Chapter 60: Impulsive

Wei Chi Die opened her mouth, but because still assert to her own better nature, she did not say what she was thinking. She simply stuffed all the books she was holding onto, into Liu Luo Yi’s arms. Liu Luo Yi took 2 steps back and almost did not hold it properly.

“You have to be careful; these are unique. When you go back, find a safe place to hide it and you absolutely cannot let Wei Chi Li see it. As to what you will learn, you will have to take a look and you will know it.” Wei Chi Die winked at Liu Luo Yi.

“Since it is a treasure, why can’t you let An Ge see it?” Liu Luo Yi was not stupid and was about to flip open a book when Wei Chi Die suddenly stop her.

She rolled her eyes and immediately have an idea, saying sincerely: “Do you still like Wei Chi Li?”

Liu Luo Yi stop her what she was doing and blushed.

Wei Chi Die reached out her slender finger and poked her glabella then pull her as they slowly walk along the veranda. Talking while walking: “Then do the 2 of you have any progress?”

Liu Luo Yi shook her head and lowered her eyes.

“This princess knows it. You and Wei Chi Li are both thin-skinned. Obviously separated by a thin layer of the veil yet did not break it. In fact, Little Liu’er, failure or success, it all depends on you. My sister may seem courageous, but in fact, after many days of observations, she needs to be persuaded. As long as you did not say it, she would not even dare to admit that she likes you.”

“But, I don’t think that princess is interested in me.” Liu Luo Yi looks worried and said with a soft voice.  

Wei Chi Die looked at Liu Luo Yi, feeling exasperated as she shook her head. She suddenly stopped walking and put away the smile on her face and said seriously: “If really does not like you, why would she bother beating her brain out to help save Lord Liu for you?”

“She said I am her friend, and she treats all her friends like this.” Liu Luo Yi said.

“Bah, since young when does she have friends? Although her temper has changed now, her feelings for you are not just as simple as friends.” Wei Chi Die sighed, “When she looks at you, there is light in her eyes.”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and she clenched her fists involuntarily.

“Alright, I will just say this much. Go back and think about the rest yourself. Remember to hide my treasures well!” Wei Chi Die stopped and waved to Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi nodded feeling confused, then held the pile of books with both hands, she went round in a circle then walked to her room from another corridor.

Standing alone on the spot, Wei Chi Die twisted her waist, moving seductively to pat off the dust on her body and said solemnly: “Ai, this is worrying.”

“Who is princess worried about?” A voice rang from behind, startling Wei Chi Die. She quickly jumped forward and hugged the pillar.

She turned back and reprimanded: “Why are you like a thief? Do you want to scare this princess to death?”

An Ge has already changed into black clothes and her face was washed cleanly. She has discarded the pile of rags she was wearing before and only then her slim and tall figure were revealed.

Currently, her eyes were lowered, and one could see her long eyelashes that were thick like a fan, eyebrows were high, lips were pink, and her overall face looks gentle. But the moment she raises her eyes, she looks somewhat colder.

She stood still and reaches out to support Wei Chi Die who was hugging the pillar.

“Wait, back away.” Wei Chi Die glared at her.

An Ge glanced at her and stepped back.

“Back again!” Wei Chi Die raised her voice.

An Ge took another 2 steps back. If she takes another step back, she would fall into the lake. She raised her eyes and said: “Princess, is it enough?”

Wei Chi Die shook her head and continued hugging the pillar, refusing to let go: “Not enough, continue to back away.”

Expressionless, An Ge moved back again. Majority of her soles has already left the ground. Seeing an opportunity, Wei Chi Die pounced forward abruptly and pushed An Ge’s shoulders forcibly, then scurried away.

The red skirt swayed and in a blink of an eye, her figure was gone.

Being pushed so forcibly by her, An Ge flew back. With a calm face, she spread open her arms and tap the surface of the water with the tip of her shoes and she floats back, landing firmly on the ground.

As if she was used to it, she reached out to caress the place where Wei Chi Die has touched, her expression became a little relax.

At the same time, Liu Luo Yi was closing the door to her room and then carefully placing the books on the bed.

“Eldest princess said to hide it……” She muttered to herself, then look for a place in the room where she could hide things. She walked several rounds, and finally decided to put it in the mahogany cabinet at the foot of her bed.

She opened the cabinet and the contents rolled out with a clink, clank sound. She was stunned and only then did she realized that this cabinet was given by Wei Chi Li.

But because she does not have a lot of things and do not need a cabinet to keep her things, she has never opened it before.

She saw that there was everything in it. From clothes to veil, from rouge to brushes, inkstone, inks and papers. It was very complete.

What just rolled out was an inkstone. The body of the inkstone was pale yellow with a small willow tree carved on it. Liu Luo Yi picked it up and looked at it, then suddenly smiled.

She hugged the inkstone in her arms, then placed it safely on the table and took out the contents one by one, putting them away neatly. Only then did she placed the books into the cabinet and closed it.

She sat on the bed in a daze, carrying the inkstone in her arms. But could not help but move her gaze towards the cabinet.

Another look, then forced herself to turn back, then look again, then forced herself to turn back again.

Ultimately, she took a deep breath, jumped out of the bed, and strode towards the cabinet. She took out a random book and then jumped back onto the bed and shrank into a corner, slowly flipping through it.

She has just flipped to the first page, and her face was red. She threw herself into the quilt and wrapped her head.

She knew it. What the eldest princess has given was anything but serious and decent.

On that page was all pictures and the content was extremely unspeakable.

After a long while, she showed her head and continued flipping to the 2nd page. Her face was even redder and buried herself in the quilt again.

In short, she entangled, turned, and toss for an hour, only then did she managed to read half of that book, but could not continue anymore. She endured the impulse to burn it and so, she stuffed it into the cabinet again.

After a while, only then did her face returned to normal.

Just happened at this time, there were footsteps sound outside and the door was suddenly pushed open. Wei Chi Li was holding a meal box as she tiptoed in. She raised her head and saw Liu Luo Yi who was sitting on the bed. She paused in fright.

Then she heaved a sigh of relief: “It is getting dark, why didn’t you light the lamp? I thought you were still asleep.”

When she entered, she brought in the fresh air from outside and the cold breeze cooled the sultry room. The firelight flickered and the lamp was lit. The bright firelight illuminated the darkroom.

Liu Luo Yi quickly touched her face and after making sure that there was nothing unusual, she got out of bed and lied: “I, I just woke up.”

“You must be tired last night too. Look, I have personally cooked some delicious food for you.” Wei Chi Li shook the meal box in her hand and smiled.

Liu Luo Yi did not conceal the surprise in her eyes: “Princess knows how to do these?”

“Underestimating me. This princess does not know anything and has nowhere else to display.”  Wei Chi Li opened the meal box and placed the dishes in front of Liu Luo Yi attentively, then moved a chair for her to sit. She folds her arms and sprawl on the table, blinking as she said: “Try it, is it delicious?”

Liu Luo Yi was amused by her appearance and tried to hold back from laughing. She picked up the vegetables and put it into her mouth, raising her eyebrows then nodded immediately.

“Delicious.” She spoke.

“Since it is delicious, eat more. With your body like this, you need more nourishment.” Being praised, Wei Chi Li smiled more brilliantly.

While Liu Luo Yi was eating, Wei Chi Li wandered around in the room. She picked up the clothes that have been placed on the table and she turned her head, asking: “Isn’t this what I have bought for you? It was all kept in the cabinet, why take them out today?”

Liu Luo Yi was almost choked by a mouthful of rice. She quickly took a sip of tea and tried to answer as calmly as possible: “I cleaned up today, so I took out the contents and put them aside.”

Wei Chi Li nodded: “Then I will help you put it back.”

Seeing that she was about to walk to the cabinet with her clothes, Liu Luo Yi supported herself on the table hurriedly and coughed. Seeing this, Wei Chi Li rushed to her side and pat on her back, saying anxiously: “What’s the matter, Little Liu’er? Did you choke?”

Liu Luo Yi’s face was red, she stood up straight and shook her head. She snatches back the clothes and put them on the bed: “I’m fine, Princess sit down, and I will clean it up by myself.”

Wei Chi Li heaved a sigh of relief and wiped off her sweat: “Look, you have scared me. It is okay, I still know how to clean up a room.”

After that, she walked towards the cabinet again.

Liu Luo Yi was anxious and did not control her volume and shouted: “Wei Chi Li!”

Wei Chi Li was startled by her and staggered. She stood there, not daring to move as she looked at Liu Luo Yi in surprise. Completely confused.

“Little, Little Liu’er?” She asked.

“Sit down!” Liu Luo Yi’s voice was very loud but does not have vocal resonance.

Wei Chi Li blinked and sat down obediently then watches as Liu Luo Yi gobbles down and finishes the meal then wiped her mouth nimbly and even raised her head to drink the tea, putting it on the table with a ‘clank’

Then again, with ample momentum, she strode over and stood in front of Wei Chi Li. Before she could say anything, she felt her legs weakened.

She looked at Wei Chi Li’s eyes, smelling the grass fragrance on her body, and was unable to say anything anymore.

The firelight flickered, irradiating the whole room hazily, and her eyes were also illuminated intimately. Liu Luo Yi gritted her teeth and felt that her eyes were red again. She secretly warned herself that success or failure depends on this.

Wei Chi Li also felt that her heart was pounding wildly. The strange impulse surged up in her heart. Especially the current Liu Luo Yi, with her eyes that seemed to hold a stream of gentle water, shoulders trembling and the beautiful eyebrows were like a painting. For some reason, the original pink lips were red as if dripping blood.

Makes people, particularly want to kiss.

Wei chi Li placed her hand on her chest, panting and stood up abruptly. She cleverly followed and walked around Liu Luo Yi’s body. Startled and did not touch her at all, she backed away, wanting to just rush out of this room to calm herself down.

To let the night breeze restrain her impulse.

Liu Luo Yi watches in disbelief when Wei Chi Li’s backed away. She lowered her eyes and tears soon filled her eyes. It disappointingly ran down and dripped onto her clothes.

Cannot not give up now, Liu Luo Yi. she said to herself.

No matter what, she must try to keep her here, even if she must give it all.

[T/L Note]: Why Liu Luo Yi loves that inkstone so much is because of the carving. The character ‘Liu’ from Liu Luo Yi is the same as the willow tree. Liu = 柳

In the previous chapter, readers were curious about the ‘treasure’ which are books!!! *Cough* and some readers wanted to know how the toys looks like…………I have included images in another link. (*ノ▽ノ)(*ノ▽ノ) PLEASE OPEN ONLY IF YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH AND THERE IS NO ONE BESIDE YOU!!! <<<Link>>>



Now………. scroll down and press ‘Next’ !!!!! IT IS WHAT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! *Cough* not pervy stuff (*ノ▽ノ) Prepare your insulin, bucket and tissues!

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