Chapter 89: Fascinated

She could not help opening her arms and clung to Wei Chi Li’s shoulders. Wei Chi Li reached out to hug her slender waist in arms. The originally soft body seemed to be even more like water. Wei Chi Li was holding her waist with her hands and could not help smiling.

When Liu Luo Yi saw her smile, she was feeling even more shy. She buried her face in Wei Chi Li’s neck and felt the hot temperature of her own body.

Her thoughts were in a mess and does not know what to do or say. She only knows that now, when she looked at Wei Chi Li, her heart was full of the kiss from her just now. The feeling that she has never experienced before was like dizzy like a drunkard.

Perhaps, because the person who kissed her was Wei Chi Li.

Her embrace, her lips, everything about her made her indulged in it. As long as she got close to her, her fear, pretence would all disappear.

“Little Liu’er, you must never leave me.” Wei Chi Li suddenly said. Maybe because she had kissed deeply just now, her voice now has a intoxicating magnetism. After saying this, it makes people want to inexplicably cry.

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes were red again. She stubbornly nuzzled her tears on Wei Chi Li’s clothes, then whispered softly: “Is princess really so afraid?”

Wei Chi Li nodded without saying anything. When she realised that she might lose Liu Luo Yi, that kind of huge panic made it unforgettable for so long. Before that, she had almost never thought about what she would do if Liu Luo Yi were no longer here.

It maybe because Liu Luo Yi showed her love for her so vividly that she feels at ease, like a spoiled child who would not worry about not having sweets to eat.

When she was treading on the ground looking for Liu Luo Yi’s traces, she realised that this world was slowly moving away from her. Most of her sense of reality and belonging here comes mostly from Liu Luo Yi.

Fortunately, her world was back.

The morning breeze blows, and the leaves and grass sway slightly. On one side was a bloody battlefield, and on the other side was a grassland embellished with flowers. From a distance, it looks as if the green grass was covered with dots of snow, swaying gracefully from the wind. The 2 of them stood there, hugging tightly and behind them was the endless grassland.

The war here has stopped, as the Yan Country’s reinforcement was no match and has temporarily retreated along the forest. They came fast and left just as fast as if to probe and gave a blow then fled in a hurry. The soldiers were cleaning the battlefield, and the Northern Territory King stood in the morning breeze, squinting his eyes to see the huge half-rising round sun.

 It was a scenery unique to the Northern Territory. Magnificent and broad.

“Where is Li’er?” The Northern Territory King retracted his gaze, furrowed his brow. When he was serious, he looked very majestic.

“Replying to royal father, Wei Chi Li, she……” Although Wei Chi Die often called the Northern Territory King as an ‘old man’, she was still very respectful to him on the surface. She raised her head to looked around and saw 2 small dots in a distance hugging each other.

“She…. she, needs to go to the toilet badly. Wei Chi Die held back for a long time, then finally gritted her teeth, and said it.

“Oh.” The Northern territory King nodded suspiciously, but then immediately worried again and ordered the people beside him: “This place is not safe. You all go and find princess.”

Upon hearing this, Wei Chi Die quickly reached out her hands to stop them and tried her best to smile: “Royal father, this, after all, Wei Chi Li is a woman, and they are all men, it is not appropriate. Let us just wait here, she will be here in a while.”

The Northern Territory King glanced at Wei Chi Die, then nodded. As if he suddenly remembered something, he asked: “Die’er, were you injured?”

“No. Royal father, thank you for your concern.” Wei Chi Die lowered her gaze, but there was a burst of sorrow in her heart. She does not know if she should be happy or sad. She stood there for so long yet could not measure up one kick from Wei Chi Li.

The Northern Territory king gave an ‘en’ response, and did not speak any more, but talked with a few trusted old friends.

Although Wei Chi Li was reluctant to let go of Liu Luo Yi, she still let go after considering the situation. The 2 totters towards the large group. The blush on Liu Luo Yi’s face has yet to disappear, making her look no longer so cold.

The more Wei Chi Li thought about it, the happier she was, after which the smile on her face never faded.

As she walked, she ran into the Northern Territory king’s gaze head-on, and she realised a serious problem. How should she deal with this royal father? It was just that it was too late to escape at this time, and the Northern Territory King spoke first. There was no expression, and his beard looked a little scary.

“Where did you go?” He asked.

Wei Chi Li froze in place, she looked to Wei Chi Die for help. Only then did Wei Chi Die at the back imitate rampantly like she needed to go to the toilet badly, clutching her abdomen with pain on her face.

Seeing this, An Ge could not help covering her eyes.

“Stomach-ache.” Wei Chi Die affirmed.

When the Northern Territory King heard this, he has a surprised look. He nodded and looked at Liu Luo Yi who was at the side and using the expression in his eyes to motion her to speak.

“She is Liu Luo Yi, my….” Before Wei Chi Li could finish speaking, Liu Luo Yi pounced forward and covered her mouth. She used so much strength that she almost pushed Wei Chi Li to the ground.

“This one is princess’ friend. Greeting to the Northern Territory King.” Liu Luo Yi rushed to say first. She lowered her head, not daring to look at the Northern Territory King’s eyes anymore.

“Wuwuwu…” Wei Chi Li tried to pry off Liu Luo Yi’s hand but was afraid of hurting her, so she could only struggle weakly.

The Northern Territory King looked at Liu Luo Yi and at Wei Chi Li again, feeling that something was strange, but did not think too much about it. He simply nodded, turned, and walked towards a horse with shiny furs.

The atmosphere at the scene was extremely embarrassing. The Northern Territory King was sensitive to other’s feelings, and because he was angry in his heart, he refused to take the initiative to talk anymore with Wei Chi Li, especially after the incident in the dense forest.

Wei Chi Li did not say anything too. After she was stopped by an agitated Liu Luo Yi, she calmed down, and knows that she was reckless. In addition, she has a stomach full of the situation she wants to talk about and asked but was afraid that what she said will expose the fact that she was not the original owner, and there will be trouble at that time.

Therefore, she can only shut her mouth and look for opportunities to consider her words and phrases.

The reinforcement cleans the battlefield and stations here. Another group of soldiers escorted them on the road. A few people rode side by side, and the atmosphere was very strange. Wei Chi Li rode her horse and led Liu Luo Yi’s horse, silent all the way.

Liu Luo Yi wanted to speak several times, but because the Northern Territory king was in front, she does not dare to say anything.

On the Northern Territory King’s side, he was feeling even more at loss. He thought that after his daughter had suffered a lot after heading out, she could apologise to him. And as long as she admitted her mistake and her attitude was better, he will forgive her without hesitation. In the end, not only did she not repent, but she was also so indifferent towards him.

He felt very aggrieved.

While Wei Chi Li was in a state of confusion. On one hand, she finally mustered the courage to want to talk about her relationship with Liu Luo Yi but failed to do so, making it even more difficult to do so afterwards. On the other hand, she does not know how to face this original owner’s royal father. She does not have any family affection towards him and was both afraid of being exposed and talk about the war, she feels a little setback and worried.

  Anyway, the group of people have their own thoughts, and only Xin Ran alone was looking silly and happy at the familiar hometown scenery.

They rushed for a whole day before they reached the capital of the Northern Territory. This place was called Er Gu, which means eternity. This is what Wei Chi Li had asked Xin Ran about. She was afraid that if she were unfamiliar with the Northern Territory, she would definitely be suspected.

Er Gu was located on a highland, and one can see the prosperous city from far away and was not inferior in any aspect compared to Yan Country. Upon entering the city, there were high stone platforms on both sides with guards on them. Upon seeing the Northern Territory King, they quickly put their hands on their chest to salute.

There was joy and laughter in the city. Although the road was relatively narrow, it was crowded with people. Most of them were dressed completely different from Yan country, especially the women who revealed their arms and ankles. Looking around, there was a crowd of women chatting happily and the men here were also stronger than the men from central plains. Most of them have tanned skins and handsome faces.

Wei Chi Li had never seen such a scene before, so she looked around with a novel look on her face.

“You have not returned to the Northern Territory for so long, so you must be unfamiliar with this place. Ai, this is my favourite tavern, but now it has been changed to a musical instrument shop, ai.” Wei Chi Die sighed regretfully, seeming to reminisce something.

The Northern Territory turned to glance at her, and Wei Chi Die straightened her body immediately, not daring to say anything. But after the Northern Territory King turned his head, she makes a face at his back.

When the people on the road saw the Northern Territory King, they bent to salute, smiled, and said something. But miraculously, Wei Chi Li was able to understand it. It was an ancient language in the Northern Territory, meaning blessing.

“Look, that’s the 2nd princess! The 2nd princess is back!” Someone in the crowd said and it immediately attracted many gazes. Wei Chi Li was a little overwhelmed by them and could only smile back.

Compared to the respect for the Northern Territory King, the respect for her was much lesser. Wei Chi Li understood that everything the original owner had done before was not worthy of a crown princess status.

She coughed, blushed, and went forward.

The palace was deep within the city. Because the Northern Territory King was too anxious to deal with political affairs, he did not bother with Wei Chi Li and the others as he hurried away with a group of people. This time, Wei Chi Li do not have any more chance to speak, she even secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Because she was too tired along the way, she hardly looks at the royal palace, and was led to a room in a daze by Xin Ran. The display in the room was remarkably interesting. On one side was full of war materials and on the other side was exquisite women’s vanity which was clean and spotless.

Wei Chi Li walked over slowly and reached out to open the box. There were many rouge gouaches, and it was all brand new. She opened and smelled it, it was very fragrant, like the smell of the flowers on the grassland.

She was absentminded. As if she saw a father who had lost his daughter, cleaning his daughter’s room day after day and replaced the latest girl’s stuff and the weapons on the other side was already covered in dust.

Thinking of this, her chest tightened. She sat down in front of the vanity and stared at herself in the mirror blankly. A figure walked silently behind her, did not speak and Wei Chi Li did not speak either.

A soft finger poked her back, and Wei Chi Li shuffled to one side.

The finger poked again, but this time Wei Chi Li did not move, she wanted to see what Liu Luo Yi would do.

“Princess, I’m just afraid that the knot between you and the Northern Territory King has not been unravelled. Moreover, a war is going on and if you let him know now when facing such a major event, there will be more conflict. And I’m really afraid that the Northern Territory King will not agree to it.” Liu Luo Yi said softly as she grabbed the corner of Wei Chi Li’s clothes and sway it gently.

It seemed that she thought that she was angry with her. Wei Chi Li snickered in her heart. Liu Luo Yi was sure that she would take this bait, but she still pretended to be angry and ignored her.

Liu Luo Yi began to panic when she saw that Wei Chi Li was still expressionless. Feeling at loss, she clutched the corners of Wei Chi Li’s clothes, wondering what to do.

She does not know why, when facing her own father, she had endless courage to face this fact, but when the object became Wei Chi Li’s royal father, she became scared. After all, he was the Northern Territory king and if he insisted on disapproving like her father, what should she do?

She could not watch as Wei Chi Li have a conflict with her royal father again because of her.

Anyway, it was because of all these things that she stopped Wei Chi Li but did not expect that because of this, Wei Chi Li would be angry. And it was the first time that she was angry with her for so long.

“I was wrong…. Princess.” Liu Luo Yi let go and went round and in front of Wei Chi Li, trying to get Wei Chi Li to look at her, but failed.

She bit her lip, steel her heart, and sat directly onto Wei Chi Li’s lap. The light and soft body suddenly fell into her body making Wei Chi Li unable to react on time. She opened her eyes wide to look at Liu Luo Yi who was in her arms.

The closer she was, the more she felt that Liu Luo Yi’s beauty was heart-stirring. Wei Chi Li’s heart has long become a pool of water that she did not have the time to be angry.

Liu Luo Yi sat on her lap, her face flushed with embarrassment, but still look stubbornly at her. She placed her hands on her shoulders, and sway them gently, trying to coax her.

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