Chapter 66: Meeting Parent

Liu Luo Yi smiled slightly. Following Wei Chi Li’s usual practice, she put her hand on her head and caress gently: “Okay.”

At this moment, someone came from behind, still harping on: “Why did the 2 of you walk so fast, causing me to search for a while….”

Wei Chi Die stopped abruptly and stopped talking spontaneously. Xin Ran behind her almost bumped into her and fortunately, with a quick of eye and deft of hand, An Ge grabbed Xin Ran by the back collar and pulled her back.

“Little An’zi, be gentle. Why did you use so much force?” Xin Ran muttered as she touches her neck.

Hearing movement, Wei Chi Li suddenly straightened up, swept her hair casually, then leaned against the tree trunk beside her. Her expression was indifferent, like the weakness from just now did not happen.

“Who told you all to be so slow.” Wei Chi Li said.

Liu Luo Yi sighed at the speed of her expression change.

Wei Chi Die looked at Wei Chi Li up and down, her eyes stayed on her red ears for a while, then she said: “Okay. Now that Lord Liu has been rescued, your affairs in Yan Country are settled. So, pack up and return to the Northern Territory with me as soon as possible. Just nice, these 2 days, I am waiting for the reply from the Northern Territory, so you should also be prepared.”

Wei Chi Li gave an ‘oh’ response and glanced at Liu Luo Yi.

“Can we delay for a few more days, just a few days? Little Liu’er just rescued her father, so let her meet her father a few times….” Wei Chi Li scratch her head. Moreover, what would Liu Luo Yi’s status going to be when she brings her back to Northern Territory. She could not just take someone away without saying a word, it was too unconscientious.

But if she would to do it fair and openly, she could not just unconvincedly tell Lord Liu that she wants to chase his daughter and take his daughter away. That Lord Liu whom she has never met before, might jump up and beat her to a pulp.

This was ancient time; she was a princess from a neighbouring country, and both were women. Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that her future was like a ditch filled with mud, waiting for her to jump in.

At this time, Liu Luo Yi probably saw the melancholy in her heart and suddenly reached out her hand to grab the corner of her clothes and said softly: “Let’s leave the palace first.”

Wei Chi Li nodded and then walked out towards the palace gate. Palace was not a good place for a conversation. Wei Chi Die behind her suddenly curled her finger and hugged Xin Ran embarrassedly, saying in an annoying tone: “Promise me that when you return to the Liu Mansion, you must never enter the palace.”

Xin Ran shuddered and looked at Wei Chi Die with horror who was getting closer and closer to her .

How could An Ge on one side endure this? Her fists cracked and the gaze she held towards Xin Ran was full of murderous intent.

Wei Chi Li’s face flushes. She turned around abruptly and pointed at Wei Chi Die as she strode closer, saying viciously: “Sister, what have you heard!”

Wei Chi Die rolled her eyes: “I never knew that my sister could act coquettishly.”

How Wei Chi Li wishes that she could find a place to dig and hide in it. She grasped her right hand with her left hand and kept warning herself in her heart that this was her sister, her sister and so she could not hit her.

Right, she cannot hit her. Wei Chi Li raised her hand and punched on the tree, then turned and ran.

How shameful it was!

This emperor’s efficiency was quite fast. The day before, he said that he would let him go and the next day, he posted a notice to inform the world. This incident spread to the commoners and caused an uproar, becoming every family’s conversation after meals.

And Liu Ru has also become the first person to come out from the Imperial prison in perfect condition in decades .

The storyteller wrote a book overnight and brought this matter up to the stage, but the protagonist was not Prime Minister Liu, but Liu Luo Yi who sleep on brushwood and tasted the gall, taking the risk to rescue her father. Soon, Liu Luo Yi’s name spread around the capital and everyone said that she was a talented girl who was proficient in qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting. She was also the number one beauty in the capital, attracting the envy of countless ladies and the admiration of young men.

(!)卧薪尝胆 Wo Xin Chang Dan: sleep on brushwood and tasted the gall: describe one who endures self-imposed hardships to strengthen one’s resolve to realize one’s ambition.

Many people started to search for her to propose marriage.

The next day, the news about Lord Liu had already returned to the mansion reached Wei Chi Li’s ears. Because Liu Ru was personally received by the emperor, Wei Chi Li stopped Liu Luo Yi and did not let her wait at the Court of Judicature and Revision gate.

“Princess, you have changed a dozen sets. Miss Liu has also been waiting outside for almost half an hour. Why are you still not ready?” Xin Ran said gloomily while holding onto a lot of colourful dresses that were about to cover her face.

“Say, meeting the elders, isn’t it inappropriate for me to dress so vibrantly?” Wei Chi Li said bitterly while looking at the red dress on her body.

“It is indeed inappropriate.” Xin Ran nodded.

“Then I will change again.” Wei Chi Li replied and reached out to undress.

“Vibrant is frivolous, plain is old-fashioned, magnificent is arrogant, simple is unassuming, ink colour is too serious, yellow is too lively, green is too solemn. Princess, you have already gone one round. You are just going to see a minister, not to meet your in-laws, so why spend so much effort?” Xin Ran grumbled.

Wei Chi Li dropped her hands weakly and fell back onto the chair, not wanting to move.

“Or I shall let Little Liu’er go alone and I will not go. I do not want to deal with these old fritters.” Wei Chi Li raised her neck and her speech tremble strenuously.

“You are a princess and Lord Liu’s benefactor. When the time comes, he is the one who should be panicking when you stand in front of him.” Xin Ran said.

True. Wei Chi Li calms down. He was simply Little Liu’er’s father, so there was nothing to be afraid of. She flipped, stood up abruptly and strode out with her head held high.

Liu Luo Yi was standing at the door. Maybe because she has waited for a long time, she was looking up at a tree, her side profile was contrasted by the dark green leaves, coupled with her curvaceous body and slender waist, it was shockingly beautiful.

When she heard Wei Chi Li’s footsteps, she turned her head slightly and a smile suddenly appeared on her originally cold expression, making Wei Chi Li grinned stupidly.

Liu Luo Yi did not say much as she got onto the carriage with Wei Chi Li and Liu Wen Chang. Wei Chi Li can feel that she was really happy today and not just happy, but more relaxed. The usual Liu Luo Yi was like a taut bowstring, seeming to be always in a state of alert.

Sure enough, she could really relax only if all her family were alright. Wei Chi Li turn her head and uses her gaze to draw Liu Luo Yi’s facial features stroke by stroke.

Unexpectedly, the carriage stopped abruptly before she finished drawing. Wei Chi Li had no choice but to open the curtain first, got out of the carriage and then reached out to help Liu Luo Yi.

After Liu Luo Yi stood firmly, she raised her head to look at the inscribed board with the words ‘Liu Mansion’. There was a trace of absentmindedness in her eyes.

She has finally returned home.

This place that often appeared in nightmares was finally cleaned up and cleared away of all the filth that suggested dilapidation and has become warm and prosperous again.

The door was suddenly opened, and the corner of a yellow robe came out. Wei Chi Li was taken aback, she flashes and stood in front of Liu Luo Yi.

 That person walked out, and it was indeed Chen Hao. His facial expression seems to hold a little melancholy, but it was just a flash. When he saw Wei Chi Li, he was again a dignified emperor of a great country.

Wei Chi Li quickly lowered her head: “Greeting to emperor.”

Chen Hao nodded and when he was about to say something, he stopped and looked over Wei Chi Li’s shoulder. Wei Chi Li lifted her foot and moved to one side, completely blocking his vision.

Chen Hao’s expression changed slightly and took a closer look at Wei Chi Li again and suddenly smiled: “You this child seems to have a good relationship with the Liu family.”

Wei Chi Li did not say anything.

“Liu Luo Yi, Beloved minister Liu has been waiting for you in the house for a long time. He, an old fox has such a clever daughter, yet, for so many years he has never told me to come to take a look.” Chen Hao said as he laughed, “You have a lot of talent for painting. If you want to come to the palace to be a female official, you can ask beloved minister Liu to speak with me.”

 “That was what your mother did back then.” Chen Hao suddenly said that without thinking.

Wei Chi Li clenched her fists.

Chen Hao did not say anything anymore. He tidied his clothes slowly, then turned and left. A large group of great and proud of people followed behind, then Wei Chi Li heaved a sigh of relief and saluted behind him.

“Little Liu’er, if you want to be an official, when you go back to the Northern Territory with me, you can be any official you like.” Wei Chi Li suddenly turned her head and said in one breath.

There was another sentence: “It is best to be a royal consort.” She held it in her mouth and was too embarrassed to say it.

The three of them entered the gate together and saw that all the servants were ready and because they did not know who was the one who had arranged for it, Wei Chi Li kept a watchful look.

After passing through 2 gates, a figure suddenly rushed up. Wei Chi Li quickly dodged and avoided telling him that he has hugged the wrong person. Liu Ru hugged Liu Luo Yi and said solemnly: “Luo Yi.”

Liu Wen Chang behind was also pressed into his arms by him. The 3 of them cried bitterly, but in fact, it was mostly Liu Luo Yi and Liu Wen Chang who made noise. After all, Liu Ru was a grown man, so he shed tears silently.

He looks a bit like Liu Luo Yi but was much more like Liu Wen Chang. He was tall and his wrinkles and white hair had appeared prematurely. Perhaps it was due to the imprisonment that he looks like he has gone through life hardship, but the angular appearance was still visible and when he was young, he was also a suave and talented person.

“Father, how are you, are you injured?” Liu Luo Yi shedding tears as she checks Liu Ru’s body.

“Father is fine, it is just that you children have suffered.” Liu Ru sighed and caress Liu Luo Yi’s head, his eyes full of affection.

Looking at this family reunion, Wei Chi Li could not help but feel a little sour in her heart, she turned her back, unable to look at it again.

“Father, this is Princess Wei Chi. She saved our family. Not only did she rescued Ah Jie and I from Lu Yun Kui but has also helped to rescue father.” Liu Wen Chang wiped his tears, crying and smiling at the same time. He pulled Liu Ru and walked towards Wei Chi Li. While wiping his tears he said: “She is very good in martial arts, is also a good person and even taught me martial arts.”

Suddenly being called by her name, Wei Chi Li hurriedly waved her hand and said: “nonono, it is just lifting a finger. Lord Liu, don’t worry.”

Liu Ru slowly wiped away his tears and steps by steps, he walks towards Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li looked at him, feeling a little timid and stepped back, then gave a meaningful glance at Liu Luo Yi.

Who knows that in the next moment, Liu Ru knelt to her and clasping his fist, saying: “Liu Ru, thank princess for saving our lives.”

Wei Chi Li was dumbfounded. This was Liu Luo Yi’s father. She does not know what was wrong with her as her knees suddenly softened and knelt down, clasping her fists, she said: “Don’t, don’t, don’t. Lord Liu, it is no trouble!”

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