Chapter 20: Reason

Ling Su looked at Gu Lian speechlessly.

Looking at his confused appearance, Gu Lian knew the answer: “I’m right? You haven’t been eaten yet?”

“But he has wife and children.” Ling Su sighed.

“There are also concubines.” Gu Lian added coldly.

Ling Su frowned and subconsciously retorted: “Concubines are for appearance only.”

“What about the main wife and children?” Ling Su said nothing anymore.

Gu Lian picked up the teacup and took a sip and said nothing else. 

After a long while, Ling Su sighed and sat in front of her: “His main wife has actually……. passed away due to poor health.”

Gu Lian’s hand which was holding onto the teacup shook “Huh?”

Previously, when the princess held a banquet, did she not mentioned that third prince’s wife had personally asked her to helped her own sister to have a look?

“The third Prince’s wife has been dead for several years.” Ling Su said slowly as he stared at the pastry plate in front of him.

Then, he talked about the things he has encountered over the years.

When Ling Su fell onto the Third Prince’s bed, it happened that the Third Prince’s wife had just passed away due to dystocia, leaving a small and frail son, but was nursed back to health by Ling Su over the years. And at that point of time, the Third Prince was a little melancholy, and it was Ling Su who accompanied him, after which, the 2 slowly fell in love.

Third Prince’s wife and the Third Prince do not have any romantic feelings towards one another. It was the Emperor who had chosen the main wife for him and the Third Prince’s wife family had helped Third Prince a lot. So, after marriage, the Third prince had always respected his wife. During the 1st year of the marriage, he did not take any concubine and only had 1 intimate moment with his wife which was during the grand wedding and she was pregnant soon afterwards.

These 2 are more like friends than husband and wife. Fortunately, there was Ling Su’s issue to distract him when the Third prince’s wife had just passed away. Otherwise, he would be sad for a long time.

Having said all these, as there was no romantic relationship between the third prince and third prince’s wife, Ling Su does not have to mind the existence of that woman at all, so, he should be happy. Third Prince will be an Emperor in the future, and it was impossible to not have heirs. Those that mentioned about needing sons to continue the royal family was too naïve. Now that the Third Prince a healthy and smart son, the issue about heirs has been resolved. Hence, there was no need to worry about the Third Prince being forced to have children with someone else in the future.

Ling Su understood this reasoning, but he could not get past this hurdle in his heart.

“I always feel that he will be the emperor in the future, and that it is not very safe.” Ling Su sighed. “The emperor’s suspicion is 1 thing; the minister loves to persuade the emperor to have more concubines and children. Furthermore, with a status that held prominent power, no one can control him. The temptation is too great, and the sense of security is too low.”

Gu Lian felt that Ling Su’s confusion was simply superfluous and sneered: “What’s the big deal, if he fell in love with someone else, based on your martial arts capability, are you afraid that you will not be able to castrate him and leave without any issue? The so-called masters here are nothing more than weaklings. Besides me, who else can defeat you? The world is huge, you can come and go freely. You are a Taoist from ChunYang Palace, you can be as carefree as you like. Do not disappoint your ChunYang’s creed.”

“…….That’s right.” After hearing this, Ling Su was inexplicably feeling better.

The thoughts that were suppressed in his mind had slowly dissipated. In fact, he understood this reasoning, but was lacking someone to bring him to his senses. In the past, there was no familiar people beside him, and his only confidant was still in a soul-like state. He wanted to find someone to confide to, but could not, so he was stuck in this insolvable problem.

Ling Su looked at Gu Lian. The more he looked at her, the happier he became and could not help but said: “Narcissistic sister, it is great to have you by my side. As expected, we are a perfect match!”

“Get lost.” Gu Lian gritted her teeth, narcissistic your head, “Don’t think so highly of yourself, who wants to be a perfect match with you, JiangHu cheater!”

Ling Su chuckled. His original extraordinary appearance and demeanour façade has completely disappeared. He patted Gu Lian’s shoulder nicely: “I’ve told my sister-in-law about you, so don’t worry. She will treat you well for me. I must go back first and explain to the Third Prince. Lest he drown in sorrow.” As he said that, Ling Su made a face full of disgust as though he could not stand the smell of alcohol.

Gu Lian was expressionless. Ling Su was the real wine barrel(!), even if the wine was not good, it was still wine to him.

(!)酒桶 Jiu Tong: Wine barrel, meaning that the person ingested a lot of wine. There are other ways of using this term too. Like 饭桶rice bucket or 水桶water bucket, etc.

After sending away the unreliable Taoist, Gu Lian rubbed her head to relieve her headache.

A few years ago, when the Third Prince was not in a good situation, it was all thanks to Ling Su. Because when he came here, he had been helping him secretly. Thus, the Third Prince was grateful, adored him and even entrusted his precious son to him. It was also because Ling Su had felt the same way too. If he had met someone who was selfish, he might not help him regulate his son’s body.

Gu Lian had never had the privilege of ingesting the miraculous elixir of ChunYang palace. Speaking of which, that Ling Su was petty. When she was dying, he did not give her any to taste.

The third prince’s wife family had helped the third prince to conceal the death of the Third Prince’s wife. Firstly, this would prevent others from marrying him and take over the role of the Third Prince main wife. This would ensure that their family would be hold the title of main wife of Third Prince. Secondly, the child was still young, so the stepmother may not be kind to him. That family knows neither the relationship between the Third Prince and Ling Su, nor what they would think once they know about it.

Speaking of which, because of the Third prince, Qiao MingYu had held a banquet for the Third Prince wife’s younger sister. However, that sister does not seems to be happy.

It has been a long time so Gu Lian could not remember it clearly. She frowned slightly, feeling that something was wrong.

Generally speaking, when a married daughter had died, they would marry the daughter of a concubine into the family to occupy the position. However, the Third Prince was a prince and was also about to inherit the throne, so it was impossible to marry the daughter of a concubine. So…. the third prince wife’s sister was originally the most likely to marry.

That lady most likely would want to marry her brother-in-law. Does her family think so too?

Gu Lian put down the teacup and stepped out. No matter what, she had to help her stupid friend to watch carefully, so he would not be sold off accidentally.

“Miss?” ZhuXiang came up and looked at her worriedly. The lady’s complexion was not good, could it be that the Taoist had said something unpleasant?

Gu Lian shook her head slightly: “It’s okay.”

To know what the younger sister was thinking, asking the princess would be the fastest. Gu Lian suppressed her curiosity for the time being and decides to ask the princess later.

It seems like Qiao MingYu trusted Ling Su or maybe that she respects him very much. Gu Lian does not know what Ling Su had said to Qiao MingYu but he should have put in good words for her. With this, Gu Lian had gotten a good deal and Ling Su had also hinted that she does not have to alienate from the princess. Gu Lian probably knew what to do now.

The time has flashed forward to 1st of August. On the day of CaiYun festival, Qiao MingYu had come out of the palace early and had breakfast with Gu Lian. These few days, Ling Su came to visit Gu Lian from time to time. With a face full of spring love, Gu Lian’s toothaches and could not help but wonder if she should find someone too.

Gu Lian subconsciously glanced at Qiao MingYu.

Qiao MingYu quickly noticed and asked: “What’s the matter?’

“The princess looks so beautiful today.” Gu Lian made a polite remark casually.

Qiao MingYu refuted seriously: “I think you look even more beautiful.”

As she said that, she looked at her for a moment and took a sip of the congee. She then looked at her again and took another sip.

Gu Lian had already noticed Qiao MingYu’s strange way of eating. Previously, she was too embarrassed to ask, but now she knows, could it be that she was too beautiful that one would forget about their own hunger? It turns out that the princess likes to look at beautiful women……cough cough, it seems a little shameful to say that she was a beauty. However, the original owner’s shell was indeed more beautiful than Gu Lian herself. Although her features were about the same, it gives others a different feel. Gu Lian reckons that it was a matter of demeanour.

“Do you have a question for me?” Qiao MingYu put down the empty bowl and stared at her closely.

Gu Lian hesitated and said: “Princess is too nice to me, I’m a little terrified.”

Qiao MingYu suddenly said: “Didn’t I tell you?”

“No.” Gu Lian shook her head, feeling confused.

 “Ah. I must have remembered it wrongly.” Qiao MingYu coughed dryly, “I used to have a younger sister who looks a little like you but had passed away. Sister…. Taoist Ling Su had tried his best to treat her, although it was not successful. I was still incredibly grateful to him. Moreover, He had performed a ceremony for my sister so that she can have a good reincarnation.”

“……” Princess you cannot believe this JiangHu cheater! Gu Lian’s heart crumbles.

Qiao Mingyu continued sweetly and sillier: “After all, you are Ling Su’s niece, he was not wise for him to help out often, so naturally I will take care of you for him.”

“……niece?” Gu Lian gritted her teeth and repeated it.

“Don’t you know?” Qiao MingYu was dumbfounded, “Ling Su told me that he was your mother’s younger brother. Although, there is a bit of age gap, their relationship had always been good. Maybe your mother had never told you about your grandparent’s family. You can ask him in person next time.”

Gu Lian took a deep breath. This JiangHu cheater ah, never forgetting to take advantage of her. Wait for her….

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