Chapter 43: Fondness

Suddenly, there were a lot of discussion in the hall, since most of the people are high-ranking officials, especially the younger wealthy young masters and ladies. Even if they have never seen Liu Luo Yi, most of them have heard of her name.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man hurried forward and exerted force to hit the drum, feeling overjoyed: “A young lady has already come up, so we shall compete in painting first. All those who are proficient in painting can participate!”

With that being said, several men went up. Yet most of them are men and only Liu Luo Yi who was standing upright among them, seems out of place.

“Why are there no women?” Wei Chi Li asked Chen Chu.

Currently, Chen Chu was looking up at Liu Luo Yi, his eyes were filled with adoration. Hearing Wei Chi Li’s question, he became excited and kept talking: “Wei Chi Princess does not know. Although Yan Country does not have explicit rules, women who are talentless are virtuous after all. Miss Liu is an exception among the exceptions. She knew Qin, Chess, Calligraphy, and painting. Not only that, her Qin and dance are the best.”

“This competition is a tradition and happens every year. The women will compete in Qin and Dance, and the men will compete in calligraphy and painting. Miss Liu has broken this tradition by going up like this.”

Wei Chi Li nodded and when she looked at Liu Luo Yi again, it was filled with admiration.

With a little pride.

On the other side, Qiu Wu Jin glanced at Wei Chi Li from time to time, wanting to go up but hesitated and did not move her feet. Only until the competition has started, then did she sigh and went back to her seat.

“Ei, wait! This prince is going up too!” Chen chu jumped up onto the stage at the last moment. Chen Sheng who was smacked by his fluttering robe, smiled helplessly then poured a glass of wine for himself.

“My younger brother has always been naughty since young and does not have any tricks, just infatuation. Hope princess be magnanimous enough to forgive him.” Chen Sheng smiled modestly.

“Crown Prince has worried too much.” Wei Chi Li replied politely with a smile.

“Attention, everyone! This time, proposition as painting, poem as guide and a stick of incense time as the time limit. The best completion with the most appreciation will win the first prize!” The man yelled out and somehow the drum in his hand has changed into gong. With a ‘crash’ sound, the whole lobby became quiet.

A dozen of people on the stage held onto their brushes to paint with ‘swishing’ sounds. Wei Chi Li held the chopsticks in her hand, staring at Liu Luo Yi, feeling more nervous than her.

Liu Luo Yi was composed, sometimes gliding her brush, sometimes contemplating. Painting to her heart’s content that she did not even realized that her sleeve was stained by the ink.

Chen Chu next to her was in a completely opposite style. Holding brush while scratching his head in anxiety and his eyes kept floating towards Liu Luo Yi. The moment he was nervous, he overturned the inkstone and spilt onto himself.

Liu Luo Yi was completely unaffected as if he did not exist at all. As a result, before the incense burned halfway, Chen Chu walked down angrily with a body full of ink.

“It seems like this Flower City Festival is indeed an extremely important festival. It attracts so many people and is fortunate enough to meet your highness, the crown prince.” Every now and then, when Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi, she still did not forget to have an idle chat with the crown prince.

“I don’t have anything to do on usual days, I have a lot of free time.” Chen Sheng took a sip of the wine and his eyes gradually revealed some melancholy.

Suddenly, Wei Chi Li’s ears perked but appearing to not understand on the surface and asked: “Your highness. As the crown prince, should be remarkably busy with the palace affairs.”

Chen Sheng chuckled softly and raised his glass: “Cheers to Wei Chi Princess.”

Wei Chi Li understood the insinuation as she laughed and drank in one shot.

It seems like on the surface, this country was not so peaceful and prosperous.

At this time, there was another gong sound on the stage, and everyone stopped painting. Some were worried, some seem to resign to their fate, and some seems happy.

Liu Luo Yi breathe a sigh of relief and raised her head to looked across the hustling and bustling lively crowd. When Wei Chi Li met her gaze, she hands up and showed an ‘ok’ gesture.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback for a moment then immediately smile. She had unintentionally told her about that gesture previously. Unexpectedly, she uses it, so she returns the same gesture.

At first, Chen Chu thought that Liu Luo Yi was announcing her success and rampantly hail towards Liu Luo Yi. Until in a blink of an eye, he saw Wei Chi Li then put his hand down dejectedly.

“The main topic this time is ‘Landscape’, everyone submits your paintings and after we have let the famous painter we have invited from the capital to have a look, will give you a response. Next competition is dance!” The man shouted cheerfully.

When Liu Luo Yi stepped off the stage, there were many people in front of her, making her unable to move. She could only look towards Wei Chi Li, using her eyes expression to ask for help.

Wei Chi Li have no choice but to strode forward, squeezing a path through the crowd and walked to Liu Luo Yi’s side with difficulty. She held her, almost embracing her all the way as she brought her out.

With Wei Chi Li’s protection, Liu Luo Yi did not even touch the corner of other’s clothes. She raised her head slightly to look at Wei Chi Li’s profile, secretly smiling.

But when Wei Chi Li let go, she felt a sense of loss again.

“How is the painting?” Wei Chi Li asked with a smile.

“Not bad.” Liu Luo Yi said, “You will find out later.”

“Okay, I will wait. You must be tired, eat some snacks. Just now, I have asked them to freshly make it and there is even sorbet, try it.” Wei Chi Li picked up fruit sorbet that was emitting cold air on the table and as if presenting a treasure, she handed it to Liu Luo Yi.

Time passed quickly and all 4 types of competition were over. Chen Chu has finally won a round of chess and got a jade hairpin and wanted to give it to Liu Luo Yi. But saw Liu Luo Yi’s painting was presented on the stage.

“First-prize for painting, Miss Liu!” That middle-aged man shouted.

The crowd seethed with excitement again. Everyone looked towards Liu Luo Yi’s direction with disbelief. Although it was said that the Qin Chun restaurant competition was small scale, every year a lot of capable people would show off. It was hard not to be surprised that a woman has gotten the first prize in painting.

Wei Chi Li was so happy that she slapped the table, while Liu Luo Yi was much calmer. She stood up and said softly: “I will go get it.”

“I will accompany you.” Wei Chi Li quickly stood up but was pressed back by Liu Luo Yi.

“There is no need, I can get it by myself.” Her face was slightly red. Not sure if it was because it was hot or something.

Wei Chi Li looked at her with doubt but could only sit still obediently. She tilted her neck, looking at Liu Luo Yi’s back.

“Princess, I think that your expression is a little like worshipping.” Xin Ran leaned over and said bluntly.

“Scram.” Wei Chi Li said.

Liu Luo Yi followed the waiter all the way around the stage and came to a room. There were many boxes inside, some boxes were exquisite while some were just ordinary wooden boxes.

“Miss Liu, the first-prize is on top and are all valuable treasures. This is a cultural relic from the previous dynasty, the armband of Empress ZiYing. This is a pair of jade pendants made using TianShan jade. It is said that when lovers wear it, they can know the other person’s intention, grow old together and never separate.” The waiter sputter continuously, “The bigger one is for your sweetheart and the smaller one is worn by women.”

Liu Luo Yi reached out to take the jade pendants and placed it in her palm. Only felt that it was cool, top quality and no flaws, especially the centre of the jade of pendant, each with a red dot.

It looks like 2 red heart moles, extremely special.

“This is it. Many thanks.” Liu Luo Yi thanked politely.

She walked to the turning point, but suddenly stopped. She held the 2 jades in front of her eyes. With lights, the 2 red hearts were so beautiful that it was intoxicating

“Don’t care whether it was for men or women.” She muttered to herself then wore the bigger one in front of her chest.

“I insist on giving it to her.” She muttered to herself again then giggled.

The next second, she rubbed her face, a little annoyed that she has lost her attitude. Fortunately, no one was watching.

When Wei Chi Li took over the jade pendant from Liu Luo Yi, she was dumbfounded.

“You, are you giving it to me?” She persisted.

Liu Luo Yi endured her shyness and tried to snatch the jade back coldly but was stopped by Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li wore the jade pendant on her neck carefully and then placed it gently on her chest, lowering her head to admire, “Our little Liu’er is amazing. This kind of treasure is hard to buy even with a thousand gold.”

“What did you call me?” Liu Luo Yi reached out to push her.

“You gave me this and if I still call you Miss Liu, I will be letting down your kind intention.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile.

The 2 of them only cared about talking among themselves, completely ignoring the feelings of the people around them. Chen Chu threw the hairpin onto the table, drinking angrily. Chen Sheng on the side find it funny and took the wine glass from his hand: “Save it. With one look, can tell that Miss Liu has no intention for you. Don’t waste time.”

“I refused to accept it! It is fine if she does not give it to me. What does it even mean to give it to Wei Chi Princess?” Chen Chu said dejectedly.

“You don’t say. This Wei Chi Princess’s martial art, talent, wisdom is far better than you. If you have the time to be dejected, why not try to catch up to others. Don’t simply focus on eating and having fun.” Chen Sheng sighed.

“When Miss Liu was sold to Lu Mansion, I said I want to get her back and if you hadn’t stopped me, saying that it was inappropriate as I will lose the imperial family’s dignity, how could I lose this opportunity.” Chen Chu drank the wine again.

Feeling dissatisfied that the expected person was disappointing, Chen Sheng looked at him then used the fan in his hand to knock on his head helplessly.

The atmosphere on the other side was also low. Qiu Wu Jin looked at the 2 people in front, then lowered her eyes.

“It has been quite a while. When it is dark, I still have a surprise. After you have seen it, I am sure you will forgive me.” Suddenly, Wei Chi Li said mysteriously.

“Didn’t I forgive you long ago?”

“Just treat it as that you did not. Just wait and watch it.” Wei Chi Li winked at her, “Besides, it was not just to apologise. It is just that you will inevitably feel sad when we go to that place tonight. I am worried and want to make you happy in advance.”

“By then, you will not be too sad.” Wei Chi Li chuckled.

Liu Luo Yi chuckled lightly, but there was a wave of warmth and happiness surged in her heart.

How lucky she was to meet her. She does not want to miss it.

The moment she heard that the jade pendant allows people to grow old together, she just wanted to give her the jade pendant. Never thought of anyone else.

And Wei Chi Die’s words keeps echoing in her mind.

She has thought about it and have figured it out. She likes her. Regardless of whether man or women, regardless of her status.

She just likes the one, who could make her give out the jade pendant firmly.

[T/L Note]: CHEER WITH ME!!!

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