Chapter 18: Taking Care of

Wei Chi Li woke up again, she was lying on her own bed. The candle on the jade candlestick had burned through the night and the turbid wax were like a frozen waterfall, cascading and coagulated into a small spread on the table.

The pain in her heart has disappeared but she was still feeling weak. Wei Chi Li sighed lightly and moved her body a little, wanting to sit up.

A cold hand slipped from her body and the owner of the hand were half-kneeling and sprawling on the bed, sleeping soundly.

The woman’s exquisite and pale face was rested on the similarly pale wrist and her hair was cascading with each breath. Like a fairy who had accidentally fallen into the mortal world, free from vulgarities and not allowing blasphemy.

Could it be that she had guarded here all night? Wei Chi Li was a little surprised but something in her heart seems to have melted like the candlewax, turbid and gentle.

Seeing Wei Chi Li has woken up, Xin Ran who was also guarding at the side, jumped in surprised. Just as she was about to say something, she was stopped by Wei Chi Li’s glare.

Xin Ran came over quietly and helped Wei Chi Li to stand up slowly.

“Why is she here?” Wei Chi Li mouthed those words.

“Yesterday, the princess inexplicably fainted and it was Liu Luo Yi who had asked someone from the clinic to bring you to the clinic. Unfortunately, nothing was diagnosed and luckily, she ran into me and so I carried you back.”

“Princess, you have scared me to death, I thought you were going to die!” Xin Ran said with a flattened lip.

Wei Chi Li hit her head with her knuckles: “What nonsense!”

Liu Luo Yi at the side moved slightly as if she was sleeping uncomfortably. Wei Chi Li shook her head and stepped forward, leaning down, and wanted to carry her onto the bed.

At this moment, Liu Luo Yi woke up and the 2 of them looked at each other. Wei Chi Li bounced up quickly, but because she had just woken up, her body was weak, the world has started spinning suddenly.

She furrowed her brows tightly and half-kneeled on the ground which then eased up a little.

“Hey!” Liu Luo Yi quickly stepped forward to support her. Her expression was unnatural for a moment but returned to the original state immediately.

“Lie back down.” Liu Luo Yi said lightly.

“Huh?” Wei Chi Li was stunned.

“Your body is still not well, lie back down.”  Liu Luo Yi was expressionless, and her almond eyes held neither sadness nor happiness, making it impossible to see her emotions.

Wei Chi Li was a little dazed. When she had reacted, she could not help but to lie back down and covered herself with the quilt obediently.

Blinking and blinking.

The corner of Liu Luo Yi’s lips has loosened a little and her eyes drooped slightly as she reached out to pull the quilt off her face.

So fierce, Wei Chi Li was feeling a little wronged, blaming this body. She had only prevented the male lead’s promotion and the pain tormented her heart to this extent. After divorcing the male lead in 2 days’ time, would she not simply die of pain?

She was too difficult.

Seeing such expression, Liu Luo Yi’s heart seemed to be caressed by the breeze, feeling itchy as if something were growing secretly.

The current Wei Chi Li seemed to have lost her usual overbearing and melancholy feel. On the contrary, the natural feminine was superior, the upturned corner of her eyes was just right, eyelashes were thick, the brow ridge was tall and upright, the depth of her eyes was like hiding deep sea and unable to see the end.

Liu Luo Yi looked away, not daring to look again.

“Princess rest, I will retire.” Liu Luo Yi said with her head lowered, turning around to leave.

“Hold on, I’m hungry.” Wei Chi Li said as she reached out her well-defined knuckled hand to rub her stomach and smiled.

Liu Luo Yi’s breath was hurried as she was silent for a while before turning around and left. After a stick of incense time, she pushed the door opened with a bowl of hot congee in her hand.

She handed the bowl of congee to Wei Chi Li stiffly.

Wei Chi Li thought of teasing her again, she rolled her eyes and reached out her hand to her and said: “My body is weak and can’t get up.”

Xin Ran foolishly reached out a hand but, Wei Chi Li’s sudden sharp eyes glared at her.

Liu Luo Yi stood at the same spot, she could neither leave nor stay. She hesitated for a while and simply put down the bowl of congee. She walked to Wei Chi Li but refused to do anything for a long time.

Wei Chi Li smiled with annoyance as she asked gloomily: “Are there thorns on my body?”

Liu Luo Yi tried her best to keep a straight face, still cold and indifferent. She reached out to hold Wei Chi Li’s arm and tried to pull her up.

Wei Chi Li did not move.

Liu Luo Yi exerted more force, but Wei Chi Li still did not move.

“If you continue being like this, I will leave.” Liu Luo Yi frowned as she looked at her.

“Such a huge temper……” Wei Chi Li murmured, her carp-like body arched, flung her head back to sit up as she reached out to take the bowl of congee with ease.

Liu Luo Yi stood there, seemingly cold, and indifferent but in fact, she was blushing secretly. She clenched her fist and warned herself, not to think too much as she was using her to poke fun at.

But she had indeed helped her.

Her heart was messed up and could not think of a reason. But now that she was standing here, she was feeling inexplicable at ease. Although seeing Wei Chi Li eating with big mouthful was really, hideous.

“Don’t you hate me, why didn’t you just throw me on the street? Is it because you are grateful towards me?” Wei Chi Li suddenly raised her eyes and asked.

I do not understand either, as if something had changed. Liu Luo Yi thought.

But what came out was: “Princess has joked, I have said that if you helped save Chang’er, I will give you everything. Now, I am just fulfilling my promise.”

Wei Chi Li gave an ‘oh’ sound and lifted her neck to continue drinking the congee.

Liu Luo Yi clutched her sleeves, concealing that instantaneous sorrow in her eyes.

There was a sudden knock on the door. Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows and put down the bowl in her hand.

An elderly woman walked in, she has triangle eyes with 2 thin lips, making her looked a little sinister.

“Old Madam has invited you over.” Seeing Liu Luo Yi and said again, “Coincidentally, Miss Liu is here, so please go together.”

Although she sounded respectful, her expression reveals disdain and arrogance, making one feels uncomfortable.

“Okay, you may leave.” Wei Chi Li said coldly.

After the person left, Xin Ran hurried over to her in a panic: “Princess, that old madam has always disliked you. I believe now that she wants to find fault with you, why not just say that you are unwell and reject her.”

Wei Chi Li smiled: “How could I reject her; I was waiting for her to come. Enter the palace using my name and go to the 4th prince directly and bring him here now.”

“4th, 4th prince?” Xin Ran scratched her head.

Wei Chi Li nodded. Since he owes her a favour for saving him, it would be a waste not to use it. She had originally wanted to snatch back her own flesh from the wolves, but it proved to be extremely difficult. Now that there was the big buddha(!), 4th prince to witness, this would be easy.

(!)Big Buddha: When referring to someone as big buddha, it means that they are able to help them

It was also thanks to Liu Luo Yi for falling into the water. This had allowed her to get achieved this effortlessly. Wei Chi Li was very satisfied.

Liu Luo Yi does not know what Wei Chi Li was thinking in her heart. She was a little worried as she clutches till her knuckles turned white.

“Don’t be afraid, with me here, they will not dare to touch you.” Wei Chi Li notices her discomfort as she wipes her face while tilting her face to her.

Liu Luo Yi’s heartbeat was sluggish again, she quickly backed away from Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li only thought that she did not believe her and so she did not say anything anymore. She simply hummed a tune, changing into clean clothes as she tidied up herself and strode out.

1 walked in front of the other and soon arrived at the entrance of the courtyard. That old hag’s courtyard looked lifeless as there were not a single flower or plant. A few servant girls stood at the entrance, looking surly and when they saw Wei Chi Li, they bent a little.

After entering the house, A rotten smell surged forward as if something were mouldy making one feel stifled. The room was not well-lit and was gloomy.

“As a slave, not only did you go against your superior, but you also still dared to disrupt Kui’er’s important promotion. Kneel down!” The old hag’s hoarse voice sounded, making one feels goosebumps.

Wei Chi Li frowned.

Liu Luo Yi hung her head and knelt without saying anything. From the moment she rescued Chang’er, she had prepared herself to be punished.

The old hag reached out her haggard hand and with the support of that old woman just now, she walked towards Liu Luo Yi and looked down at her condescendingly.

“I have heard that you have caused Kui’er to go crazy with love and was out of mind because of you. And now that I have seen it, you are indeed an alluring thing and must have seduced our Kui’er. Now that Kui’er is not here, I will teach you a lesson and then find a place to sell you away so you will not harm others.”

“Someone come……”

Before she could finish saying, Wei Chi Li had reached out and grabbed Liu Luo Yi’s arm, pulling her up forcefully.

“You have joked. What does this matter have to do with Miss Liu? Your grandson has no ability and blames it all on a lady. What kind of reasoning is this? The next day, Lu Yun Kui fell while walking, will you demolish all the tiles in the capital?

The old hag did not expect that she would dare to talk to her like this. She was so angry that her old face was even more wrinkled, thumping her crutches and said: “ Do you still have a little conscious of superiority and inferiority, Kui’er had married you, a shameless Mandi, and this had really humiliated our entire Lu family!”

She said hastily and started coughing. Seeing this, the old woman beside her let out an invective shout: “What are you all doing, come in quickly! Drag that shameless thing out, lest it offends the old madam’s eyes!”

Several servant girls rushed in. Although nothing was shown on Liu Luo Yi’s face, she subconsciously shifted her stiffened body towards Wei Chi Li.   

Since Wei Chi Li has decided to help her, how could she stand this kind of scene. She reached out her hand and slapped the table and a ‘crack’ sound could be heard, the room was silent.

Then, the bright and heavy square mahogany table split in the middle and crashed to the ground.

Several old servants had never seen this kind of scene as they pale from fright and some even screamed out and no one dared to step forward.

“Rebel, Rebel! You still want to beat this old woman! My Kui’er ah, look at what thing you have married, simply wanting to ruin our family status, ending our Lu family’s bloodine without offspring!” After being frightened, the old hag started patting her chest and cried out.

Wei Chi Li clapped her hands and kicked the broken table aside then flung her sleeves. As she sat down boldly and decisively, she persuaded with insincerity: “Grandmother, do not be angry. I simply have a strong hand and was not able to control it at that moment, it was definitely not being disrespectful towards you.”

“Old Madam, the young master had told you that there was something important to say.” The old woman at the side quickly said it in the old hag’s ear.

Hearing this, the old hag calmed down forcibly but was still feeling angry in her heart and said: “Mandi woman really does not have a woman’s virtue. Then since you did not mean it, someone come, drag this Hu Mei Zi away!”

Several servants looked at each other and slowly take a few steps towards Liu Luo Yi. Wei Chi Li coughed lightly and beckoned Liu Luo Yi over: “My back is sore and painful, come and give me a massage.”

Liu Luo Yi raised her eyes and walked over slowly. She then placed her hands on her shoulders and hammered lightly.

The servants blanked out and do not dare to approached Wei Chi Li as they looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“Your strength is so small?” Wei Chi Li closed her eyes and whined.

Liu Luo Yi pursed her lips and exerted more force.

“I still don’t feel it, do you take care of the patient like this….”

Liu Luo Yi furrowed her brows as she raised her fist and hammered Wei Chi Li’s shoulder. Wei Chi Li sucked in a breath of cold air and almost screamed in pain.

“Hey, I’m helping you, be gentle.” Wei Chi Li whispered as she gritted her teeth.

Liu Luo Yi squeezed hard.

Wei Chi Li almost fainted. This Liu Luo Yi looked soft and weak, but the strength of this hand was comparable to hers.

Seeing Wei Chi Li grimaced, Liu Luo Yi curled the corner of her lips but it was only in an instant then she reverted back to her cold face: “Princess, don’t give an inch and take a mile.”

Wei Chi Li flattened her lips and stopped teasing her as she looked at that old hag: “Wondering why grandmother had called me today?”

The old hag was about to faint from the action of these 2 supercilious people.

She relaxed for a while before she opened her mouth and said: “As Kui’er’s wife, you naturally have to fully support his career. Next 2 days, you will prepare a gift and go to the lord secretary’s house to apologise for Kui’er. WIth your status, the lord secretary will not make things difficult for you.”

[T/L Note]: When i teased readers in chapter 17……………..

Anyway, the author did referred Lu Yun Kui’s grandmother aka the old madam as the old hag . lolol!

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