Chapter 16: Wheedle….

Why jumped down when you do not know how to swim! Want to eat Tofu(!)?

(!)吃豆腐 Chi Tofu: Eat Tofu means to take advantage of someone, physically.

Wei Chi Li was so angry that she cursed on the spot and then ran towards the lake. Every time when it comes to a time of urgency, she could not ignore it.

This was the last time, Wei Chi Li! She said it to herself in her heart.

The water splashing everywhere near the shore. The tall 4th prince was flopping in it desperately while Liu Luo Yi was nowhere to be seen. Several people were holding thin bamboo poles in a panic as they were nudging towards 4th prince’s head.

“4th Prince, you have to grab it!”

4th prince: “GuDuDuDuDu………”

Wei Chi Li sucked in a breath of air and jumped into the water directly. She dived down without even looking at Chen Chu.

The lake water was clear, and so the visibility was quite high. Wei Chi Li endured the pain when she opened her eyes only to see a soft and weak body flowing in the depths of the lake.

Wei Chi Li did not have the time to think about it as she swims over to that person quickly. She reached out and held her waist and pulled the person towards herself.

Liu Luo Yi suddenly moved and tried to break away from Wei Chi Li, but Wei Chi Li thought that she was reacting to the situation. So, she restrained her hands and then kicked her legs as she swam towards the skylight that was piercing through the water surface.

With a crash, she finally saw the sky. Wei Chi Li took a deep breath and simply uses QingGong and flew towards the shore.

Liu Luo Yi fell to her knees and coughed violently. To be elegant, the servant clothes were thin and now, it was stuck to her body. Instantly, Wei Chi Li moved a little further away, as she dare not looked at it again.

Wei Chi Li touched her drenched self and raised her head and said to Xin Ran: “Quickly, take off your coat!”

Xin Ran did so quickly.

Wei Chi Li then wrapped it around Liu Luo Yi, covering her lithe and graceful figure.

“Why did you jump down?” Liu Luo Yi said as she turned her head suddenly. That faint sweet breath puffed onto Wei Chi Li’s face, then she suddenly coughed and turned her face away.

“I can swim.” Liu Luo Yi said.

Wei Chi Li was taken aback. For a moment, looking at each other, she was feeling a little embarrassed.

“That person is called Wen Qiong. That person had never gotten along with me in school and I do not know why.” Liu Luo Yi said, “I am in the rush to find Chang’er.”

This was the first time Liu Luo Yi had taken the initiative to conversed so much with her, when she was not wearing a mask. Wei Chi Li was surprised at the unexpected honour.

“Then you, deliberately take this opportunity to slip away?” Wei Chi Li touched her head feeling a little depressed as she fell that her IQ was disregarded.

Liu Luo Yi nodded.

“4th prince is about to drown!” A screech came, and their gazes was attracted to Chen Chu who was grabbing the bamboo pole and still struggling.

Wei Chi Li rolled her eyes silently, then she stood up and jumped into the water again. With 1 back and forth, she pulled Chen Chu back to the shore.

A group of people gathered around immediately as they cried and inquired about his health. Chen Chu coughed violently then pointed at Wen Qiong who was sobbing and gritted his teeth: “How can you treat Miss Liu like this. She is a pure minded person with a delicate body. And now that she has met a misfortune, you still schemed against her!”

Wen Qiong opened her eyes wide and refuted hurriedly: “she is the one……”

“Shut up! If something major happened to Miss Liu, this prince will have you answer for it!”

Wen Qiong had always liked Chen Chu, but now that she was wronged, she was feeling indignant. She suddenly turned around and rushed towards Liu Luo Yi, wanting to hit her. Somehow, someone on one side stopped her hand in mid-air.

Wei Chi Li grasped her wrist and looked at her coldly: “What are you doing?”

“I’m teaching a lesson to this vicious-minded servant, who are you?”

Wei Chi Li reached out to pull Liu Luo Yi up and pushed her behind her: “How can you insult my people! Are the Yan Country so-called influential and noble ladies like you, not knowing any etiquettes?”

Liu Luo Yi was caught off guard by her protection and her face started to feel hot again. She looked at Wei Chi Li’s dripping sleeves with a peculiar gaze.

How about, take a gamble? Betting that she would help her now that she had no other choices.

Hearing this, the people at the side started whispering to one another.

“So, this is the Princess of the Northern Territory. Sure enough, totally different from the women in our Yan Country and knows QingGong too.”

“Looks different too, the nose is so straight and perfect, looks very nice.”

Wen Qiong suddenly seemed to have choked. She looked at Liu Luo Yi then looked at Wei Chi Li and finally squeezed out: “Princess, so what if you are a princess! You are just a Mandi. I will teach a lesson to this servant for sure!”

Wei Chi Li sneered as she turned around lazily and took the jade pendant that was thrown into the lake from Liu Luo Yi’s hand, then reached out and straightened her clothes properly.

That action was very gentle, which instantly made Liu Luo Yi’s eyes a little moist and also made Qiu Wu Jin who had arrived at the scene, stunned.

“Mandi? Is this how your father taught you, showing no respect for your elder?” Wei Chi Li walked towards Wen Qiong’s slowly and using 2 fingers, she pinched the jade pendant and reached out towards her.

Wen Qiong subconsciously wanted to reach out to receive. But then, Wei Chi Li closed her palm and using internal force, she crushed the jade pendant instantly.

Everyone present was shocked.

“This is retribution for speaking insolently and insulting others.” Showing off her power and prestige, Wei Chi Li was feeling extremely comfortable. She turned around, pulling Liu Luo Yi and strode off.

Behind her were a mess and Wen Qiong’s cries and screeches travelled further away. Liu Luo Yi finally stopped and break free from Wei Chi Li’s hand. She did not say anything either, as she simply lowered her head and looked at the pair of shoes that Liu Wen Chang had returned to her.

Although Wei Chi Li could not bear it, she turned around and wanted to leave after some thought.

Suddenly, she heard quiet sobs. She quickly turned around and happened to reach out and caught Liu Luo Yi who was almost kneeling.

“Please, help me.” Liu Luo Yi said.

She lowered her head and choked, begging Wei Chi Li for help. Undoubtedly turning the last of her dignity into the dust completely until there was none left.

“He wants to give Chang’er to Secretary Li Shang. That person loves beauty and debauchery is his second nature, I’m afraid Chang’er……”

Seeing her like this, Wei Chi Li felt heartache and quickly squat down as she kept an eye level with Liu Luo Yi.

Since ancient times, the power struggle had always happened on a battlefield without smoke from guns, especially for people like Lu Yun Kui. Sometimes, achievements in an official career was not so important. Using unscrupulous means and catering to one’s pleasure and he would always get what he wants.

This was also the reason for using this last method of climbing up to high position

She does not know how much blood he had stepped on. 

Wei Chi Li had thought that she was hard-hearted but suddenly she was hesitating. At this moment, Liu Luo Yi’s proud, self-respect and upright attitude had all crumbled in front of her.

Such a lowly way of begging someone who had once hurt her required a lot of courage.

“I have nothing and only have this life. If you help me this time, I do not care if you want me to die or wants me to be a horse or cow or anything else, I will give all to you.” Liu Luo Yi said as she suddenly raised her head, with tears in her eyes and firm expression.

“Please.” Liu Luo Yi reached out her hand, grabbing Wei Chi Li’s sleeves gently and pinching it carefully and shook it.

A ‘hum’ sounded in Wei Chi Li’s head. A 360-degree three-dimensional encircling.

“Can you give me anything?” Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth and asked.

Liu Luo Yi was taken aback and nodded.

Forget it, Wei Chi Li knocked her head feeling annoyed. She did not expect that Liu Luo Yi would show her weakness nor did she expect her to fall for this.

“Get up, I will help you.” Wei Chi Li said.

After a stick of incense time later, Wei Chi Li curled her long legs feeling even more annoyed as she squeezed into an extremely narrow rockery with Liu Luo Yi.

 Her plan! Gone! She had originally planned to have Xin Ran bring people over when Lu Yun Kui was bribing. Yan Country prohibits private bribery and if it were reported to the top, they would be demoted to commoner and must retake the imperial examination.

If she grasped the time well and make underhand dealings in secret, Liu Wen Chang would not suffer any substantial harm. 

But now, Liu Luo Yi was present and if she had saw that scene, she would definitely go crazy.

“How does princess know they will come here?” Liu Luo Yi poked her head out and looked around the garden.

“I have seen the script.” Wei Chi Li said with a bitter face and pulled Liu Luo Yi back.

There were footsteps sound and 3 figures appeared. With one glance, one could tell that the tall with large build was Lu Yun Kui, and Liu Wen Chang was staggering, looking extremely pitiful while the other person was stroking his beard, talking cheerfully and humorously with Lu Yun Kui. His eyes glancing at Liu Wen Chang from time to time.

So wretched, how could this kind of person be a 4th-tier secretary, it is really disgusting. Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth as she thoughts about it.

Liu Luo Yi’s gripped Wei Chi Li’s sleeves tighter and tighter, but Wei Chi Li did not care about her, letting her grip it.

“It’s okay, when Lu Yun Kui is gone, you will say this.” Wei Chi Li leaned closer to Liu Luo Yi’s ear and explained it to her. Liu Luo Yi’s eyes brightened.

As expected of the female lead, she understood with just 1 explanation. Wei Chi Li nodded in satisfaction.

This was the strategy she had thought of just now, and they shall try it. Taking a dead horse as a live horse to treat. 

Lu Yun Kui left soon, leaving only 2 people, Secretary, Li Shang, and Liu Wen Chang.

Instantly, Li Shang could not help it and pounced on Liu Wen Chang. In a fleeting moment, Wei Chi Li had already put on a face veil, rushed out and send him flying with 1 kick.

Li Shang, who had often visited red-light district and with a scholar-body, he could not bear this kick, he knelt on the ground, and could not even get up.

“Who are you, dare to assault me in GuanNan Maquis’s mansion! Someone come!”

“There is no one in this secluded place, save it.” Wei Chi Li said as she stepped on his bulging stomach.

Liu Luo Yi rushed out at the right time and scrambled towards Liu Wen Chang. She cried like a pear blossom in rain(!): “Chang’er, what has he done to you, Luckily, Ah Jie had gotten the news first, otherwise, otherwise you will….”

(!)梨花带雨 Li Hua Dai Yu: pear blossom in rain. describing the tears of beautiful women.

Liu Wen Chang was stunned. His sister had always been indifferent and patient, so when had she starting crying so unrestrainedly.

“Who are you all! Where is that brat, Lu Yun Kui!” Li Shang looked at the mess in front of him as he shouted angrily.

“My lord, you have to make a decision for this commoner, Lord Lu, Lord Lu took my brother away. Just now, he had secretly ordered many people to come here. This commoner overheard their conversation, only then did I know Chang’er had been brought here. Pleading lord to seek justice for this commoner!”

“Many people, what do you mean by many people?” Li Shang frowned.

“I, I……” Liu Luo Yi covered her face and sobbed.

“Say it quickly, otherwise this officer…” Before Li Shang could finish saying it, he was stepped back onto the ground by Wei Chi Li.

“Lord Lu had told others that you had accepted bribery openly in GuanNan Maquis’s birthday banquet. This commoner does not know why……”

Hearing this, Li Shang was furious and bounced up from the ground abruptly: “What a good Lu Yun Kui, so he was going to framed me, using my weakness.”

But in the next second, he was deep in thoughts and turned to looked at Wei Chi Li: “There are many loopholes about this matter, who are you all. Saying this, do you have any evidence?”

“Who am I, does not matter, and they are evidence.” Wei Chi Li pointed her hand, and they could see shadowy figures in the distance. “Since this is a secluded area and only you and Lu Yun Kui know about it. If he did not spread the news, how would we know?”

Li Shang lowered his head and was deep in thought, then become furious again and scolded repeatedly: “Rascal, Rascal! He can forget about having me to recommend him for promotion, dream on!”

[T/L Note]: The title used was 撒娇 Sa Jiao. But there is no exact word for it as it can be used in many scenarios. But some of the terms used are like coquettish, charm, cajole, flirt, act like spoiled child, pettish, etc. Generally, people 撒娇/Sajiao to get what they want. Like how Liu Luo Yi held and shook Wei Chi Li’s sleeves or something like this….

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