Chapter 24: Mid-Autumn Festival

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the palace banquet was held in the Moon Arrival Hall.

Moon Arrival Hall was an open-air palace hall with a unique design that covers a large area on the TaiYue Lake. The design was like QiXiuFang’s arc-shaped tall building.

In the middle was a tall platform situated on the water. Currently, a dancer, Yue Ji was performing on it and the guests feast under the canopy, in the building.

The palace servants wore white cotton-gauze clothes with wide sleeves, fluttering like a fairy from the sky that has descended upon the mortal world. Carrying a tray in their hands, going back and forth in the building as they pour wine and refill food for the guests.

The imperial family occupied the best position. The closer one was to the imperial family, the higher their official position. Gu Lian was fortunate to sit near the princess which had drawn a lot of attention.

Everyone knows that these days the princess has a study partner whom she likes very much. But they have heard that she was just a daughter of a lowly official and could not helped but be curious about it. Years ago, when the emperor, his majesty selected study partners for the princess, the princess chased away those study partners. They did not expect that an unknown lady would be favoured by the princess.

As one of the study partner candidates that was chased away, the young lady of Qing family from the Court of the Judicial Review twisted her handkerchief indignantly. She turned her head away angrily as if it would dirty her eyes if she takes another look.

“It has happened for so many years already, why you still keep thinking about it?” said the Qing madam of the Court of the Judicial Review beside her.

That young lady pouted: “Mother, I am just too angry!”

Her mother gave her a cold look: “Do not think of coming up of tricks!”

Today was the Mid-Autumn Festival and they were in the palace too. If anything would to happen, they could not handle the consequences.

The young lady was very dissatisfied but knew that she could not cause any trouble today. She glanced at the ghastly pale-yellow face emperor sitting at the very top and went down obediently. If she would to scare his Majesty……even if she has a hundred heads, it was not enough chopped off.

She does not cause any trouble, but that does not mean that the others would not.

There was no one else besides Gu Lian and her surrounding were some Imperial family members. They have their own pride and felt that it was not worth striking a conversation with Gu Lian, hence, they would not lower their status and make things difficult for Gu Lian. Gu Lian was happy and relax as she drinks fruit wine and has some pastries, focusing on the dancer on the high platform.

Coincidentally at this time, a palace maid accidentally knocked over a boiling hot soup.

Without changing her expression nor her gaze, she pincer-grasped a raw bean that was used as a decoration on the table and shoot out. As she has yet to practised internal force, she used the system skill ‘Rainbow over the vast Sky’.

This was a move that all players in J3(!) know. Throwing hidden weapons like darts or stones to hit the enemies. It has a long attacking distance and the damage after the attack was also weak but it was still useful to knock things over.

(!)J3/ Ji3/ Jian Wang 3 /剑侠情缘网络版3: Chinese game

Of course, this technique was good for attracting monsters for the melee attackers.

The palace maid was hit on the waist by the bean. And because it was at the tender area, although she was not injured, it hurts a lot. The soup that was originally going to spill onto Gu Lian, spilt onto her own body because her hand tilted. Being scalded, she yelled out loud, attracting everyone’s attention.

As though frightened by it, Gu Lian turned her head abruptly and her body trembled.

The emperor and princes not far away looked over. Qiao MingYu who was paying respect in front of the emperor did the same and happened to see Gu Lian’s reaction. Her expression suddenly turned cold and in 2-3 steps, she walked over and pulled Gu Lian up and protected her behind her.

“What is going on?” Qiao MingYu frowned.

A madam of the Imperial clan who had witnessed it quickly explained: “This palace maid was walking fine and suddenly her hand tilted and knocked over the soup.” As for the matter regarding the bean, she did not see it.

Just now, under the cover of Qiao MingYu’s action, Gu Lian picked up bean that had bounced back to the table and quickly put it back.

With the murder weapon back to its original place, it was impossible to find out anything.

 Qiao MingYu frowned as she looked at the palace maid on the floor, waving her hand to let the eunuch stepped forward to helped her down to apply the medicine. Another eunuch cleaned up the remaining wasted food and reassigned another palace servant to serve the soup.

“This matter is not simple.” Qiao MingYu sat down beside Gu Lian and whispered: “Be careful.”

Gu Lian smiled slightly, signalling that she was okay. But in Qiao MingYu’s eyes, her face was pale but still tried to squeeze out a smile so that she would not worry.

Qiao MingYu was feeling heartache and decided not to leave her side before the banquet was over.

The matter had failed and the person who were causing trouble in the dark could not help but panic a little. But fortunately, the whole thing seemed like an accident and she comforted herself, not allowing herself to be a good-for-nothing.

Qiao MingYu was about to call someone to investigate and suddenly there were some commotions at the imperial consort’s area.

As today was a Mid-Autumn Festival, almost all the consorts were presents, including those who were not eligible to attend. With a glance at the scene, Qiao Mingyu knew that something bad were to happen as there was a pregnant consort there.

She does not know if she should sigh as the emperor was about to die yet was able to impregnate a consort, or suspect if this was the old emperor’s child. But no matter what, nothing should happen to a pregnant woman.

Implicating imperial heirs has always been a major matter. Not only Qiao MingYu has a bad premonition, but it was also the same for everyone else.

However, those who knew about the inside story would secretly pray that nothing would happen to the pregnant woman. It was a pity that things would go against their wishes.

“What happened?” Qiao MingYu asked the Su Dan who hurried back.

SuDan’s expression was grave: “It is Lin Guiren(1), she has seen red(2)!”

(1) 贵人Guiren: an imperial consort second to the empress in rank

(2) 见红 Jian Hong: Seen red. It is used in various scenarios, but usually refers to a woman’s bleeding. But in this case, it means she was experiencing miscarriage-like symptoms. I used the original way instead of ‘bleeding’ because ‘seeing red’ is an awfully bad thing in the ancient time.

Sure enough.

Qiao MingYu gave a long sigh. It was difficult for women in the palace to be pregnant and not easy to give birth safely. Lin GuiRen has taken all sorts of measures but was not well-prepared this time.

Had originally thought that this was an important banquet, and no one would do anything, however, some people had the audacity to cause trouble. Either they do not have the brain or decided to be reckless and wound both sides so that neither sides would gain or was over-confident that they would not be discovered.

After such a huge incident, the emperor and imperial consorts left the banquet in a hurry, hence, the banquet could not be continued. But the Emperor did not say anything, so no one dared to leave. Qiao MingYu pulled Gu Lian forward as they could no longer stay here. Without the emperor, the guards will relax a lot which was extremely dangerous.

“Go to my palace hall first.” Qiao Mingyu lowered her voice, “It is just ahead.”

Qiao MingYu’s palace hall was simple and grandeur, like her princess estate. She left Gu Lian in her bedroom directly and left in a hurry

A consort’s experiencing a miscarriage-like symptoms has nothing to do with Qiao MingYu. But the Emperor had secretly handed the tiger tally for the royal guard to Qiao MingYu, so she must go out and oversee the situation. If there were any accidents, she could respond in time.

SuDan could not help much so she stayed behind to take care of Gu Lian.

“Miss Gu” Su Dan fetched water for her to wash her face, “Rest for a while, it is estimated that this matter will last till late night.”

At least, must confirm whether that foetus could be saved.

Qiao MingYu was worried about letting Gu Lian leaving the palace now, so she probably must spend the night in the palace.

Gu Lian thought for a while. She could not help much so it was better to rest here. She could see that Qiao MingYu had no affection for the unborn sibling but simply out of morality and justice, she hopes that both the mother and child was safe. In that case, there was no need to worry that Qiao MingYu would be sad if something would happen, so naturally, there was nothing for her to worried about.

Since there was no need to comfort Qiao MingYu, Gu Lian decided to rest.

Before this, SuDan asked the small kitchen to quickly prepared some side dishes to fill Gu Lian’s stomach.

It was difficult to fill one’s stomach in the palace banquet. Moreover, it had ended early, so Gu Lian must be hungry.

“I have had some food before entering the palace.” Gu Lian took the bowl and chopsticks as she said with a smile. “Then eat more.” Su Dan insisted.

Gu Lian did not say anymore and lowered her head to eat quietly.

After dinner, bath, and rest. The matter lasted till late night before the lanterns were snuffed out, and only then did Qiao MingYu came back at this time

[T/L Note]: Sorry…..not sorry for not updating male lead’s backyard on fire for the last couple of days. had originally wanted to do a double/triple update for Halloween, but ended up finding an amazing Chinese novel and was binge reading it. Will however, have more update this coming week! Look forward to it!

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