Chapter 28: Injured

Although it was a busy street, it was located at a corner and the shops on both sides were not opened. In the middle was a deep and serene alley, which was obviously far more remote than other places.

Wei Chi Li knocked herself viciously as she had thought that there was not much danger in the capital. She was too careless!

There was no one in the shops on both sides, so she quickly grabbed an uncle who seemed to not have moved from across the street and asked: “Have you seen a lady in white, standing here?”

The uncle shook his head and like avoiding the god of plague, he avoided Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li panic at that instant. She took a deep breath and warned herself to calm down. If Liu Luo Yi was really captured by someone, all the more she should not panic.

Liu Luo Yi does not have enemies in the capital, so who would capture her, could it be Lu Yun Kui?

However, she immediately denied this idea as those who could take someone away in the middle of a busy street without attracting attention, must be a master among the masters. So, a mere Lu Yun Kui should not have such capability.

But this capital is so big, where she should go and find her.

Wei Chi Li forced herself to calm down and started observing from the original location. It was impossible to escape from the main streets because at the end of the alley was the backdoor of a store selling buns and the entrance of it was another street. There were still smoke from the roof, and walking from here would definitely attract attention, so it was impossible.

Only the courtyard walls on both sides of the alley was plausible. If one has a good QingGong, it was an easy feat to carry a lady and flipped over the wall. She took 2 steps forward and happened to notice a drop of fresh blood at the corner of the wall.

It must have been left behind by Liu Luo Yi, she was injured! Wei Chi Li felt that her heart has been clutched tightly by someone as she hurried forward. Fortunately, there were not much blood.

At least under the guidance of the blood, it has pointed out the direction for her. Wei Chi Li bit her lips tightly and uses her QingGong, she flew over.

There were stone tables in the courtyard with graphite inkstones on it. This was a prefectural school but today, there does not seems to be anyone studying here.

Wei Chi Li quickly walked a few steps forward and with her sharp eyes, she saw bloodstains on the floor.

She opened her eyes wide and followed the direction of the dripped bloodstains. When she flipped over another wall and left this street, the bloodstains had obviously reduced. As she continued following this path, there were nothing left to guide her anymore.

Damn! she kicked the wall at the side viciously. The strength of this kick was so strong that the courtyard wall shook and even half of a stone brick fell off.

Wei Chi Li reacted immediately and raised her head to looked around. At her current locations were all residential buildings and although the wall bricks of other places were old, they were not as dilapidated to the extent whereby a kick would caused the bricks to fall off from the wall. While the wall beside her seems to be on the verge of collapsing.

Presumably, there must be no one living in here. She did not think much as she raised her legs and flipped over the wall. Just as she flipped over the wall, there were 2 hidden arrows shot out of nowhere and in the blink of an eye, it was in front of Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li hardly had any time to think. Her body reacted before the brain and was suddenly in mid-air, narrowly escaping the 2 arrows.

This time, her brain had finally caught up. Wei Chi Li quickly rolled on the ground and hide behind the large clay water tank in the courtyard.

The surrounding was quiet.

Seems like this was the right place. Wei Chi Li took a deep breath to calm her pounding heart.

Fortunately, she has extremely high adaptability and psychological qualities in her previous life. Now, even if she must suddenly face a life-and-death situation, she could accept it quickly.

It was also thanks to the physical reaction this princess has cultivated over the years. Otherwise, she would lose her life faster than Liu Luo Yi.

It could be seen that this courtyard has not been inhabited for a long time. The floor was full of dust and fallen leaves, the room in front was even more dilapidated. The windows were roughly slashed in half and inside was dark, seemingly hiding endless danger.

Wei Chi Li picked up a stone from the ground and threw it out.

It was still silent.

She felt that her heart was about to jump out of her throat. Since she came to the ancient times, she had almost tried everything she had never thought of it before and now, she stumbled upon things like kidnapping that had only happened in TV shows.


When Liu Luo Yi woke up, it was dark all around and there was no one else.  She was lying on her back and a hemp rope tied around her hands tightly.

The blood on her arm that was cut before she loses unconsciousness has dried.

In that instant, she felt that she was about to fall back into those dark days and the huge despair swept over and her eyes began feeling hot instantly.

No, she would not. She was no longer alone now. Wei Chi Li will save her.

Like many many times before.

She, will she?

Liu Luo Yi lie on the ground quietly for a while and when she felt that her strength has restored a little, she wriggled desperately and got up. Then she lowered her head onto her knees to wipe off the wetness on her eyes.

She must become stronger, just like Wei Chi Li.

The place where she was imprisoned seemed to be an empty room. As soon as she moved, there was rats scurrying around. Liu Luo Yi endured the disgust and fear as she supported herself up using the wall beside her.

She could not hear any human sounds. Liu Luo Yi clenched her fists tightly and walked around the room bit by bit. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief as there were no one else in the room.

The door seemed to have been locked from outside and so Liu Luo Yi used her body to gently push it. And as expected it was locked.

Knowing that she was safe for the time being, she did not move anymore, instead, she found a corner in the room and hide there. Just then, a rustling sound came from outside the door, then a lustre shone in, the door has been opened.

Liu Luo Yi stiffened her body, but no one came in after a long time.

She does not want to sit still and wait for death, hence, she slowly moved over and was on guard throughout, worrying that someone might rush in, hit her hard or simply kill her.

But none of these happened and so, she moved over to the door safely.

Liu Luo Yi felt relieved. Was it because they have realized that they have captured the wrong person and wanted to let her go? She walked forward slowly but stopped suddenly.

That was not right.

This was too weird. Captured her and released her. If they have captured the wrong person, why did they lock the door just now?

They were luring her out. And as why did they do this, she does not know, but what she does knows was that she could never follow their wishes.

Liu Luo Yi stood there quietly, waiting for her legs to stop shaking violently before moving back to her original spot. She has decided to stopped running away, she would just wait here.

She no longer looked forward to Wei Chi Li coming to rescue her. These people had captured and released her so there must be a conspiracy and maybe was targeting Wei Chi Li.

If this were the case, she would rather go back to the room and sleep.

At the same time, Wei Chi Li was hiding behind the large clay water tank and let out a huge sigh of relief.

She watched the man in black swaggering out from another side of the house and then unlocked the door quietly.

She was certain that Liu Luo Yi was inside. If Liu Luo Yi were eager to cry out for help and walked out, the arrow would have been shot towards Liu Luo Yi and she would never ever leave it alone.

Because she would save her and would not take any precautions, she would almost either injured or die. The person who plots this scheme was too cruel. She had already seen the corner of her white dress swaying by the door. Fortunately, Liu Luo Yi was smart and did not take the bait.

However, there were many doubtful points. If they were really targeting her, they could kidnap Liu Luo Yi to threaten her, would that not be faster? So why go through so much trouble?

Unless they do not want to hurt Liu Luo Yi at all and they were uncertain if they would be able to capture her. Wei Chi Li thought.

She relaxed immediately and sat on the spot. She took out a meat-pie and took a bite. The Cao’s family meat pie’s aroma soon filled the entire yard.

On the other side, a group of masked men crowded together in the abandoned woodshed, began to feel restless.

“Big brother, why is she eating?” 1 person asked in a very quiet voice.

“Shut up, how do I know!” The man being addressed as ‘big brother’ said angrily. He had not expected that these 2 little girls to be so clever and was much calmer than him.

Now, one was eating meat-pie, and another was sleeping in the room. On the contrary, the ones feeling bitter were these group of big men crowding together.

“Old 4th, if you still don’t wash your feet tonight, I will go back and pressed your head into the ditch!” The masked boss kicked the man who had just spoken.

With the stinky feet smell mixed together with sweat smell, in addition to the meat-pie aroma, he felt that he was about to become immortal and float away.

“Big brother, I can’t bear it anymore. Let us rush out directly. It is just a little girl, I’m hungry.” The old 4th flattened his lips.

“Shut up, that is the princess of the Northern Territory and it was said that her martial arts skill is extremely high. If you and I cannot handle it and ruin things, we will be punished by the lord when we go back!”


“Shut up! The lord has specifically exhorted that we can’t hurt a single hair on that little girl dressed in white.”

Time passed again, Wei Chi Li had already finished the meat-pie and she patted her stomach feeling contend. Then she took out another fragrant roasted sweet potato.

A group of kidnappers: ………

The masked boss’s stomach finally let out a ‘gulu gulu’ sound. He could not bear it anymore, pushing old 4th away. He flipped out from the window and the others reacted as they quickly followed.

As soon as Wei Chi Li’s ear moved, she immediately rolled on the ground and in the next second, the water tank exploded in front of her eyes and at that very moment, the dust flew all around.

A long sword stabbed through the dust and piercing sounds through the air came from all directions. Wei Chi Li tightened the string in her head and controlled her body to dodge it one by one and started channelling her strength.

A violent air current burst out from her palm, mixed with the broken pieces of clay tank, she rushed towards those people like a violent storm. She seized the opportunity and went up and smeared the roasted sweet potato onto the boss’s eyes.

A group of people who had accumulated strength to take-off and attack was broken just like that. In that instant, it was like they do not have any pillar to support them and it was full of flaws in the plan.

At this moment, old 4th who was hugging his head and hiding behind, ran around the courtyard and then an idea flashed in his mind, he rushed into the room and pulled Liu Luo Yi over.

Although Liu Luo Yi wanted to dodge, she was too feeble to even truss a chicken and because her hands were tied too, she could not fight against a man. He was not tender towards pretty girls as he dragged her out roughly onto the ground.

The old 4th took it that he has contributed as he raised his hand happily. At the same time, an arrow left a bow, redirected by someone’s sword and was going straight towards Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi opened her eyes wide and subconsciously wanted to dodge to one side, but her movements were slow, and the arrow were still going straight for her.

Wei Chi Li raised her head and saw this scene, hence, her body reacted faster than her brain. Completely unaware of it, her body had already rushed out and held Liu Luo Yi in her arms. Using the momentum, she rolled to one side.

The feeling of the sharp arrow piercing through the skin and flesh made her unable to bear it and she groan. Liu Luo Yi was taken aback as she struggled out of Wei Chi Li’s embrace and clambered to block in front of Wei Chi Li.

She reached out and attempt to cover Wei Chi Li’s wound, helping her to stop the bleeding.

With a pale face, Wei Chi Li looked at her, feeling amused as she reached out her hand to pull her over and said softly: “Why panic, I was shot in the leg not the heart, I can still move.”

Of course, it was painful, but fortunately, it was nothing serious. She supported herself on the wall to stand up and tried her best to shift her centre of gravity onto another leg. Using her extremely strong tolerance to do that.

Then with a palm out, she exerts her force and sends the old 4th who was slow to react, flying. He was sent flying towards and hit his boss in the face. Then she reached out to carry Liu Luo Yi, using QingGong and flipped over the wall.

The group of people were stunned on the spot. After a while, the boss struggled up from the floor and kicked the old 4th hard who was still rolling on the ground.

“Fuck, tell you not to touch her, you don’t listen. Tell you to wash your feet, you do not listen. I so fucking want to cut you down!” 

He held his face which has the shoeprint left by old 4th kick as he bends over and retched.

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