Chapter 16: Threats

Gu Lian was not touched because she does not need Mistress Li to speak up for her and because Yin Shi was dizzy from anger, it was not difficult to deal with her. Seems like Mistress Li wants a favour, so it would depend on whether she would accept it.

“What mother has preached is right.” Gu Lian smiled at Mistress Li and respond to Yin Shi: “It is just that the princess has summoned me, I do not dare not to go. Mother, please forgive this daughter.”

Mistress Li pursed her lips slightly; this eldest daughter was indeed hard to deal with. A light sentence erased the protection she had just given. But the attitude towards her was like bathing in the spring breeze and there was not a slightest mistake, so naturally, it would not offend her.

It was just that Gu Lian’s words may not sound wise to Yin Shi. Yin Shi might think that she was using the princess to suppressed Yin Shi.

And this was indeed Gu Lian’s motive.

What was the reason for her to tried so hard to hold onto the princess’s thigh? Was it not to use Qiao MingYu’s power to suppress her stepmother?

Yin Shi had always regarded her as a thorn in her side, she naturally would not sit still and do nothing. What was the point of having a backer if not to used it?

After hearing Gu Lian’s words, Yin Shi’s complexion has eased somewhat. But because of the princess’s face, she could not always keep Gu Lian under guard and wait for her to get into trouble. So, she continued having a bone to pick with Mistress Li and vent her anger.

“Mistress Li must be careful. The child has just reached full year old. It is when he might die prematurely.” Yin Shi reminded her indifferently, as if she was a qualified lady of the house.

Mistress Li concealed the coldness in her eyes: “This concubine is a mother for the first time and do not know how to take care of children. The Fifth Young Master still needs your lady to take care of him. After all, He is also your lady’s child.”

Yin Shi choked. That was not her child! Those sons were bastards born of cheap wenches.

“The servants in my(!) courtyard was all sent by you, I think they should know how to take care of babies, so I can be at ease.”

(!)[妾身 Qie Shen]: This concubine. So in the ancient time, there was a lot of formality, so one does not refer themselves as “I”, “my”, “me”, etc. Usually, they would use their status to address themselves. In this case, Mistress Li had referred to herself as “this concubine” but at times, I realized that it’s very mouthy so I will change the informal/formal way of addressing from time to time. if you would like me to continue the original way/change the way of addressing oneself/others, please let me know via feedback/comments.

This was obviously a threat.

Mistress Li had twisted the truth and said that those trusted subordinates arranged by Gu Zhi Mo in her courtyard were sent by Yin Shi. If anything were to happen to her son, it was because the people sent by Yin Shi did not take good care of him. To put it more bluntly, it could be said that Yin Shi had deliberately acted on it. This made Yin Shi unable to escape from this entanglement.

If it were before, Yin Shi would have removed the son. But now, Gu Zhi Mo does not trust her, so she does not dare to act rashly.

However, Gu Lian does not think that Yin Shi could endured it and most likely would find a perfect way to commit the crime, so that Gu Zhi Mo was not able to find out the truth. But now that Mistress Li had said this, Yin Shi could not stay out of the matter anymore.

Once the child had an accident, she would have to take responsibility whether she was the one or not.

Who made her the lady of the house? In principle, the assignment of people was the responsibility of the lady of the house. Even if they were sent by Gu Zhi Mo, outsiders would think that it was Yin Shi’s people. Who knows if they were sent by Yin Shi through Gu Zhi Mo?

Gu Lian looked at Yin Shi’s defeated expression and felt somewhat sympathy for her.

Originally Yin Shi’s fighting capability was not strong, and ever since encountering Mistress Li’s amazing in-house fighting ability, it made her even weaker. 

In the past, it was better because there was a powerful old woman giving advice, and it was said that the person was Yin Shi’s nanny. However, 2 years ago, the nanny had passed away and after that Yin Shi’s methods became too shoddy. It was estimated that Gu Zhi Mo had caught onto her schemes.

Yin Shi was not worried about the evidence left behind from the previous events. But these 2 years, she had done many dirty things and although it does not warrant her death after she was caught, it was still quite troublesome.

[T/L Note]: Because this story setting is historical, there are many ways of addressing oneself/others, if you would like to know more, I have posted a link under (Character List) FYI, What you see in Wikipedia is not all the honorifics used in ancient times. :p

This is a very short chapter, so I released it 14hrs ahead of schedule. do you know what this means?? NEXT CHAPTER WILL COME SOONER! YAY! o(≧▽≦)o Seems like the fight between Yin Shi and Mistress Li is heating up! -popcorn-

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  1. If it is not hard for you please keep the original way they addressing instead just I or you. Because I’ll understand more about their interaction, how they think about others and their positioning.
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  2. F for Yin Shi. Mistress Li on the other hand, she’ll be fine I guess. As long as she doesn’t cross the MC, everything will be daijobou.

    Lolol. Gu Lian is a already brandishing her wife to these dogs. Such a showoff~

    *sending lots of love* thanks for the chapter!!!

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