Chapter 19: Divorce

Wei Chi Li had already guessed that she would say this, so she was not surprised as she said kindly: “Grandmother has joked. Lu Yun Kui had done something wrong and had schemed to frame the other party, the secretary. At any rate, he is a 4th-tier official so how could he allow others to frame him?  Don’t say that I should go, even if my father went, I’m afraid that it is impossible.”

“I do not care, Kui’er and you are husband and wife, so you are bound together for good or ill. You must handle this matter well.” The old hag slapped the table as she said decisively.

Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows, thinking that this old hag was really Lu Yun Kui’s grandmother and was very shameless.

“Grandmother is reasonable. However, with regards to this matter, I am powerless. It is said that the man has a weird temperament and so, will have to send some valuables or things that he likes……” Wei Chi Li said with an awkward expression.

“Then take the money to settle it, you do not lack gold and valuables.” The old hag said.

Wei Chi Li was about to laugh with annoyance with her ‘it goes without saying’ attitude. Not only was she not satisfied after taking all her property, but she also wants to squeeze her dry?

She tried her best to suppress the anger in her heart and said calmly: “But grandmother, how could I have any money on me, haven’t you taken it all? Besides, Li Shang had always lived extravagantly, and I believe he is not short of money, but he does love famous paintings and calligraphies. I have just remembered that among the things I have brought here that day, there is a ‘Lotus Painting’, it was painted by the previous dynasty’s famous painter. If you take this out, then this matter will be simple.”

The old hag stared at her with a pair of small eyes, not saying anything and do not know what she was planning in her heart.

Wei Chi Li was also anxious. If the 4th prince does not come anytime soon, she could not continue this act anymore.

Thinking of Cao Cao, and Cao Cao has arrived(!). Outside the door came a few voices of “Greetings to the 4th Prince”, then the door was pushed open. Chen Chu was dressed in a light blue robe. He strode in, bringing a breath of fresh air belonging to the outdoors.

(!)Cao Cao refers to the the Chinese warlod in 3kingdoms. Speaking of Cao Cao, and Cao Cao has arrived (in this case, she was thinking about it) is the same as ‘speak of the devil’

It was a good thing as it weakened the corroded smell in this room. Wei Chi Li was able to heave a sigh of relief. Fortunately, this brother had kept his promise.

The old hag was startled by the sudden arrival and saw that it was the 4th prince too, she had nearly fainted from the fright as she stumbled and knelt quickly: “Greetings to the 4th Prince.”

“Do not need to be over courteous.” Chen Chu reached out his and pretended to help as he slanted his eyes to look at Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li coughed a little and pushed Liu Luo Yi to her back. Only then did Chen Chu saw her and smiled at her.

“Grandmother does not need to give such grand salutation. The 4th prince had originally come to look for me to talk about the matters of the 2 countries. But halfway through, I was called over by you, so he had to follow. Isn’t it, 4th prince?”

Chen Chu was taken aback then smiled brightly: “YesYesYes, I could not find Wei Chi princess anywhere, so I came here. Thank you for your hospitality.”

The old hag came from a small town near the edge of the border and this was the first time she has seen the Yan Country’s imperial family. She was so nervous that she was sweating profusely and her gaze towards Wei Chi Li held a trace of fear.

“What were we talking about just now? oh, yes. Grandmother, please take me to find that painting which was in the box that I often carried around.”

The old hag looked at Chen Chu, then looked at Wei Chi Li. Her small eyes turned quickly, fearing that Wei Chi Li might have schemes.

“If you can’t find anything suitable, then Lu Yun Kui will have to wait another 3 years.” Wei Chi Li lowered her voice which carried a hint of threat.

“I will go and fetch it.” The old hag has compromised as she dragged a pair of small feet towards the door.

She had hidden those things safely and always kept the keys on her, just to prevent others from coveting. How could she simply let that Mandi knows the location?

With a glance, Wei Chi Li has seen through her thoughts as she laughed in heart and said: “Then I troubled Grandmother to bring that box here directly as the box is locked and only I can open it. If grandmother could not carry it alone, do call some pageboys to follow you.”

The old hag stopped quickly as she started to panic. She views money as her life so how could she let the servants in her house know where the valuables were at.

She does not know how long Kui’er would take to come back, what should she do.

The old hag could not help but cursed Wei Chi Li in her heart. If she had not insisted on some Lotus painting and had invited the 4th prince, how could it be so nerve-racking for her!

“4th prince is still waiting for me. Grandmother should not let the 4th prince wait too long. The recommendation list needed to be submitted to the Emperor for review in the next 2 days, if you miss the dateline today, there will be no more chances.” Wei Chi Li said.

The old hag panic instantly. She had never considered any major issues before and when she was pressurised by Wei Chi Li, she compromised and said: “Follow me.”

Wei Chi Li turned her head and winked at Liu Luo Yi. Liu Luo Yi’s breath turns sluggish again and looked away.

A group of people followed the old hag using the estate’s small twisting and turning road for a long time. Only then did they saw a dirty shed. With the support of the old woman, the old hag crouched and went in and lit the candle.

Because she was afraid that the other servants would see it, she only brought her closest old female servant.

Wei Chi Li followed in only to see the old woman panting as she pulled a large clay jar, revealing a round hole.

The corner of Wei Chi Li’s lips twitched. This was the first time she had seen gold and valuables hidden in such a place. They are indeed a small family, not daring to spend the money and could only hide it everywhere like a mouse.

But fortunately, she had hidden everything, so it was much easier to get it back.

Chen Chu had never seen such a scene too. He stood at the entrance of the cave as he watches the old hag slowly entered, his expression was very unnatural.

“4th prince, help me take good care of her.” Wei Chi Li gave a fist-palm salutation towards Chen Chu after which, supporting herself with one hand, she jumped down easily.

Hearing this, Chen Chu nodded joyfully as he blushed and leaned towards Liu Luo Yi’s side. However, Liu Luo Yi did not even look at him as she simply stared at the place where Wei Chi Li had gone into and did not say anything.

The basement was narrow but was kept clean. Each and every mahogany chest were stacked up and arranged neatly.

Wei Chi Li opened a chest casually and the flashy yellow gold bullion inside almost blinded her. She picked up in surprised and touched it. The feeling was great.

So much money! Wei Chi Li was gaping

Seeing her like this, the old hag stumbled over quickly and took the gold bullion from her hand protecting it within her arms as she stared at her: “Where is the painting?”

Wei Chi Li shrugged nonchalantly, suddenly raised her head and shouted towards the entrance of the cave: “Xin Ran, quickly call some people down to move these things!”

There was chaotic footsteps sound travelling from outside, as Xin Ran led a group of palace guards. With a face full of excitement, she jumps down, rolling up her sleeves and carried up the chest.

The old hag nearly fainted from anger again. With 1 hand over her chest and another came up to grab Wei Chi Li: “You bitch, Mandi! Stealing under the broad daylight and schemed against me, you! You!”

Wei Chi Li took a step back, making her pounced into the air. She staggered and fell to the ground, curling into a ball.

“Don’t touch me, I will not lay a hand on elderly. You fell on your own.” Wei Chi Li raised her hand quickly and flashes to the corner.

The people brought by Chen Chu were palace guards and their martial art skills were high, so moving a few chests was easy. Soon, the entire basement was emptied, leaving only a small sandalwood box in a quiet corner.

Wei Chi Li stepped forward, picking it up the box and opened it. Inside were a thick pile of land and house deeds. She picked up 1 to look. Wei Chi Li laughed out happily. It really did not take much effort at all. Lu Yun Kui and this old hag were too cautious that even small things like the land deeds were hidden here.

It had really reduced her workload.

Wei Chi Li carried the small box and flew out happily. Seeing the properties that she had hidden meticulously, was lost, anger attacked her heart and fainted directly onto the ground.

“All these, are yours?” Chen Chu opened his mouth wide as he looked surprised too, watching one chest after another swaying past him. 

“Of course. It has finally returned to its rightful owner. It is all thanks to the 4th prince’s help today. After I have settled down, I will invite you for a drink, and hope that the 4th prince will kindly accept it.” Wei Chi Li smiled.

“I ought to, I ought to.” Chen Chu scratched his head.

At this moment, the door was kicked open. Lu Yun Kui walked in, wheezing. With a glance, he saw the cave entrance and clenched his fist, glaring at Wei Chi Li.

“Wei Chi Li, you have the nerves!”

Wei Chi Li could not help but to laughed out loud. She brushed off the dust on her sleeves and casually finds a place to sit down: “I am simply taking back my things, is there any problem? In Yan Country, there is no such reasoning that the women’s dowries were all given to the men, much less my Northern Territory. After all, not all the men in the world are as shameless as you.”

Lu Yun Kui pointed at Wei Chi Li and was flushed with anger but do not know how to refute.

“Oh, by the way, while the 4th prince is here, let’s settle all the things that should be settled.” Wei Chi Li took out a booklet from her sleeves and placed it on the table flatly: “Divorce.”

“What!?” Hearing this, Lu Yun Kui rushed over, wanting to reach out and grab Wei Chi Li’s arm. Naturally, Wei Chi Li would not give him this opportunity, she leaned back immediately, raising her leg and sends Lu Yun Kui flying out.

Lu Yun Kui staggered back a few steps and landed on his buttocks.

Chen Chu flap the flying dust and with a face full of disgust, he walks further away.

“Don’t get agitated, I have drafted the divorce booklet, you only need to press a handprint on it and with the 4th prince as the witness, it will be easier to explain to others.” Wei Chi Li smiled kindly and handed him the ink paste.

“Wei Chi Li, don’t even think about it! In Yan country, the men must agree to the divorce, I will never let you succeed!” Lu Yun Kui gritted his teeth as he got up from the ground.

Wei Chi Li looked at him mockingly then tilted her head towards Xin Ran. With tacit understanding, Xin Ran walk towards the door and closed the shed door and locked it up at the same time.

“Wei Chi Li, what are you going to do? You dare, let me go! Let go!” Lu Yun Kui struggled furiously, wanting to break free from Wei Chi Li’s restraint.

Wei Chi Li could not be bothered to continue this nonsense with him. With a knife gesture, she hit his shoulder and then with a kick, Lu Yun Kui screamed and fell to his knees.

“Today, it is not up to you, don’t even think about calling people. 4th prince’s people are standing guard outside.” Wei Chi Li grinned happily.

“You do not obey the women’s virtue and dare to have an affair with others, you….” Before he could finish, he was kicked on his back and fell forward onto the ground.

“4th prince, he accused you of having an affair.” Wei Chi Li raised her head and looked at Chen Chu innocently.

Chen Chu was frightened by Wei Chi Li’s series of antics, started sweating cold sweats. He could not help but take a few steps back and watched Wei Chi Li vigilantly.

“Look, you have even offended the 4th prince now.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile, then grabbed his hand forcefully and pressed it down onto the divorce booklet violently.

“No, no, Wei Chi Li! You want to ruin me!” Lu Yun Kui shouted furiously as he supported himself up but was stepped down by Wei Chi Li again.

Everything he had planned with painstaking efforts was all gone, money was gone, people were gone, the opportunity for promotion was gone. 

Lu Yun Kui yelled for a while then stopped making anymore sound. Only staring at the wall with empty eyes 

Wei Chi Li looked at him coldly and snorted. She grasped Lu Yun Kui’s ear and said softly: “I simply want to divorce; you did not have to endure these beatings.”

“But who you made you bully Liu Luo Yi, what does it mean to love someone, do you understand? You do not, treating a person as a thing and wanting to possess them, you deserve it.”

Hearing this, Lu Yun Kui trembled and looked at Liu Luo Yi.

He reached out his hand slowly.

Liu Luo Yi looked at him coldly with hatred in her eyes. She took a step back. Chen Chu saw this as an opportunity and immediately stood in front of Liu Luo Yi happily.

Wei Chi Li rolled her eyes, stepping forward and shove him away, gently holding Liu Luo Yi behind her. 

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