Chapter 3: The Party Invitation

The two men chatted happily while Yan Shi smiled gently at everyone, keeping up her performance of a perfect main wife. Gu ZhiDian, on the other hand, who was not as experienced as Yan Shi, furrowed her brows deeply, but she did not interrupt the men’s talk.

Yan Shi’s smile grew wide as her sister-in-law’s face pent up in anger but unable to do anything about it, as the chatting men were not able to notice Gu ZhiDian’s facial expressions.

This sister-in-law is such a spoiled woman, Yan Shi thought spitefully, She should thank House Gu for treating her so well and handing her over to such a good family… I would’ve had her killed if she stayed here and messed up my authority…

Gu Lian kept her eyes downcast as she ate silently, ignoring everyone and everything but her food. Her other sisters, on the other hand, were too scared to do so as they could feel the tension between the Yan Shi and Gu ZhiDian.

“Ah, please forgive me, brother-in-law,” Gu ZhiDian’s husband voiced out humbly, “The third prince gave me some invitations a few days ago and I had been meaning to send it here, but it had somehow slipped my mind… But no matter, I’ll send a servant to bring it over tomorrow.”

It would seem that the third prince had decided to reel in House Gu to his side… Gu Lian thought silently.

Yan Shi’s eyes grew wide as she let out a relieved breath. She squinted her eyes at her sister-in-law, but Gu ZhiDian seemed surprised at his words.

To Yan Shi, forgetting such a crucial issue regarding his wife was an indication that Gu ZhiDian was not as important to him and he was not as in love with her as rumors went.

If he truly loved her, how can he forget her family? Yan Shi thought with a huge grin, almost bursting out in laughter if not for her current location.

Gu Lian, who had been eating silently, raised an eyebrow as she took a peek at her aunt, Yup, that face is as dark as soot…

Soon, the lunch ended with a happy family and an upset Madam Aunt.

Yan Shi could barely contain her excitement at the invitation to the Princess ChangDuan’s feast party, as feast parties such as these were usually used as a chance to get to know the young masters and young misses of other prestigious houses.

In normal cases, Yan Shi would usually ban the illegitimate daughters from attending social parties such as these, preventing them from making friends with other houses’ misses and making sure they do not meet any man from any prestigious house. Yan Shi’s plan was to marry them off to horrible places to make sure the illegitimate daughters suffer and would pose no threat to Gu Qing.

But unfortunately, this invitation was a rare case, as it was clearly stated that any miss aged thirteen and above would be allowed to join, and Yan Shi was not ready to go against the rule and ruin Gu Qing’s chances of attending the party.

Gu Yi was bursting with joy, while Gu Lian shrugged nonchalantly as she moved her gaze away from the invitation. Even though the young masters of the other prestigious houses were a great choice when choosing a husband, she would prefer to be free and to see the world, to widen her sights. And what if I met someone who is of higher position than these mere young masters and for some reason, he is attracted to me too? Gu Lian thought cheekily as she suppressed her giggle.

Other than these three girls, Gu Wan was the only one left who had reached the age of thirteen. She left the dining area in a daze while muttering to herself about beautiful dresses and parties.

As for the fourth and fifth miss, even though they were legitimate daughters, their fathers, being Gu ZhiMo’s second and third brother born to different mistresses, were illegitimate sons. This situation has made their position in the house very awkward, adding to the fact that the fourth and fifth miss, being legitimate daughters, refusing to acknowledge Gu ZhiMo’s illegitimate daughters. But Gu Qing, on the other hand, looked down on the two of them, as they were daughters of illegitimate sons. The two sisters took it upon themselves to team up together, doing everything together and ignoring everyone else in their residence.

They left the dining room together, arm-in-arm, as they rushed back to their residence. Their fathers, though they were illegitimate sons, had each received a minister position of low-ranked, hence their families were actually quite well-off compared to the illegitimate daughters of Gu ZhiMo. Furthermore, their mothers would never allow them to appear inferior in front of Gu Qing.

On the day of the feast party, MeiXiang stared unhappily at Gu Lian’s gown, “Eldest Miss, is this what you’ll be wearing?”

Gu Lian, knowing that her request would be ignored, had not requested for a gown from Yan Shi. Yan Shi was someone who would kill anyone that would pose a threat to her own daughter.

“What’s wrong? Wearing a plain dress does not mean I would lose face at the party,” Gu Lian asked calmly as she picked up a purple hairpin and attached it firmly to her hair, “As long as my dress and my accessories matches, it could even outrank an overdressed woman.”

In fact, this body of hers had the look of a weak woman, who would easily ignite the urge of others to protect her so. By wearing a plain dress and appearing pitiful, would she not attract even more stares? Men are all the same.

But what use do I have for men? She sighed as she gaze at her own reflection in the mirror, I’ve heard that the princess is a fierce and masculine person, perhaps she might adore weak rabbits like me?

Yes, her target for today was to land a favorable impression on Princess ChangDuan.

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