Chapter 59: That Night

An Ge stood up, continued walking towards Wei Chi Die. Wei Chi Die was so scared that she desperately dragged Wei Chi Li backwards. Wei Chi Li was grabbed by the back of her neck collar, rolling her eyes and nearly suffocated.

Seeing this, Liu Luo Yi on one side quickly reached out and placed her hand on Wei Chi Die’s shoulder, reminding her: “Eldest princess, be gentle.”

Hearing this, only then did Wei Chi Die let go, but still hide behind Wei Chi Li, not daring to show her head.

After being liberated, Wei Chi Li touched her neck and coughed, then reached out to stop An Ge, but does not know what to say. After all, it looks like it was her sister’s fault.

“Uh…. Let us sit down and talk. Xin Ran, hurry up and serve tea for this, Miss An.”

“Wei Chi Li, chase her away!” Wei Chi Die pinched Wei Chi Li’s waist and Wei Chi Li sucked in a breath of cold air, almost kneeling for her.

An Ge on the opposite was feeling uneasy. Her eyes were red, and she looked at Wei Chi Die with a face full of disbelief as she said: “Princess, have you forgotten how she had treated princess when in Northern Territory? Yet why do you still want her to chase away this subordinate?”

After hearing this, Xin Ran on one side was not unhappy. She immediately hopped over as if her tail was stepped on and shouted: “Little An’zi, you dare to be so rude to princess, going against your superior!”

“So, what if I am rude!” An Ge’s eyes were cold as she shouted.

Without saying anything, Xin Ran raised her fist and rushed up. The 2 once again started fighting. This time, not only did they fight, but Xin Ran’s harsh curses was also mixed in it.

The servants on the side started gathering more, they were all hiding in the distance, watching the excitement. Even Liu Wen Chang who was practising martial arts in his own courtyard, came here while eating his bun.

Facing a courtyard full of disorder, Wei Chi Li gave a long sighed. She covered her ears. what kind of sin has she done to deserved this!

Not knowing who has cut a branch as it whirled and headed straight towards Liu Luo Yi. Wei Chi Li quickly flashes and stood in front of Liu Luo Yi, catching the branch and threw it aside, roaring: “All stop for this princess!”

She uses internal force for that shout, which was deafening. The 2 who was fighting in the middle, finally stopped. When they stopped Xin Ran was pulling An Ge’s hair and An Ge was grabbing Xin Ran’s neck.

Panting while face to face.

Wei Chi Li said: “Xin Ran, come back!”

Although Xin Ran was still angry, she let go of her hand obediently.

Wei Chi Li poked Wei Chi Die and whispered: “Sister, this child is inflexible. Say something.”

Wei Chi Die pouted and glanced at Wei Chi Li pitifully and shook her head.

“Sister, be good and listen.” Wei Chi Li sighed helplessly.

Only then did Wei Chi Die shouted reluctantly: “An Ge, don’t being crazy, stop.”

Hearing this, An Ge who was grabbing Xin Ran’s neck fiercely, immediately dropped her hand, quickly walked over and again, she knelt on one knee.

“An Ge is reckless, princess please melt out punishment.”

Wei Chi Die was about to say something but was stopped by Wei Chi Li: “Sister, we should sit down and understands what has happened between the 2 of you. If there is a misunderstanding, must talk about it, right?”

Finally, the courtyard has returned to its quietness. The group sat in the lake pavilion with a few dishes placed in front of them while watching An Ge gobbling them up.

She was so fast that she swept the table empty then raised her head to drink the bowl of tea, only then did she stop.

Seeing that she has finished eating, Wei Chi Li said with a kind and pleasant tone: “Miss Black….”

Liu Luo Yi on one side patted her under the table, only then did Wei Chi Li changed her words: “An Ge, you came from the Northern Territory. How did you become like this?”

“Encountered a group of bandits, saved a convoy, disturbed the thief’s den. But who knows that when fighting, I lost the travelling expenses and horse. Was travel-worn and weary on this trip down south. The journey was long, so became like this.

Wei Chi Li gave a response and nodded. This experience was also rather bizarre.

“Princess, you left without telling this subordinate. This subordinate has said that will follow princess in this life. So how can I defy my oath.” An Ge said to Wei Chi Die again, her eyes were determined.

Wei Chi Die was about to cry with anger. She slapped the table and said angrily: “This princess gave you an official position, gave you money. Why are you still not satisfied? Why bother following me all day and be a small guard?”

“This subordinate is only willing to follow princess.” An Ge did not waver.

Wei Chi Die stood up and drew out the flexible sword from her waist and swing it in of An Ge. She glared with a pair of phoenix eyes: “Either scram back to the Northern Territory or die under my sword. Choose it yourself!”

Wei Chi Li quickly got up: “Sister, sister, you can’t…”

Wei Chi Die turned her hand, and the sword was placed on Wei Chi Li’s face. Wei Chi Li closed her mouth, sat on the stone chair, and started drinking tea.

An Ge looked at the sword in Wei Chi Die’s hand, and a teardrop flow from the corner of her eye. She lowered her head and said softly: “Dying under princess’s sword, this subordinate has no regret.”

Wei Chi Die was about to swing her hand when she heard An Ge said again: “It is just that day, those things that princess has done to An Ge when drunk…”

Wei Chi Die threw away the sword in her hand and stepped forward to cover An Ge’s mouth, saying viciously: “Do not mention this again!”

An Ge sighed: “But princess wants to drive me away and wants me to die. An Ge could only reminisce that night before death so that I will not forget princess when in netherworld……”

Wei Chi Die felt a headache, her tone carries a choking sound: “okay okay okay, I will not chase you away. But do not disclose that night’s matter to anyone, hear that!”

“This subordinate obeys!” An Ge replied smoothly.

Wei Chi Li was drinking tea, watching a good show when she heard Liu Luo Yi’s soft voice asking in her ear: “Princess, what happened that night?”

She bit her lip, thinking for a while then turned around and replied: “I guess that sister was drunk and beat up An Ge. Then sister felt that it was too shameful, so she told her not to say anything about it.”

She was very satisfied with her own answer and does not have the guilt of tricking an innocent girl.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her eyes and thought for a while then asked: “Then was it not An Ge who has beaten up eldest princess? I think An Ge’s martial art skills are superior to princess.”

Wei Chi Li ponder for a moment and nodded continuously: “Little Liu’er words also make sense.”

“Okay, since she is sister’s person, then let sister take her back. I want to go back and rest.” Wei Chi Li stood up, yawned, and waved at Wei Chi Die then walked towards her room.

The chattering argument drifted away, Wei Chi Li leaned on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder and said gloomily: “I’m exhausted.”

Liu Luo Yi chuckled and reached out to support Wei Chi Li’s arm and said: “Then quickly go back and rest.”

“Little Liu’er, we need to find a day when many people are present so that we can submit Lord Liu’s grievances in person. This way, we can guarantee it will be open and honest. But this occasion cannot be too big or else, the emperor could not get out of this embarrassing situation. And it cannot be too small, if the emperor is determined to not let Lord Liu go, there is nothing else we can do about it.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded: “Every year when autumn approaches, the emperor will bring all the ministers around the city to hold a ceremony to pray heaven. Pray for good weather and prosperity. The ceremony is grand, however, the state banquet after the ceremony is better. The guests invited were all the relatives of the imperial family and 3rd-tier official and above and their female members.

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li felt a little relieved: “Then I will submit the evidence up during the state banquet. With so many pairs of eyes watching, by then it will spread around the capital, we will be able to redress for Lord Liu directly.”

Liu Luo Yi suddenly grabbed Wei Chi Li’s hand and shook her head.

“What’s the matter?” Wei Chi Li was a little surprised.

“Princess can’t do it. You are from the Northern Territory and has nothing to do with father. So, it is inevitable that people will gossip about it. Not to mention that spy…. anyway, you can’t come forward.” Liu Luo Yi said decisively.


“I will go.” Before Wei Chi Li could finish speaking, Liu Luo Yi said firmly. She exerted force on the hand that she was holding onto Wei Chi Li, “Princess, believe me.”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li began to feel anxious. She stops and faces Liu Luo Yi: “No, you have to stay away from the emperor. What if there is sudden changes on scene? What if someone hurts you? How are you going to block it?”

“Princess.” Liu Luo Yi said word for word clearly: “I can’t always live under princess’s protection and I hope princess believes me. I am not weak and is able face it alone.”

Wei Chi Li looked into her eyes and does not know what to say at that moment.

The expression in Liu Luo Yi’s eyes was, firm, determined and held the stubbornness that belongs to her alone. After a while, she sighed and finally nodded.

“Forget it, since Little Liu’er is willing to fly, I will not stop you.” Wei Chi Li said, “But I will always protect you from below.”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi smiled. She smiled so sweetly that Wei Chi Li could not help but reached out to pinch her nose.

Seeing Liu Luo Yi shrank back with a smile, she felt that her heart was about to melt.

The strange palpitating in her heart has reappeared and was even stronger than ever before. Wei Chi Li could hardly hold back. She leaned forward, but before she loses herself, she stops then turned around and ran.

Liu Luo Yi was taken aback and quickly call out for her. But no matter how much she calls for her, she did not stop. “What happened…” She muttered, feeling a sense of loss. She seemed to be able to feel that Wei Chi Li treats her a little differently, but she was not sure.

After rescuing father, she would return to the Northern Territory, right? Northern Territory was her country and even if she went with her, what would be her status?

She was an heir to the throne and a princess. She would eventually find a Fuma(!) and then control the world firmly.

(!)驸马 Fuma: Emperor’s son-in-law. Males who marries the princess are called Fuma.

While she herself would be forced by her father to marry a so-called good husband. Settling down the rest of her life.

Thinking like this, Liu Luo Yi was even sadder. She walked back to her room alone and laid on the bed. As soon as her tired body fell onto the bed, she went into the world of dream.

There were still tear streak in the corner of her eyes.

When she woke up, it was late afternoon, and the weather has become cooler. Liu Luo Yi was still frustrated. She smoothed out her clothes and planned to walk along the veranda.

But who knows that she has only taken a few steps when she heard hurried footsteps sounds from behind. She turned her head and saw Wei Chi Die carrying a pile of books in her arm, sneaking towards the direction of the gate.

“Greeting to eldest princess.” Liu Luo Yi lowered her head and spoke.

Wei Chi Die pants as she stopped in front of her and looked back but did not see An Ge’s figure. Only then did she heaved a sigh of relief, the dreadful steps just now have become graceful.

“Isn’t this Little Liu’er? Why are you here instead of looking for Wei Chi Li?” Wei Chi Die stroke the large and small books in her hand and smile.

Liu Luo Yi glanced vaguely and realized that the books do not have words on it, but pictures. She did not mind either and raised her head, replying: “Princess should still be sleeping, what about eldest princess’s side?”

“That scoundrel has bathed, changed a set of clothes and wanted to help clean up my room. I have so many treasures in my room, so how could I let her see it? But now that I have taken them out, I do not know where to keep them, so vexing.” Wei Chi Die stomped her feet, feeling very gloomy.

But immediately after, her eyes lit up and looked at Liu Luo Yi, saying: “How about, you help me take care of them first and I will be generous, letting you take a look at these treasures. Maybe you can learn a trick or 2.”

“Learn what?” Liu Luo Yi blinked and ask.

[T/L Note]: (;`O´)o

Dear readers, I appreciate each and everyone’s kind and cute comments. But would like to point out somethings. I am not a professional translator, so my translation is bad, grammar is all over the place with limited vocabulary. I thanked people who left constructive comments to make the translation better! However, I do not appreciate people who are mean (;`O´)o I can safely say that this author is from Northern China, so uses a lot of internet slang and northern China dialect. Both my Chinese and English isn’t great, so each chapter takes me about 3-4hrs to translate and edit. I am not satisfied with every chapter I translated, but I still do my best, if anyone wants to come forward and gave constructive comments or even wants to edit it, that will be great. But if reading my works gave you headaches/ eye pain etc, I suggest you can stop or read the original (Chinese) Version! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

On the other hand, I understand the annoying feelings when translator drops their work. So no matter what, I will not stop till this story is completed! So, don’t worry! (❁´▽`❁)✲゚

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    [1: The first sentence needs a conjunction to join the verbs in past tense. The second sentence may be altered to include how Wei Chi Li was grabbed, in order to emphasize Wei Chi Die’s action of grabbing rather than Wei Chi Li’s state of being grabbed. I altered the third sentence to strengthen Wei Chi Li’s intent and illustrate the cause and effect whereby Wei Chi Li intentionally rolls her eyes in response to her sisters suffocating antics.]

    An Ge stood up, continuing walking towards Wei Chi Die. Wei Chi Die was so scared that she desperately dragged Wei Chi Li backwards. Wei Chi Li, who was grabbed by the back of her neck collar, rolled her eyes at the near suffocation.
    [2: Alternatively, the first sentence can use a present participle instead of a conjunction. The second sentence was left as is, so the third sentence needed to keep the description of how Wei Chi Li was grabbed. Here, I structured the third sentence so as to emphasize Wei Chi Li as the actor.]

    An Ge stood up, continuing walking towards Wei Chi Die. Wei Chi Die was so scared that she desperately dragged Wei Chi Li backwards. Wei Chi Li’s eyes rolled back as she was grabbed by her collar and nearly suffocated.
    [3: The first and second sentences remain the same as before. However, the third sentence is restructured to remove intentionality from Wei Chi Li’s eye-movement. Here, her eye’s rolling back is involuntary and a result of the actions done to her by Wei Chi Die in the previous sentence.]

    An Ge stood up and continued walking towards Wei Chi Die, terrifying her. Wei Chi Die desperately dragged Wei Chi Li backwards by the back of her neck collar, causing her eyes to roll back as she was nearly suffocated.
    [4: I took excessive liberties here, mostly to emphasize the desperation of Wei Chi Die and her terror of An Ge.]

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