Chapter 64

This time, due to it being a sacrifice to heaven, palace servants were arranged along the road to guide the way. Moreover, the security was tight, so the journey was smooth. Wei Chi Li observed the security situation of the entire palace secretly, just in case of any emergency.

Along the way, they could see many female members of the official wearing splendid clothes, looking gorgeous. They would look towards Wei Chi Li’s side from time to time, seemingly curious about the 2 Northern Territory princesses.

Although Wei Chi Li look forward steadily, not wanting to be conspicuous, people would still frequently gossip about her due to her unique demeanour.

“Look, the Northern Territory princess is over there. Both are.” A woman whispers while covering her mouth.

“The one in a light-coloured dress is pretty and is quite tall. I heard that she grew up in the barrack and is highly skilled in martial arts. She was supposed to inherit the entire Northern Territory.” The other woman said.

“What a joke. There has never been a female crowned as king since ancient times. Not to mention, she has married and divorce voluntarily, so she must not be a decent and pure woman. In the future, this Northern Territory……humph.” A younger man on one side squeezes over and said with disdain as he glanced at Wei Chi Li.

That 2 women did not say anything anymore. Wei Chi Li’s hearing was good, so she heard their words clearly. She snorted and ignored them,

On one side, Wei Chi Die was furious. She turns around and wanted to reason with them, but Wei Chi Li stopped her and whispered: “Don’t stoop to their level.”

Wei Chi Die shook off Wei Chi Li and gritted her teeth with anger: “They think that everywhere is the same as their Yan Country.”

Wei Chi Li decline to comment and nodded. Currently, the next major event occupies her whole heart and was extremely nervous. She turned her head to look at Liu Luo Yi with a face full of worries.

Liu Luo Yi nodded at her. She grasped the letters tightly with a firm expression.

She cannot always be protected by Wei Chi Li. She wants to be strong like her, and then stands by her side. Moreover, with Wei Chi Li around, she was not afraid.

She wants to rescue her father.

The main palace hall where the state banquet was held was called Liu Fu palace hall. The name sounds very rustic, but the exterior looks magnanimous. Wei Chi Li have a brief glance. There were over a dozen of steps outside the door and the sides were wide enough to accommodate a hundred people. There were stone sculptures on it and the white stones reflecting sunlight.

Wei Chi Li raised her head and saw that the traditional wood was painted with an undetermined paint making it look resplendent, towering, and majestic. The imposing manner belonging to the imperial power gives people a sense of oppression. The moment the original large crowd of people walked up the steps, they immediately dispersed.

As Xin Ran walks, she leaned over and with a surprised look: “Princess, this palace is much more imposing than the Northern Territory. The sculpture on the handrail is made of jade, right?”

Wei Chi Li patted her. How could this scoundrel boost other’s morale and reduce own’s courage?

Besides, this palace was expensive to build. Either they have tremendous strength, or they emptied the treasury. Anyway, it was the commoners who suffers. Wei Chi Li shook her head.

After entering the main palace hall, it was like an entirely different world. It was very spacious on the inside and when talking, there was a sense of hollowness. Many tables and chairs were specially placed on both side of the main palace hall for the state banquet and the palace servants lead the guests to the seats. When Wei Chi Li enters, many seats were already occupied.

Wei Chi Li was led to seat by a small-size palace servant. They were surrounded by imperial relatives and was remarkably close to the emperor’s table which was at the highest and most northern area.

Soon, the palace servants enter and pour wine for every table. Wei Chi Li nodded politely and after the palace servant poured wine for her and left, she raised her eyes again. The people were almost all gathered. Chen Chu and the crown prince were seated near her and Chen Chu was hooking shoulders with the crown prince and talking. While the crown prince kept drinking with his head down, looking a little dispirited.

There were many familiar faces around them, Wen Qiong and Qiu Wu Jin were sitting diagonally opposite of them together with the female members of the officials. While GuanNan Maquis on another side also have a terrible expression and would look at Wei Chi Li from time to time.

Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows. She has no grievance with this old man, why was he always staring at her?

At this moment, everyone suddenly stood up and then knelt. Wei Chi Li was patted by Wei Chi Die and she reflexively stood up and saluted, only then did she realized that the emperor has come in. Chen Hao walked through the middle of the main palace hall and sat down in his own seat.

“Today is a state banquet, do not have to be over courteous, all may raise.” Wei Chi Li secretly look at Chen Hao. For some reason, she felt that this emperor does not seem too friendly and no matter how much he smiles, and how generous he was, it made her feel hostile.

The banquet started, various dishes were placed on the table and people began to talk about all sorts of things in the main palace hall. Some people whom Wei Chi Li does not even know would come and toast to her, but Wei Chi Li would politely refuse. Wei Chi Die on one side, eating food alone felt very annoyed.

“It is always like this. I am also the Northern Territory princess, but no one look at me at all.” Wei Chi Die said to An Ge who was on the side.

An Ge bent down slightly: “Only you in my heart is the princess.”

Wei Chi Die: “Scram.”

“Princess, will you kindly accept a drink.” A voice rang beside Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li raised her eyes and saw that it was Qiu Wu Jin whom she has not seen for a long time. She was holding a glass of wine and looking at Wei Chi Li.

Just as Wei Chi Li wanted to reply, there was a sudden pain on her back. She sucks in a breath of cold air as she grinned and quickly said: “Nononono….”

“What’s the matter, could it be that princess is incapable of holding her liquor?”  Qiu Wu Jin suddenly said. But for some reason, her eyes which were originally bright looks like it has lost its light.

“Princess indeed can’t hold her liquor. This slave will drink on behalf of princess.” Suddenly a hand reaches out from the side and picked up the glass of wine from Wei Chi Li’s table and drank it all.

Liu Luo Yi put down the wine glass and with a cold expression, she looks at Qiu Wu Jin. The 2 looked at each other for a long time before Qiu Wu Jin suddenly drank the wine, turned around and left without saying a word.

Wei Chi Li felt that her face was about to stiffen from smiling.

The time passes by slowly. Wei Chi Li calculated that it was halfway through the banquet and just nice the dance in the middle of the main palace hall has come to a stop. The main palace hall became a little quiet, Wei Chi Li turned around to give Liu Luo Yi a meaningful look.

Liu Luo Yi understood her meaning and stood up. She controls her legs that constantly wants to tremble. She took a deep breath then stepped into the centre of the main palace hall. She straightened her back and her slender body combine with her stunning appearance was very eye-catching.

Soon, the surrounding was completely silent. Everyone’s gazes were on Liu Luo Yi and people would whisper from time to time about her identity.

“Isn’t that the slave, surname Liu, what is she going to do? Could it be that she wants to do something to the emperor!” Wen Qiong frowned and said loudly.

Hearing this, everyone began to panic, and the guards stationed outside the main palace hall raised their swords, and rushed in straight towards Liu Luo Yi. Upon seeing this, Wei Chi Li quickly stands up, picked up Wei Chi Die who was eating happily on one side and throw her out.

Wei Chi Die staggered and burst out in front of those guards. She was stunned and then immediately started shaking her head, holding the wine glass in her hand, looking drunk she said loudly:” You all, what are you all going to do?” 

Wei Chi Li also quickly stepped forward to support Wei Chi Die and said loudly: “Sister, this is not the Northern Territory. Even if you are drunk, you cannot be unreasonable and cause a scene. Hurry and let us go back, don’t be a laughingstock.”

The 2 of them stood at the main palace hall entrance and those guards holding their swords, looked at each other. They could neither leave nor stay, not knowing what to do.

Chen Hao frowned as he watches this farce and said loudly: “All quiet for me. You, openly disrupt the state banquet. For what reason?”

Liu Luo Yi gritted her teeth, bending her knees, she knelt and said loudly: “This slave, Liu Luo Yi wants to clear grievances for my father!”

The moment this was said, the enthusiasm in the main palace hall was aroused. Some people sneered, some people were confused, it was very messy.

“Liu Luo Yi is that daughter of the criminal minister? Liu Ru collaborated with the enemy, committed treason and it was witnessed by the emperor personally. What else is there to say, what is her intention?” Someone said loudly.

“Yes. saying it now must be a conspiracy. A criminal minister is a criminal minister. A criminal minster’s daughter is also guilty. Why is she still doing alright now?”

“All shut up, listen to her finish it!” Chen Chu on one side was taken aback by this sudden incident. But he was eager to protect Liu Luo Yi, so he chose to ignore the impediment of Chen Sheng, got up and shouted.

The surrounding was quiet again. Everyone stares at Liu Luo Yi. Some were curious, some wants to get over it.

“Liu Ru is held in the imperial prison. What else is there to say? Someone come, take this nonsensical criminal minister’s daughter away!” A minister stood up and said angrily.

The guards obeyed the orders and stepped forward. Wei Chi Li supported Wei Chi Die and ran over. The 2 of them stretched out their legs at the same time, tripping all the guards.

Liu Luo Yi took the opportunity and said: “I plead emperor to listen to this slave. This slave has physical evidence.” Her voice was trembling a little, but her eyes were firm. That pair of almond eyes held resolution as she looks at Chen Hao bravely.

Chen Hao’s heart was touched. A sense of familiarity surged. Whenever that old friend spoke to him, those eyes held such an expression, which was by no means any ordinary woman can make. Hence, he was unable to forget it even till now.

“All stop. You say it.” Chen Hao squinted his eyes and stood up then slowly walked down the steps and stood in front of her, looking at her condescendingly.

“Emperor, the matter with regards to Liu Ru back then has concluded and there is absolutely wrong about it. This woman harbours evil intentions. Hope emperor think twice, don’t listen to her nonsense!” Just now that minister suddenly raised his robes and strode towards Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt an itch on her back. She turned abruptly to look and saw Zhou Qing who was drinking with his head down. He looked as though this matter has nothing to do with him and just now that gaze did not come from him.

Wei Chi Li took out a peanut from her pocket and shoot it out from her sleeves. It hits the minister’s knee and because the minister was old and his pacing was not stable, he fell directly onto the ground.

Chen Hao looked in the direction of Wei Chi Li vigilantly. Wei Chi Die pulled Wei Chi Li’s clothes in time and leaned over to vomit. Wei Chi Li closed her eyes and endured the urge to hit someone.

Chen Hao moved his gaze away in disgust, not wanting to look at it anymore. He looks at Liu Luo Yi and suddenly bent down, reaching out to touch her face. Liu Luo Yi wanted to move back to avoid it but hold back and just look at him like this.

Wei Chi Li’s heart’s drop.

Chen Hao’s hand stopped in mid-air. He suddenly smiled and said: “Okay, I will listen to you.”

[T/L Note]: OMG!!! TIME PASSES SO FAST!! I didn’t even realized I have dragged for 2weeks to update! SOWWWIIIIEEE!! Slap me! I need to stop procrastinating!!!

Me whenever I imagine WCL throwing WCD to the guards. Of course, that’s not what happened (* ´>艸<)゛

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