Chapter 30: Warning

When Wei Chi Li woke up, the moon was hanging above the willow trees and the faint skylight shone into the room through the windows, it was dim and peaceful.

She touched her stomach, feeling hungry and was about to call out for Xin Ran, only then did she remembered that Xin Ran had run away after getting mad at her.

Forget it, she could only drag her wounded leg and make something for herself.

She sat up slowly, placing the uninjured leg on the ground then supported herself up using the table by the window. At this moment, the door was suddenly opened, and a white figure walked in.

It was Liu Luo Yi with a bowl of medicine soup in her hand. Seeing that Wei Chi Li has stood up, she quickly ran over, put down the medicine and reached out to help her.

“It’s okay. It is so late now, why haven’t you gone to bed?” Borrowing her strength, Wei Chi Li sat back on the bed again.

“I’m not sleepy. Princess, you should take the medicine. The doctor said that this medicine will allow you to heal faster.” Liu Luo Yi said softly then strode towards the window, reached out and light the candle.

In that instant, the room has become brighter.

Wei Chi Li looked at the medicine and flattened her lips. She has poor health when she was young so her mother would often bring her to the Chinese physician and would make her drink some terribly bitter medicine.

Causing her mouth to dry unconsciously as soon as she saw that brownish-yellow soup.

“Um, my body is feeling fine, can I not drink it?” Wei Chi Li said with a fawning tone while moving back unconsciously.

“No.” Liu Luo Yi said flatly.

Wei Chi Li let out a long sigh and struggled for the last time: “Then, can I eat something first, otherwise, drinking like this will be very uncomfortable.”

Liu Luo Yi raised her eyes to looked at her, nodded then turned to open the door. Wei Chi Li quickly said: “You can shout for the girl in the kitchen, don’t do it yourself!”

Thinking about the previously salted Osmanthus cake makes the acid water in her stomach surged.

Liu Luo Yi flushed as she tilted her head: “The kitchen girl has already slept, and Xin Ran is not around. So, it’s either I do it or be hungry.”

Wei Chi Li hummed and stopped talking.

Liu Luo Yi curled her lips slightly and strode out, returning half an hour later. She closed the door, holding a bowl of smooth noodles in a light broth.

Smelling the aroma unique to the food that has filled the room, Wei Chi Li started drooling. She moved towards the table with anticipation.

It smells good but does not know how it tastes.

Liu Luo Yi seemed to see her worry as she put down the bowl of noodle then stuffed the chopsticks into her hand and said: “Don’t worry.”

Wei Chi Li glanced at her with doubts then like picking a biochemical weapon, she picked up a strand of noodle and put it into her mouth carefully.

Ei, it was unexpectedly delicious.

Only then did she felt relieved as she ate the bowl of noodles comfortably and even raised her head and drank all the soup. Then she placed her chopsticks down with satisfaction.

Liu Luo Yi stepped forward to clean up the table that was messed up by her then held the bowl as she walked out.

Wei Chi Li felt refreshed as it seems that there were benefits to being injured because it was rare to have gotten Liu Luo Yi’s care. Unexpectedly, after being happy for a short moment, Liu Luo Yi came back. She picked up the medicine soup at the side and placed it to Wei Chi Li’s mouth

“Drink the medicine.” She said.

Wei Chi Li wailed in her heart and lie down on her back.

Liu Luo Yi did not speak too as she stood there. She raised the bowl in her hand and stared at Wei Chi Li.

Being stared like this, Wei Chi Li was nervous and could only sat up, reached out to take the bowl of medicine obediently.

“Gulp gulp gulp.”

Forget it, she was also doing this for her own good. Wei Chi Li sucked her mouth that was about to cramp up from the bitterness, feeling depressed.

When Liu Luo Yi took over the medicine bowl, she had accidentally exposed her hand, so she used the sleeves to cover it quietly. She turned around, wanting to leave but was suddenly grabbed by Wei chi Li.

“What’s on your hand?” Wei Chi Li frowned as she asked.

Liu Luo Yi wanted to retract her hand and Wei Chi Li did not force her. But suddenly bent over and covered her wound and sucked in a breath of cold air.

Liu Luo Yi immediately took the initiative to moved closer as she squats down anxiously, wanting to check on her injury.

“Don’t hide it anymore. How could I not see those injuries on such beautiful hands?” Wei Chi Li had successfully tricked her. Once again holding her wrist, pulling her over and of course, Liu Luo Yi could not fight against her so she could only let her pull her over.

Her hands were slender and bright, looking exceptionally beautiful. But looking at it closely, one could see some injuries from when she was still in Lu’s mansion.

There was a scar across the index finger and the blood had stagnated.

“You obviously do not know how to cook, so don’t do it. It was fine for me to be hungry for a night. Besides, even though I have injured my leg, it was not like I cannot move. I can still do it by myself.” While saying that, Wei Chi Li reached out to take the medicine from the bed head, using her mouth to bite and pull out the cork.

The medicine powder was sprinkled on the wound. As it felt sore and numb, Liu Luo Yi turned her head without saying a word.

In the silent atmosphere, Wei Chi Li bandaged her injuries with haste.

“You had also suffered leg injuries for me.” Liu Luo Yi raised her eyes. “Twice.”

“Didn’t I tell you that you do not have to feel guilty, I save you….” Wei Chi Li suddenly stopped talking as she looked up at her in surprise.

Two, Twice? How did she find out!

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes immediately glanced unnaturally towards Wei Chi Li’s leg. Wei Chi Li understood and smacked her forehead.

Carelessly lost JingZhou! (!)

(!)During 3Kingdom, after the battle of red cliff, the 7 counties of JingZhou were divided among Liu Bei, CaoCao and Sun Quan. When Guan Yu sent troops to attack Cao Cao’s area, Sun Quan sent Meng ChengXu to attack the 3 counties of JingZhou belonging to Liu Bei, losing them. Hence, ‘carelessly lost JingZhou is a metaphor for failure or loss caused by negligence. Proud and thus underestimated the enemies

Both were a little embarrassed at once. Wei Chi Li did not expect that the thing she had forgotten would be revealed so quickly. While on Liu Luo Yi’s side, her mind was going through innumerable twists and turns. Suddenly remembered that she had acted pettishly towards her and was very bashful. And at the same time, she felt that her thoughts were covered with gauze and could not figure it out.

“Princess, quickly have a rest, I, I am leaving.” Liu Luo Yi bowed, and her pace of walking was a little flustered.

“Hey, I did not mean to lie to you. I will explain these things to you once I think about how to say it. You are not thinking of running away right?” Wei Chi Li raised her voice.

Liu Luo Yi’s foot hesitated for a moment and said softly: “No, as long as princess does not chase me away, I will never ever leave.”

“No matter what, I believe you.” The moment she said that, she opened the door and ran out. And the last sentence was covered by the creaking sound resulted from opening the door and Wei Chi Li had only heard the 1st sentence.

She scratched her head, laid down again and stared at the bed curtain.

On the other side, Liu Luo Yi ran all the way back to her courtyard and only then did she stop. She hugged the swing that she had made with Wei Chi Li the other day as she pants slightly.

She sat down and let the wind sway her gently as she lowered her head, watching her skirt fluttered.

She has never felt her heart so messy. So messy that she does not have the ability to think. There were too many mysteries surrounding Wei Chi Li that could not be explained, but she decided not to worry about it. Since she wanted to believe her, she would believe her till the end.

However, why does her heart beats so fast? It would pound when seeing her, and being touched by her, her heart would palpitate. In more than ten years of her life, almost no one has been so gentle with her.

Especially after experiencing those dark days, all the more she could not understand whether it was because of dependence, grateful or…..

Something else.

Compared to her, Wei Chi Li have a much bigger heart and soon fell asleep again and slept all the way till dawn.

Early next morning, as soon as she opens her eyes, a cold towel was placed on her face and she screamed. Now she was completely awake.

“Xin Ran, what are you doing?” Wei Chi Li pulled the towel off her face as she glared at Xin Ran but suddenly reacted. Did she not run away after getting mad yesterday?

So why, did she come back?

“Princess can’t make it without my care. Did not even let someone wipe your body.” Xin Ran said furiously then put the towel into the basin. After wringing it, she moved closer and wiped Wei Chi Li’s face carefully.

Wei Chi Li could not stifle her laughter as she had originally thought that if Xin Ran had not calmed down today, she would send someone out to find her. Unexpectedly, even though this person was still angry, she would still run back with her tail between her legs.

A little bit cute.

“What did you say yesterday, about wanting to leave the mansion? Wei Chi Li laughed and teased her.

“Yes, who asked princess to be biased towards an outsider. Xin Ran has taken care of princess for so long but could not be compared with a person, surname Liu who often gotten princess, injured.” Xin Ran mumbled.

Wei Chi Li reached out and took the towel from her helplessly as she sat up and said seriously: “Xin Ran, it was I who wanted to help Liu Luo Yi. She did not force me and so this matter has nothing to do with her. Even though you felt heartache for me, you cannot vent your anger on an irrelevant person, understand?

“Furthermore, Liu Luo Yi may not appear to be easy to get along with, but she was passionate and treats others with sincerity. Sometimes she has a terribly astute mind and sometimes she trusted others foolishly. It is rare for me to meet such, friend.” Wei Chi Li hesitated and said.

“Xin Ran understands, Princess, don’t worry. I will not make life difficult for her.” Xin Ran lowered her head. Although she was a little unconvinced in her heart, she knew that whatever the princess says was always right.

She only needs to listen to the princess.

Seeing that the conflicting view have been resolved, Wei Chi Li felt a lot more relieved. When she wanted to turn over and get out of the bed to get something to eat, she was suddenly stopped by Xin Ran.

“Princess, I have forgotten to say this. Today, when I came back, I suddenly heard footsteps and wanted to catch up. But that person is highly skilled with excellent QingGong. They left an arrow in the tree with a letter nailed on it.”

Xin Ran’s expression suddenly became serious and took the letter out and handed it to Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li also frowned. How dangerous it was to break into the mansion in broad daylight.

She first checked the envelope carefully. After confirming that there was nothing unusual about it, only then did she open it. There was only a piece of paper in it and on it was 4 characters written majestically: Do not be nosy.

Her expression suddenly turns swift and fierce as she said to Xin Ran: “Where is the arrow?”

Xin Ran quickly gave the arrow to Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li picked it up and compared it. She has a basic understanding in her heart now. There was a symbol engraved on the arrowhead, the same as the one that was shot into her leg.

Seems like her guess was not wrong. The person did not want to hurt Liu Luo Yi but did not care about her. And the so-called kidnapping was just a warning.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt a chill on her back and her hair stands. Seems like someone was watching their every move in secret.

This nosy matter must be related to Liu Luo Yi.

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