Chapter 17

Li Shang lowered his head and was deep in thought, then become furious again and scolded repeatedly: “Rascal, Rascal! He can forget about having me to recommend him for promotion, dream on!”

The figures and voices were getting closer and Li Shang was afraid of being discovered so, he quickly pushed Wei Chi Li away, held up his robe and stumbled passed the rockery as he ran away.

Wei Chi Li has succeeded, and she sighs in relief in her heart. She reached out her hand to pull Liu Luo Yi up and said: “Let us leave quickly too, Xin Ran will settle things over here.”

Liu Luo Yi wiped away the tears on her face and nodded. She turned around to support Liu Wen Chang and the three of them left quickly.

While walking, Liu Luo Yi would turn her head to look at Wei Chi Li from time to time. What was she thinking about that she was frowning?

In the end, she had helped her, Liu Luo Yi thought.

But Wei Chi Li has always liked Lu Yun Kui, so why would she often help her and even dealt out underhand means to prevent Lu Yun Kui from promotion?

She could not understand so she stopped thinking about it, as long as Liu Wen Chang was perfectly fine.

The two have their own thoughts. Only Liu Wen Chang would look at this and looked at that as he felt that the atmosphere was peculiar but did not dare to say anything. Hence, the 3 of them were quiet all the way.

The banquet has started and as there were many guests, GuanNan Maquis had the seats placed in the courtyard. When the lanterns were lit, a group of dancing girls appeared in the centre of the courtyard as they swayed their willow tree-like and curvaceous waist. 

Wei Chi Li was supposed to enter together with Lu Yun Kui, but for some reason, Lu Yun Kui never showed up. Wei Chi Li could not be bothered as she simply sat down and feast happily.

Liu Luo Yi supported the swaying Liu Wen Chang so that he was able to stand more relaxedly. Only then did Wei Chi Li remembered that the pitiful Liu Wen Chang was still barefooted.

She looked down and saw that the 2 feet hidden under the chiffon have begun to bleed.

While Liu Luo Yi on one side was already feeling heartache, Liu Wen Chang had acted as though he was feeling normal and smiled gently, comforting his sister in a low voice.

Wei Chi Li sighed and beckoned a servant girl over as she instructed her to bring a pair of fitting shoes.

“Your feet are already like this, why didn’t you say anything?” Wei Chi Li asked.

“I have a lowly status and have troubled princess to rescue me, so I do not dare to say anything else. Moreover, if he were to blame later, I implored the princess to protect sister.” Liu Wen Chang said as he lowered his head.

Wei Chi Li pretended to take a sip of tea casually and said: “How do you know that I will agree? She begged me to save you, and I have done it. But I am not related to her, so why should I keep on helping her?”

Hearing this, Liu Luo Yi’s shoulder trembled slightly, and she gently pulled Liu Wen Chang, not allowing him to continue saying.

“I do not know, just begging you. For my sister, I am willing to do everything the princess wants.” Liu Wen Chang said as his eyes drooped. But if looked closely, one would notice that there was radiance from the lights reflecting in his eyes.

“Want your life, are you willing?” Wei Chi Li put down the teacup and turned to look at him.

“Chang’er!” Liu Luo Yi said nervously.

“Yes.” Liu Wen Chang was resolute and decisive.

Wei Chi Li looked at them and nodded, then gently raised her hand with internal force gathering in her palm. Seeing this, Liu Luo Yi opened her arms hastily and blocked Liu Wen Chang as she looked at Wei Chi Li furiously.

“You have promised me to save Chang’er and I will give you my life!”

Wei Chi Li kept away her joking thoughts as she flipped her hand abruptly and grabbed Liu Luo Yi’s sleeves, pulling her over.

“What’s the use of your life, wanting you is enough.”

Being yanked like this, Liu Luo Yi fell towards Wei Chi Li. She was about to move back when her body was held firmly by someone and a pastry with sweet aroma came to the side of her lips. 

The faint grass fragrance surrounds her again. At this moment, she was half-leaning against Wei Chi Li’s body, and her arm was being held by her and another hand was resting on her soft and beautiful shoulder.

Liu Luo Yi was startled and pants lightly as she tried to suppress the sudden heart palpitation.

“NoNoNoNo, I did not mean that, I meant to say that you can just follow me, it is useless to kill you!” Wei Chi Li realized what she had said and explained quickly.

God knows she really did not mean that, so why does it sound so strange?

“I mean, don’t be afraid, simply follow me and Lu Yun Kui will not dare to do anything to you 2.” Wei Chi Li sighed as she stuffed a pastry into Liu Luo Yi’s hand and threw another piece to Liu Wen Chang.

For some reason, facing Liu Luo Yi, she could not help but become soft. From the beginning, it has nothing to do with her till now, she had actually developed a thought about saving them from the harsh situation.

When did this mentality change? Could it be from that, earnest plead just now?

Liu Luo Yi held the pastry and backed a few steps. Her expression was cold and as if she had not heard Wei Chi Li. In fact, her heart was like a stormy sea, which made her trembled so much that she was not able to hold that small, exquisite jujube pastry in her hand.

“Ah Jie, What’s wrong?” Liu Wen Chang stepped forward and asked softly.

Liu Luo Yi shook her head and raised her eyes secretly to look at Wei Chi Li’s back as she suppressed that sudden innumerable twists and turns in her heart.

No matter what Wei Chi Li’s intention was, she could only resign to her fate. Since she had chosen to show her weakness at the beginning, she was no longer afraid of anything now.

Liu Luo Yi took a small bite of the pastry in her hand, ignoring the momentary loss in her heart as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out from nowhere and went straight towards Liu Luo Yi. Fortunately, Liu Wen Chang had some martial arts foundation and noticed it earlier on and blocked Liu Luo Yi’s back.

There was only a muffled sound. Liu Wen Chang did not let out any sound as his weak body was punched heavily and fell to his knees. 

Hearing some movement, Liu Luo Yi turned around and saw a dark shadow flashed in front of her. Her heart strung up and before she could react, someone wrapped around her waist from behind and took her back.

With one hand embracing Liu Luo Yi, taking her away from Lu Yun Kui, while Wei Chi Li’s other hand blocked Lu Yun Kui, after which, she raised her leg and kicked. Lun Yun Kui took a few steps back from the sharp pain.

A strong and thick scent of alcohol permeated the surroundings. Wei Chi Li furrowed her brows as she started fanning near the tip of her nose.

“Liu Luo Yi, and you brat.” Lu Yun Kui said with a sullen face, “Do you know this time how important this is to my career, I have worked so hard all these time, and both of you have ruined my last chance of promotion!”

“Your chance of promotion was to use my brother and exchanged him for it. Lu Yun Kui, do you still have a trace of humanity!” Liu Luo Yi said word for word without flinching. 

The movement here had attracted a lot of attention and people had started to gather around one by one. Seeing the courtyard full of high-ranking officials, Lu Yun Kui was a little sobered and had lost his arrogance immediately and wanted to reach out to pull Liu Luo Yi.

But was kicked back by Wei Chi Li again.

“Wei Chi Li!”

“If you still want to save some of your dignity, then get out of here steadfast. Now, I am protecting these 2 for sure!” Wei Chi Li releases Liu Luo Yi and walked towards Lu Yun Kui with a smile.

“What can you take out for protection, you……”

“You better restrain yourself a little. Do not forget that even though I do not have a power I am still a princess. Now that you have no chance of promotion, you will still be a small 5th-tier official for the next 3 years. I still have the capability to protect these 2 people from you.” Wei Chi Li smiled but her eyes revealed ruthlessness.

However, her heart was filled with excitement. She had taken revenge for this morning! The tide has turned!

Lu Yun Kui felt an inexplicable coldness on his back.

He has a bad premonition; seems like he was about to lose something completely. That feeling of powerlessness of unable to be in-control has slowly enwrapped him. 

No. Even if Wei Chi Li had suddenly no longer loves him, her things are still in his hands, so she could not do anything.

It was just 2 people; it would not be too late to settle accounts with them in the future!

There were more and more onlookers. Lu Yun Kui quickly covered his face with his sleeves as he took a few steps back and fled by the small path in embarrassment.

Liu Luo Yi helped Liu Wen Chang hastily as she brushed off the dust on his body in heartache.

A tall and huge figure rushed out from the crowd suddenly and said to Liu Luo Yi anxiously: “Miss Liu, I came late, are you injured?”

It was 4th Prince, Chen Chu.

Liu Luo Yi glanced at Wei Chi Li and did not reply. Only then did Chen Chu saw Wei Chi Li and clasped his fist and saluted quickly: “Thanks to the Wei Chi Princess for today, saving I, Chen Chu from death.”

“4th Prince, don’t need to be courteous, it was just convenient.” Wei Chi Li returned a salute. A sudden flash of an idea, “But since the 4th prince has come to thank personally, I have a bold request.”

“What matter? I will not refuse under any circumstances. However, I trouble princess to take good care of Miss Liu. Although I am a prince, I am still a man, I could not overstep the rules and regulations.”

“That is natural.” Wei Chi Li blinked at him.

She should take back everything that belongs to her.

Time passed gradually. Unknowingly, the moon had risen over the willow trees, the summer night breeze mixed with the aroma of rice wines, making everyone present, slightly drunk. There were cicadas clicking noise from the grass, dishes and cups were already cluttered on the banquet tables.

Wei Chi Li was still sobered, she stood up and bid farewell to GuanNan Maquis and left the mansion.

She alone was walking in front, with Liu Luo Yi and Liu Wen Chang following behind, while Xin Ran was sent off to do something so was not present.

While in the Mansion, she felt a little heart palpitation, so she left early. But now, this heart palpitation seems to have spread across the entire chest.

Damn, could it be the original owner again…….

Wei Chi Li suddenly let out a faint groan and fell to her knees abruptly. The sudden pain had almost made her lose consciousness.

She pressed on her chest with some force, trying to relieve some pain, but to no avail.

Seeing this, Liu Luo Yi was taken aback and said softly: “Wei Chi Li?”

“Wei Chi Li? What’s wrong with you.” Her voice started to tremble as she hurried forward and squat down.

Wei Chi Li curled up on the ground, sweat flowing down her cheeks as she gasps. The severe pain tore her nerves, almost corroding her whole body starting from her heart.

In blurry conscious, a pair of soft hands gripping her hand. The nice voice was no longer cold and indifferent but calling her name in a panic.

The faint fragrance lingers in her nose and the pain slowly peeled off. Ultimately, Wei Chi Li lost consciousness. 

[T/L Note]: And so….. Wei Chi Li died. The original owner took back her body and Liu Luo Yi is once again in the hands of Lu Yun Kui. THE END!!!


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  1. XD. If that happened I would kill everyone involved in making and distributing this novel and the myself.

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