Chapter 31

And in the recent period, she had rarely shown herself in the capital. The only time was an unexpected mistake made at the entrance of the Court of Judicature and Revision. It seems like the person hidden in the dark who had framed Liu Ru, could not restrain himself anymore.

“Princess, I felt that we should not stay here for too long. Let us return to the Northern Territory as soon as possible. After all, this is Yan Country. If something happens, no one can help princess. By then, it will be even more dangerous.” Xin Ran was worried.

Wei Chi Li was quiet and did not say anything. She held the letter in her palm, squeezing it tighter and tighter. Threatening again.

The original book did not mention about this detail. Now, that person was hidden in the dark and she was in the light, which makes it very troublesome.

“Xin Ran, can you find out the source of this arrow and symbol?”

Xin Ran took over the arrow and said: “I can try, but….”

Wei Chi Li also knew that there was little hope as this kind of symbol was used for internal identification. So, unless it was a large organisation, it was difficult for them to get any pieces of information about it.

“I understand, go and rest first, let me think about it.” Wei Chi Li placed the letter on the table and waved her hand.

It was never her style to flee before the battle began. No matter who was behind, she, Wei Chi Li was never afraid of threats. Since there was someone stopping her openly, then all the more she would rescue the Lord Liu.

Wei Chi Li picked up the letter again and observed it carefully. This was a high-quality writing paper. The surface of the paper was smooth and fine with faint patterns printed on it. With one look, it was obvious that this was not affordable for ordinary people.

But this was not a clue either. As someone who was able to frame a dignified prime minister could not be an ordinary person.

It was just that her leg injury has not healed yet so she could not do anything for a while. Then it was better to heal up first and wait for the person hiding to relax first before making plans.

Hence, at noon that day, Wei Chi Li dragged her injured leg and moved step by step towards Liu Luo Yi’s courtyard.

Although that person does not want to hurt Liu Luo Yi, she still felt that Liu Luo Yi should not be too far away from her. After all, neither she nor Liu Wen Chang has any martial arts skills, which was very worrying.

Besides, she needs to find an opportunity to have a better understanding of Liu Luo Yi and her father’s history. Otherwise, even if she were determined to help her, there was nothing she could do about it.

It was just that this leg was really bothersome. Wei Chi Li hopped on 1 leg, feeling like she was a colourful peacock.

Suddenly, a pair of hands supported her. A delicate fragrance belonging to women wafted from her side. Wei Chi Li turned her head and subconsciously avoided to the side.

As a result, she accidentally pressed on her wound and her face furrowed from the pain. “Wan Ji? It is okay, there is no need to support me. I can do it by myself.” She quickly said.

Wan Ji did not move at all. She lowered her eyes and said softly: “Princess is injured, let Wan Ji served you.”

She raised her head and glanced at Wei Chi Li. That pair of eyes were glistening and the tear-like mole under her eye was extremely prominent on that snow-like face and her eyes seemed to hide a lot of emotions.

Being stared by that pair of eyes, Wei Chi Li felt her heart feeling very unnatural. Wei Chi Li’s smile was alienated and tried to break free from her hand.

However, these legs were really weak, and as she was helping her out of kindness, she could neither get angry nor do anything to her. The two were deadlocked for a time.

“Forget it, let you support then.” Wei Chi Li gave up struggling as she could only speed up her hops to arrive earlier and be free of it earlier.

Wan Ji was not angry either and still does her best to serve her. Her body was getting closer to Wei Chi Li and Wei Chi Li could only lean towards the other side as she hopped. Hence, as the more the two continued, the more slanted they went and almost squeezed into the underbrush.

“Princess is strolling in the garden?” A very cold voice travelled from the other side. Wei Chi Li raised her head to look. It was Liu Luo Yi.

She was holding a meal box in her arms and her eyes fell on Wan Ji’s hand that was supporting Wei Chi Li.

“Uh, I was about to find you…” Wei Chi Li realized that her eyes expression was a little wrong and quickly explained.

Then she reacted, what was there to explain?

Liu Luo Yi gave an ‘oh’ sound and turned to leave. Wei Chi Li quickly opened her mouth to call out to her. But who knew before she could squeeze out any sound from her throat, Liu Luo Yi turned around again. She strode towards Wei Chi Li, raised her hand, and stuffed the meal box into her arms.

Being hit by the ridiculously hard meal box, she almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

Liu Luo Yi turned to Wan Ji and said: “Since princess has found me, then let me help her, thank you.”

Wan Ji did not say anything and the 2 looked at each other face to face. After a while, it was still Wan Ji who was defeated as she nodded and took a step back.

Liu Luo Yi pulled Wei Chi Li over and supported her to continued walking forward, leaving Wan Ji standing alone at the same spot. Never moving like a sculpture as she continued facing the direction where Wei Chi Li left.

Wei Chi Li finally walked on a straight line again, just feeling a little cold all over her body….

She leaned close to Liu Luo Yi and said with a smile: “Did you send food for me again?”

Liu Luo Yi did not speak.

“Did you do it this time, you get hurt easily when cooking, so it is better to call…”

“The kitchen girl cooked this.” Liu Luo Yi said.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Wei Chi Li smiled.

Hence, as the more the 2 continued, the more they leaned towards Liu Luo Yi side and almost squeezed into the underbrush.

After finally seeing the grove of pear trees, Wei Chi Li could finally breathe a sigh of relief as she felt that her leg was about to break.

Liu Luo Yi supported her to the stone table in the courtyard. Wei Chi Li sat down and was about to speak when Liu Luo Yi turned around and walked into the room, closing the door tightly.

Wei Chi Li scratched her head. What did she do wrong?

Wei Chi Li was unable to understand what was wrong as she looked at her leg and gave up the possibility of standing up. She slowly opened the meal box and lowered her head to eat.

It was better to fill up her stomach first.

It was just that the kitchen girl has always tend to cook food with a sweeter taste, but the food today was very salty. However, the overall taste was not much different, so Wei Chi Li was not bothered by it.

Until she ate a small piece of eggshell.

This was not right. When hiring a cook, she had picked up on that girl’s meticulous attitude and great craftsmanship. So why did she not take out the eggshell now?

Wei Chi Li looked towards Liu Luo Yi’s tightly closed door and curled the corner of her lips.

This Liu Luo Yi often says one thing and does another thing.

After the meal, Wei Chi Li stretched her sore legs and felt that she should be lying down instead of sitting. Hence, she hopped towards Liu Luo Yi’s door.

Knocking on the door.

Liu Luo Yi’s voice travelled from inside: “Since princess has eaten, please go back.”

“Chasing me away like this? I’m tired, open the door.” Wei Chi Li leaned lazily against the door and yawned.

“Princess’s room is much bigger, so why have to come to my room.”

“No, I did not provoke you today and it was too tiring to walk back so I will spend the night here, tonight.” Wei Chi Li was feeling very depressed.

A moment of silence.

Wei Chi Li sighed. Thinking that Liu Luo Yi was overall fine, except for this terribly weird temper.

Using her hand to support herself on the door, intending to use it to turn around as she waits for Liu Luo Yi’s inexplicable temper to subside before telling her what had happened today.

Who knew that the door was opened at this moment. Wei Chi Li was unsteady on her feet and fell straight down. She happened to slammed into Liu Luo Yi who came to open the door

How could Liu Luo Yi support her? The 2 pressed one after another and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Wei Chi Li supported against the ground with one hand, and another wrapped around Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder, propping her whole body a little, preventing her from falling directly on her back and hurt her head.

Liu Luo Yi opened her tightly closed eyes. And at first sight, she saw Wei Chi Li’s slender neck. She was being embraced tightly by her as her arm wrapped around her shoulders and the unique smell belonging to Wei Chi Li surrounds her entire body. This feeling had almost made her faint on the spot.

All the anger at seeing her being intimate with others had disappeared, leaving only loss of spirits.

Wei Chi Li lowered her head to look at her and smiled helplessly: “Why do you clench other’s clothes whenever you are nervous?”

Liu Luo Yi came back to her senses and looked at her hands. Sure enough, they were clenching onto Wei Chi Li’s collar tightly. She blushed and quickly retracted her hands but does not know where to place it, so she could only shrink it to the front of her chest.

“I don’t know how many of my top-grade cloud pattern brocade has been crumpled by you.”  Wei Chi Li shook her head.

Just now she was as cold as ice, and now she had turned into a cowering little white rabbit, shrinking, and hiding in her arms. Wei Chi Li only felt that her heart was going to melt.

The gloomy feeling because she does not understand why she was angry, had similarly all disappeared.

“You can help me re-bandaged. My leg wound has torn open up again.” Wei Chi Li placed her down gently then rolled to the side to lie down. It hurts terribly. Ai.  

Liu Luo Yi exerted the strength of nine bulls and two tigers(!) to support Wei Chi Li onto her bed and without saying anything as she helps her bandage.

(!)九牛二虎之力: Strength of 9bulls and 2 tigers means she exerted a lot of effort

Wei Chi Li leaned against the hard wall behind her, feeling her neck was a little uncomfortable but did not say anything. Though, she raised her eyes to looked at Liu Luo Yi.

Beautiful. Having such a good-looking person around and as expected would make one’s mood better.

“You are not allowed to leave my sight for these few days.” Wei Chi Li suddenly said.

Liu Luo Yi glanced at her and immediately lowered her eyes again: “Why?”

“Because I am worried about a beauty like you walking around alone.” Wei Chi Li teased her.

Liu Luo Yi used a little more force with her hand and Wei Chi Li wailed and said honestly with haste: “It is dangerous.”

“Is it because of, the people that hurt you the other day?” Liu Luo Yi asked as she gently sprinkled medicine on the wound.

Wei Chi Li nodded and said: “I suspected that the matter is related to your father. Someone in the dark knew that we were going to investigate the inside information of Lord Liu’s imprisonment and did not want the matter to come to light.”

Liu Luo Yi stopped her hand movement and hesitated before saying softly: “Princess, you have already been injured because of me.”

“I do not want to implicate princess. That person is too dangerous and as for this matter, princess just treats it as you do not know about it.”

She looked at Wei Chi Li’s injury and her eyes were a little red. Of course, even in dreams, she had wanted to rescue her father and go back to those peaceful days. But at the same time, she also wanted to cling onto the time when Wei Chi Li was around. She could never watch as something happened to her again.

If there was such a day, she would definitely go crazy.

Suddenly there was warmth on her head. Wei Chi Li’s palm was gently placed on her head and she smiled brightly: “Since you have moved into my house, then you are I, Wei Chi Li’s friend.”

“As you are one of my people, must not let others bullied you.”

[T/L Note]:

笺纸 Jian Zhi: high-quality writing paper (It is not exactly called ‘high-quality writing paper’ but there is not English term for it.)

云锦 Yun Jin: cloud pattern brocade

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