Chapter 58: Love Debt

Wei Chi Die on the side suddenly cough. She raised an eyebrow at Wei Chi Li then raised her head to look at the sky: “Today is really a clear and blue sky, fine and warm, it is exactly right to meet the duke of Zhou(!). You all continue, I will leave.”

(!) 周公 Zhou Gong: Duke of Zhou was a member of the royal family of the early Zhou dynasty who played a major role in consolidating the kingdom established by his elder brother King Wu. He was renowned for acting as a capable and loyal regent for his young nephew King Cheng, and for successfully suppressing the Rebellion of the Three Guards and establishing firm rule of the Zhou dynasty over eastern China. Duke of Zhou is also known as the “God of Dreams”  In Chinese legends, if an important thing is going to happen to someone, the Duke of Zhou will let the person know through dreams: hence the Chinese expression “Dreaming of Zhou Gong

After that, she covered her mouth with 2 fingers, twisting her waist as she walks away.

Wei Chi Li looked at her back and shook her head then said to Liu Luo Yi: “You should also go back to the room and sleep for a while, or, have breakfast first?”

Liu Luo Yi suddenly reached out to tugged Wei Chi Li’s sleeve and pull her towards the end of the long corridor.

Although Wei Chi Li does not know what she was going to do, she still followed her. Smiling as she follows her, the 2 walked back to Wei Chi Li’s room.

Opening the door, an aromatic smell waft through the air, and Wei Chi Li mouth-waters upon smelling it. Seeing a few plates of side dishes and a bowl of congee on the table, it looks refreshing and appetising.

“You made these?” Wei Chi Li was surprised as she walked to the table, looking down at it.

“En, it was made earlier on, and Xin Ran has heated up again.” Liu Luo Yi said while pressing Wei Chi Li onto the chair and arranged the cutleries for her.

Wei Chi Li picked up a chopstick full of food and tried it: “Not bad, Little Liu’er is amazing.”

In 1 breath, she drank half a bowl of congee and only then did she thought of it and asked: “You hadn’t had breakfast yet right? How about have it together?” saying that, she passed over the spoon.

Immediately she felt that it was not right because she had drunk half of it and she had used the spoon. So, it was not proper to just give it to others to drink it.

But this hand has already reached out and then retracting makes it seems even more improper. Wei Chi Li was stuck awkwardly.

Unexpectedly, Liu Luo Yi suddenly leaned forward, opening her mouth lightly and bit the small white porcelain spoon.

The colour of her white teeth and the spoon were almost the same. Yet, the 2 ruddy and beautiful lips were even more tender.

Wei Chi Li’s hand trembled and almost flung the spoon out. She took a deep breath. But she held on till Liu Luo Yi drank all the congee, only then did she put down her hand in relief.

Then she picked up the chopsticks, then picked up the spoon again. For a moment, she felt lost and her heart was pounding crazily.

Liu Luo Yi looked at her and held back from laughing.

A meal was finished messily. Wei Chi Li raised her hands to clean, but suddenly Liu Luo Yi tugged her sleeves, turning her one whole round.

“What’s the matter?” Wei Chi Li asked while scratching her head.

“Let me see if you really are not injured, or you are lying to me.” Liu Luo Yi asked while looking at Wei Chi Li up and down carefully. Realizing that she was really not injured, she asked: “Are there any gains this time?”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li became excited, she grinned and said: “The gain is huge.”

She placed her elbows on her knee and her hands on her chins, leaning towards Liu Luo Yi: “The most crucial thing is that I have obtained the spy’s confession letter. Then we can find an opportunity to meet the emperor directly and say the facts.”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi’s eyes lit up in an instant and could not help but smile: “Then, does that mean we can save father?”

“Definitely.” Wei Chi Li smiled and nodded.

“But…” Liu Luo Yi furrowed her brows again, “I am worried that if the emperor deliberately suppresses this matter, what should we do? That way, even if we have sufficient evidence, it will not be effective.”

“Then let him know in the public. With a thousand pairs of eyes watching, he will not be able to suppress this matter.” Wei Chi Li said in a low voice.

She appears to be calm, but her heart was a little heavy. She had not really thought about it seriously. The spy was actually from the Northern Territory and if he came from the Northern Territory, so did Zhou Qing.

Then she really could not let things go as if they do not affect her personally. After all, she was also the Northern Territory princess.

Why did this Northern Territory King did not reveal such an important matter to his own daughters? She sighed. Before presenting the confession letters to the emperor, she must send a letter back to the Northern Territory again to inquire about it clearly.

Yang Zheng was already going into the jail and so he does not need to exploit and dragged down the irrelevant Liu Ru. So, Zhou Qing must be instigating this matter. Wei Chi Li remembered the envelope that she had found under Liu Run’s bed and speculated it boldly.

Liu Ru knew that Zhou Qing has conspired with the Northern Territory and Zhou Qing was afraid that he would leak this out. So, he took advantage when the emperor was pressing the investigation of the spy and asked the spy to frame Lord Liu. Hence, he clear himself of suspicion.

Wei Chi Li felt that her head was big. If Zhou Qing was a friend then why did he send someone to kill her, knowing that she was a princess of the Northern Territory?

If he was the enemy, then this matter was even more complicated, and it was necessary to tell the Northern Territory King as soon as possible.

Liu Luo Yi noticed that there was something wrong with Wei Chi Li. She patted her arm worriedly and asked softly: “Princess, what are you thinking about?”

Wei Chi Li shook her head quickly. She does not know how to tell Liu Luo Yi about these things.

Oh god, why not let her be an idle princess? Wei Chi Li wailed in her heart.

“You are hiding something from me.” Liu Luo Yi said calmly then grabbed Wei Chi Li’s wrist forcefully, not letting Wei Chi Li run away, “Princess, you have promised me that you will not hide anything from me.”

Wei Chi Li struggled for a while and finally said: “Little Liu’er, if one day, you and I became enemies, what will you do?”

Liu Luo Yi did not hesitate and replied: “You and I will never be enemies.”

“Why?” Wei Chi Li smiled helplessly.

“You have said that you cannot bear it.” Liu Luo Yi said softly.

Wei Chi Li began to feel that someone was kneading her heart again, she coughed abruptly and asked again: “What if one day, the Northern Territory and Yan Country became enemies?”

After that, she waited nervously for Liu Luo Yi’s reply.

“As long as you and I do not become enemies, I will wait for the day that peace returns. I will wait however long it is.” Liu Luo Yi said as she looked at Wei Chi Li’s eyes without avoiding.

Wei Chi Li’s heart suddenly felt relieved. She lowered her head and smiled. Indeed, this was the girl she admired. She has principles, showing neither inferiority nor superiority and did not conceal the trust in her.

She was about to say something but was suddenly interrupted by Liu Luo Yi: “Princess, I understand in my heart and there is no need to talk about this. It is getting late, so I will return to my room first.”

Liu Luo Yi stood up and walked towards the door.

Knowing that Liu Luo Yi roughly understood what she meant, Wei Chi Li stood up and want to send her off. Who knows, the moment they stepped out of the courtyard door, they heard Xin Ran’s shout from the distance and after that, the sound of weapons clashing.

“That’s not good, something has happened.” Wei Chi Li wanted to push Liu Luo Yi back into the room and yet was afraid that if she was alone, it would be more dangerous. She was anxious, so she simply reached out her hand to wrap around Liu Luo Yi’s waist.

“Hold onto me firmly.” She said sternly then uses QingGong and jumped across several houses and landed directly outside the gate.

Liu Luo Yi was caught off guard by this and was so frightened that her soul nearly flew out. After landing on the ground, she punched Wei Chi Li hard and reprimand: “Princess!”

Wei Chi Li quickly let go, then quickly reached out again to support Liu Luo Yi who did not stand firmly and smiled apologetically: “Sorry, I am just, anxious. If you are not used to it, I will not fly anymore.”

“Princess, you don’t fly or fly anymore. This scoundrel fights too well, and I cannot hold it anymore. If you do not fly, my life will fly away!” Xin Ran opened her mouth to shout while retreating and float in front of Wei Chi Li.

Her robe brought up the dust, hence, Wei Chi Li reached out to block it for Liu Luo Yi and looked at the person who was fighting with Xin Ran curiously. That seems to be a woman.

Why use the word ‘seem’ was because it was impossible to see that person’s gender. Wrapped in a dirty black cloth, hair was scattered behind and could not see face clearly. Swordsmanship was extremely neat, each strike was met with each strike and those strikes broke Xin Ran’s defence.

“I have told you to practise martial arts more often. Look, you can’t even defeat a beggar.” Wei Chi Li saw that the strange person does not have any killing intent and was relieved. She stuck her hand to her waist and watch the show.

Xin Ran was once again beaten to retreat sideways and her voice drifting further and further: “She is not a beggar, but Little An’zi.”

Little An’zi? Eunuch? Wei Chi Li raised her eyebrows. Could this be a new character that she has never seen in the original book?

“Stop talking nonsense. Where is princess, what have you done to her!” That strange person suddenly shouted then slashed towards Xin Ran. 

Seeing that Xin Ran could not fight back, Wei Chi Li quickly moved forward, pulling her back and she, herself went forward. Turning her palm, she pressed that strange person’s hand which was holding onto a sword, down.

“This, heroic person, let us talk about it. There is nothing much here, just a lot of princesses, which one are you looking for?” Wei Chi Li said politely.

The strange person saw that it was her and kept her sword. She casually shook her hand in a rude manner, treating it as a salute then asked: “Where is eldest princess?”

Pretty arrogant. Wei Chi Li looked at her up and down and could not remember that there was such a character. Even in that pitiful amount of memory does not have it either. She asked cautiously: “Heroic person’s face is so black that I really can’t see it clearly. Who are you and why are you looking for sister?”

Before the strange person replied, she heard a very lazy voice from behind. Wei Chi Die wearing a sleeping smock.  The slim and soft body was made much more eye candy by the thin smock.

She reached out her hand, nails were painted with bright red colour to gently played the long hair that were scattered on her shoulders as she said, feeling annoyed: “Who is making a lot of noise here? This princess has just fallen asleep, so not peaceful.”

Seeing that she has come out, the strange person widened her eyes and then take a few steps forward. Slide and knelt, clasping her fist and said: “Princess!”

Wei Chi Die was taken aback and took a big leap backwards. She blinked and probed: “You are, An Ge?”

“Yes, this subordinate has finally found you.” The strange person was so agitated that her eyes were red.

Hearing that, Wei Chi Die backed away even more. While backing away, she put on a long face and said: “This princess has already transferred you to royal father side to become a military commander, so what are you doing here?”

“This subordinate, this subordinate does not want any official position. Just ask to stay by princess’s side and protect princess forever.” An Ge said in a modulated tone.

“I have said that it was an unintended mistake made that day. I really drank too much and have no memory when I woke up. Can you stop pestering me?” Wei Chi Die almost cried out. She raised her head and saw Wei Chi Li, then hurried over to hide behind Wei Chi Li, “Wei Chi Li, she is a bad person, help me chase her away. Faster!”

Listening to their conversation, Wei Chi Li was completely muddled.

 After sister has gotten tipsy, what has she done to this lady?

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  1. Pfft. Wei Chi Die is so shameless. After eating the subordinate’s tofu, she dares to run away! Lolol, it seems like our tsun-sister will finally show her full tsundere form! Mwahahaha!

    Ah yes, the strings of romance stretches. Poor Xin Ran, forced to watch once again. More dog food for her. Welp, worry not, I’ll eat ’em with you.

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  2. Hahaha so WCD has also had some lesbian romantic encounters eh, I knew it lol, no wonder she was so quick to back up Luo Yi.

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    Bro I’m all for the sister also being into Yuri please make it happen.

    What do you mean I’ll wait for you until there’s peace Luo Yi? That was a “my home is by your side it doesn’t matter what goes in between this countries” moment.

    Politics and nationalities better not get in the way of the Yuri …..

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