Chapter 1: Transmigrated into the Book

“Wei Chi! Wei Chi!”

Not knowing whose scream was echoing in her mind and it was accompanied by a sense of weightlessness. The violent airflow blurred Wei Chi Li’s vision making the surrounding scenery extruded and deformed. Wei Chi Li tried to open her eyes and attempt to keep the last sight of the sky.

The thought that she, a famous explorer, had died because she was knocked off the cliff by a bird.

The light dimmed and brightened again. But this time, the bright light was from the candlelight.

What the hell? Wei Chi Li opened her eyes wide, trying her best to look at the patterned candlestick that was an arm’s length away.

The candlestick was incredibly old. The rusty copper was covered with melted candle wax, and the dust on the wax oil made one feels uncomfortable. Wei Chi Li moved her arm a little. There was warmth on her fingertip and trickling sound could be heard.

She turned her stiffed neck and stared at the woman below her.

The woman was crying. Wei Chi Li could not tell what kind of eyes they were. It was misty and yet it held the vastness of the sea, soft and stubborn.

Wei Chi Li was holding a chillingly sharp knife in her hand and the blade was awfully close to the woman’s face.

Seeing this situation, Wei Chi Li’s eyes darkened and almost fainted. However, thanks to the experience of travelling around by herself, she stood firm, and the knife in her hand did not move an inch.

The woman was trembling. Those apricot eyes stared at Wei Chi Li. Her clothes were partially opened, and her eyes were filled with tears. Not only did it not cover those stunning eyebrows, instead, it added a bit of loveliness to it.

The candlelight dimmed. The spot of light trembled in her misty eyes.

This scene, this posture, why does it look so wrong……

“Just kill me.” The woman tried to straighten up, her voice trembling.

Wei Chi Li wanted to cry too. She hardly knows who was more afraid among the 2 of them. Who was she, where was she, what was she doing?

A thought flashed through Wei Chi Li’s mind. Was she…… With that lady?

She wanted to cry, but no tears flowed out. Could it be that she was dreaming, however, the feeling in her hand felt so real. The woman’s skin was like a warm jade, smooth and delicate.

The woman was headstrong. She took advantage of Wei Chi Li loss of concentration, and snatched the knife from Wei Chi Li’s hand to slash her own white slender neck.

Upon seeing this, Wei Chi Li was shocked into a cold sweat. Quickly, she reached out and grabbed her wrist. At that instant, she forcefully turned the blade in the opposite direction, and the blade clattered onto the floor.

Wei Chi Li held the woman in her arms.

She sneaked her hand behind her back and embraced her firmly.

“Are you crazy?” Wei Chi Li has yet to calm down, but as soon as she said that she felt a tingling pain in her shoulder.

This scoundrel bit her! Wei Chi Li gritted and whispered: “Are you a dog?”

However, before she could move, a scabbard landed heavily on the woman’s shoulder. The woman went limp and fell forward, Wei Chi Li subconsciously hugged her.

She was noticeably light. Under the chiffon clothes, she was pitifully thin and weak. Just by gently holding her, she could fully embrace her.

Wei Chi Li looked down, that woman was also looking at her with endless sadness and hatred. She spat out word by word: “Wei Chi Li, one day I will have you all pay for everything.”

“Nonsense.” A voice travelled from behind startled Wei Chi Li. She turned around quickly and saw a girl in a long robe with wide sleeves, holding a sword within her arm and lurking in the corner like a demon.

Looks like a maid or a guard.

When she saw Wei Chi Li looking at her, she immediately became respectful, and said with a gentle expression: “It is getting late, Princess, do it.”

“Do, Do what?” Wei Chi Li was confused.

“Strip Liu LuoYi naked and throw her down the wall. Didn’t you plan this for a long time?” The woman was dumbfounded.

Liu Luo Yi……Why is this name so familiar? Wei Chi Li looked at the woman in her arms, Luo Yi. The name sure was worthy of her especially with that appearance.

However, the top priority was to figure out where the fuck is this?

Wei Chi Li looked at the girl and probed: “Sister….”

The girl frowned and said: “Princess, Xin Ran has cautioned you many times. Currently, you are no longer in the northern territory, you cannot call this servant (1) as sister. If you let Lu Yun Kui, no, young master (2) see this, he will definitely put you in confinement again.”

(1) 奴婢 (Nu Bi): the female servants must refer to themselves as “this servant” when talking to someone with higher status than them, especially their masters 

(2) 姑爷 (Gu Ye): a form of address for son-in-law by the family of his wife, since there is no direct translation for this, I used “young master” instead

When the name ‘Lu Yun Kui’ was mentioned, there was a hint of disgust in her expression. However, because Wei Chi Li was present, she pulled back that expression.

Lu Yun Kui, Liu Luo Yi…… Wei Chi Li thought for a moment. Her body suddenly shook and trembled for about 3 times.

Was this not the novel she had read before?

Wei Chi Li had received an invitation from several geologists a few days ago. Together, they entered Shen Nong Jia(!), however, before venturing into the depths of the forest, they stayed in the houses at a local village.

(!)神农架 (Shen Nong Jia): Forestry district located in the Hubei Province

At that time, she was bored, so she picked up a novel with an old book cover. The story was filled with twist and was very extreme, Wei Chi Li was so angry that she cursed as she read.

The general content of the story was that the male lead, Lu Yun Kui adored the female lead, Liu Luo Yi. When he went to propose, he was ridiculed by Liu Luo Yi’s father because of his low status. In the end, he fled due to this failure, and since then, he hated the female lead.

It was secretly described in the book that Lu Yun Kui was guileful and would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. When he heard that the neighbouring Northern Kingdom brought a princess to visit, he set up a trap to make the princess fall in love and marry him regardless of everything.

Lu Yun Kui also schemed and framed the female lead’s father causing the female lead’s father to be thrown into prison, thus, destroying the entire family.

The female lead was demoted to a slave, so he bought the female lead at a low price and kept her by his side.

After that, came a series of abuse. In the early stages, the male lead used all sorts of methods to abuse the female lead. And because the princess was the vicious female supporting character, she naturally had to make life difficult for the female lead.

In the end, under the male lead’s courtship and torture, the female lead finally accepted the male lead. After the female supporting lead has done her best to support the male lead up to a high position, she was framed by the male lead for not following women’s proper behaviour and morals. She was locked up in the house and tortured for day and night and she grieved to the extent of wishing to die.

In the end, the fallen female lead stabbed the female supporting lead to death, taking her revenge.

The story concluded with happy ending along with good health.

The most terrifying thing was that the vicious female supporting lead who dies tragically was also named Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li felt chills down her spine again.

“Princess, if you do not do anything, the young master will be back soon.” Xin Ran warned.

Wei Chi Li forcefully gathered her state of mind. Let us not talk about what an anecdote this situation was, if she does not die, it was considered a good thing.

Although with this identity, it seems like she was not far from death.

Liu Luo Yi’s clothes should have been torn before, as it revealed half of her thin and white shoulder covered in bruises. Seeing this, Wei Chi Li palpitated and could not helped but felt a sense of pity.

She sighed, took 2 steps forward and tried to placed Liu Luo Yi on the bed. Startled, Liu Luo Yi immediately struggled.

“Wei Chi Li, let me go! Since you hate me, you can just kill me, so why humiliate me!” Liu Luo Yi said bitterly.

“I will not touch you, don’t be afraid.” Wei Chi Li said as she bends down, her movement was gentle.

Liu Luo Yi was in dazed for a moment. She clutched Wei Chi Li’s placket tightly and the finest silk was crumpled by her. When Wei Chi Li bend down, she was almost embraced in her arms and could smell that refreshing fragrance.

However, this was just a momentary trance. The next second, Liu Luo Yi released Wei Chi Li and curled up as she looked at the woman whom she was afraid and hated, defensively.

At this moment, Wei Chi Li’s heart can be described as mixed feelings. Looking at the current situation, even if it was difficult for her to accept it, she must still firmly believe that she has transmigrated. Not only that, she had also transmigrated into her female supporting character with a terrible ending.

How to survive was a top priority.

Wei Chi Li looked at Liu Luo Yi’s slender neck and a bold idea came to her mind.

Since the female lead will eventually fall and kill others, and in order not to die, why not kill the female lead first?

At this very moment, the door behind was swung open. A man strode in angrily and reached out to pull Wei Chi Li. Wei Chi Li who was unprepared was tugged on the clothes and slammed against the wall.

Wei Chi Li only heard a ‘bang’ sound, followed by a sharp pain in her arm. She sucked in a breath of cold air and raise her eyes to looked at the man.

The large build man with straight and slanted eyebrows, looks good. There was just a fierceness in his eyes.

“Who let you touch her?” The man growled as if trying to suppress his anger and violence.

Sure enough, he was a man with domestic violence tendency. Wei Chi Li thought this must be the male lead, Lu Yun Kui.

Before Wei Chi Li could say anything, Lu Yun Kui suddenly raised his arm and slapped. Wei Chi Li was shocked, she stuck to the wall and turned around a few times to avoid it.

After a moment of surprised, Lu Yun Kui’s eyes flashed with murderous intention.

However, it was a fleeting look, after which he returned to his calm expression. Seemingly like it was all Wei Chi Li’s illusion.

“Li Li, I was a little anxious just now, don’t be angry. Anger will harm your body. I just came back and never saw you and was worried.” Lu Yun Kui squeezed the corners of his lip. The smile was warm and gentle.

Good acting skills. Wei Chi Li was a little angry. No one had dared to do anything to her in her previous life.

Lu Yun Kui selfishly said: “Li’er, ever since I’ve met you on the street, you have been the love of my life. It is not worth competing with a wretched girl. You occupied my heart. You are the blood flow in my heart that others can’t take away or come in.”

The more he talks, the more intoxicated it was, and his eyes were tender. If she were the original owner, she would have rushed into his arm and wept.

However, the current Wei Chi Li was disgusted.

Fortunately, she did not do anything to Liu Luo Yi. Because comparing female lead to male lead, she wanted to kill the male lead even more.

Lu Yun Kui evoked a charming smile and waved his hand. Before Wei Chi Li could shout out not to leave, Xin Ran rushed out and backhanded the door shut.

Having lived for more than 20 years, this was the first time Wei Chi Li had to experience such an embarrassing matter. Liu Luo Yi was just lying on the bed. Even using toes to guess, would be able to guess what Lu Yun Kui wanted to do. 

He was beast for using this kind of underhand to anger the female lead. Wei Chi Li cursed in her heart.

Wei Chi Li glanced at Liu Luo Yi and realized that her eyes were closed tightly. But the tears in the corner of her eyes and clenched fists had betrayed her.

On the other side, Lu Yun Kui had taken off his robe gently and was unfastening his inner clothing’s belt while watching Wei Chi Li affectionately as though he was looking at a prey.

The moment the inner clothing came loose, it revealed a flat and smooth abdomen.

“Come, wife.”

Wei Chi Li’s stomach turns.

As Lu Yun Kui approached slowly and opened his arm, wanting to hold Wei Chi Li in his arm. Wei Chi Li suddenly staggered and grabbed his collar and began to vomit.

Although the stomach cramp was uncomfortable, it did not hinder Wei Chi Li from finding the exact location and she vomited accurately all over Lu Yun Kui’s body.

Upon seeing such filthy scenes, Lu Yun Kui who was obsessed with cleanliness, hurriedly backed away. However, Wei Chi Li did not give him any chance and held on tightly, making him unable to move.

Lu Yun Kui previously affectionate expression was distorted in an instant. He turned while retching, feeling extremely embarrassed.

When he finally broke free, Wei Chi Li had already finished vomiting. She retched while leaning against the wall, seemingly to be very weak.

“Wei Chi Li! You shrew……” pointing his finger at Wei Chi Li. Lu Yun Kui was so angry that his face has distorted and could not speak for a long time.

Wei Chi Li only cared about supporting herself against the wall and did not raise her eyes.

After a while, there was a loud noise from the door, Lu Yun Kui had left.

Wei Chi Li was finally able to heave a sigh of relief. Xin Ran hurried in and upon seeing the situation, she said in surprise: “Princess!”

“Help me to clean up, thank you.” Wei Chi Li clutched her stomach as she stood up. Now, she needs a quiet place to digest the current situation.

When one foot was out of the door, Wei Chi Li stopped and turned her head. Under the flickering candlelight, her side profile was outlined, it was soft and delicate with a bit of fortitude distinctive to foreigners.

Liu LuoYi opened her eyes and happened to look at her from far away. Her eyes were dark and profound, making it difficult to see through.

“Why cry, Just for this kind of man?”


[T/L Note]: This novel is really not easy to translate. The author used a lot of idioms and metaphor. Every 2-3 sentences has at least 1 metaphor or idiom, and because there is no translated version of them, i had to edit it such that it is easy to comprehend. Although it is difficult to translate, it is pretty fun to do it. The story is very intriguing! I can’t wait to see what happens. I hate the Male lead so much (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I want to kill him!!

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    1. You’re welcome! I agreed. it is heavy but very interesting! makes me want to translate as fast and as much as possible! but each chapter is lengthy. almost 10pages long


  1. “There was warmth on her fingertip and trickling sound could be heard.”

    Me and my dirty mind: Oh? It’s already starting? I don’t think my heart can take this…

    *reads the next sentence*

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    Pfft hahaha. I really thought it was a steamy scene. This is killing me. Hahaha. The author is such a tease.

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  2. This novel is my favorite, I have completed read it. I am sure you will love it, it was so sweet and cute. MC and FL is so adorable and innocent when it come to feeling.
    It’s satisfying to see that scum ML get beated up by MC lots. He won’t survive that long lol


  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh from the introduction I was captivated but now that I read this and as I have read Chinese novels with a translator I understand that you did a great and good job translating this, I love it with all my heart, it’s fantastic ;3 , I can’t wait to see more of this story, thanks a lot!


    1. IKR!!! somehow this story makes me wanna translate and complete as fast as possible. I can’t wait to see what happens next! and thank you very much for your kind comment!


  4. Indeed the author did a good job making this male lead super hatable.

    I’m already liking this mc lady she seems strong and intelligent.

    Female lead really makes you want to help her lol, I wonder what type she will become.

    I’m quite sad the mc has already been “eaten” by this guy …. And the female lead? She’s been a slave for some time right? I don’t doubt she’s fine through the same …..

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  5. Uh oh, just read a really good Yuri and felt like reading another good one, so I’mma have to re-read this since it’s one of the best lol damn it’s only been 3 months since last time I read this eh? Feels a lot longer for some reason … And yet I still mostly remember everything mostly cuz this story is very good.

    Time to suffer again …. And theb a lot of happiness.

    Damn the ML really is the worst scum eh.


  6. Welp translations just kinda died but I really want to see how this one ends, imma reread all the translated chaps then just finish with machine translations fuck it lol, welp here we go again, all the way this time.


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