Chapter 7: Counterattack

Liu Luo Yi did not say a single word and simply stood there, stupefied.

“Pour another cup.” Lu Yun Kui said.

Liu Luo Yi did not wipe the water off her face as she walked towards the teapot and poured another cup, and then walked to Lu Yun Kui’s side.

Just as Lu Yun Kui was about to take the teacup from her, Liu Luo Yi suddenly stepped back, raised her arm, and splashed the water onto Lu Yun Kui’s face.

Lu Yun Kui never expected that Liu Luo Yi would have the guts and was stunned on the spot, forgetting to wipe off the tea leaves on his face.

Upon seeing this, Wei Chi Li who was at the side, nearly choked on the pastry.

This was completely opposite of the female lead who had resigned herself to adversity in the novel.

Wei Chi Li took another sip of tea to swallow the pastry in her mouth and then looked at Liu Luo Yu. With this move, Wei Chi Li has a whole new level of respect for her.

It was too gratifying; she could not wait to jump up and shout ‘Good Job’!

Liu Luo Yi placed her hand behind her back and looked at Lu Yun Kui directly without retreating.

However, Wei Chi Li saw her hands were trembling slightly behind her back.

When has Lu Yun Kui suffered such humiliation? Moreover, it was in front 2 of his women. Within seconds, he was furious and suddenly grabbed Liu Luo Yi soft and tender neck, raising his hand wanting to hit her.

Liu Luo Yi did not hide and simply closed her eyes.

Seeing this, Wei Chi Li immediately threw away her half-eaten pastry. Within that imminent peril, she rushed forward and held Lu Yun Kui’s hand firmly.

Liu Luo Yi only felt a sudden strong wind beside her ear, but the expected pain did not arrive and there was a familiar grass fragrance beside her.

She was a little surprised and as she slowly opened her eyes, she was also stunned. She does not know when did Wei Chi Li stood in front of her with one hand holding Lu Yun Kui’s wrist and another hand holding her waist lightly.

The hand at her waist was soft yet strong.

Somehow, she felt her cheek feeling a little hot.

“Wei Chi Li, what are you doing?” Lu Yun Kui frowned. He tried to break away from her hand but realized that Wei Chi Li’s grab was so strong that no matter what, he could not break free.

“If you hit someone at every turn and even wanting to hit a servant, are you not afraid that if this were to spread out, you would be laughed at?” Wei Chi Li said as she raised her eyebrows.

Lu Yun Kui then used all his strength to break free. Unexpectedly, Wei Chi Li let go of his hand at his time and as he staggered, he tripped over the corner of the table leg and fell onto the chair, looking extremely embarrassing.

When has Lu Yun Kui lose his face? He stood up as he flies into a rage and said: “I am disciplining my servant and as my wife, mind your own affairs!”

Wei Chi Li looked around innocently and said with a smile: “Husband, calm down, since it is a servant of Lu Mansion, naturally, that is my affairs.”

Lu Yun Kui choked on the spot and his face was flushed with anger but do not know what to say.

As a revengeful person, he could not simply swallow this resentment. Wei Chi Li still has value, so he do not dare to be hasty and could only attack Liu Luo Yi.

Lu Yun Kui stood up straight and forcibly calmed himself down as he smoothed the wrinkles on his clothes gracefully and squeezed out a smile: “Ok, since wife wants to be impartial, then as a small servant who dares to go against her superior, she should be punished with a staff! In accordance with our laws and regulation, the master has the right to punish the servant who harms their master.”

“Someone come, drag her out, 20 strikes!”

When Liu Luo Yi heard this, her heart sank fiercely. She was hothouse and well-taken cared of since young. With these 20 strikes, she feared this life would be lost.

Moreover, she was afraid of pain.

She clenched both her hands, holding back her tears stubbornly.

It would be fine if she died like this, and although it would probably be a little painful, she should be able endured it, Liu Luo Yi thought about it secretly.

From outside came some pageboys, they reached out to grab Liu Luo Yi. How could Wei Chi Li let this happen? She pulled Liu Luo Yi behind her and said with a stern voice: “I want to see who dares to touch her!”

The few page boys were taken aback and stood on the spot. They could neither move nor go, simply trapped between the 2 masters.

Liu Luo Yi stared blankly at Wei Chi Li’s back. Her back was slender yet tall and straight, it seems, to be very safe.

She does not know why she had this sudden misconception. However, Wei Chi Li had helped her again and again and for what?

She could not figure it out.

“Li’er, are you insisting on opposing me? Lu Yun Kui’s face darkened.

“How could it be opposing? The laws and regulations states that one cannot abuse lynching. There is a huge difference between punishment and corporal punishment. I do not wish that husband would be affected due to this matter. After all, it will soon be a period of honing that happens once every 3years. If there were any slanderous gossip spreading around, the one that will suffer will be husband.”

Wei Chi Li said with a smile.

She felt that she was rather good. She had only been to this ancient time for a few days and had already learned all these twists and turns completely.

Although Lu Yun Kui was 100% a vile person, he was still clever and could naturally read the threatening meaning in Wei Chi Li’s word. He nodded his head heavily and showed the usual smile: “Ok, I was reckless, Li’er is still thoughtful.”

“You all leave.” He said as he gritted his teeth while smiling.

A group of page boys turned around and leave the room in a daze.

Only then did Wei Chi Li felt relieved. Although letting Liu Luo Yi to be punished would not affect the male and female lead’s relationship. She could not bear to see this beauty getting tortured.

But now, she could only do this much, as for the others, it will depend on Liu Luo Yi’s good fortune.

Although this Liu Luo Yi was cold and quiet when awake, she was not likeable at all.

She turned around and happened to meet Liu Luo Yi’s gaze. Liu Luo Yi quickly lowered her head, not wanting to see Wei Chi Li, but her heart was ‘Bum Bum Bum’ beating non-stop.

It might be because of fear, she guessed.

The woman’s white and slender neck was exposed in front of Wei Chi Li. When she lowered her head, her eyelashes fluttered slightly, making it looked fragile but beautiful.

Wei Chi Li reached out and gently lifted her chin and then using her sleeves, she wiped the tea off her face 

“You can hit others, but only do it when I’m around.” She said in a voice that could only be heard by the 2 of them.

Liu Luo Yi felt that her heart was about to jump out. It seems like Wei Chi Li’s breath could almost sprinkle onto her face. That breath was like grass fragrance from the grassland and it enveloped her.

Profound and shallow, charming, and gentle.

But before she could react, Wei Chi Li have already withdrawn and left. She twists her waist around and as she passed by Lu Yun Kui, she rolled her eyes.

Lu Yun Kui almost fainted from anger.

The air was still filled with her fragrance, and there was still some feel on her chin. It was warm, long-lasting.

Liu Luo Yi was a little out of sorts.

Could a person have changed so much in such a short time? She does not know and do not understand.

Wei Chi Li strode out of the room, all the way until she was far away from Lu Yun Kui’s study room before taking a deep breath. As long as she stayed next to the male lead’s side, she would have the urge to hit someone all the time.

After all, she had lived for over 20 years in the previous life and have never seen a person who deserved beatings.

With this kind of guy, the book made him, and the female lead live happily together? Taking the female lead as a masochist?

She walked along the garden trail back to her room, listening to the melodious and sweet bird chirps. The skylight of the early summer pierced through the treetops and onto the ground, printing motley tree shadows as it slowly climbed up the wall. Reflecting some years of beauty.

The small bright and spotless flowers bloomed on the lush grass. Striving towards the gentle breeze, weak and pure.

Wei Chi Li walked lazily and then thought about the next move. According to the original story relationship line, after the tea incident, the male lead will lock the female lead in a small courtyard in the house. Not allowing her to have food and water.

After that, the male lead would wear a mask and dressed in black outfit. He would parkoured over the wall in the middle of the night to take care of the sick female lead and slowly cultivate their relationship.

Female lead naturally did not know that it was the male lead and fell in love with the man dressed in black. In the end, after the male lead revealed his identity, the female lead has enough reasons to forgive the male lead.

Of course, Wei Chi Li would not let this thing happen!

Just what could she do? While Wei Chi Li was thinking, she jumped up a 2-person high rockery and landed directly on top of it.

She almost did not stand firmly and quickly support herself on the stone beside as she craned her neck to look down.

QingGong(!) was indeed a good thing. If she had this kind of lost knowledge in her previous life, she would not have fallen off the cliff and died.

(!)轻功 QingQong : is a technique in Chinese martial arts that is visually reminiscent of parkour, despite having different training methods.

She does not know if anyone went to collect her corpse.

Or was buried under the cliff by the soil and in the end merged with the flowers and trees.

Wei Chi Li thought about her modern-day family and was feeling a little depressed. She sat down and started talking to the colourful patterned bird beside her: “I miss home and my family too.”

“Can you fly back and tell them that I’m not dead yet.”

The bird twisted its buttock.

Wei Chi Li scratched her head. She must have been poisoned by demon magic and started talking to a bird.

Wait, poisoning? A light flashes in Wei Chi Li’s mind.

She was in ancient times and it was easy to get medicine that could knocked out a person. As long as Lu Yun Kui slept soundly at night and was busy during the daytime, how could there be time for him to bother the female lead?

Just do it, Wei Chi Li spread out her arms and jumped, landing steadily on the ground and ran.

3 days later.

It was a quiet night, and all the lanterns light have been snuffed out. When stretching out, one could not see their five fingers as if ink has been splashed and could not even see many stars.

Wei Chi Li got up from the bed and took the prepared black clothing from Xin Ran.

“Princess, where are you going?” Xin Ran looked puzzled. Now, she could not understand her princess temperament even more. Thinking about all sorts of things and do not even tell her, making her anxious.

Wei Chi Li extend a slender and long finger and placed it on her lips and winked at her: “out to vent my anger.”

Without waiting for Xin Ran’s reply, Wei Chi Li flipped out from the window and blended into the pitch-black night.

Do not asked her why she did not used the door to leave, because this way, it was cooler.

Self-admited her own coolness, Wei Chi Li walked through the night.

She gesticulates at the wall and within 2 to 3 steps, she jumped onto the roof like a graceful cat.

Under the eaves, the servants guarding at night were sleeping soundly.

This was Lu Yun Kui’s courtyard.

[T/L Note]: After some angsty chapters because of that %^$&#*(% Lu Yun Kui, things are about to get more interesting!! -wink wink- (*^∀゚)ъ

I will attempt to translate 1 chapter of this per day! (No promises though)

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