Chapter 32: Same Bed

Liu Luo Yi’s hand slipped and poured half the bottle of the medicine onto the bed.

Wei Chi Li put down her hand and looked at the powder on the bed as she shook her head regretfully: “This medicine is expensive.”

“Princess, medicine has been applied, shouldn’t you go back now?” Liu Luo Yi swept up the powder quickly and stood up.

“I just said that you can’t leave my sight. By the way, Liu Wen Chang’s room is also nearby, right? I will ask Xin Ran to stand guard outside his door.” After saying that, Wei Chi Li slid along the wall onto the bed and lie on her back.

Seeing as if she was going to live here for a long time, Liu Luo Yi does not know what to say at that moment. In the end, she could only bite her lip, ignoring her as she turned to do other things.

Wei Chi Li secretly opened her eyes to look at her back when she left, then smiled triumphantly and closed her eyes to rest.

Time passed in a blink of an eye and soon it was evening. The kitchen girl sends the food over and when the moment the door was opened, she was frightened by Wei Chi Li and put down the meal box in a panic.

She bowed, then looked at Wei Chi Li curiously, and looked at Liu Luo Yi. Although she was a normal commoner, she had also heard about the princess and Liu Luo Yi in the mansion.

It was just that their relationship has always been a mystery. Logically, these 2 was incompatible like fire and ice. But Wei Chi Princess has actually allowed her to live with her in the mansion. That was fine, but now they were actually sleeping in the same room.

“Many thanks.” Liu Luo Yi saw her and said that as she walked in from the courtyard.

The girl quickly put away the curiosity in her eyes as she turned around and walked away. When she went out, she even bumped into the door frame. She ran out of the courtyard, holding her forehead.

She has always been a little scared of this Miss Liu as she was always discreet in her speech and manner. Hence, with a glance, she knew that it was difficult to get along with her.

Wei Chi Li who was lying on the bed could not help but laugh and teased: “Look at you. There is no smile on your face, scaring this little girl like this.”

“It was not me who frightened her. It was princess and I.” Liu Luo Yi glanced at Wei Chi Li lightly.

“Oh?” Wei Chi Li raised an eyebrow.

Liu Luo Yi knew that there was ambiguity in what she said so she hesitated, then said: “Princess, please go back, I am going to bathe.”

Wei Chi Li nodded then looked at her with brilliance in her eyes.

Liu Luo Yi felt that her face was hot again as she quickly went out: “I will call Xin Ran over to bring princess back.”

Wei Chi Li was not in the rush to reply. When the muddled Xin Ran was dragged over by Liu Luo Yi, she smiled at her: “Xin Ran, go and bring my bathing items as well as some finest perfume for Miss Liu.”

Xin Ran who was already confused was even more confused. She nodded and obediently went to bring the things over.

On this side, Liu Luo Yi could not stop Xin Ran, and does not know what to say on the other side. So, she stood on the spot for a while as her eyes that were looking at Wei Chi Li were filled with complaints.

“Go out.” She says.

“My leg is still injured. Besides, I need you to help me wipe my body.” Wei Chi Li looked innocent.

“Princess!” Liu Luo Yi did not even notice that her tone was no longer cold but has a hint of blame.

“Go out, Okay?” She said again. Her tone was even softer, and the pair of glistening almond eyes looked at Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li had originally wanted to tease her for a while more but did not expect that being teased by her like this, had caused the tip of her heart to tremble. By the time she reacted, she was already holding onto the meal box and was standing alone in the evening wind. Facing Xin Ran who had just came back with a tub and towel.  

“Princess, have you been kicked out?” Xin Ran chuckled.

“Shut up.” Wei Chi Li said in a bad mood.

Hence, Wei Chi Li just gave up wiping her body like this. In the cool wind of the summer night, she finished her meal with extreme discomfort, together with those brutal mosquitoes.

When Wei Chi Li entered the room again, the entire room was filled with the light fragrance belonging to Liu Luo Yi. Wei Chi Li limped back to the bed and sat down pitifully.

“I got injured for you. Never mind if you were shy and do not allow me to see you when you bathe. You have to help me take off my clothes, I can’t possibly sleep while fully clothed.” Wei Chi Li said helplessly.

Liu Luo Yi hesitated for a moment then walked over obediently. She reached out to removed Wei Chi Li’s robe and when she was taking it off, her body has inevitably nestled against Wei Chi Li.

At first, Wei Chi Li did not mind and enjoyed it comfortably. But when she accidentally opened her eyes, she suddenly felt her cheeks were as if being burned by the flame, it was frightening hot.

Liu Luo Yi had just washed her body so there were still tiny water droplets on her neck and arms. The whole person was emitting fragrant moisture.

She might be a little rushed when dressing as her plackets were a little loose and the moment she raised her hand, the white, tender, and scented shoulders were exposed in front of Wei Chi Li’s eyes.

Wei Chi Li coincidentally moved her eyes down.

She immediately said ‘oh Fuck’ in her heart and closed her eyes abruptly, simply feeling her entire face was burned by the fire.

Liu Luo Yi did not notice Wei Chi Li’s reaction as she politely helped Wei Chi Li to take off her robe then folded it neatly, after which, she stood up and said: “Princess, rest.”

Only then did Wei Chi Li dared to open her eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief and asked quickly: “Are you not sleeping?”

“Princess sleeps first, I can sleep on the floor later.” She said as she lowered her head.

“How can that be.” Wei Chi Li was anxious, “Although it is summer, the floor is very cold and if you caught a cold, who is going to take care of me?”

“Xin Ran.”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li waved her hand: “Xin Ran, that scoundrel is clumsy, so how can she be compared to your meticulous attitude.”

Xin Ran who was outside the window, kicked the wall angrily as she was inexplicably shot while lying down(!),

(!)躺枪 Tang Qiang: shot while lying down means that the innocent party was hurt.

“Come up. I am not a lecher and will not do anything to you. Your room is simple and crude, so there are no other places to sleep. Just one night. I will let Xin Ran bring another bed tomorrow. Is this alright?” Wei Chi Li persuaded earnestly.

Liu Luo Yi knew that she had already rejected Wei Chi Li once, so she does not want to embarrass Wei Chi Li too much. She ‘En’ softly then laid down along the edge of the bed.

That cautious action was like lying on a cliff.

Wei Chi Li sighed. she reached out her hand to grab her clothes and immediately dragged her to her side then she lies down flatly and closed her eyes.

Liu Luo Yi was caught off guard when she was next to Wei Chi Li’s arm as her heart trembled. She quickly grabbed the edge of the bed and moved towards outside.

“I will not eat you.” Wei Chi Li muttered.

“Are you not going to take off your clothes? And not going to blow out the candles?” Wei Chi Li could not help but speak again after a while.

Hearing this, only then did Liu Luo Yi sat up in a panic, blow out the candle and sat back onto the bed. She clutched her sleeves tightly and felt her body were terribly stiff and seemed almost out of control.

Compared to sleeping on the same bed as Wei Chi Li, she wants to sleep on the streets even more.

“Take off your robe.” Wei Chi Li said with her eyes closed.

There was a rustling sound travelling from beside her. After a while, the bed shook slightly as Liu Luo Yi laid down.

The inner clothes were very thin, and following her movement, it was pulled to the back, revealing a small back. Borrowing the faint skylight outside the window, Wei Chi Li saw a faint reddish scar that was exposed on Liu Luo Yi’s back.

It was very shallow and faint but very conspicuous.

Wei Chi Li reached out her hand but did not touch it. She frowned and said: “Which bastard did it?” could it be that bastard, Lu Yun Kui? It seems like the punishment she metes out was too lenient. She should find another day to beat him up to relieve her anger.

Liu Luo Yi said: “Princess has forgotten. This was given to me by princess on the very first day I entered Lu Mansion.” 

That bastard surname ‘Wei Chi’. It was silence.

Just like that, a wound on a perfect back. As she wonders if there were any more that were covered up by the clothes. Wei Chi Li felt heartache.

She gently covered the scar with her hand and forced out a sentence: “I’m sorry. You, don’t you hate me?”

“How could I not hate?” She said softly.

“Then I want to tell you that this was not my intention or, it was not me. Will you believe it?” Wei Chi Li probed.

“Yes.” Unexpectedly, Liu Luo Yi answered bluntly.

She suddenly turned towards Wei Chi Li and opened her eyes, saying: “Will princess still hurt me?”

“In this life, Wei Chi Li will never hurt you.” Wei Chi Li blurted.

Liu Luo Yi looked at Wei Chi Li and suddenly smiled. Because the light was dim, Wei Chi Li could not see her face clearly but felt that this was the most beautiful smile in the world.

Liu Luo Yi turned over again. While Wei Chi Li covered her chest and sighed secretly.

What a silly girl. So silly that people want to keep protecting her.

Time passed peacefully and Wei Chi Li’s life after transmigrating did not cause any more waves. The only changes were Liu Luo Yi’s attitude towards her. Although she still looked cold, she would occasionally smile.

Moreover, Wei Chi Li had observed that she has never smiled at anyone besides herself and Liu Wen Chang, which makes her feel a little happy.

Perhaps because of her internal strength, her leg injured healed quickly and within half a month, she was able to practice her martial arts.

The person hiding in the dark did not appear again, but Wei Chi Li never lower her guard as she could feel that both of them were fabricating an illusion that they were no longer entangled in this matter.

In fact, the undercurrent was surging(!).

(!)暗潮汹涌 An Chao Xiong Yong: Chinese idiom. It is a metaphor for a huge power was developing in secret that has yet to be revealed.

Apart from Liu Ru, those who knew about the inside story of Liu Ru was the one who was manipulating in the dark and perhaps Lu Yun Kui too. But Wei Chi Li always felt that the scoundrel was just following orders. She was bound to get nothing out of it and there was also a possibility of alerting the enemies.

Being an outsider and wanting to know the truth would be as difficult as ascending heaven. She can only do a roundabout investigation first. Witnesses were not possible; she could find physical evidence. If that person did not allow any loopholes, she could only risk scouting the Court of Judicature and Revision.

Although she hopes that day does not come as she still wants to stay alive.

On this day, she dragged her leg that has gotten better to guide Liu Wen Chang on his sword practice. Then she heard footsteps sound and pressed down Liu Wen Chang’s sword vigilantly and strode towards the door.

Unexpectedly, just as she stepped out of the courtyard, she saw Xin Ran with a darkened face as she leads a man towards her.

That man was dressed in a brown robe, but his face was shiny white, his figure was thin, and his cheeks were sunken. He was wearing an obviously slightly larger silver crown as he treads towards Wei Chi Li.

Before Wei Chi Li could say anything. That man raised his graceful hand to gesture and leaned towards Wei Chi Li charmingly as he said with a high-pitch voice: “Wei Chi Princess, The emperor has summoned to see you!”

[T/L Note]: In case ya’ll have not figured it out. The man that came to find MC is an eunuch. I’m sorry I do not know how to explain his hand gesture properly, but basically it is joined thumb and middle finger, the rest extended.

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  1. Ah yes~ the fl’s special treatment. So good.

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  2. Wow that was a pretty nice scene, do love how Luo Yi only smiles at Wei Chi, how cute.

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    Uh oh emperor eh? Hope he won’t try to marry her off or something? Or ask for Luo Yi maybe?


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