Chapter 63: Entering the Palace

Wei Chi Die’s eyes widened swiftly and almost burst out internal force to push An Ge away. But the moment she shoots out, she took the consideration that An Ge was saving her after all, so she tolerated it.

An Ge closed her eyes as if she did not feel the pain on her back. All her senses were concentrated on Wei Chi Die. Her smell was so good, and it was the same as the one in her dreams.

The hair on Wei Chi Die’s temple brushes against her face, making her feel itchy. An Ge suddenly thought of that night. The feeling of the cascading long hair sliding through her fingertips made her blush instantly. She did not dare to reminisce it again.

Upon seeing this, Wei Chi Li on one side was so scared that she covered her mouth with her hand and quickly walked forward to lift the inscribed board and threw it aside as it if were scalding.

It was over. She has not moved for a long time, could she be crushed to death? Wei Chi Li scratches her head, wanting to go over to pull An Ge up, but was stopped by Liu Luo Yi.

“Are you silly? Let us go.” Liu Luo Yi said with a face full of resentment.

Wei Chi Li suddenly reacted, patted her forehead, and followed Liu Luo Yi, preparing to slip away. But heard Wei Chi Die’s voice travelled from behind: “Wei Chi Li, you better stop!”

After saying that, she pushed An Ge away hard. An Ge staggered a few steps back then stood firmly.

The pain from the back began to spread as if it was spreading to the heart. An Ge gritted her teeth, but when she raised her head, there was calmness on her face again.

“Why block for me? It is not like I could not avoid it, did not need you to worry about it!” Indescribable emotions surged up in Wei Chi Die’s heart, mixed with shyness, it turns into anger instantly, hence she screamed at An Ge.

An Ge said in a soft voice: “This subordinate knows her mistake, princess please mete out punishment.”

This sentence made Wei Chi Die held back the rest of her words. She was so angry that reached out a finger and point it at An Ge, saying: “You are always so submissive. So annoying!”

She rolled eyes at An Ge then strode angrily into the courtyard. When she passes by Wei Chi Li, she pointed at Wei Chi Li’s nose: “What’s the point of you if you can’t even hold onto an inscribed board?”

After she said that, she turned and left.

Wei Chi Li patted her chest and turned to Liu Luo Y, saying: “What’s the matter with sister? Why is she so angry?”

Liu Luo Yi looked at Wei Chi Li up and down, then snorted lightly: “You don’t understand.”

“Eh, I said Little Liu’er, why have you become sharp-tongued, why do I not understand?” Wei Chi Li placed one arm on Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder, using another hand, wanting to fiddle her chin.

Liu Luo Yi did not say anything and only looked at her coldly with a pair of clear eyes.

Wei Chi Li put down her arm embarrassedly.

Wei Chi Li went back to her room to sort out the things she needed when she enters the palace tomorrow. When she raised her eyes, she saw Wei Chi Die sneaking outside the door, hence, she beckoned her in.

“Sister, will you enter the palace tomorrow too?” Wei Chi Li asked.

Wei Chi Die nodded: “I am worried if you go alone. I represent the Northern Territory, and if you anger the emperor and he wanted to do something, I could plead with him so that he could cut one less leg off you.”

Wei Chi Li touches her leg, feeling that it was a little cold: “I will treat it as sister cares about me.”

“Who cares about you?” Wei Chi Die rolled her eyes and threw the medicine bottle to Wei Chi Li, “Go and give this to An Ge. Remember, don’t say that I was the one who gave her this.”

Wei Chi Li held it in front of her eyes. It was a JinChuang Medicine, and was even the best kind.

“Sister, you seem to care a lot about her. Then you should be nicer towards her. Often seeing you bully her, makes me feel heartache for her.” Wei Chi Li put the medicine into her sleeves and shook her head as she sigh with sorrow.

“Who cares about her? I cannot wait for her to go back. If you feel heartache for her, then I shall give her to you.” Wei Chi Die’s eyelashes fluttered as she sat down with her legs crossed.

Wei Chi Li quickly waved her hands: “I already have Little Liu’er.”

“Tsk, it is not certain if she is yours. With Liu Luo Yi’s appearance and knowledge, I do not know how many people will fall in love with her. If you continue being wishy-washy, do not even talk about eating the flesh, you may not even get to drink the soup.”

Wei Chi Li wiped the sweat from her forehead. What kind of impure talk was this? 

“Okay, okay. I am going to deliver the medicine. I still have serious business to do tomorrow.” Wei Chi Die went out and Wei Chi Die was still shouting behind her: “Remember, you must never say that I was the one who gave it!”

Wei Chi Li walked to An Ge’s door and knocked on the door lightly with her knuckles. The door open. An Ge’s pale face appeared in the dark which was illuminated by the light from outside.

Seeing that it was Wei Chi Li, her expression was also terrible but still nodded and said: “2nd princess.”

Wei Chi Li ignored her hostility and took out the JinChuang medicine and placed it in her palm.

“This is….” An Ge was a little confused.

“Sister gave this.” Wei Chi Li sell-out her sister naturally and with confidence.

An Ge’s lacklustre eyes glowed instantly. She quickly grabbed the medicine bottle tightly and a faint smile appeared at the corner of her lips.

“Many thanks to 2nd princess.” She spoke.

After closing the door, An Ge hid in the darkness again and the medicine bottle in her hand was her only light. She suddenly opens the window to let the sunlight shine in, after which, she hugged the medicine bottle in her arms as if it was a treasure.

She gently untied her belt, exposing her back and applied the medicine on it. In fact, to her who has been practising martial arts since young, this little pain was nothing at all.

For some reason, she recalled that night. Wei Chi Die was drunk and hugging her neck, leaning against her body.

Wei Chi Die smooth arms hugging her tightly, handing over her entire softness to her. Her figure was so beautiful and when her lips kissed her, it was like the honey she had tasted when she first entered the palace.

The reminiscing came to an abrupt end as An Ge laid on her side of the bed and fell into a deep slumber.

Early next morning, the streets began to be lively and noisy, hence, Wei Chi Li could not sleep anymore so she drapes her clothes over and got up, yawning as she allows Xin Ran to comb her hair.

“Offering to heaven started so early?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“Of course. But we are not in the rush. We will be entering the palace at early afternoon and if princess wants to watch the excitement, can wait at the gate for the offering to heaven chariot to come. After that, just give a salute will be enough.” Xin Ran said.

Wei Chi Li nodded and after getting dressed and makeup, she looked at the bronze mirror with satisfaction and went out.

Today, she wears a lake-blue dress, her hair was tied up high, her sleeves were somewhat wide and when she walks, it would flutter. Although it was not suitable for fighting, she likes it very much.

 While Liu Luo Yi wears the dress that Wei Chi Li has given her during the Flower City Festival and was waiting by the gate early in the morning, looking out.

Wei Chi Li walked over and stood side by side with her, saying with a smile: “Let’s go out, it is much livelier outside.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded and walked out. There was already a large crowd of people outside. Everyone was standing on both side of the streets, squeezing and rubbing their shoulders against one another, some were carrying snacks, flowers, flagons etc. It seems like it was a a custom to do so for praying here.

Liu Luo Yi’s body was light and as soon as she went out, she was squeezed to the extent that she has nowhere to stand and were swaying about. Seeing this, Wei Chi Li hurried forward and pulled Liu Luo Yi to her side, using her body to prop a foothold for her.

“Many thanks.” Liu Luo Yi said softly.

Wei Chi Li angrily pushed away an uncle who often wanted to lean towards Liu Luo Yi, then glanced and smiled at her.

Liu Luo Yi seemed to like this scene very much. When she looked at the crowd, her eyes held a smile. Especially with Wei Chi Li by her side, she was filled with a sense of security.

How she wishes that she could keep standing like this.

She has never been in such situation before. The one she loves stands beside her, able to go out freely and to see the world flourishing with prosperity.

She began to look forward to the day she leaves here with Wei Chi Li. Wanting to return to the place where Wei Chi Li grew up and take a look at the wider and vast Northern Territory, and even……

However, this must be an extravagant hope.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her eyes again but suddenly a warm feeling came from the top of her head. It was Wei Chi Li who has reached out and caressed her head.

“Little Liu’er, after we entered the palace, you must stay by my side at all times.” Wei Chi Li’s voice was full of concern.

“Okay.” Liu Luo Yi said softly.

Soon it was early afternoon, Wei Chi Li and Liu Luo Yi, together with Wei Chi Die sat on the carriage. And again, they sway as they rushed towards the palace. After entering the imperial city there were too many people entering the palace, hence, there was a long queue on the road.

Wei Chi Li leaned against the carriage lazily, listening to Xin Ran who was chatting with An Ge outside. In fact, it was only Xin Ran who was talking all the time. In the end, An Ge could not bear it anymore and covered Xin Ran’s mouth.

After that, there was only ‘Wu wu wu’ sound.

After a long time, only then did the carriage stopped. Xin Ran with a red mark on her face probed in: “Eldest princess, 2nd princess, we are here.”

Wei Chi Li opened the curtain and just happened to see Chen Chu coming out from the palace. When he saw Wei Chi Li, he smiles brightly and with energetic spirit: “Wei Chi princess, what a coincidence.”

“What a coincidence.” As Wei Chi Li said that, she jumped down from the carriage.

Liu Luo Yi has also walked out. Chen Chu smiles even more brighter when he saws her and like a dog, he ran forward and stands on the other side of the carriage, reaching out his arm towards Liu Luo Yi in the opposite direction from Wei Chi Li.

“Miss Liu, hold on as you get out of the carriage and be careful.” He smiled fatuously.

Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows as she looks at him, feeling a little upset. She reached out magnanimously, without saying a word or smile and simply look at Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi tidied up her skirts calmly, then as if she did not see Chen Chu, she placed her hand in Wei Chi Li’s palm and got down from the carriage with her help.

Chen Chu’s smile froze on his face.

The moment the soft palm wrapped in her own palm, Wei Chi Li was instantly satisfied and immediately smiled brightly. She winks at Chen Chu then followed Liu Luo Yi, swaggering towards the palace gate.

However, Liu Luo Yi quickly took away her hand and Wei Chi Li felt a sense of loss.

Liu Luo Yi quietly placed her hand on her chest and control her crazy pounding heart. Although they have held hands more than once, doing so in front of so many people still make her feel the palpitations.

On the carriage, Wei Chi Die has also come out and An Ge subconsciously reached out her hand, wanting to support her. But Wei Chi Die actually avoided her then glanced at the Chen Chu who was still stunned. She grasped his forearm very naturally and step down from the carriage gracefully, then flung her skirt. Moving very enticingly, she caught up to Wei Chi Li.

As if treating Chen Chu as a pillar.

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