Chapter 11: Snuggle

Liu Luo Yi let out quiet babbles and Wei Chi Li was taken aback as she sighed: “Are there any clinics nearby?”

Xin Ran ran out to looked around, then came back and said “Where can I find a clinic at this hour? There is only an inn nearby. Princess might as well find a place for her to rest first then make plans tomorrow.”

Wei Chi Li frowned and placed her hand on Liu Luo Yi’s forehead gently.

“She had already burned up to this extent……”

“Forget it, let us find an inn first. It is late at night and cold, and if she catches a cold, I fear that she might lose this small life.” Wei Chi Li once again carried her up and hugged her tightly.

The inn was lit up brightly but there were not many people, probably because most have gone to bed. Wei Chi Li wearing black clothes with mask and carrying a woman suddenly rushed in, had scared the inn clerk into the bottom cabinet.

“Why are you hiding, why don’t you quickly open up an upper-tier room for my pri…. young master(!)!” Xin Ran following behind and with a ‘shua’ she pulled out a bright and chilling sword.

(!)公主 (Princess), 公子 (young Master), Each term starts with 公, gong, hence, Xin Ran could change it quickly.

That clerk was even more frightened now as he crawled out trembling and wrote a bill quickly and shouted with a hoarse voice: “noble…noble…noble guests, 1…1….1…upper-tier room!”

Wei Chi Li was too lazy to pay attention to others as she carried Liu Luo Yi up to the third floor and found the room. She then laid her on the bed gently.

“Liu Lou Yi, wake up, are you still alive?” Wei Chi Li stretched out 2 slender fingers and pinched her face and pulled it up.

Even after deforming her face, she was still cute, she thought.

Liu Lou Yi moved a little and murmured: “Don’t, don’t touch him, come at me, I will give you all everything….”

“Don’t touch Chang’er, he is still a child……”

She started tearing up. Wei Chi Li subconsciously used her sleeves to wipe off the crystal tears.

“Xin Ran! Go find doctor, If the doctor is sleeping, then drag him out of the bed!” Wei Chi Li said suddenly.

Xin Ran was taken aback by her tone. She jumped up and strode out of the room.

Could it be that she was hallucinating? Just now, in that instant, the princess seems to have changed into another person. That aura that exudes from the inner body makes one’s heart palpitate.

Must be a misconception…. she comforted herself.

Wei Chi Li had always had a healthy body. Usually, when she catches a cold in the wild occasionally, she would endure it till she gets better and so, she had never taken it seriously.

But now, she was at loss when looking at Liu Lou Yi.

As if she were facing a very precious porcelain doll that would shatter upon touching it. One could neither hold onto it nor let it go.

Liu Lou Yi began to tremble, and only then did Wei Chi Li came to her senses. She patted her forehead in annoyance and cursed herself for becoming stupid, this was a simple task of taking care of a patient.

She quickly picked up an embroidered quilt and covered Liu Lou Yi gently and then tucked in the corners clumsily.

“So cold….” Liu Lou Yi murmured with her eyes closed.

Wei Chi Li turned around on the spot then tore off the down wool blanket from the chaise longue and covered it over Liu Lou Yi.

“Why are you still shaking……” Wei Chi Li scratched her head gloomily.

Liu Lou Yi turned over and curled up into a ball.

Like an insecure doll.

Wei Chi Li sighed heavily. With one leg, half-kneeling next to Liu Lou Yi, she reached out to fished her out from the bed and let her lean in her arms.

The hot, weak, and soft body in her arms has a wonderful feeling

Her shaggy hair rubbed against Wei Chi Li’s chin, making her feels itchy.

Suddenly, Liu Lou Yi stopped shaking and even shrank a little into her arms. Wei Chi Li suddenly felt that she was held in place and do not dare to move.

It was only until Liu Lou Yi stopped moving and fell asleep, then she reached out her stiff hand to wrap the quilt around her.

This was all to save someone; I am really a good and compassionate person! Wei Chi Li chants in her heart.

Do not blame her for her vain thinking as the atmosphere now was a little, charming. Wei Chi Li leaning against the bedpost while Liu Lou Yi leaned on her chest and had shrunk into a ball.

Although Liu Lou Yi’s face was as white as a dead person now, she was still shockingly beautiful. A pair of large eyes were tightly closed, eyelashes were thick, eyebrows were light. She was like a fine jade. No matter how closely one looked at her, one could not see any flaws.

It was like a snow lotus, cold and fragile, intolerant of any violation.

Wei Chi Li stared at her face and shook her head. How could anyone have the heart to treat such a beautiful girl badly.

Liu Lou Yi was probably feeling hot as a pair of jade hands caressed a little and pushed the quilt away then pulled down her outer robe, revealing her smooth and gentle shoulders.

Wei Chi Li suddenly felt a ‘hum’ in her mind and nearly died on the spot. She quickly closed her eyes and chant ‘I’ve sinned, I’ve sinned’ in her heart.

The hand was still pulling it downwards. Wei Chi Li was cursing in her heart while she held that hand firmly and pressed it to the side before it causes more sins.

There were footsteps sound on the stairs outside the room. Wei Chi Li was taken aback as she jumped down from the bed hurriedly and arranged Liu Lou Yi clumsily then covered her with the quilt. She turned around several times on the spot then she leaned against the chaise longue and whistled.

Xin Ran rushed in urgently with the doctor and saw this scene.

“Since you are so happy, why bother finding a doctor?” She was puzzled.

Wei Chi Li coughed twice and jumped off from the chaise longue.

The doctor looks inexplicably angry as he took out a handkerchief and covered Liu Lou Yi’s wrist, then he proceeded to place his fingers on it. He frowned and pondered for a while.

“Who are you to her? How can you let her suffer like this? From her pulse, her body is extremely weak and probably have not had any water for many days. Coupled with anxiousness attacking her heart, it led to fever and coma!”

“What a wonderful girl, why did she run into a man like you.” The old man strokes his beard while looking at Wei Chi Li with dissatisfaction.

Wei Chi Li: I was wronged……

Although the doctor’s eyes were not good, he was extremely serious. while spreading out the whole sheet of medicine smoothly, he scolds Wei Chi Li fiercely.

After he finished speaking and left, Liu Lou Yi had also drunk the medicine, the sky has brightened.

Wei Chi Li sat down and took a bite of the bun that Xin Ran had bought from outside.

Xin Ran squatted down and applied JingChuang medicine on Wei Chi Li’s injured calf: “Princess, what shall we do next? Young master is afraid of attracting people’s attention at night. Now that sky has brightened, he will definitely think of ways to search around.”

“Wait for her to wake up, we will change to a less conspicuous place. As a princess, don’t I have any store or property, etc in the capital?” Wei Chi Li asked.

These few days, she had forgotten about this issue. Whether it was in ancient times or modern times, it was impossible to move around without money. 

Xin Ran put down her medicine, stood up and bit her lip: “Yes, you do have it. Moreover, when you moved into the capital, the emperor had rewarded you many fields and houses, but……”

“But what?” Wei Chi Li have a bad feeling.

“But I don’t know what young master had said to you. On the 2nd day, you gave the land deeds and house deeds to them. Now, there are only a few miscellaneous items. There is not enough to maintain a livelihood.” Xin Ran said bitterly.

Wei Chi Li wanted to hit her head on the wall and die.

She had handed over all the property for the so-called love. This was too stupid to a certain extent.

Liu Lou Yi, who was at the side, moved a little and opened her eyes. 

[T/L Note]: Thought I should explain surname/family name and name here.

For the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, their surname/family is at the front and name is at the back. So:

Liu Luo Yi : Liu is the surname/family name, and Luo Yi is the name.

Xin Ran: Xin is the surname/family name, and Ran is the name.

Wei Chi Li: Wei Chi is the surname/family name, and Li is the name (Yes, Wei Chi Li’s name is a bit unique, but I will not go into details, because I will end up giving history lesson) (* ̄▽ ̄)b

When Lou Yue addressed Lu Yun Kui, she addressed him a little more intimately, which is surname + Lang : Lu Lang 陆郎. This is for woman to address their husband or lover.

There are many ways of addressing their loved ones. Like Liu Luo Yi addresses her brother Liu Wen Chang as Chang’er. This is can be used for both male and female.

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  1. She should ask her family to inspect her stuff at home for traces of drugs. That would give them serious doubts about Lu Yun Kui. Then he can be the boiling frog.

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  2. When I saw that there where two new chapters I had to double and then triple check, cuz I couldn’t believe my eyes.
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  3. While i love LYL this beautiful and proud woman, I absolutely despise characters that are willing to die for others, no matter who it is, no matter the reason, i just hate it, especially so when it’s a lose-lose situation anyways, so shes gonna agree to be humiliated and hate her remaining life for the possibility of her brother not getting to suffer?

    It’s fucking stupid, at least if it was a lover and it was assured they’d get out ok, you know at least, but no it’s just a maybe the brother won’t suffer, fucking retarded man I swear haha, like I get where she’s coming from and all but again I just hate that type of stuff, we only have 1 little life, might as well do our best for ourselves.

    I know I’m saying that in a novel where the mc transmigrated lol but you get my point.

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