Chapter 84: Passionate

Wei Chi Li did not sleep for long. When she woke up, the sun was shining on her face through the window. She covered her eyes with 1 hand to prevent the sun from blinding.

Wei Chi Li got up in a daze, only to see Liu Luo Yi has woke up at some point and was sitting right on the edge of the bed, with her slender hand reached out to help block the sun for her, while she was gazing to the front, thinking about something.

“When did you wake up?” Wei Chi Li yawned, “Why don’t you sleep a little more after rushing for a whole night?”

“I just had a dream, so I can’t sleep anymore.” Liu Luo Yi’s smile was a little strained.  “Does princess want to rest for a while more?”

Wei Chi Li shook her head and massage her shoulder, letting herself to relax a little, then turned over and freshen up. After prepping herself, she went out to find Wei Chi Die and the others.

Wei Chi Die and An Ge have also finished their preparation. Everyone knows that they cannot stay here for long. So, after taking a short rest, they have to continue on their way.

Wei Chi Li and Xin Ran wandered around the town for a while. They bought 2 horses and a carriage so the group could travel more comfortably. Within a few moments, they have driven out of the town and was heading towards the north with haste. Those soldiers did not catch up, but they did not dare to slack off, and concentrated on moving forward.

They have driven on the road for 2 days, pulling a long distance from the capital. The originally flat main road has been replaced by dirt road and when they travel along the road, the sandy dirt flew. There were lesser people on the road and even the trees were gradually decreasing.

Wei Chi Li noticed that even if they could pass through some villages, all of them were extremely poor. It was obviously autumn, but there was no sign of a good harvest in the crop field. And there were only some yellow-skinned and frail old men and women working in the field, while young and middle-aged people were exceedingly rare.

“Sister, wasn’t it said that Yan Country is strong, and the state is prosperous and peaceful? From the look of this, it does not look like it is prosperous and peaceful.” Wei Chi Li raised the curtain and looked out. After a short while, she was blinded by the sand and was forced to retract her gaze. Then pestered Liu Luo Yi to remove the grit for her.

Wei Chi Die glanced at her contemptuously and said: “This was the case when I came to Yan Country. Perhaps it was the drought this year, so the nearer to the northern border, the more barren the land?”

“But that shouldn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any labourers at all….” Wei Chi Li mumbled as she comfortably enjoys the breath exhaled by Liu Luo Yi.

“Don’t move.” Liu Luo Yi said calmly. Wei Chi Li stiffened her body, and it took a while to take out the grit from her eye.

“A few years ago, I heard from father that the imperial court suddenly decided to expand the army and at the same time, the young and capable are recruited to go to the border to be a labourer. Because Yan Country is at the centre and there are many neighbouring countries around it and though they are not strong, but they could not be underestimated. Yan Country may be big, but it has existed for a hundred years, therefore many things remained unchanged, and it gradually decline.” Liu Luo Yi said as she handed the handkerchief to Wei Chi Li.

Deep in thought, Wei Chi Li nodded. This means that there was a reason why the emperor was so afraid of the Northern territory. It seems that he himself was the same as his country, looked magnificent, but in fact, it was all gold and jade on the outside, decaying on the inside.

The several villages they have passed through, all have the same condition. Only when the sky was about to get dark when they reach a small city. Because they were too tired, they did not even read the name of the city and directly went in.

Because they had already escaped from the capital for 2 days, the emperor might have sent people to rush all over the country to put up portraits of them. And so, Wei Chi Li was afraid of being recognised by others, she each gave Wei Chi Die and Liu Luo Yi a veil that was bought in the previous town to cover their face.

At any rate, it was a city, which looks much better than the previous towns and villages. Not only are there real inns with neatly furnished rooms, but they are also clean and tidy.

Just as Wei Chi Li was about to talk to Liu Luo Yi, she saw Liu Luo Yi entering the room alone and closed the door. What she wanted to say was all stuck in her throat, and in the end, having no choice but to shut her mouth, she entered her room, feeling depressed.

As soon as she wanted to lie down, she heard a knock on the door. Wei Chi Li stepped forward to open the door, but her hand stopped in mid-air. She touched the veil on her face, and only then did she open the door.

“What’s the matter?” She asked coldly.

At the door was the innkeeper who had just received them. He was smiling gently as he brought up a bucket of water, and said: “Just prepared hot water, guest please enjoy.”

Wei Chi Li glanced at it and wanted to close the door after receiving the bucket. Unexpectedly, the innkeeper did not let go, but stared at Wei Chi Li’s veiled face and said: “Does guest want to test the temperature of the water? If it is hot, this little one will go and change it.”

When he said that, he suddenly staggered and the bucket tilt towards Wei Chi Li. With a quick of an eye and deft of hand, Wei Chi Li took a step back, and uses her knee to stabilise the bucket and held the bucket steadily without spilling a drop of water.

“Innkeeper is polite. It is not hot.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile, then snatch the bucket over and slammed the door.

The innkeeper at the door hesitated for a while, then went downstairs. Wei Chi Li knew that he will still come back, hence she quickly took her luggage and went to Wei Chi Die’s door, knocked 3times softly, then pressed against the door and said: “The situation is not good. Leave through the window immediately.”

She went through this process at An Ge and Xin Ran’s door one by one, then pushed open Liu Luo Yi’s door directly and went in.

Liu Luo Yi, who was changing clothes, was startled, and almost screamed. Wei Chi Li stepped forward to cover her mouth and said in her ear: “Someone has suspected us. This inn is unusual, come with me.”

Liu Luo Yi, still badly shaken, nodded. Only then did Wei Chi Li let go of her. Her gaze rested on her shoulders, then took off her coat and wrapped it around her body. She embraced her waist, flipped out of the window, and landed steadily on the ground.

It was late, and the small city was not as brightly lit as the capital, so it was dark and everyone seemed to have fallen asleep.

“What’s happened?” Wei Chi Die who had just jumped out from another window, whispered.

“The innkeeper has suspected us. He should have gotten news about us and wanted to have a look at my appearance. But fortunately, he failed. Seemed like we can only take turn to spend the night in the carriage.” Wei Chi Li shook her head, held Liu Luo Yi’s hand and ran towards the carriage. Wei Chi Die wailed silently and followed behind.

Hence, the carriage went out of the city gate again, as it creaks on the empty road.

“An Ge, it has been a long time since you had a rest. Get down here!” Wei Chi Die stand beside An Ge who was driving the carriage and reached out to pull her hair.

An Ge did not seem to feel the pain as she drives the carriage calmly while saying: “How can this subordinate let princess drive the carriage? It is errant.”

Wei Chi Die was so angry that she kicked her. She said with her hands on her hips: “You had me taking care of you the other day. Isn’t that errant too?”

“Princess is sympathetic to this subordinate. This subordinate is grateful.” An Ge said emotionlessly.

Wei Chi Die raised her fist and almost hit her but upon seeing the wound on An Ge’s head that has not healed yet, she retracted her fist: “What a good subordinate. Believe it or not, I will send you to the army and chase you out to the border, never allowing you to go back to the palace again?”

Hearing this, An Ge’s eyes darkened and did not say anything.

“This subordinate worry for princess. Princess is so noble and driving a carriage, this….”

“You still know that I am a princess?” Wei Chi Die raised her eyebrows and squatted down to look at An Ge, her tone became cold. Although Wei Chi Die has always been unforgiving when talking, she rarely gets angry. An Ge clearly understood that once she speaks in this tone, this means that she was really angry.

An Ge immediately became a little flustered. She pursed her lips and said in a quiet voice: “This subordinate knows her mistake.”

Wei Chi Die was about to talk when suddenly, something rushed out of the dark road in front of them. The horse was spooked, and went out of control, the carriage also shook violently. Wei Chi Die who was squatting and did not stand firmly was shaken by this movement and almost flung out.

With a quick of an eye, deft o hand, An Ge quickly hugged her waist with 1 hand and held the rein with another. Wei Chi Li who had been watching the show could not bear it anymore and rushed up to drive the carriage.

And at this moment, Wei Chi Die was half-sitting on An Ge’s lap, and holding onto An Ge’s shoulder with both hands. An Ge’s hand was still on her waist, embracing her firmly in her arms. Both of them were stunned.

Wei Chi Li tried her best to hold back from laughing and resists turning her head to look, then pretended to be a transparent person.

Wei Chi Die’s eyes widened and bit her lips. She reached out her hand abruptly to pushed An Ge away, then stood up by supporting herself against the carriage door and let the cool night breeze clear her head. She secretly put her hand on her heart. This time she could tell that it was her heart beating fast.

An Ge put her hands down and rubbed her palms together. Wei Chi Die’s waist temperature seems to remained on her hands. When that slender, delicate, and beautiful waist twists, it was like a water snake, charming and seductive.

She closed her eyes and controlled her thoughts.

Wei Chi Li coughed and said: “An Ge, you drive first. We will discuss countermeasures and come back to take over later, okay?”

An Ge nodded repeatedly.

Wei Chi Li jumped directly onto the carriage seat and then giggled. Stifling her laughter till it was red. Liu Luo Yi glanced at her indifferently and said nothing.

“Little Liu’er, can you be, a little bit more, passionate?” When Wei Chi Li stopped laughing, she leaned forward with a flushed face and cling onto Liu Luo Yi’s body.

Liu Luo Yi curled her lips slightly, lowered her eyes and said: “What’s the matter?”

Wei Chi Li thought for a while, then wrapped her hands around Liu Luo Yi’s waist, then leaned her face on her chest and began to sway.

Xin Ran who was pretending to sleep: ……

“What is princess doing?” Liu Luo Yi does not know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at Wei Chi Li in surprise.

Wei Chi Li’s face was redder. Does she have to say it directly that she wants to see her acting coquettishly towards her? It was too embarrassing.

Wei Chi Li simply embraced Liu Luo Yi’s waist and refused to let go. She recalled the coquettish action done by other girls and said: “Little Liu’er, why have you been so cold these days….”

Liu Luo Yi blushed. She looked at Xin Ran and realised that Xin Ran’s eyes were still closed, and it seems like the 2 people outside would not notice the situation inside for a while. Only then did she felt more relaxed as she reached out to poke Wei Chi Li, saying helplessly: “Princess, stop messing around.”

At this time, the carriage shook, and Xin Ran’s head slammed on the carriage. A ‘thump’ could be heard, and Xin Ran’s eyes twitched but still did not move.

Wei Chi Li was also taken aback and subconsciously wanted to sit up. But seeing that Xin Ran was not awake, she was not afraid of being embarrassed and hugged Liu Luo Yi tighter.

Xin Ran’s mouth began to tremble. She was holding back with a lot of difficulty, but if she would to ‘wake up’ now, and saw her princess’s action, she might be silenced.

At this time, there was a voice coming from outside and the carriage stopped abruptly. Wei Chi Li immediately changed her expression and her pretentious delicate appearance disappeared instantly. She stood up abruptly, protect Liu Luo Yi behind her and shouted: “Who?”

“Who is on the carriage? Come down!”

Wei Chi Li secretly looked out the window, frowning slightly and whispered: “It’s a few soldiers.”

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