Chapter 13

“Li’er, you were not so heartless before, why have you changed?” Lu Yun Kui said with a hoarse voice, his eyes were very affectionate. However, if one were to look at it closely, one could see a trace of disdain.

As soon as he said that, he leaned down and got closer to Wei Chi Li.

Then let out a howl.

Lu Yun Kui did not think that Wei Chi Li would make him looked bad. He stooped down, sucking in a breath of cold air in pain.

Wei Chi Li shook her slightly numb fists due to the heavy blow. The acid in her stomach churned, as she brought up her knees and kicked Lu Yun Kui off the seat, after which, she bent down and retched.

Seeing how much she disliked himself, Lu Yun Kui could not help but said furiously: “Wei Chi Li! Do not refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! I have treated you so well, yet you do not appreciate it. You have offended your husband again and again. Are you not afraid that I will report this to the court and exposed you for lacking in women virtue!”

Finally, unable to pretend, Wei Chi Li covered her chest, pressing down the churning in her stomach.

“Lacking in women virtue? Do you know that my Northern Territory has never been like your Central Plain? Coming up with women commandment of 3 obedience & 4 virtues(!).” Wei Chi Li glanced at him.

(!)三从四德 San Cong Si De: 3 obedience & 4 virtues. The three obedience 1.obey her father before marriage, 2.her husband when married, and 3.her sons in widowhood and the four virtues (morality, proper speech, modest manner and diligent work) of women in ancient China; spiritual fetters of wifely submission and virtue imposed on women in feudal society

Lu Yun Kui supported himself on the swaying carriage as he stumbled to his feet. The tall and huge body could not stand up straight and could only bend over, looking a little embarrassing.

“Your Northern Territory? Wei Ci Li, you have cut off ties with Northern Territory to marry me. Are you so stupid that you think you are still the noblest princess?”

“Now, you only have an empty title, with no power and no one to help. The princess of Northern Territory in my Yan Dynasty is nothing! As long as I disagree, you will never have the chance to divorce! Give up, if you want to live well, do your best to support me. When I have become successful, I will not treat you unfairly!”

Snatching away her fiefdom and money to pave his way, and in the end, he dared to threaten her? Wei Chi Li clenched her fists and her eyes sombre.

She had never had such a strong killing intent like now.

She had originally wanted to separate the male and female lead and keep herself alive. However, this method does not seem to work anymore. Even if the female lead did not fall in the end, Lu Yun Kui with his insidious and unscrupulous means would not let her live well.

That image of gruesome and terrifying nightmare filled with despair and her being restrained like a dog. She could not push this image of her miserable self to the back of her mind.

But once this body thought about hurting the male lead, it will be heartbroken. This was probably the original owner last persistence. If she killed Lu Yun Kui, her heart would split, and they would die together.

She had died once, and now she wants to live by any unscrupulous means.

“Li’er, the only thing you can do now, is to support me. You and I will always be husband and wife. Bound together for good or ill. You have to think it through carefully.”

“Also, don’t think about finding someone to save you. From today, I will be watching you. The moment I realized you are gone; I will catch you no matter if you run to the end of the world.” Lu Yun Kui endured the pain and sat down, curling the corner of his lip, and smiling as though he had won.

In just a few seconds, Wei Chi Li’s heart had turned 180degrees. She suddenly laughed out loud, leaning against the cushion feeling inexplicable trouble. “What are you talking about, why will I run?”

“That’s right, be good, this will be……”

Before Lu Yun Kui finished speaking, he rolled down from the carriage and could only hear the horse neighing, then came the sound of chaos.

Wei Chi Li put down her leg and patted her clothes light-heartedly.

Afterwards, her sombre gaze fell, turning her head to look out of the carriage. With strong killing intent, a ‘snap’ sound could be heard. The carriage window was crushed by her.

Dared to threatened her, Wei Chi Li, just wait to pay the price!

The streets were filled with horses and carriages, and the vendor’s yell travelled all over. This supreme elegant and flourishing grand view belongs to the capital alone.

“Bound together for good or ill, what a joke.” she muttered and snorted.

The 2 lonely figures staggered as they followed behind the carriage. It does not fit with this city’s prosperity and if looked closely, the woman was not even wearing any shoes. The original snow-white socks have been worn-out until it has been torn.

Outside the carriage, not knowing what Lu Yun Kui was degenerately yelling about as Wei Chi Li could not be bothered to listen to it because she was staring at Liu Luo Yi intently.

She saw that she was in so much pain to walk yet she still held onto Liu Wen Chang beside her without saying anything.

After a while, there was no more sound outside as the carriage had started moving again. The dispersed crowd of men and women on both side of the street had their arms folded, pointing fingers at Wei Chi Li and chatter.

“This is the princess of Northern Territory? Can’t see her face.”

“Driving her husband out of the carriage in the public. Mandi women sure is fierce, that man seems to be gentle and educated. Marrying such a woman must be a bad luck for 8 lifetimes.”

The curtain of the carriage suddenly opened as Wei Chi Li jumped down. She met the eyes of those men and women wagging their tongues and they fell silent immediately. Wei Chi Li glanced at them indifferently, then strode towards the back of the carriage.

Those few people breathed a sigh of relief and covered their chest as they looked at each other in blank dismay, not daring to say anything. Who could have imagined that the princess from the barren land was born good-looking.

And when being swept across by that phoenix eyes, a layer of cold sweat appeared on their back.

Something seems to have happened at the front, but Liu Luo Yi did not have the time to look up. She was gritting teeth as she walks step by step on the road full of stones.

“Ah Jie, you should wear shoes, I am a man, it will not hurt.” Liu Wen Chang on the side reached out to support Liu Luo Yi with tears in his eyes.

“Don’t, your body is weak now, so how could you be barefooted. Sister works every day and my body had gotten stronger, so it is no problem.” Liu Luo Yi smiled with difficulty.

Liu Wen Chang suddenly stopped and wanted to carry Liu Luo Yi on his back. But he could hardly squeeze out any strength, so he was too anxious to know what to do.

Since that day, their dad’s incident and his sister and him have become slaves and was also slaves in Lu Yun Kui’s mansion which was lower than the normal servants. Today, Lu Yun Kui released him was because he intended to gift him to others and had refused to give him any food to eat. He had also forced him to dance barefooted every day and so his body was very weak now. And so, he does not even have the strength to carry Ah Jie.

Liu Luo Yi reached out to pull him up and said softly: “Ah Jie is fine, as long as you and dad are alive, Ah Jie is willing to do anything.”

“Ah Jie, I’m sorry….” Liu Wen Chang lowered his head and cried hard. The flimsy body belonging to the youth, trembles. Seeing this, Liu Luo Yi felt even more regret and sympathy as she reached out to hold him in her arms.

“It’s Ah Jie’s fault. If it’s not Ah Jie……”

“Okay, stop crying. If you continue walking with these feet, you will end up crawling later!” A listless voice rang out above her head. Liu Luo Yi subconsciously raised her eyes and met Wei Chi Li’s eyes.

Before she could say anything, her body felt lighter suddenly and was carried up by the waist.

[T/L Note]: Hey! I know everyone is very pissed and angsty due to that *&%$$%# Lu Yun Kui, but I promise that things will get better! based on my translating rate, maybe it will be next week……..? *Cough Cough*

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  4. “Ah Jie is fine, as long as you and dad are alive, Ah Jie is willing to do anything.”

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