Chapter 15: Falling into the water

“Jin’er, don’t be rude!” A tall and bold middle-aged, long bearded man said with a stern voice. He strode over quickly from a distance, and almost in a blink of an eye, he was already standing opposite of Wei Chi Li. With one hand grabbing the back of Qiu Wu Jin’s neck and dragging her to his side.

“Greetings to GuanNan General.” Wei Chi Li lowered her head slightly.

“Greetings to the princess.” GuanNan Maquis said as he quickly clasped his fists. With a harsh look and stern voice, “Jin’er, quickly apologise, is this how you treat the guest, it is impolite!”

“She was the one who bullied this child first, this child will not.” Jin’er pouted.

“There is no need. This is just people of the same generation playing around together. There is no need to pursue this matter.” Wei Chi Li smiled as she beckons, and took a box from Xin Ran, “This gift was specially prepared for you, wishing you longevity.”

“Many thanks to the princess, HaHaHa.” GuanNan Maquis was born a military officer so he does not have a complicated heart and mind, simply believing it. After accepting the gift, his beard was trembling from laughter.

Qiu Wu Jin was already prepared to accept her father’s punishment. But did not expect Wei Chi Li to take the initiative to help her. She could not help but looked at Wei Chi Li secretly.

“What is her motive.”  she muttered.

GuanNan Maquis and Wei Chi Li exchanged greetings again. Then he went off recklessly to greet other guests. Only then did Qiu Wu Jin stepped forward and straightened her neck: “Why do you say that, if I was punished by my father, you should be happy about it.”

Wei Chi Li glanced at her with concern and foolish look, as she was unable to make head or tail of this question: “You and I have neither grievance nor hatred for one another, so why would I harm you.”

She looked at the house in the distance again. For some reason, she was feeling unease in her heart, so she did not waste any more time as she nodded at Qiu Wu Jin and turned to leave.

She could not be bothered with a lady with a child-like temperament.

Qiu Wu Jin was yelling behind her a few times, but Wei Chi Li pretended not to hear it and soon disappeared.

It was obvious that she was the one who had humiliated her first yet did not recognise her. Qiu Wu Jin was furious as she waved her whip on the spot.

Wei Chi Li strode towards where the women were gathering. She was striding extremely fast while Xin Ran was behind trotting and looking back.

“Princess, that unruly lady was not only impolite but had also dared to attack you, why did you not teach her a good lesson?” Xin Ran was feeling injustice for Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li sneered: “I simply give face to both sides. Everyone knows that the GuanNan Maquis doted on his only daughter, so how could he reprimand his beloved daughter for the sake of a princess from another country.”

“Don’t think that they are giving me face, but in fact, only a handful of people think highly of me. Lu Yun Kui’s word was not unreasonable. Without my imperial father’s support, I have neither the money nor fiefdom, leaving only an empty title and there were many gossips about my stupidity. If it were not for the increasing strength of the Northern Territory, I’m afraid that the greeting just now would not be given to me.”

Xin Ran scratched her head as if she understood and yet does not seems to understand.

Wei Chi Li glanced at her with disdain and shook her head. She had travelled thousands of miles to marry, so why did she bring along such a silly girl. Fortunately, she was loyal and could fight well, so it was fine for her to be a little stupid.

“Then, princess, what should we do?” Xin Ran asked worriedly, “Otherwise, you should apologise to the Northern Territory King? Although that day, the Northern Territory king had said those words in a moment of anger. He had doted you since young so he would not abandon you for real.”

Wei Chi Li did not say anything.

Of course, she had thought about this problem and this was undoubtedly the best solution now. But what she was worried was that she was not the real Wei Chi Li. The original owner from the book was only a supporting character so it did not state her previous experiences.

She does not know anything and could neither learn anything that had happened before she had transmigrated nor pretended to have amnesia, so she was also panicking!

“As for this matter, it needs to be considered…. First, tell me about my childhood matters, must be comprehensive!” Wei Chi Li said.

Xin Ran smiled embarrassedly: “Princess, I have only started following you about 2 years ago. Your previous servants were all chased away by you and only I was more resistant to beatings.”

Wei Chi Li: ……….

Putting this matter aside first, Wei Chi Li decided to act according to the original plan, and that was to steal back her things from Lu Yun Kui and divorce.

While talking, they have left the small path and the view suddenly cleared up in their eyes. A clear lake stretches among the emerald-green. There was a boat and on it was a woman with a graceful figure swaying to the ripples of the water. The melodious sound of the Pipa drifting near and far at the same time.

There was an elegant pavilion by the lake and there were several ladies gathering in it. Dressed in flowery clothes, they must be the ladies from major families and were facing this direction, snickering.

Several men were by the side discussing something. And among them was a man who stood out as he has a tall and large build with a handsome face and was also glaring at those ladies.

Judging from his appearance, he must be the 2nd male lead, Chen Chu, the 4th prince of Yan Country. Wei Chi Li said in her heart.

She had almost forgotten that this was where the 2nd male lead would appear. The so-called male lead belongs to the female lead and the 2nd male lead belongs to everyone. It has long been said that 2nd male leads had always been affectionate but generally do not have a good ending.

Wei Chi Li sighed. In that instant, she felt mutual sympathy for her fellow sufferer.

“You this lowly servant, I have finished the tea again, hurry up and fill up for this lady!” The woman was lightly fanning herself using the Luo fan, blinking that autumn-water-like eyes. However, that movement of hers did not match those beautiful eyes.

It made the whole person looks harsher.

She emptied out the cup of hot tea onto the servant girl’s feet after which, using that white and tender hand to squeeze the teacup as she reached it out towards the girl.

Wei Chi Li knew that this was a trick used by the major families and does not want to care about it. But who knew that when she had just turned around, she saw the girl’s face.

Liu Luo Yi?

Wei Chi Li stopped moving again as her heart warned herself secretly not to be nosy again. Since preventing the male and female lead from falling in love would not work and had decided to take the risk to deal with Lu Yun Kui directly, she could just ignore Liu Luo Yi.

She was naturally pitiful, but was she not as pitiful too? In the end, the one who died, was Wei Chi Li and it was Liu Luo Yi who killed her.

She had already experienced that kind of pain in the dream.

Moreover, her strategy to deal with Lu Yun Kui might make Liu Luo Yi despised her. Maybe then, the 2 would become enemies.

She had never thought that she was a good person. Her limit was that as long as she could survive and does not take the initiative to hurt others.

Over here, she was struggling with her thoughts, while on Liu Luo Yi’s side, she was still pouring tea for that woman.

“Aren’t you known as the number 1 talented woman in the capital? And the schoolmaster had praised you every day. Father imprisoned, the daughter of a criminal minister. I want to see how you are able to look down on others.” That woman smiled as she poured away the tea again.

Liu Luo Yi lowered her head without saying anything as her expression were cold.

“Do you really only have such expression? Currently, do you still think you are incomparably noble?” That woman was infuriated by her lack of reaction as she stood up abruptly.

“I did not.” Liu Luo Yi said as she showed neither inferiority nor superiority.

“You did not, good, I want to see if you did or did not!” That woman suddenly reached out to grabbed Liu Luo Yi and dragged her towards the lake. There were some women giggling as they followed while some frowned and stood at the same spot but no one stopped her.

Wei Chi Li subconsciously took a few steps forward, while on the other side, Chen Chu simply left his companions and ran over.

As the woman walked, she took out a jade pendant from her chest and threw it into the lake, causing several small splashes.

“That jade pendant was given by my father and is invaluable. Go down and pick it up for me.” That woman said arrogantly.

Liu Luo Yi took 2 steps back and looked at her directly: “Miss Wen, I am not a servant in GuanNan Maquis’s mansion, you can find them to salvage it.”

“There are no other servants around, I do not care which house you belong to, you are still a small servant, stop talking rubbish.”

Liu Luo Yi wanted to say something, but she suddenly slipped and fell into the water directly. Chen Chu who was on the side, roared as he stepped forward and pushed the stunned woman aside. He opened his arms wide and jumped down.

Wei Chi Li’s tense heart had relaxed again. Fortunately, there was a 2nd male lead and should be able to protect her.

At this time, there was another commotion, and some people were crying out for help: “Help, Help, the 4th prince does not know how to swim!”

Wei Chi Li gave herself a smack on the forehead

[T/L Note]: Luo Fan

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