Chapter 90: Affectionate Words

That pair of almond eyes were full of sincerity.

Wei Chi Li does not know where to look and felt that wherever she looks would not feel quite right. She could only lower her head and said: “I’m not angry.”

“Then why won’t you talk to me?” Liu Luo Yi bit her lips slightly. With a look of loneliness, she suddenly jumped off from Wei Chi Li and ran towards the door. Wei Chi Li said ‘not good’ in her heart and maybe has made her annoyed, hence she quickly grabbed her hand and pull her back.

Liu Luo Yi did not manage to stop in time and sat on her lap again. Wei Chi Li smiled and hugged her waist: “Why are you running?”

“Princess has not eaten for so long and must be hungry. I’ll go to the kitchen to make some.” Liu Luo Yi held Wei Chi Li’s shoulders and said softly. She suddenly felt that Wei Chi Li’s gaze was as hot as fire and it made her a little uncomfortable.

Wei Chi Li moved her gaze to her neck, then her throat moved and nodded: “I am a little hungry.”

“Then, put me down.” Liu Luo Yi said as she sways her legs that were dangling.

Wei Chi Li closed her eyes. She was so cute that she wanted to swallow her up. Although she wanted to behave coldly, the corners of her lips could not stop rising. In the end, she simply wrapped Liu Luo Yi’s shoulders with one hand, and another hand under her knees, lifting her up.

“Princess!” Liu Luo Yi exclaimed and used some force to pinch Wei Chi Li.

“Let go first.” Wei Chi Li said.

“You let go first.” Liu Luo Yi glared at her.

Wei Chi Li ignore what she said and did not care whether it hurts or not, as she stood up, princess-carried her and walked to the bed. Liu Luo Yi quickly looked out the window and said angrily: “Careful, someone might see!”

“Then let them see. If it weren’t because you were afraid, I would have gone to the city gate now and announce that I, Wei Chi Li, will marry Liu Luo Yi.” Wei Chi Li smiled and lowered her head to look at Liu Luo Yi’s eyes.

When Liu Luo Yi heard this, she quickly buried her head in Wei Chi Li’s chest, not daring to look at her again.

“What’s more, you took the initiative, so why did you not expect to be seen, or are you afraid of something else?” Wei Chi Li smiled meaningfully.

Liu Luo Yi said nothing.

Wei Chi Li strode to the edge of the bed and tested the bed using her knees. The bed was soft, and only then was she relieved as she let go and threw Liu Luo Yi onto the bed.

Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes wide and looked at Wei Chi Li in surprise. Her hair was messed up behind her, and her face was red. When she was lying down, she was extremely attractive as her clothes were dangling under her body, showing the curvaceous body outline, with a pair of long legs curled slightly. Wei Chi Li could not help blushing, and looked away/

She was able to feel the burning sensation, so she quickly picked up the quilt next to her, raised her hands and covered Liu Luo Yi completely from head to toes and only then did she heaved a sigh of relief and nodded in satisfaction.

“You must be hungry too. Wait here.” After saying that, Wei Chi Li left the room alone.

The Northern Territory palace were built in an incredibly special style. Many walls were hung with things like colourful sachets. They looked dazzling and it did not take long for one to get lost.

On the road, she ran into some graceful women with beautiful crowns. Their first reaction upon seeing Wei Chi Li was stunned and then bent abruptly to greet her. They trembled and several of them dropped their crowns in fright.

While Wei Chi Li felt complacent about having a high status, she also felt a moment of gloominess. It seems like the original owner’s temper while in the Northern Territory was not particularly good. As expected, being able to beat her sister to pulp must have a certain degree of deterrence.

She asked one of the more courageous women to take her to the kitchen. The woman responded obediently and led the way. While memorising the path, Wei Chi Li asked unconsciously: “Why are you all so scared?”

When that woman heard this, she knelt in fright. She trembled as she said: “2nd princess has think too much. We are just respecting you.”

Seeing that with just 1 phrase, she could frighten people to this extend, Wei Chi Li quickly supported her up and put on the gentlest smile, gestured ahead and said politely: “I did not blame you. Let us go.”

Only then did the woman dared to continue to led the way tremblingly. After entering the kitchen, Wei Chi Li opened some baskets casually, wanting to see what was in them. But frightened the men who were washing vegetables inside.

“2nd, 2nd princess is back. Greeting to 2nd princess. What do you want to eat, we will make it right away!” One of them carefully said with an apologetic smile and bowed towards Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li was not used to the feeling of being high and mighty, so she simply told them to go out and rest. When they were all gone, only then did she felt more comfortable and began to fidget with the ingredients. This place was different from Yan country as it was mostly beef and muttons on the dining table. She looked at it and decided to try making meat skewers. She could finally cook personally, so she must make something that Liu Luo Yi has not eaten before so to let her try something new and fresh.

She cut the lamb swiftly, prepared the basic seasonings, and dug out a bag of charcoal in the corner and realised that there was no barbeque pit. She simply picks up an iron pot, uses internal force to fold it then bend it into a long strip.

She sighed again. Internal force was too practical.

It was just that she could not find skewers for the meat. But she gave an order to those people whom she have gotten rid of, to have them immediately scattered and began to look for them. After a short while, they took back a handful of bamboo sticks and gracefully presented them to Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li thanked them, took it happily and asked: “You are very fast. Where did you get it?”

That man also said it excitedly: “Replying to princess, it is the king’s bamboo slips and it was split it into such pieces.”

Wei Chi Liu almost threw the bamboo skewers away and her voice changed in horror: “What? These came from Royal Father?”

“When we went out just now and happened to come across His Majesty. His Majesty asked why we were not doing our errands properly and so, we said that 2nd princess is looking for long needles made of bamboo. The King then took the bamboo slips from the study and let us split it for use.”

The Northern Territory King really loves his daughter so much that even when his daughter had made such a huge mistake, he did not even mention a word. Wei Chi Li sighed and continued to make her mutton skewers. After a short while, the room was filled with aroma as the muttons sizzled on the charcoal fire, making Wei Chi Li salivate.

“Do you all want to taste it?” Wei Chi Li picked up a bunch and handed it to the cooks. They waved their hands in fright but could not stop Wei Chi Li’s persistence as she forced them to eat, only then did they take a bite.

“How is it?” Wei Chi Li looked forward to their responses.

The group nodded quickly and only then was Wei Chi Li happy. She continued to roast the rest profusely, put it on a delicate white jade plate and carefully carried it out as if she were holding some treasure.

After Wei Chi Li’s figure has disappeared completely, only then did those people gathered, clutching their chest and said: “When did 2nd princess learn this craft? And what is the name of that, meat skewers? It is really novel.”

“What I am more curious about is, who did the 2nd princess made it for, is it for His Majesty?”

Others agreed. After all, apart from the king, how could their fearless 2nd princess cook for others?

“In fact, it seems that the 2nd princess is not so fierce.” One person whispered.

Wei Chi Li walked into the room with the plate of lamb skewers, gently placed it on the table and lifted the quilt. Liu Luo Yi had already fallen asleep and was sleeping soundly, with her cherry mouth slightly open, and her cheeks flushed.

Wei Chi Li was so amused by her that she could neither laugh nor cry. She had covered her completely with the quilt, and she fell asleep just like this. Was she not afraid of suffocating herself?

“Little Liu’er, eat first before sleeping.” Wei Chi Li reached out 2 fingers to pinch Liu Luo Yi’s mouth.

Liu Luo Yi backhanded and punched her, causing her to take several steps back, then turned around and continued dreaming. Wei Chi Li feeling very helpless, rubbed her own arm with a smile and pulled her up.

Only then did Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes and looked at Wei Chi Li in confusion, then leaned on her softly with a very sleepy look. Wei Chi Li reached out to lift the quilt and said: “I cook it personally, if you do not want to try it, I will ask Xin Ran to eat it. Making this has shock half of the palace and they are the only ones in the world.

Liu Luo Yi immediately opened her eyes, rolled over, and got out of the bed.

Wei Chi Li picked the biggest one and handed it to Liu Luo Yi: “Here, try it and tell me if it is good or not.”

With a look of surprise, Liu Luo Yi took the meat skewer and hesitated. After which, did she take a bite then nodded her head vigorously. She had never eaten such a taste before and so felt that it was unbelievably delicious.

Although she was hungry for so long, Liu Luo Yi’s movement was still very refined and after eating for a long time, there was no oil on her mouth.

However, Wei Chi Li still reached out to help her wipe, then said softly: “About us, if you are not ready, I will not tell my father first.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded silently. She looked at Wei Chi Li with apologetic eyes, but Wei Chi Li smiled slightly and reached out to hand her another skewer: “It’s okay as long as Little Liu’er is happy. Anyway, I am yours sooner or later.”

Liu Luo Yi blushed immediately when she heard this and the corners of her lips could not help but rise, her smile was extremely sweet.

She looked at Wei Chi Li and there seemed to be something overflowing in her heart. Wei Chi Li’s words seemed to have magical powers, making her could not help but want to smile, could not help being really happy yet shy.

She said that she will be hers sooner or later.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly put down the meat skewer and pounced into Wei Chi Li’s arms, to cover the redness on her face. Wei Chi Li hugged her amusedly. The body in her arms was as soft as ever, making her addicted to her hug.

“Now this country belongs to my family, and what I said before is still counted. You can be as wilful as you want, and you can have what you want. Anyway, with me here, I want you to smile all the time.” Wei Chi Li closed her eyes and felt Liu Luo Yi’s warmth.

Liu Luo Yi was about to shed tears again. She tried hard to endure and nodded desperately.

At the same time, the Northern Territory King was standing at the courtyard gate, with a hand reached out, hesitating whether he should knock on the door or not. Just now, he went back to the palace to rest after urgently dealing with the border war and heard that Wei Chi Li had cook personally. So, he wondered if she had been in the Yan country for a long time and the Northern Territory dishes were not suitable for her taste. He was so at loss that he has pulled off several hairs from this beard.

His precious and pampered daughter lived in that broken country for a period and could even cook food now. How much grievance has she gone through! The more he thought about it, the more heartache he felt, yet he refused to take the initiative to speak with Wei Chi Li.

After thinking about it for a long time, he reached out to knocked on the door. It just happened that someone passed by and called out the king respectfully, and the voice reached the ears of the 2 in the room. Before Wei Chi Li could react, Liu Luo Yi pushed her away in fright.

She was thinking about something restlessly, and behind was a chair. When she did not pay attention, she fell on her back, with her limps reached out to the sky and her buttocks hurt.

She sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Liu Luo Yi with pain.

Exactly at this moment, the Northern Territory King pushed opened the courtyard door and because the door to the room was not closed, he saw this scene and took a step back in fright.

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