Chapter 26: Wait On

Some people were so shameless. They obviously hated the other party but still wants to use them to achieve their goals.

Gu Lian’s guess was correct as the Gu family used her name to add a few people around Gu Zhi Dai: a slightly older wet nurse, 3 people who had given birth before, another person who had assisted in giving birth and had served a pregnant woman, and even a midwife was sent over. Clearly, they do not trust the other party’s servants. Not only they did not trust the people sent by Gu Zhi Dai’s mother-in-law, but they also did not even trust the midwife found by her.

This made the mother-in-law angry; would she actually attack her very own grandson? This was her eldest son’s first child! Whether it was a boy or girl, they were still her darling!

Gu Zhi Dai did not reject her family’s kindness at all, having no qualms as she accepted it. Her husband, Zhang Bo Kai did not say anything, but it was unknown if he were feeling annoyed in his heart.

Gu Zhi Dai was pregnant now and so she does not care about being estranged with her husband. She has an ‘exempt-from-death gold medal’ in her tummy and it was also her support. Once she gave birth to an eldest son, she could act like a tyrant in the Zhang family, just as she did in the Gu family.

However, she somewhat still has rationality as she does not know if the foetus was a girl or boy so, she does not dare to mess around. If she had offended her mother-in-law and at the same time, given birth to a daughter, she would have terrible days ahead.

After reading Mei Xiang’s letter, Gu Lian burned it to ashes calmly.

Gu Zhi Dai indeed has low EQ and was spoiled. When a woman was pregnant, men were most likely to cheat and she still dares to give a cold shoulder to her husband and was disrespectful towards her mother-in-law. If it was in modern times, it might be okay if she met a good husband and mother-in-law. But this was in ancient times and doing so would definitely lead to death.

But the letter had also stated another thing which Zhu Xiang did not even know.

Today, Mei Xiang delivered the letter directly to Gu Lian and so, Zhu Xiang did not have the chance to have a look first. “Miss, what has happened?” Zhu Xiang deliberate as she asked.

Gu Lian slightly furrowed her brows: “Grandmother is sick.”

After August and entering September, the weather has gotten colder. And because now it was late autumn, winter will begin in mid-September. Older people would have headaches and fever easily if they were not careful and will have rheumatism in their joints. Older people have many illnesses and due to the recent problem with Gu Zhi Dai, the old madam could not help but to think too much and her body could no longer handle it.

“The old madam is sick?” Zhu Xiang exclaimed. “Is it serious?”

Gu Lian shook her head: “It is not very serious; it is all old illnesses.”

It was not good for the elderly to think too much and if Gu Zhi Dai knew about it, would she have a little self-blame? Probably not, as that lady was too selfish and now, she could only see the child in her stomach. So, how would she have felt that her mother’s illnesses were caused by her.

It was reasonable to say that the old madam was not very old and was no more than 50years old. She was still considered as middle-aged in modern times. But people in ancient times grew old fast and has a short life. It was not good to gives birth too early as it hurts the body, and the medical conditions were not good. More importantly, Gu Zhi Dai was born to older parent and it hurts the body even more when giving birth at older age. It was after giving birth to Gu Zhi Dai, that the old madam’s health problem increases.

“Grandmother is sick, and I have to go home and wait on her.” Although Gu Zhi Mo wished that Gu Lian could always stay in the princess estate and improved her connections with the princess. But benevolence and filial piety comes first. So, no matter what, as she was related to the elder, so, as a junior, she would naturally have to go back to wait on her.

Gu Lian has the servants to pack her luggage and briefly clean up the place because she probably must return and stay there till the end of the year.

She had just understood Qiao Ming Yu’s feeling and she had to encounter such issues. She does not know if it was the god of destiny making fool of people or something. Thinking about what Qiao MingYu had said before Mid-Autumn Festival: ‘Allowed you to go back home to stay for a few days for Chinese New years but must live at the princess estate’. Gu Lian could not help but sigh, as this time she has let down the princess, causing the princess to lose her anticipation.

Originally, Qiao Ming Yu had planned to leave the palace and live with Gu Lian yet, in the end, she encountered such matter.

At first, Gu Lian was surprised as to why Qiao Ming Yu does not have to stay in the palace to wait on the emperor. But it was unexpected that Qiao MingYu had complained to her saying that those princes were rushing to wait on the emperor, wanting to leave a good impression. And even though they could not snatch the throne, it would be good to be sealed as a prefecture prince too. A lot of princes were still without titles and real power as they were purely a prince in name. When a new emperor ascended the throne, they might not be able to lead a good life.

The 3rd prince has always been kind and when he ascended, he would seal his brothers as prefecture prince or marquis and so they would have a better future. If other princes who were narrow-minded ascended the throne, they might have a hard time.

Hence, there was no place for Qiao Ming Yu. Every day, a group of princes would pretend to be filial sons in the emperor’s bedroom and to put it exaggeratedly, she could hardly squeeze into the room.

Gu Lian left a letter to Qiao Ming Yu, expressing her apologies and then took her servants back to Gu mansion.

After returning to the mansion, she greeted the old madam first. It just so happens that her parents were in the old madam’s room and to avoid it being troublesome, she greeted them as well.

The old madam has woken up from the coma and as if she has passed by the gate of hell, she started treating the younger generations with kind and pleasant countenance. After seeing the eldest granddaughter whom she had not seen for a long time and had also brought honour to the family, the old madam beckoned Gu Lian over.

In the past, she did not feel anything for this granddaughter and knew that her daughter-in-law had tortured her, yet she had never said anything to her, but Gu Lian had never complained before. Previously, it was due to the relationships with Gu Lian, her younger daughter’s affair went smoothly. Otherwise, Gu family would not dare to offend the Zhang family, let alone adding so many people into the house.

“Lian jie’er has been doing well in the princess estate?” The old madam looked at Gu Lian kindly and asked with concern.

Gu Lian was accustomed to the inferior nature of humanity. So, facing her grandmother whose attitude has changed drastically, she was neither surprised nor flattered. She smiled calmly and said in a friendly voice filled with concern and worries: “What will happen to this granddaughter? But as for you, grandmother, why did you not take good care of your body? When you are sick, father, mother and your granddaughters will be very worried. Looking at father’s prestige, grandmother, get well soon!”

The words made the old madam extremely calm in her heart. Although, she knew that this girl was probably just being polite, but so what? As long as it was pleasant to hear it, it was fine.

She pulled Gu Lian and said some confidential matters and even rewarded Gu Lian some jewellery, silks, and satins. The old madam felt tired and so Yin Shi instantly sent everyone out to let the old madam have a good rest.

Mei Xiang who always been steady at work yet has small flaws when it comes to behaviour, followed behind Gu Lian. She felt that it was extremely not worth it, but after being trained by the palace attendants sent from the princess estate, she had already learned not to reveal any expression on her face. So even though she disliked how the old madam’s action was too petty, she did not show it on her face. Her missy does not care about the set of jewellery, silks, and satins. The princess had given the young lady over a dozen satin, saying that it was to make winter clothes for the young lady.

After all, Qiao MingYu does not like to spent time on clothes and jewellery, and so Su Dan gave it all generously to Gu Lian.

Coming out of the room, Gu Zhi Mo glanced at Gu Lian and rewarded her with some items then left with his servant. Yin Shi’s smile was very fake, and her eyes were like daggers, cutting towards Gu Lian.

Her daughter had also stayed by the old madam’s side and waited on her, even had personally pour water, served tea but was not praised by the old madam. Gu Lian did not do anything, so why was she praised and even gotten rewards? There were many good things in the old madam’s warehouse that was rewarded by the emperor. Her daughter has never even seen it before!

When the immortals fight, the little ghost suffers. Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, other daughters quickly retreated as they do not dare to stay. Gu Lian was neither in the hurry nor slow when she retreated, not responding to Yin Shi’s callout as she turned and left.

Yin Shi was so angry that her nose crooked and coincidentally, Yu Lan rushed over to tell her that Mistress Li wants to eat peach blossom cake. Where can she find peach blossom in this season? Yin Shi vent her anger on Yu Lan and cursed Gu Lian and Mistress Li together. Yu Lan was angry and felt wronged but could not talk back to her master, so she could only endure it quietly.

She had obviously not done anything wrong, so why was she being scolded too!

“Okay, look at your appearance now.” Yin Shi snorted. “Thinking that it is not shameful enough and even started crying in the old madam’s courtyard? Wanting to curse the old madam so she will not get better, right?”

After saying that, she turned her head and left.

Yu Lan was so wronged but still had to wipe her tears and follow. Otherwise, if Yin Shi turned around and did not see her, she would get scolded again.

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  1. Imagine if that Yu Lan servant gets an offer to frame Yin Shi. What if Mistress Li notices the servant being bullied and decides to use her “you want revenge? Follow me.” I feel like that could totally happen 🙂


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