Chapter 8: The Singer

The TianXi Dynasty’s territory was similar to the game’s world map from her memories as both consist of nine different states in the mainland. Locations such as the Central Plains, the East Sea, the North Pole, the South Outskirts and the Western Region, all of those existed here too, even the strategic locations of the towns and cities.

The only difference was that the major city of TianXi Dynasty was not located similarly to the capital of the game. It was located in the famous tourist city called Jin Ling City in the game, but in this world, it was named ‘Capital Huai’.

Capital Huai was actually not the most strategic location to build a city due to the extreme weather change, such as the unusual heavy rain and heat during summer or the unusually freezing winter. This location had been chosen due to the extremely beautiful scenery and the ever-changing seasons. It was the perfect heaven for the poets and men of literature in this world.

Hence why Capital Huai was filled with talented and studious men, while the capital was famous for the beautiful women who lived and made a living in the cruise boat on the QinHuai River, the river which the city was named after.

Right before the cooling Spring weather was about to end, Gu ZhiMo had personally escorted a beautiful woman into their residence.

“I heard that the new madame brought back by the Lord was one of the famous singers from the cruise boat, she was infamous for the fact that she was purely a performer and would never stoop to selling her body. People are talking about the Lord being the kind man who had cleared her debts and freed her from the cruise boat two years ago.” ZhuXiang gossiped excitedly at the news she had heard.

ZhuXiang was actually one of her four personal hand-maidens. Gu Lian knew that she could not survive well in any world without any assistance, hence she decided that she would start with her four hand-maidens.

MeiXiang had been with her since the start, hence she had given her the role of a butler while teaching her the skills of managing lower-ranked maids. Meanwhile, the remaining three hand-maidens were given different roles too, LanXiang was a hardworking and careful person, hence she had taught her medical skills; ZhuXiang was a bright and eloquent person, also liked by many, hence she had assigned her to be her eyes and ears; lastly, JuXiang was a very mature and steady person, hence she had taught her skills in the field of poison.

Ancient men were fearful of witchcraft, hence she would not pass on her advanced poisonous skills, which consisted of bugs and many types of poison unknown to this world, but even so, if JuXiang could grasp onto even 0.1% of her skills in poison, it would’ve been enough for her to live securely and comfortably in this world.

This was so that when she entered the female army in the future, her hand-maidens would prove useful to her.

Having allies are important after all.

Fortunately, Gu Lian’s existence in House Gu was not significant, and Yan Shi would not assign any extra hands for her, so there was no one to stop her from teaching skills of survival and combat to her maids.

In her previous life, the game world was built with the background of a war-filled century. Furthermore, in order to gain more disciples, the ShaoLin Sect had spread the first layer of their unique skill all around the world, causing every single person, from royalties to commoners and slaves, to acquire the basic survival skills of a martial artists. After that, many other sects began following ShaoLin Sect in tow, causing an uproar all around the world.

Meanwhile, the sect Gu Lian was in did not participate in this nonsense, as they were very wary and unfriendly to outsiders.

Gazing at the four confused hand-maidens in front of her, Gu Lian decided that the martial arts of the WuDu Sect was not suitable for them, as feeding your own flesh and blood to your personal bug was a norm.
(TNote: 五毒 WuDu Sect is the Five Poison Sect from her previous life, I’ve decided to use their original name because a lot of the other sects began showing up.)

But fortunately, she could still remember the martial arts of the QiXiu Sect, which was one of the sects who participated in the large-scale sharing incident.

QiXiu Sect was a sect which consists only of women, hence their unique skill is extremely compatible with women, which was why she decided that her maids were better off acquiring this skill.

And so, the five women spent their days fooling around in Gu Lian’s room… But in reality, it was Gu Lian who had spent her days teasing her maids with her gorgeous and elegant fan.

She had promised them that the first one to touch the fan would be rewarded with it, and her words had fueled their energy to train diligently, as expected.

QiXiu Sect’s unique art is usually paired with a pair of twin swords or a fan, while there had been restrictions on the players, which forced the fan to be a support item instead of a weapon, this restriction does not apply for NPCs, and Gu Lian had beamed with delight when she found out that the restrictions had not been applied to her maids too.

Beautiful women were usually paired with beautiful fans, and it was extremely inconspicuous too, as no one would suspect that it was a weapon.

But still, even though this fan was absolutely gorgeous, it was not close to an ideal weapon for her maids, as the stats were too low, but that won’t be an issue in the future as she would just purchase a better one for them when their skill level improved.

And yes, Gu Lian had recently found out that her Player System was somewhat of a cheat, as there was an entire market system attached to it, which she could access and use without even speaking to an NPC.

As for the currency used, they were easily earned with the daily quests and missions available in the mission board provided by the system, but the rewards earned were not limited to currency, as there was a chance of acquiring rare rewards.

When ZhuXiang had finished with her daily report, Gu Lian frowned slightly in confuse, “Does Yan Shi not know about this at all?”

Yan Shi was a sly woman, how could she had not known about this? Furthermore, there was no attempt at hiding this news two years ago…

JuXiang, who was busy grinding down an experimental powdered poison, shook her head softly, “Miss, Yan Shi is the legitimate main wife of the family, it would bring her shame to inquire about news like this.”

That’s true. Gu Lian nodded slightly to herself, it was too easy to forget that she was no longer a wandering martial artist, but a simple illegitimate daughter living in a prestigious house.

“Ah, I’ve almost forgotten!” ZhuXiang yelped as she suddenly recalled another news from before, “The Lord wasn’t the one who had cleared her debts, it was her childhood friend who did… They were childhood friends back in their old village, but unfortunately, she had been sold off into prostitution when she was six, while the young man was taken in as a consort husband by the Countess, and upon finding out about her misfortune, he had cleared her debts before sending her back to their old village.”

It should’ve been a happy ending, but when the woman returned home, she realized that her parents had passed away many years ago, as the money they earned from selling her wasn’t enough to survive the blight years ago. And he little brother, who was three years old when she was sold, do not remember her at all, as he had been raised by the entire village after their parents were gone.

Upon realizing that she had plenty of money, her little brother planned to sell her off once more, but being a woman who had seen the darkest thoughts of a human while growing up in such a place, she had found out about it from the look on his face almost instantly.

And with her money hidden carefully near her chest, she left the village without looking back.

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