Chapter 14: Carrying You

Immediately the subtle grass fragrance wrapped her continuously. The arms under her body have the slender and softness of a woman and yet it was not lacking in strength.

Liu Luo Yi subconsciously reached out to grabbed Wei Chi Li’s clothes. After she found out who was carrying her, she panicked as she put down her hand and attempted to break away from Wei Chi Li’s arm.

“Princess should not be presumptuous in the public, let me go.” Liu Luo Yi said as she exerted her strength to break free but to no avail.

Wei Chi Li was a little impatient as she whispered: “Don’t move, why do you often not appreciate a good person’s conscience?”

“You are not a good person.” Liu Luo Yi lowered her head, her voice was incredibly soft, almost wafting out with the wind.

Wei Chi Li tilted her head and was too lazy to think about what she was thinking as she looked down at Liu Luo Yi and sighed.

Forget it. She could not control her hands and was nosy again.

Wei Chi Li put her down carefully, then turned around and half-kneeled as she patted her shoulder and said: “I can’t hold you, but carrying you on my back for a short walk is fine right?”

Liu Luo Yi looked at Wei Chi Li’s shoulder and her heart starting thumping. She lowered her eyes to conceal her flurried heart.

She should hate this woman, but why has she wavered now.

She was silent for a while and said calmly: “Does the princess knows what it means to be a slave in Yan country?”

Hearing this, Wei Chi Li frowned, racking her brain. How would she know the meaning of these feudal dross?

“Don’t talk nonsense anymore. The more you hesitate, the more people will surround us.” Wei Chi Li was too lazy to talk to this unreasonable woman. She simply leaned back and raised up abruptly. Liu Luo Yi was pushed by her body and was unable to stand firmly, so she fell on top of her.

Liu Luo Yi let out a soft sigh. She was still alarmed when she turned around to the stunned Liu Wei Chang before turning back and said: “You, why are you so shameless!”

Wei Chi Li made no comment as she was in a bad mood and do not want to talk. She just turned her head back and tilted her neck to Liu Wen Chang then strode towards the carriage.

Only then did Liu Wen Chang struggled out from his daze and quickly followed up.

Everywhere Wei Chi Li has walked past, the crowds would scatter helter-skelter. They had heard the rumours about this Northern Territory Princess. She was ugly and big-headed, and because no one wanted to marry this shrewd woman, she ended up marrying a lowly fifth-tiered official.

Now that they have seen it, she was quite different from what they have imagined.

“The person being carried by the Northern Territory Princess was the criminal official’s daughter? It was a pity to her good looks. I have heard that previously her dance was top in the capital. Now, I do not know who had bought her to play around. Why good things like this was not this old man’s turn?”

“A princess actually carried a slave. This is the first time seeing a scene whereby one had lowered their status.”

Wei Chi Li was annoyed after listening to the surrounding filthy speeches. She turned her head to looked at Liu Luo Yi, only to see her eyes were closed tightly and was not reacting to it.

Wei Chi Li’s clothes were wrinkled by her again. Feeling heartache for her self-made colourful brocade clothes and coupled with the buzzing of the people, she instantly flies into a rage.

She stopped suddenly and drew out the sword from Xin Ran’s waist and pointed it at the person who claimed to be an old man. Seeing a flash of cold light, the surrounding suddenly became quiet.

Wei Chi Li nodded in satisfaction. She strode to the carriage and put Liu Luo Yi down.

Liu Luo Yi quickly dodged away from her and looked at the carriage vigilantly.

Wei Chi Li said helplessly: “Lu Yun Kui has left a long time ago, don’t worry.”

Wei Chi Li reached out and pushed Liu Luo Yi through the curtain then jumped onto the carriage dexterously. But suddenly realized that Liu Wen Chang was beside the carriage, gripping his large transparent sleeves, not daring to speak.

A decent youth should be daring and energetic, yet he was tortured by Lu Yun Kui into this manner. Wei Chi Li felt pity in her heart.

She reached out her hand gently as if she were treating a fragile and weak child and said softly: “Get on, don’t be afraid.”

Liu Wen Chang lowered his head, the tears roving in his eyes. He reached out his green onion-like fair and clear hands. In mid-air, he rolled his hand back into the sleeves fearfully, only then did he dared to place it gently on Liu Luo Yi’s palm.

Borrowing Wei Chi Li’s strength, he got up onto the carriage.

“Princess, are we still visiting GuanNan Maquis?” Xin Ran asked.

“Of course.” Wei Chi Li said as she strokes her chin, looking at the bustling crowd in the distance with profound eyes.

At any rate, she was once a famous explorer in the modern times. It would be too humiliating if she could not even fight a novel’s small male lead.

In order not to make Liu Luo Yi and Liu Wen Chang feel afraid, Wei Chi Li with self-knowledge sat outside the carriage and never entered through the curtain.

In the carriage, Liu Luo Yi embraced Liu Wen Chang as she wept silently. She held Liu Wen Chang’s hand, not wanting to believe that her younger brother who had made an uproar about learning war martial arts years ago has now been brought up like this.

Liu Wen Chang had also lowered his head. He endured shedding tears as Ah Jie was already so sad that he could not cry anymore.

“Ah Jie, don’t worry, I’m fine.” Liu Wen Change curled the corner of his lips gently to comfort Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi wiped away the tears on her face as she hugged the ridiculously thin Liu Wen Chang tightly and said softly: “This time, Ah Jie will definitely protect you well.”

“That sister just now seems to be a good person.” Liu Wen Chang said after a moment of silence.

“Do not believe her.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly exerted some force with her hand, and her tone was uncertain, “She cannot be trusted……”

The carriage swayed all the way to the exterior of imperial city gate, GuanNan mansion. Only then did Wei Chi Li woke up from a dream and groaned as she got up from Xin Ran.

“Princess, we are here. We need to greet GuanNan Maquis first. In any case, please pay attention to your behaviour……” Xin Ran said gloomily.

Wei Chi Li then jumped off the carriage and straightened her clothes, turned around and lifted the curtain and said: “You two, if you are scared, why not follow me?”

“No need, it is inconvenient to trouble the princess.” Liu Luo Yi said lightly as she supported Liu Wen Chang down the carriage and avoided Wei Chi Li’s hand.

“This slave thanked the princess for the kindness.” Liu Luo Yi bow.

Liu Wen Chang followed suit and saluted.

When Wei Chi Li saw her keeping her at arm’s length, she felt uncomfortable. Liu Luo Yi had always been afraid of her and so, she did not disagree and nodded to accept it, after which, she ignored them and walked in.

Because according to the original story, Liu Luo Yi would not encounter any major issue here and so she did not think much about it.

Compared to Lu Yun Kui’s small house, GuanNan Maquis’s mansion was much more imposing. As a military commander who had achieved many meritorious service medals, the mansion decoration was grandeur. The moment one entered through the door, there was a ‘Loyalty, Filial piety, Integrity and Righteousness’ 4 characters engraved into a large carved stone.

A few steps after walking along the veranda, one could see a servant girl graceful gait as she bowed lightly with a smile. The pillars were covered with gorgeous red paint and every alternate pillar were engraved with lifelike flowers, birds, fishes, and insects.

There were many people coming and going. It was deserving of a GuanNan Maquis’s birthday banquet, as high-ranking officials and royal members can be found everywhere. However, Wei Chi Li does not recognise anyone and could not be discourteous, so she walked along the small path and turned to go up.

The small path was paved with rounded pebbles and the surrounding flowers and grass were neat and tidy. The rockeries were lined in a close formation and there was a pavilion to complete the scenery. Wei Chi Li was dazzled by this view.

Suddenly, a gale struck. Wei Chi Li relied on her usual hard training in the wilderness, to react and dodged to the side promptly and managed to avoid a long whip.

The long whip landed on the rockery. A white mark appeared on the hard rock surface immediately. Xin Ran who was at one side, yelped as she drew out her sword.

Wei Chi Li patted her chest in shock as she frowned and looked at the person with the whip. That woman dressed in bright orange with the wave-patterned dress was pretty and not tall. She stood on the rockery opposite and looked at Wei Chi Li condescendingly.

“Who told you to come!” That woman was pretty, but her speech was full of wilfulness and stubbornness. She took a leap and jumped down, landing firmly on the ground.

Before waiting for Wei Chi Li to think about who she was, she backhanded and swing the whip towards Wei Chi Li’s face. Wei Chi Li swayed back to avoid it.

“Lady, when did I provoke you, why are you chasing and refusing to let me go?” Wei Chi Li was fed up and said as she kept dodging from side to side. In the end, she hugged the tree trunk as a shield.

“When did you provoke me? You embarrassed me on the street that day and now you have forgotten all about it? Now there is no one who will support you. Do not think that as the Princess of Northern Territory, you can bully others. I will make you return everything today!”

The whip shuffled across her shoulders and flew across. Wei Chi Li squeezed through a gap and backhanded to grab the whip in her palm and reeled in a few times with thunder-like speed and held it firmly.

 That woman tugged but did not manage to tug it back.

She was flushed with anger as she simply threw the whip down and came towards Wei Chi Li with bare hands. Seeing this, Wei Chi Li quickly dodged sideways and extended the whip and looped it around her arms a few rounds.

At the same time, the woman’s left arm tightened. She lowered her head and exclaimed. It was because Wei Chi Li had somehow already twined both her arms and then pulled hard so she could not move at all.

“You, you cheated, quickly let me go!” The woman could not break free and her eyes were red with anger.

Wei Chi Li looked at her for a while and then remembered. There seems to be such a person in the original book, named Qiu Wu Jin and was GuanNan Marquis’s only daughter. She had learned some martial arts since young and was wilful and unruly.

However, this person was just a small supporting character and was not important so there were not many details about her in the book. She probably had met the same wilful and unruly original owner on the street previously and had some dispute.

Wei Chi Li gave a long sigh. How many problems had the original owner left for her?

Since it was a dispute from before, Wei Chi Li could not bully the other party and so she let go of her hand and took 2 steps back.

Who knows that before she could speak, that woman punched again. Wei Chi Li subconsciously held her fists and exerted some force to dragged her to her side.

Her intention was to neutralise the offensive. Somehow, she used too much force and coupled with the inertia, the person rises and flew in the air.

Seeing that the 16years-old girl with a flower-like jade face was about to face plant onto the rockery, Wei Chi Li quickly backhanded and hugged her waist, grasping her back.

Qiu Wu Jin looked at the rockery in front of her. Before she could scream, she was then standing firmly on the ground again. She was stunned and her heart was thumping non-stop.

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