Chapter 39: Quarrel

Fortunately, his death was still worthwhile, at least he left a clue for her. However, because she does not have any manpower and no contacts, it was difficult for her to go about finding it out.

Wei Chi Li sat down at the stone table in the courtyard, holding the note with both hands, feeling extremely depressed.

There were rushing footsteps sound. Xin Ran ran all the way into the courtyard and stopped in front of Wei Chi Li. She panted as she placed a booklet in front of Wei Chi Li and said: “Princess, our people could not come in contact with the court and so, we can only find out some basic things. This is the name list containing all the people from the official court with surname, Zhou.”

Wei Chi Li suddenly became energetic as she reached out to take the name list and asked as she flipped through it: “How many officials with the surname, Zhou?”

“29.” Xin Ran answered honestly.

Wei Chi Li was startled and almost threw the booklet in her hand.

“29? what official positions are they holding onto, can you find out their entire life?” Wei Chi Li still held onto the last glimmer of hope.

Xin Ran scratched her head as she was put on the spot: “Princess, the specific matters are all secrets, we can’t come in contact with it based on our limited manpower.”

Wei Chi Li immediately become languish and sprawled on the stone table, feeling extremely gloomy.

After a while, Liu Luo Yi opened the door and came in. She saw the master and servant sprawling on the stone table together, looking as though life was meaningless. She shook her head and strode over quickly.

“Princess, what’s the matter?”

“29 people with the surname, Zhou. You people are too fond of this surname.” Wei Chi Li wailed.

Liu Luo Yi was silence for a while and said in a soft voice: “Princess, I want to go home and have a look. I felt that my father will leave something for me.”

Although that place held the worst feared memories in her life, she must give it a try. She could not always let Wei Chi Li shield in front of her. This was her own matter and should do her best to bear it.

Wei Chi Li sighed and softened her tone: “Do you really want to go back? It is better for Xin Ran and I to go and you will stay here with ease.”

Liu Luo Yi shook her head and part her skirt to sit down, saying it seriously: “I know that princess is good to me and I can never repay you in this life. However, I do not want to be a person that will be protected by princess forever.”

“If there comes a day, and if possible, I also want to protect princess, using everything I have.” Liu Luo Yi finished speaking then looked at Wei Chi Li quietly.

Although this was a sentence that no one would believe, she knows that what she said was an oath.

Once it was spoken, it must be done.

Wei Chi Li was stunned for a moment. She felt that the emotion in Liu Luo Yi’s eyes was unfathomable. But the seriousness in her tone made her believe it.

Wei Chi Li smiled and could not help it but pinched her small nose.

“Okay, if one day, something was to happen to me, you have to come and save me” Wei Chi Li joked.

Liu Luo Yi felt that feeling on her nose touched by her fingers were suddenly spreading like wildfire. She quickly lowered her head and reached out to touch her nose, rubbing it till it was red.

Wei Chi Li also coughed twice, as she realized that her action just now seemed a little strange.

Just when the 2 fell into a sudden and inexplicable embarrassment, a widely known and charming voice travelled from the door: “Yo, did I come at a bad time and disturb you all?”

Wei Chi Li raised her eyes to looked and saw Wei Chi Die leaning against the door. A set of narrow-sleeved clothes often worn by the Yan Country’s women has become amorous on her. This time, not only her arms were partly visible, partly hidden, but was also recklessly revealing the gentle and smooth lines of her neck to collarbone.

She wink seductively at Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li rolled her eyes and placed her hand in front of Liu Luo Yi’s eyes, covering it. Only then did she looked at Wei Chi Die up and down and felt that she could not pick any flaws with this figure.

When she has transmigrated, why did she transmigrate into Wei Chi Li’s body? Although the leg and waist could fight with her, some places were still quite weak.

Wei Chi Li moved her gaze onto Liu Luo Yi again and paused for a while then nodded in satisfaction. Luckily, Liu Luo Yi has saved her reputation.

Liu Luo Yi saw Wei Chi Li’s expression through the gap of her palm and immediately her face was red. She smacked her hand off her face, saying angrily: “Princess!”

Wei Chi Li laughed until she was rocking back and forth.

Only Xin Ran was looking at this and looking at that, suddenly feeling inferior and was so angry that she hugged the sword in her arms tighter.

“What sorts of matter was able to make you, the devil-incarnate, anxious? Say it and let this princess be happy.” Wei Chi Die walk over as she twists and turn, picking up Xin Ran up, threw her aside then sat down against the stone table.

She did not forget to pretentiously half-leaned on the table and propped her chin to looked at Wei Chi Li.

What to do, really want to beat her up. Wei Chi Li clenched her fists under the table.

“Yo, why is your nose so red? A beauty must have the consciousness of a beauty. Face is the most important thing. Come, let sister have a look.” Wei Chi Die said as she reached out her hand to touch Liu Luo Yi’s face.

Wei Chi Li quickly grasped her hand.

“Untouchable?” Wei Chi Die looked at Wei Chi Li mischievously then looked at Liu Luo Yi.

Wei Chi Li was puzzled but Liu Luo Yi’s eyes held more hostility.

Remarkably interesting. Wei Chi Die said in her heart as she retracted her hand, then said seriously: “Let’s talk about it. What are you worried about? Need money or manpower?”

Wei Chi Li also became serious and looked at Wei Chi Die firmly.

“Don’t look at me like this. I neither have the time to know what you are doing nor wants to bother about it. However, since dad has sent me to bring you back and you have brute force so cannot be tied up. So, have solve your concerns here as soon as possible.” Wei Chi Die said as she glanced at Liu Luo Yi.

“You can help me?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“Stop talking nonsense, and quickly say it.” Wei Chi Die was annoyed.

Wei Chi Li and Liu Luo Yi looked at each other, after which, explained everything with regards to the person with surname, Zhou but did not say what they were doing.

Even if she was the original owner’s sister, she still must keep an eye on her. This was also for her own good, as one less person knows about it, it was one less person in danger.

“The official’s name list is simple.” After listening, Wei Chi Die smiled scornfully, “I thought it was something major, just wait, I will give you an answer in a few days.”

“Besides officials, must include those who are powerful and influential people in the capital.” Wei Chi Li added.

Wei Chi Die answered then stood up and wanted to leave. But was suddenly stopped by Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li smiled at her gently and thanked her loud and clear.

Wei Chi Die was stunned for a moment then said stubbornly: “It is rather astonishing that you would actually say thanks.” Wei Chi Die turned around and walked away quickly.

But once she turned around to a place where Wei Chi Li could not see, her initial confidence has all disappeared and her pace was dispirited.

She remembered the last words that her dad had said when she sent her here. It was neither a phrase of ‘be safe on the road’ nor ‘return soon’, but ‘if your royal sister does not return safely, you shall not come back either’.

It seems that since young, her existence was to assist Wei Chi Li. Even if she had work hard to study political affairs and practise martial arts, it was all useless.

When her royal father has handed over all the secret spy and miscellaneous, she has already accepted this fate and watched as the soldier’s tally representing reign would eventually be handed over to Wei Chi Li.

It was not that she has never thought about seizing the throne. But though she could call him old man, she could not do any disobedient matters.

So even if she has hated Wei Chi Li so much that she wanted to kill her personally, she could almost cry because of a gentle and respect word that she has never had before.

She was really useless. Presumably because of this, her royal father refused to give her the Northern Territory throne.

In the courtyard, Wei Chi Li does not know about all these as she was still planning with Liu Luo Yi as to when to sneak into the Liu Mansion which has been closed off.

“In 2 days, it will be the Flower City Festival and the entire capital will celebrate it. At night, there must be a crowd of people on the street, I think, we should go during the Flower City Festival. I am familiar with the mansion, so I will go with you.” Liu Luo Yi’s light and lofty voice travelled continuously while Wei Chi Li rested her face on her hands, suddenly wanting to listen to it for a little longer.

“Princess, how about it?” Liu Luo Yi emphasised.

“Ah, good, very good!” Wei Chi Li chuckled.

“Princess!” Liu Luo Yi furrowed her brows as she looked at her accusingly with a pair of almond eyes.

“Look at your temper, how could it match your face.” Wei Chi Li sighed, “we can celebrate the festival during the day and take action at night. It just so happens that I have yet to experience the festive atmosphere here.”

“Okay.” Liu Luo Yi agreed, and her heart jumped abruptly but did not tell her the meaning of this Flower City Festival.

“By the way, you have never gone out before, so how do you know about this so clearly?” Wei Chi Li leaned over and asked.

Liu Luo Yi reached out her hand to push her face away, feeling rather uncomfortable: “When I was still studying at the mansion, I pleaded the 4th prince to take me out secretly.”

Wei Chi Li suddenly began to imagine Liu Luo Yi with her lonely yet proud temperament, as she sneaks out using a ladder to climb over the wall to play.

It must be extremely cute.

But immediately, the smile on her face collapsed: “In the future, do not go out with that 4th prince, stay away from him. Understand?”

Unexpectedly, Liu Luo Yi agreed happily as she sat there, nodding. The hair on her forehead shook and it made an interesting contrast when matches with her usual expressionless face.

“Although the 4th prince seems to have a good character, he is too stupid. Besides, people like princes must be surrounded by many women, so you must not look for him.”

Wei Chi Li stroke her chin as she thought about it seriously.

“Must look for someone with an untainted family, a pure-hearted character with an innocent face and must be able to tolerate your temperament, treating you well. And must be a couple for a lifetime, must have some power and influence too. Ai, it is quite difficult.” Wei Chi Li smacked her lips, sighed, and shook her head.

Liu Luo Yi’s originally lovable expression has disappeared in an instant and has turned into her initial coldness.

Wei Chi Li noticed that there was something wrong with her and immediately stopped talking. Thinking that she did not say anything wrong.

She reached out wanted to probe by patting Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder but was slapped away harshly. Liu Luo Yi looked at her and suddenly said: “Princess really think so?”

Wei Chi Li started having cold sweat as she looked towards Xin Ran for help. But Xin Ran was even more confused than her and quickly backed away, not daring to say anything.

“Many thanks for looking out for me.” Liu Luo Yi stood up and within a few steps, she ran out and nearly bumped into Wei Chi Die who was sprawling on the door gap and eavesdropping.

She nodded, passing by Wei Chi Die and ran away.

She does not know what was wrong with herself. Wei Chi Li was obviously concerned about her, but why did she feel so uncomfortable in her heart upon hearing those words.

[T/L Note]: ・゚゚・(×_×)・゚゚・。 Last few days have been binge-reading a new Chinese novel. And completed this morning at 7am and have yet to sleep for 2days and also have not translated last few days! SOWWWIIIIEEEE!!!!! (っ- ‸ – ς)

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        She did not forget to pretentiously half-leaned on the table and propped her chin to looked at Wei Chi Li.”

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