi, she had never belonged to anyone, she belongs to herself.” Wei Chi Li could not be bothered to reason with him as she waved her hand and pulled Liu Luo Yi out of the door.

Liu Luo Yi kept staring at Wei Chi Li, letting her pull her.

“No!” Lu Yun Kui stumbled and rushed over to grab Liu Luo Yi’s hand. Liu Luo Yi was shocked and almost screamed.

At the same time, 2 people moved simultaneously. Lu Yun Kui flew backwards, whammed against the wall, and rolled onto the ground as he coughed loudly.

Wei Chi Li looked at Chen Chu in surprised. Chen Chu chuckled and rubbed his head. “This prince could not stand it anymore.”

Wei Chi Li smiled at him understandably, then strode towards Lu Yun Kui. Wei Chi Li feel around his body and as expected, she found a neatly folded slave booklet.

“Thanks to your shouting, otherwise, I would have forgotten.” Wei Chi Li patted his head, “So good.”

After that, she ignored Lu Yun Kui, turned around and stuffed the slave booklet into Liu Luo Yi’s hand.

Liu Luo Yi grasped that thin piece of booklet, only feeling that it weighs as heavy as a thousand catty(!). She bit her lower lip gently: “Many thanks to princess.”

(!)斤 Jin: aka Catty is a traditional Chinese unit of mass used across East and Southeast Asia. 1000catty is equivalent to 600kg and about 1322pounds

“What about me?” Chen Chu gathered around happily.

Liu Luo Yi moved her eyes away and said lightly: “Many thanks to 4th prince.”

The group of people soon left this cramped hut and walked to the garden outside.

Wei Chi Li got the divorce booklet and felt a lot happier. Therefore, when she looked at this courtyard that she had never liked before, it looks much better than usual.

“Since Wei Chi Princess does not have anything else, I will be going back to the palace. I have instructed people to keep your things in a safe place. Miss Xin Ran knows the location.”

“Many thanks to the 4th prince for your help.” Wei Chi Li smiled happily, “Xin Ran, send the 4th prince out.”

Liu Luo Yi did not say a word for the rest of the road. Seeing that she was not saying anything, Wei Chi Li did not dare to say much as she scratched her head feeling anxious all the way.

After a while, she could not stand it anymore as she frowned: “I say, grandma(!), can you say something. Could it be that you really like that surname, Lu guy and do not want to leave?”

(!) 姑奶奶Gu Nai Nai: sister of one’s paternal grandfather; grandaunt. But in this case, it is a slang for saying: saying this woman is assuming a haughty manner/ a sense of superiority

Liu Luo Yi stopped abruptly, turning around as she raised her head slightly to look at Wei Chi Li.

“Naturally not, I hate him.” She said word for word clearly.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback, feeling confused: “Then why are you like this?”

Liu Luo Yi looked away with a slightly red face, making her looked more vitality.

Because, I am afraid, this was just an illusory dream, I am afraid, you would push me into the abyss again. Liu Luo Yi thought.

She did not look at Wei Chi Li as she turned around and walked forward.

Wei Chi Li was even more confused. Although she was not stupid, she had always been alone in her previous life, so she lacked the ability to see through others.

It was even more difficult for her to understand others, especially people like Liu Luo Yi with a careful mind.

Wei Chi Li scratched her head helplessly as she followed her.

Suddenly, Wei Chi Li felt an unusual feeling. She quickly supported herself on the rockery at one side, gasping for air.

Sure enough, what was supposed to come, would come eventually.

Liu Luo Yi noticed that the footsteps sound behind her has disappeared. She turned around and saw Wei Chi Li bending over and leaning against the stone wall with a painful expression.

“What is the matter with you.” Liu Luo Yi furrowed her brows as she subconsciously ran over. There was an anxiousness in her tone that she had never noticed it before.

Wei Chi Li’s forehead was covered with cold sweat. She clenched her fist and gritted her teeth, preventing herself from making any sound.

Liu Luo Yi hesitated for a while but decided to reach out her hand to support Wei Chi Li but was instead held tightly by her.

As though Liu Luo Yi’s body has been electrocuted, she wanted to retract her hand, but Wei Chi Li was strong as her grip was too tight.

This body seemed to be taking revenge. Taking revenge on Wei Chi Li for betraying it.

Wei Chi Li only felt that she had been thrown into the fire to burn. The boundless pain was like blotting out the sky, covering up the earth and swallowing her up. With trembling hands, she wanted to exert force to suppress the pain but to no avail.

Seeing her like this, Liu Luo Yi started to panic too. But she forced herself to calm down: “Wait here, I will find the doctor now.”

She turned around wanting to leave but was suddenly dragged back by an energy forcefully. As she was pressed violently on the wall behind. She sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Wei Chi Li, appalled.

“Sorry, I, I could not control it……” Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth as she explained. Her body softened and suddenly leaned on Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi stiffened her body. The faint grass fragrance made her a little dizzy and because Wei Chi Li’s warm body was leaning on her and her hot breath made her trembled slightly.

Their current position at this moment made her nervous.

Wei Chi Li pressed her shoulder with 1 hand, and another supported on the stone wall, almost looping her into her arms.

With hurried breaths, Wei Chi Li placed her lips near her ear and said: “Don’t make this public, bring me out, anywhere is fine, whether it is the inn, the clinic is fine too, money is in my pocket.”

Liu Luo Yi looked at her, pursing her lips and nodded.

Wei Chi Li suddenly raised the corner of her lips as she smiled weakly. In a daze, she raised her hand gently and caressed Liu Luo Yi’s face, wiping away the tears in the corner of her eyes.

“You were always indifferent all day, but why do you like to cry so much. If I really die, divide those things evenly with Xin Ran and find a place that Lu Yun Kui could not find and live well.”

Although she was not willing, wealth were merely worldly possessions and Liu Luo Yi was someone who could be trusted.

If she really died, she might be able to go home.

Thinking like this, Wei Chi Li closed her eyes and stopped moving.

She could hear someone sobbing in her ears vaguely, seemingly, sorrowful.

This sleep was exceptionally long. Wei Chi Li felt that sometimes she was floating in the void, sometimes repeating the process of falling off the cliff. Sometimes appearing in that terrifying dream, watching Liu Luo Yi stabbing her heart with a knife again and again.

Subsequently, large segments of memories flooded into her mind like tides. Either she was riding a horse in the borderless wilderness or she was sitting beside the campfire devouring roasted lambs, or a kind and sturdy young man lifting her high up towards the crystal-like clear sky.

This was not her memory, she thought about it dazedly.

It seemed like someone had supported her up from the bed after which, a hard spoon was placed on her mouth. Wei Chi Li felt uncomfortable, so she turned her head to avoid it.

After a while, the spoon came over again, Wei Chi Li simply closed her mouth and did not move.

As there does not seem to be any more movement, Wei Chi Li relaxed again, deciding to go back to her dream.

At this moment, another soft thing came over and touched her gently. Wei Chi Li’s heart shook violently. The cold spoon was stuffed into her mouth abruptly.

The bitter and spicy medicinal soup flowed down her throat and as Wei Chi Li was choked by this smell, she suddenly opened her eyes.

“Cough Cough Cough……” She sprawled on the bed as she coughed for a while before feeling more comfortable in her throat.

“Princess, Princess you have finally woke up. Do you know that you have slept for 3days and 3 nights? This has frightened me to death, I thought you were dead!” Xin Ran howled and rushed over.

Wei Chi Li only felt weak and was unable to speak so, she could only reach out her hand to block Xin Ran’s face.

She turned her head to look at one side, only seeing Liu Luo Yi sitting there coldly with the medicine bowl in her hand as she stirred the spoon uncomfortably.

Her pale face held a hint of rosiness, looking a little strange.

Wei Chi Li thought of the soft touch from before and was startled. Her heart felt numb instantly, she opened her eyes wide as she looked at Liu Luo Yi. Thinking, could it be……

Liu Luo Yi naturally saw Wei Chi Li’s conjecture and her face was even redder as she looked away: “Princess has misunderstood, it was Xin Ran.”

Xin Ran on one side immediately came over happily: “It is me; it is me, I was the one who planned to feed medicine to princess like this, but….”

Before she could finish saying, Wei Chi Li suddenly sprawled on the edge of the bed and retched.

Xin Ran: ………

Liu Luo Yi turned her head, with her back facing her. Her expression was full of repulsiveness but raised the corner of her lips involuntarily.

Maybe because she had not have eaten for a long time, Wei Chi Li could not vomit out anything. After the uncomfortable feeling has passed, she laid back on the bed again.

“I will go get something to eat.” Liu Luo Yi said as she put down the medicine bowl gently, standing up and went out.

Wei Chi Li looked at the ceiling. They should be in an inn at this time as the surrounding layout were relatively simply with wooden tables, chairs, and bed. She racks her brain thinking that something was different.

A lot of memories belonging to the original owner had appeared suddenly. Moreover, her body was more agreeable which was a wonderful feeling.

It was like a novice who had just gotten her driver’s license, and instantly becoming a veteran driver overnight.

“When I was unconscious for the past few days, how was the situation?” Wei Chi Li coughed and asked.

“The enthusiasm in the capital was aroused. Now there were rumours everywhere saying that you, princess is unruly and wilful, forcing Lu Yun Kui to sign the divorce booklet. Also, although, you have said not to tell anyone else about the news, this is, after all, someone else’s territory. The emperor had personally sent someone over a few days ago, but seeing that princess was unconscious, they did not say anything. And even awarded some supplements, saying that you should recuperate with ease.”

Wei Chi Li nodded. Fortunately, she had not caused any major disturbance and so the Yan emperor did not fault her.

Presumably, it was due to the Northern Territory prestige.

“Princess, I will say a word of fairness, I felt that Miss Liu is rather good. If she had not pleaded with the capital’s most famous divine doctor, you might have really died this time.” Xin Ran said earnestly.

“En?” Wei Chi Li did not react instantly.

“It was said that the divine doctor was someone that even the emperor could not invite over. I do not know where Miss Liu’s magical power comes from, but when she wanted to invite that person, she had indeed done so. How about, you keep Miss Liu here, Although I have hated her in the past, I have realized that she has a cold face but a warm heart. Although, it does not sound pleasant, but……”

“Wait.” Wei Chi Li covered her mouth, “Who said I wanted to chase her away?”

Xin Ran was stunned as she blinked: “So why did Miss Liu keep packing her luggage, saying that she wants to leave?”

[T/L Note]: Heya! I have read this novel a dozen times. YES! I LOVE IT! Don’t judge me!! Anyway, I can safely say that from this chapter onwards………….

LET THE FLUFFINESS BEGIN!!!!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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