Chapter 29: Exposed

At the same time, Wei Chi Li was dashing on the street, using QingGong to run out of 2 streets. After she made sure that no one was chasing after them, she stopped and let go of Liu Luo Yi. While she slides down the wall to sit down and quickly tore off a piece of cloth from her clothes and tie it tightly on her upper thigh.

People who were coming and going would stop from time to time to look at her but would be glared back viciously by Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi wiped away the tears that have flowed down her face. She squats beside Wei Chi Li and reached out her hand but did not dare to touch it.

Although Wei Chi Li said that her injury was not serious, now that she has seen it with her own eyes, it was still a ghastly sight. The broken arrow was stuck in the flesh and the blood had already flowed down her legs and into the shoes, dyeing the socks and shoes, red.

Even on the path she has been before, has drops of blood

“What to do now. Wei Chi Li you are seriously injured. I, I will go and find a doctor.” She wiped away her tears again as she stood up and run towards the clinic.

Wei Chi Li grabbed her and smiled weakly: “There is no need. I have stopped the bleeding and it did not hit the bones. It is just a surface injury. I will go with you, just in case those people come back again, it will be troublesome.”

Liu Luo Yi could not disagree with her, so she did not say anymore. She suddenly bent over and put Wei Chi Li’s arm on her shoulders then exerted force to lift her.

Although Wei Chi Li was slim, she was still half a head taller than her, so Liu Luo Yi struggled to support her. But she did not say anything about it as she exhausted all her strength to drag Wei Chi Li forward.

Wei Chi Li saw her face were full of tears as she had cry so hard that she could hardly see the road but still tried her best not to let her go. Seeing her stubborn look, she smiled helplessly as she let her continue.

These 2 moved like this all the way to the clinic. As soon as the old man with a white moustache came out to greet them, his moustache twitched from the scare after seeing Wei Chi Li’s injury.

“What a formidable young lady, still able to walk over after being injured so seriously. This old doctor has admiration for you.” The doctor stared as he said that.

“Doctor, quickly help her stop the bleeding!” Liu Luo Yi said hastily as she dragged Wei Chi Li into the clinic. Using her free hand to grasp the doctor’s arm and dragged him over directly.

“Ei Ei Ei, why you this young lady has so much strength. Be calm a little, her bleeding has almost stopped, so she will not die.” Being tugged by Liu Luo Yi, the doctor babbled.

“The blood is still flowing, the arrow is still in it, hurry up!” Liu Luo Yi exerted force and pressed the doctor towards Wei Chi Li’s side. Just as the doctor wanted to say something, she grabbed the box on the table and stuffed it into his hand.

Seeing that her face was full of tears from the anxiety, the doctor stopped teasing her as he turned and lowered his head to treat Wei Chi Li’s injury seriously.

Although Wei Chi Li appears to be doing fine, that was not the case. In fact, her whole body was trembling due to the pain and was not in the mood to listen to their conversation. She closed her eyes, gritted her teeth to bear with the pain.

“The medicine to stop the bleeding has been prepared. Young lady, this old doctor is going to pull out the arrow.” The doctor raised his eyes towards Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li was sweating profusely from the pain as she nodded. Suddenly a cold and smooth hand slide into her palm and held her tightly.

She tilted her body to look. Liu Luo Yi lowered her head but did not let go of her hand.

Wei Chi Li only thought that she had not seen such a scene and was afraid, so she shook her hand weakly and said softly: “It is nothing, don’t be afraid. I have suffered a much more serious injury before, so this is not a big deal.”

In fact, she was feeling the panic and anxiousness. She had indeed suffered a much more serious injury before, but at the time of situation, the best medicine was used, and the surrounding was 21st-century advanced disinfection equipment.

Unlike now, there was just an old doctor with white moustache and dim eyesight with a bunch of unknown bottles and jars by the side.

Then, before she could react, there was a sudden pain in her leg. Wei Chi Li reduced her volume and yelped, almost crushing her teeth and everything turns completely dark.

Damn, it fucking hurts.

When she had woken up, the doctor had already treated the wound and slipped away to welcome the next person. While the hand that was holding her still did not let go.

Liu Luo Yi looked at the gunny cloth wrapped around outside her pants, feeling out of sorts.

“What are you thinking about, I’m not dead yet.” Wei Chi Li said with a faint smile as she raised her hand.

Liu Luo Yi was stunned for a moment and only then realized that she was still holding her hand tightly. She quickly let go of her hand, and put it behind her back, her face was obviously flushed.

She was so fierce just now but now her face has turned red again. Wei Chi Li wanted to laugh in her heart, but she was in so much pain that her lips could only curl downwards. She had to give up and said bitterly: “Let’s go, we shall hire a carriage and return to the mansion.”

After she managed to return to the mansion, she spread on the bed and whimpered.

“Ah Ah Ah, Xin Ran, it hurts to death!”

Xin Ran looks more anxious than her. Her eyes held tears as she goes round Wei Chi Li non-stop: “I said princess, you only have just left home, so why are you injured again? Is it because of that Miss Liu? You have saved her so many times, there is enough goodwill, so how about letting her go.”

Wei Chi Li covered her ears: “You have told me earlier to keep her around.”   

Xin Ran was even more anxious. She placed Wei Chi Li’s leg properly and carefully then wipe away her tears: “I told you to keep her around, thinking that she, a lady will not cause any trouble. But it is different now, you were injured again and again because of her!”

“Princess, you have done your duties and given your kindness. You have saved her many times, yet she has caused you many unnecessary troubles. It is better to give her some silver. If you feel guilty, you can give her some lands and shops. Princess, it is really enough, let her go, Xin Ran is really afraid……”

“Hush.” Wei Chi Li seemed to have seen a white figure flashing past the door. She frowned and quickly let out a sound, showing a hand gesture to signal to Xin Ran.

Although Xin Ran was angry, she still closed her mouth obediently.

After a while, there was a knock on the door and Wei Chi Li said a ‘please come in’ but sigh in her heart.

Liu Luo Yi must have heard it. She has a delicate mind, so she must be incredibly sad at this moment.

Liu Luo carried a medicine box in her hand as she walked in slowly and there was no expression on her face. Wei Chi Li could not tell if she had heard it or not and was panicking.

She asked with the intention of probing: “You, just came?’

“En.” Liu Luo Yi said as she sat beside Wei Chi Li and opened the medicine box, taking out the medicine and cloth: “The doctor told me that it was inconvenient for him to do the dressing properly, so after returning to the mansion, you must change the medicine and dressing.”

Wei Chi Li let out an ‘oh’ sound as she strokes the back of her head and smiled.

At this time, the gauze and medicine in Liu Luo Yi’s hand was suddenly snatched away by someone. Xin Ran pulled Liu Luo Yi up and pushed her out of the room with a sullen face.

“Many thanks to Miss Liu, I will serve the Princess, so will not trouble you.”

Liu Luo Yi was caught off guard by being pushed and nearly fell to the ground. Wei Chi Li subconsciously wanted to get off the bed but yelped and fell back onto the bed.

This time, both ran over as they supported her up frantically.

“Xin Ran, get out!” Wei Chi Li grimaced as she sat up and knocked her hard, “If you continued being like this, I will beat you up.”

“But princess……”

“Get out!” Wei Chi Li repeated. 

Xin Ran was so angry that she puffed her cheek, like a frog with bloated stomach then turned around and strode out of the room.

“Princess, you have always been so biased towards her. Did you felt that I did not serve you well, Xin Ran will leave the Mansion!” She yelled as she walked away, her voice drifting.

“My god.” Wei Chi Li slapped her forehead and fell on her back. What sin had she committed?

Liu Luo Yi at the side lowered her head and did not said anything. After a while, she reorganised the medicine box silently then said: “Princess, let me bandage for you.”

“Don’t take it to heart. You know that Xin Ran does not have any bad intention, she simply wears her heart on her sleeves…”

“Princess does not have to worry, I understand.” She said lightly.

Wei Chi Li does not know what to say either as she gave a long sigh. Then reached out to untie the gunny cloth and rolled up her pants carefully.

Revealing a long snow-white leg.

The earlier pent-up worry did not escape from Liu Luo Yi’s emotion and was caught off-guard when she saw this scene. She quickly covered her eyes as her heart pounds non-stop.

Wei chi Li looked at her, feeling puzzled then looked at herself. There was nothing inappropriate? In modern times, she had worn shorts exposed more than this.

“If you are not going to bandage, my wound will start bleeding again.” Wei Chi Li said helplessly.

Only then did Liu Luo Yi quickly put down her hand and took out the medicine to sprinkled it onto Wei Chi Li’s wound. Without the clothes to block it, and looking it closely, the wound seems even more savage. As she stares at it, she felt her heart hurt.

“I’m sorry. If it were not for me……”

“What are you talking about? You did not kidnap yourself. And we have experienced so much together and if I do not save you, I will not feel good.” Wei Chi Li said lazily.

Liu Luo Yi’s movement was extremely gently so it does not hurt. Occasionally, her cold hands that had touched it, felt a little comfortable.

“Also, don’t listen to Xin Ran’s nonsense. I, Wei Chi Li am happy to do it. Even if you do not let me help you, I will still do it. So, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Wei Chi Li yawned as she lies on the bed.

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes were dim and did not say anything, but her heart was uncomfortable as if it were being twisted by a knife.

She has a strong self-esteem and had heard Xin Ran’s merciless words. It was like a blow to her head. Thinking about it now, she had indeed brought too much trouble to Wei Chi Li.

If she were a little more sensible, she would have left earlier. Wei Chi Li was a princess belonging to the wilderness and was an eagle soaring in the sky. If she were to be trapped in one corner because of her, she would have committed a great sin.

As she continued thinking about it, she had already bandaged up the wound, while Wei Chi Li had consumed too much energy earlier on and was already snoring comfortably.

With greed, Liu Luo Yi almost seemed to want to take another look at her. She stood up, taking advantage of this time to go back and pack up.

At this moment, Wei Chi Li suddenly flipped over and placed the uninjured leg on her body then reached out and held her waist.

And even started feeling upwards.

Liu Luo Yi blushed immediately as her heart was feeling shameful. She pushed Wei Chi Li away with force. Then as if fleeing, she stood up.

Damn this scoundrel, so dishonest even after falling asleep!

She wanted to turn around and leave, but suddenly stopped and was stunned on the spot.

Just now, she seemed to have seen a shallow scar on Wei Chi Li’s calf.

Liu Luo Yi reached out to pressed on her heart that was pounding extremely fast as she turned around. She looked intently at the calf. And as expected, Wei Chi Li’s scar was located at the exact same place where the masked man was injured before.

It turned out that she had been protecting her since so early.

Liu Luo Yi walked back slowly, reached out her hand wanting to touch it but, in the end, she stopped in mid-air.

She suddenly gives up the idea of leaving. Even if everyone wants her to leave, even if everyone called her a disaster, she wanted to be wilful for once.

Even if she could only stay by her side for a short period of time, she would be satisfied. 

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    The FL is now willing to be Wei Chi Li’s wi– *cough* ahem, I mean, the FL is now willing to be by her side. But I don’t think the other one is too far off from happening. (¬‿¬)

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