Chapter 57: Welcoming You

Wei Chi Die widened her eyes and looked at that terrifying man then let go of the hand that was holding Wei Chi Li.

“What are you going to do?”

Wei Chi Li’s eyes dim. A little hesitant and a little determined again. She reaches out and took out the small medicine bottle, shaking it in front of Wei Chi Die from an angle that Yang Zheng could not see.

Wei Chi Die looked at Wei Chi Li worriedly: “It is not wise to get close to him. Are you sure you want to do this much for Liu Luo Yi?”

Wei Chi Li did not answer it directly, and only said indifferently: “Since we are already here.”

She inserted the key into the keyhole with haste. As soon as the door open, Yang Zheng pounced forward abruptly, the chains behind him straightened, fastening him in place. Wei Chi Li wanted to step forward, but several winds rush towards her.

Wei Chi Die on one side pulled out the flexible sword from her waist and blocked these attacks for Wei Chi Li, but the shock from it was extremely painful.

“As a civil official, where did these high-level martial arts skills comes from?” Wei Chi Li muttered to herself then jumped to the other end of the cell and together with Wei Chi Die, they pinch him in the middle and attack from both sides. Yang Zheng could not handle both sides and fell into disadvantages.

From the corner of her eyes, Wei Chi Li could see the strong winds that he sends out has cut into the walls, leaving white marks on it.

Yang Zheng saw that he was no match for them. Feeling anxious, he simply stood on the spot to channel his force. Wei Chi Li quickly stepped forward to stop him but could not match his speed. Before her hand touched him, she was forced to retreat by his internal force.

At the same time, the chains that was controlling Yang Zheng has broken from the root. Unexpectedly, he has broken the connection point between the chains and the wall.

This once again proved that Wei Chi Li’s judgment was correct, Yang Zheng was really pretending to be mad. He used the iron chains as a weapon directly and wielded it vigorously, making it even more difficult to get closer.

Wei Chi Li at the corner was almost hit a few times. The last time it was too dangerous, almost sliding along her scalp. Under the duress, Wei Chi Die blurted out ‘Wei Chi’, then immediately reacted, swallowing the last word.

Hence, the chain’s offensive attack suddenly stopped in mid-air as Yang Zheng stopped his hand abruptly and the heavy chains fell to the ground with a clank.

That pair of widened eyes instantly became clear as Yang Zheng stood there and looked at Wei Chi Li up and down carefully. Then slowly open his chapped lips and said with a hoarse voice: “Wei Chi, you are from the Northern Territory?”

Wei Chi Li and Wei Chi Die exchanged their gazes. Wei Chi Li hesitated for a moment. Wanting to test him, she nodded boldly.

“Wei Chi is not a surname that ordinary people can use.” Yang Zheng staggered forward a couple of steps. With sharp-eyes, Wei Chi Li saw 1 of his feet was crooked as if it was broken by someone.

He moved close to Wei Chi Li and looked at her up and down under the extremely dim firelight, then suddenly his eyes widened.

“You are, 2nd princess?” As soon as he said that, he knelt on the ground abruptly, bringing up a cloud of dust.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback, hurried backwards, and leaned against the wall, using her eyes to ask Wei Chi Die for help. Wei Chi Die walked around quickly and said in a low voice: “The song you just sang was the song of Northern Territory?”

“Yes, this subject, Yang Zheng greets 2nd princess.” Yang Zheng kowtowed to the ground, his tone slightly trembling.


Seems like he was not only from the Northern Territory but also related to the Northern Territory King. Could it be that this spy was really a Northern Territory spy?

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that the situation was getting more and more complicated. She took a deep breath and was about to say something when Wei Chi Die beside her reached out to tug the corner of her clothes and winked.

Knowing that she was worried that this person would lie, Wei Chi Li coughed lightly and said: “How did you judge that I am some Northern Territory 2nd princess?”

“This subject has seen your appearance when you were young, so I could not be wrong.” Yang Zheng still has his head lowered.

Wei Chi Li looked at his trembling shoulders and the strength of his kowtow, dispelling some doubts in her heart.

“How do you prove what you had just said?” Wei Chi Li asked again.

Yang Zheng moved tremblingly, exposing his lapels and gestured to Wei Chi Die on one side to reach out and take it. Wei Chi Die hesitated for a moment but still carefully reached out with disgust to take out a dirty tassel 

“This is a golden tassel and is unique to the king’s close minister, which the outsiders do not know about it. This proves the identity of this subject.” Yang Zheng said.

Wei Chi Die turned that tassel over to take a look and nodded towards Wei Chi Li.

“Then, do you know Zhou Qing?” Wei Chi Li squats down and asked with a frown.

Yang Zheng raised his eyes and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes as if he were wondering why Wei Chi Li knew so much. But then, he lowered his head again and said: “I plead princess to not care about this matter, everything will be arranged by the Northern Territory King.”

“He is also from the Northern Territory?” Wei Chi Li immediately pressed on.

“Princess, please leave it alone. Also, if things have changed, please return to the Northern Territory as soon as possible.” Yang Zheng refused to say anything.

 Wei Chi Li stood up. Seems like it was not possible to ask anything about this as he was guarding this secret too closely.

“Okay, I will not ask about the matters regarding Northern Territory. I will just talk about Lord Liu. was he framed by you all.”

Yang Zheng paused then nodded.

“Why?” Wei Chi Li frowned.

“Princess forgive me. With regards to this matter, this subject cannot disclose this to princess.” Yang Zheng kowtowed again.

Refusing all the questions and only know how to kowtow. Wei Chi Li was instantly so angry that smoke almost came out of her head. She was feeling so irritated that she wanted to take out the medicine bottle and pour it into his mouth.

“Why did princess ask about Lord Liu, is it to redress for him?” Yang Zheng suddenly asked as he raised his head and looked at Wei Chi Li. That kind of expression in his eyes made Wei Chi Li stop.

On a dirty and ugly face, only that pair of eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

“Since it is princess’s entrustment, this subject will do his best to complete it.”

Wei Chi Li looked at his eyes and the 2 stayed motionless for a while then suddenly reached out her hand and said: “Sister, paper and brush.”

Wei Chi Die opened her mouth and responded then felt around her sleeves before turning around and ran out. After a while, she ran back, panting as she stuffed the paper and brush into Wei Chi Li’s hands.

“Stole it from the guard’s table.” She spoke.

Wei Chi Li handed the paper and brush to Yang Zheng and said in a low voice: “Then write according to what I said, using 2 different fonts to write a confession letter and then press a handprint.”

Yang Zheng picked up the brush and suddenly smiled. He smiled while nodding: “Indeed you are my Northern Territory’s princess.” Then lowered his head and wrote quickly. Soon, he handed the 2 pieces to Wei Chi Li.

There was a sound of yelling travelled from an exceptionally long distance, Yang Zheng glanced outside and sighed: “The guards will be here soon, princess should leave quickly to prevent creating new problems. It is just that, can you leave this paper and brush to this subject?”

Wei Chi Li looked at the 2 letters carefully then nodded as she left with Wei Chi Die.

“Princess. In this life, this subject can get to see princess once, considered it as fulfilling my wish. I hope that princess could convey a word to the king.”

“This subject has fulfilled my entrustment!” Yang Zheng struggled to turn around as he said loudly.

Wei Chi Li turned around and nodded towards him then turned and left.

The 2 quickly went out of this building. In the dawning sky, they rushed back with Qing Gong and the cool wind blows on their face which was an indescribable comfort.

But in Wei Chi Li’s heart, there seems to be a trace of sadness as if it were because of that person. She was sad for him.

But this emotion did not last long because Wei Chi Die beside her, cursed: “Only know how to call a princess, there is 2 princesses here, can’t he see!”

Wei Chi Li almost laughed out loud. She shook her head helplessly and persuaded: “Maybe he has only seen me.”

Wei Chi Die snorted and muttered: “Forget it, this princess has already gotten used to it anyway.”

“Sister, do you know that royal father had sent spies to Yan Country?” Wei Chi Li suddenly asked.

“You don’t even know and so, naturally I don’t. Royal father has never told me about these, probably think that we do not have enough qualification, so do not want us to take part in it.”

Wei Chi Li nodded. Wei Chi Die make sense and it was better to ask the Northern Territory King face to face on such matters.

But if the Northern Territory and Yan Country really clashed, and Liu Luo Yi being a native of Yan country, would she still be with her….

Thinking of this, she was even sadder.

They only returned to the mansion when the sky was completely bright. When Wei Chi Li stepped on the ground, she was exhausted. Using too much internal force was really quite tiring.

She yawned and staggered as she walked in. Just as she went around the long corridor, she saw a person sitting in the lake pavilion.

She immediately became wide awake and after a quick pace forward, the figure gradually became clear. It was Liu Luo Yi.

She was sprawling on the stone table, sleeping soundly.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that her heart was filled with something and at the same time it was as if someone was kneading it. Sometimes enriching, sometimes uncomfortable.

She tiptoed over and removed her coat to cover it over Liu Luo Yi then felt for her temperature only then did she felt relieved.

She squats before the table and raised her head slightly to look at Liu Luo Yi’s face, saying softly: “Little Liu’er, wake up, the sun is tanning your buttock.”

Liu Luo Yi moved a little but did not respond.

Wei Chi Die who had followed her, looked anxious. She walked up a few steps and slapped the table. Yelling in a rough voice:” Don’t sleep anymore, the sun is tanning your buttock!”

Liu Luo Yi was rouse awake from her sleep and was so frightened that her body trembled abruptly. She could not stabilise herself and slide to the side. With quick of eye and deft of hand, Wei Chi Li got up and went forward to hold her firmly.

It was considered as being embraced in her arms.

Only then Liu Luo Yi was fully awake. She looked at Wei Chi Die then turned her head and almost collided into Wei Chi Li. Her face immediately turns red again, quickly broke free and stood up.

“You are back.” She said and then uses a pair of hazy almond eyes she looked at Wei Chi Li up and down and found that she was not injured, only then did she feel relieved.

“I told you to sleep but did not tell you to sleep outside. What to do if you caught a cold? Also, there is a lot of insects by the lake, are you not afraid of being bitten by insects?” Wei Chi Li said as she reached out to pinched Liu Luo Yi’s chin, taking a closer look.

Liu Luo Yi pry opens her hand and said uncomfortably: “I was afraid that if I sleep in the room, I will not see princess. So, I waited here for princess, but who knew that I would fall asleep.”

“Besides, my whole body has poison, so the insects have never been willing to bite.” Liu Luo Yi curled her lips slightly.

Wei Chi Li looked at her slight smile that was like a flower and blurted: “Even if you have poison, I am not afraid.”

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