Chapter 23: Living Together

After CaiYun Festival, men and women started taking actions. Sending out greeting cards, banquet invitations, matchmaker visitation, but not many exchanged betrothal gifts. On the contrary, Gu Residence was quiet because on the day of the CaiYun Festival, the 2nd young lady, Gu Qing was sick and could not go out, so Yin Shi kept the other daughters from going out too. 

The 3rd young master of the Gu Family, Gu Zi Shu went out. But attentive people who knew about his immoral character, would not dare to let their daughters engaged to such a person. Yin Shi was not in the hurry as her son was only 12years old, and even if he were to marry at the age of 17 or 18, it was not too late. Men were not like women, if women were to drag for too long, no one would want them.

Most people do not know how Gu Qing’s illness came about. Gu Qing was so angry as she could not catch the culprit who had caused her to fall ill. She had originally suspected Gu Yi, but Gu Yi knew Yin Shi well. If she had gotten Gu Qing sick, all the girls would not be able to go out to watch the lanterns, so Gu Yi would not do such a stupid thing. Both Yin Shi and Gu Qing felt that it was Mistress Li.

How could they know that this was really Gu Yi’s doing?

So, what if she could not run into young handsome talent? Her target was the uncle-in-law! She had heard that Gu Zhi Dai was pregnant….

“Little aunt is pregnant?” The hand that was holding onto the brush, shook. Gu Lian dabbed it onto the inkstone and continued practising her calligraphy, “Has this matter spread?”

Although Zhu Xiang was not in the Gu Residence, she was still efficient with latest news. Her network was still effective as her cousin was still in the residence, sending her information’s with Mei Xiang’s help.

“It has not spread yet. This matter was found out by 3rd young lady.” Zhu Xiang picked up the inkstick to grind the ink, “3rd young lady has placed someone next to the little aunt and had actually did a good job, winning her trust and knew many things.”

After writing, Gu Lian put down the brush and examined her writing, but it still does not look nice. She does not have the vigour in writing. Letting a Miao used a brush to write Chinese characters was really difficult for her.

“Little Aunt did not spread this matter?” Gu Lian raised her eyebrow.

Zhu Xiang shook her head: “It seems that the foetus was not stable and it had only been over a month and was afraid it might be a misdiagnosis, so she did not dare to say anything. After the pregnancy is stable, it will definitely spread.”

Gu Zhi Dai’s pregnancy was not a good thing for her.

Gu Lian picked up the ice silkworm baby from the jade box and placed it on her palm to caress it as she furrowed her brows, contemplating.

 Now, Gu Zhi Dai does not know how many people were watching her husband, and Gu Yi was waiting for her to die of dystocia to replace her. Now Gu Yi’s people was Gu Zhi Mo’s favourite which had undoubtedly added convenience to Gu Yi’s action. But when Gu Zhi Dai was careless, neither she nor the child could be kept alive.

But this was not something Gu Lian has to worry. She does not want to be nosy as she wanted to see how that group of women could create major troubles.

“I know now, pay close attention to this matter, and report any new pieces of information.”

Zhu Xiang nodded.

Once the CaiYun Festival was over, in 2 weeks’ time, it would be August 15th, Mid-Autumn Festival. By then, there would be a banquet in the palace but not everyone could attend it. Gu Zhi Mo’s official position was not high enough so naturally, he could not attend. The royal banquet has nothing to do with them, but Gu Lian could attend.

During lunch, Qiao MingYu gave her an invitation, asking her to participate, saying that she should get acquainted with some ladies. She had seen that Gu Lian does not have any close friends. Although she herself does not care about these, she does not want Gu Lian to be different from ordinary people. She herself has suffered a lot of peculiar gazes but because of her status, no one dared to make her uncomfortable. Gu Lian was different and may not be able to bear such heavy maliciousness.

Gu Lian responded with a smile but does not have the intention to be acquainted with anyone.

She had seen enough of those young aristocratic ladies, although it was not nauseating, it does not bring about any good feelings either. Instead of being friends with these ladies who have hidden daggers behind smiles, she might as well be acquainted with the ladies in the women’s army. But now, she was not close with Qiao MingYu so it was not nice to be too straightforward and so she simply accepted kindly for now.

“When will princess goes back to the palace?”

Every day, after Gu Lian fed the poisonous worms at the usual time, she would go back to the study room to read. The princess would be here often too, she would either read the military books, miscellaneous books or goes to the small drill ground to practise martial arts. Today it was a little hot so Su Dan dragged her back to read books. Gu Lian raised her head and saw Qiao MingYu walking in.

Qiao MingYu hesitated for a moment and said: “In 2 days’ time.”

She was supposed to go back after CaiYun Festival, but the palace was indeed boring. At the estate, Gu Lian would accompany her to read books and she could compete with the commanders during martial art training. But when she goes back to the palace, she would be restricted as she would either accompanied her emperor father or pass time idly which was utterly boring.

It would be great if she could bring Gu Lian in, but unfortunately, she could not, as the palace was too dangerous and she would not be able to protect her if she stayed in it for a long time.

The Mid-Autumn Festival banquet was not long, so she could still protect her and the imperial consort would not be so stupid enough to cause trouble at this time, but it would be a different story if she stayed in the palace for a long time. She had brought Gu Lian to her own estate was because Gu Residence was no longer safe, so how could she push Gu Lian into danger to satisfy her selfish desire?

Gu Lian put down the book, taking a sip of the tea and told her about her family: “Today, I have heard that my 2nd sister is sick.”

Strangely, Qiao MingYu likes to hear about the daily life of her family. In the past, she has disliked these kinds of things, but she loved to listen to Gu Lian as she talks about it.

After a pause, and seeing that Qiao MingYu was interested, Gu Lian gradually smile and continued: “I do not know how she had gotten ill, it happened on the night of CaiYun Festival and could not go out. I pity my sisters who were detained by mother and are not allowed to go out.”

Gu Family’s main wife, Yin Shi was not a kind mother and everyone outside knew that she was a black-hearted woman with a buddha face(!). The cases of her ruining Gu Family sons were not concealed and had been spread out by Mistress Li.

(!)Buddha Face. Saying that someone has a buddha face means they looked kind-hearted. 

Mistress Li does not have a daughter and sooner or later, her son would be separated from the family and sent out, so dirty water could not reach her son. Besides, that was Yin Shi’s problem as the one who was being criticized was Yin family’s young wives and Yin Shi’s daughter. The concubine’s daughters were not raised by the main wife and everyone knows that even though a concubine’s daughter reputation was a bit of a hindrance, it could not be compared with main daughter, Gu Qing. Everyone was saying that Gu Qing would be the same as her mother and would be ruthless in the future.

Does not know if Gu Qing were aware of this matter or not, but if she had known about it, she could be too angry to eat anything. Adolescent girls were prone to acne, and so she lived leisurely because if she were not careful, her face would be disfigured with the acne marks and holes. And Yin Shi probably does not dare to tell her too.

The moment this grandmother(!) became impulsive, she could not be bothered about anything else.

(!)姑奶奶 Gu Nai Nai: Grandmother, this slang refers to the woman putting on airs or arrogance.

Qiao MingYu had also heard about Gu Family’s matters as she had also sent Su Dan to understand the situation. So, after hearing from Gu Lian, she immediately understood.

These few days, she had heard about Gu Lian talked about her family, and this had opened a new world for her. She had thought that only the women in the palace schemes were more vicious one after another but did not expect that it was much worse in other houses. Because they would be in-touch with outsiders, so these in-house fighting and trickeries were much more complicated than the palace fights. At least, one thing was incomparable to the palace and that was shifting blame and framing others for affairs.

Qiao MingYu looked at Gu Lian’s soft and weak appearance and held the thought of not letting Gu Lian return home firmly. It would be terrible if she would to return. There were many new daughters-in-law and married women who had been framed in this way and was unable to give a convincing explanation for self-defence. If this happens, she would not be able to intervene by then.

No, she must raise Gu Lian in her estate. Even if there were no princes’ issues, Gu Residence was dangerous too.

Gu Lian did not know that she was simply talking about a gossip, but Qiao MingYu had fantasized about so much and suddenly said: “You may go back home to stay for a few days during Chinese New Year. But you must stay in the Princess estate and you must have a team of guards to follow you when you go out. Su Dan, watch over Ah Lian, don’t let her be wilful.”

“…….” EXM?????? (!)

(!)EXM: Chinese slang/gaming term for ‘Excuse Me’.

Gu Lian was speechless as she watches Qiao MingYu contemplating and giving instructions, implementing a lot of precautions and could not wait to arm her up to her teeth. She was stupefied as she watches Su Dan walked away with the instructions, only then did she found her voice: “Princess…you do not have to…….”

“You are Taoist’s little aunt.” Qiao MingYu interrupted her, “This princess has promised to take care of you.”

The moment she heard this, was this not an excuse? Princess, if you dare, then gave a convincing reason!

Gu Lian shook her head helplessly as she let her handles it. 

[T/L Note]: heya all! I need some help here. There is another novel that I want to translate. It was dropped by another translator but I quite like the story. As of now, I am already translating 3 novels. If you like my work and want to read another story, or feels that I should concentrate on these 3 first, do leave a comment!

A little background. The story is in historical setting too. It is called Eastward Flow. Although the translator have done a marvelous job translating it, I noticed that they did not read the entire novel before translating, so there were some misinterpretation about certain things, if I were to pick it up, I will translate from the very beginning. It will be a side project and will release once I have translated first 20chapters in one go.

*Wink Wink* If you’ll noticed, I do like to pick up dropped projects.

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