Chapter 15: Raising Poison

Ice Silkworm frosted dew.

This was a skill introduction corresponding to Wu Du ice silkworm poison. With Ice Silkworm poison, the reading skills can be used to regulate breathing time of the ‘Ice Silkworm’. It was the most commonly used treatment for Wu Du disciples. Hence, Gu Lian decided to raise the ice silkworm for now before dealing with the rest later.

Although, the ice silkworm treats injuries slowly as compared to skills such as holy weaving heaven and thousand butterflies blossom, etc. This skill was the most difficult to be detected and was not easy to be exposed.

Correspondingly, 3 poisons under the Wu Du poison mind skill —– Death poison, withered poison and Obsessed poison were often the poison insects used for poisoning. They were soundless and each has different effects.

These 3 different poisons were much more difficult to raise as compared to other kinds of poison. So, Gu Lian considered for a long time before deciding to put aside the rest of the poisonous bug and prioritise these 4 poisonous insects.

Due to her surrounding, Gu Lian was unable to encounter these poisonous worms, so it was impossible to find the materials needed to raise them. But fortunately, there were missions from the systems. The daily missions would provide the materials for raising the worms. However, it was not much, so 4 worms were the limit.

Gu Lian could have used the system to perform those techniques. But without the help of the poisonous worms, the effects made Gu Lian dissatisfied. However, Gu Lian had discovered that when performing the techniques, there would be worm eggs flashing from within the weapon worm flute. She took out the eggs to breed so that she can raise them directly.

This saved a lot of trouble for her.

“Miss, what is this?” Lan Xiang and Ju Xiang were extremely interested in these medical-related matters and so they came to look.

Earlier on, Gu Lian had only raised 3 poisonous insects, but today there was another one: Ice Silkworm poison. They find it somewhat unusual.

The newly hatched small crystal-clear ice silkworm emits a faint blue light. The blue blood vessel within the clear and visible body was like an ice carving jade. When reached out to touch it, there was a cooling sensation which made one feels comfortable during a hot day.

Once Lan Xiang touched it, she refused to let it go.

Lan Xiang quickly rescued her precious ice silkworm. It would be troublesome if it were to be played to death by Lan Xiang.

“Miss, what kind of bug is this?” Lan Xiang was aggrieved

“This is an Ice Silkworm.” Gu Lian caressed the ice silkworm body before putting it back into a jade box sprinkled with cooling well water.

Ice Silkworm was quite gentle. Their bodies temperature was moderate and pleasant, and from the moment they were born, their mission was to treat injuries. The worms for Sky patching technique do not rely on worm eating worm to become a worm king but ate plant essence to grow up. The best method would be to feed herbs so that the healing effects would be much better in its adulthood.

Worms like ice silkworm that absorbed the essence of heaven and earth condensed into frost dew in a cold place were pure and could not touch specks of dirt.

Ju Xiang glanced over. Feeling bored after listening to Gu Lian’s introduction, she went back to pound the drugs into powder form.

She prefers the previous 3 insects which were aggressive because she was not interested in those healing type of insects.

However, Lan Xiang likes it very much. She leaned against the table and stared at the bug blankly, not daring to reach out to touch it.

“Aiya, it looks good……” Zhu Xiang giggled and took a look, “No wonder you like it so much.”

“Miss said it needs to be fed with herbs.” Lan Xiang was worried. “I’ve used the herbs to make some drugs, they probably can’t be used anymore.”

Upon hearing that, Zhu Xiang felt a bit knotty: “So in the future, the herbs will be used to raise it? Then how do you practice?” 

“I Don’t know.”

The next day, Lan Xiang realized that she had received the usual amount of herbs and could not help but hesitate: “Miss, didn’t you say that you want to feed the ice silkworms with herbs?”

Gu Lian was unconcerned: “It is still small, just leave the best one for it is enough.”

In fact, ever since she started raising the ice silkworm, the daily mission added 1 more ice silkworm conservation. Every day it would give out top-quality herbs for the ice silkworm as food. This kind of daily missions for the other 3 poisons was quite similar, the only difference was that it gives the best poisonous worms corpse. So, Gu Lian was not worried about the food problem for ice silkworm.

Lan Xiang thought about it. The ice silkworm was not big. Probably could not eat many herbs and 1 herb could last for a few days.

It was a pity that she had underestimated the ice silkworm. In fact, that 1 herb could be eaten in 1 day. The speed of eating the leaves was quite shocking.

Just when Gu Lian was raising the insects in peace these days, Gu’s family backyard drama has never stopped.

The new wife straightened her back to faced Yin Shi. Every day, she would step on yin shi’s bottom line. But Yin Shi could not find any wrong and could not even punish her.

Yin Shi wanted to find random guilt to deal with her. This was something which many ladies of the house would do. Although you are not at fault, if I said you were wrong, it means you were at fault and if you dared to refute, then the evidence is conclusive.

In ancient times, human rights and freedoms were not emphasized. Whatever the powerful people said has more weight as compared to the weaker group of people. Moreover, the lackeys around Yin Shi were used to flattering her and bullied by her.

But she does not dare to do it now because she could no longer reversed right and wrong.

After all, the person who has the final say was Gu Zhi Mo. In the past, with Gu Zhi Mo’s respect, she was able to punish those disobedient concubines. But now, Gu Zhi Mo does not trust her and even tried to ask her a few times if she had acted upon his sons. Yin Shi was frightened to the point of cold sweat, how could she dare to touch Gu Zhi Mo’s beloved after these inquires.

If Gu Zhi Mo concluded that she was diabolical, there was no need of evidence at all, just like how she used to punish the other concubines without evidence. She could be given a letter of divorce, or, not, and let her die of illnesses. By then, regardless of whichever concubine was promoted or he married another, it was still unacceptable to Yin Shi.

Her son was still young and had yet to marry nor inherit the family property so she cannot collapse.

On weekdays when Gu Lian paid respect, she would calculate the hour to avoid staggering the timing of Mistress Li’s turn to pay respect, so most of the time it was peaceful. Unfortunately, there was once or twice where she could not avoid it and bumped into her.

Like today.

Gu Lian sat in her own seat silently, looking down as she held her tea like a wooden person. She simply listens and did not speak nor react.

During TianXi Dynasty, generally, when the lady of the house, daughters and concubines sat together, the lady of the house would sit on top. And on the left row seats were occupied by the daughters of the concubines. Whether it was the eldest or the concubine’s daughter to be seated at the front would be determined by the old madam. While on the right row of seats were occupied by the concubines. As of now, in the hall, there were only 2 masters, Yin Shi and Gu Lian. Mistress Li as a concubine could only be counted as half a master but at any rate, she has a seat.

Opposite of Gu Lian was Mistress Li. Without having to raise her head, she could see her exquisite figure, fair and beautiful chin. With that slender and well-maintained waist, one could not tell that she had given birth. The light green dress was just nice as it brought out her youthful beauty. Comparing to Yin Shi who has passed the age of 30, with winkles and dull yellow complexion, this makes her youthful vigour even more obvious.

Looking at her outfit, Yin Shi complexion was not great. She sat on top and sneered at Mistress Li as they bickered with each other.

Gu Lian tried her best to reduce her presence.

However, she was not successful. Yin Shi’s eyes swept across and saw Gu Lian. She frowned and changed the topic: “I’ve heard that Sister Lian and the princess went to the outskirt to watch polo competition a few days ago?”

No choice, Gu Lian put down her teacup and replied obediently: “replying to mother, yes.”

When she saw this, Yin Shi was angry: “The princess is a precious and delicate royal member. Why are you always pestering her Highness? Did you learn the rules? Go back and………”

“I did not expect the eldest lady and the princess to know each other. This concubine is ill-informed.” Mistress Li nonchalantly interrupted Yin Shi.

In her opinion, the eldest lady who held no power within the mansion had hidden her ability and was able to have a relationship with the princess. This could be more useful than any other form of power. Yin Shi was as stupid as a pig. If it were to be her, she would definitely find a way to give Gu Lian some preferential treatment. This would make Gu Lian grateful towards her, after which, she would take advantage of this relationship to paved way for her children or whatever perks was still a great decision.

Yin Shi had always looked down on the daughter of a concubine and was not willing to rope in the daughter of concubine. Seeing that the daughter of the concubine was outstanding, she wanted to intimidate the other party. However, upon seeing that this was useless, she wanted to ruin her chance instead. If her own daughter could not get it, she would not let the daughter of a concubine get it. So stupid.

Fortunately, Yin Shi was and idiot. Was this not giving her chance as well?

Mistress smiled at Gu Lian to tried to convey her kindness.

[T/L Note:] If you had not realized it. Mistress Li is the new concubine aka the songstress

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