Chapter 19: Taoist

Outside, at a corner, Lan Xiang and Ju Xiang worked together to build an environment suitable for the growth of the poisonous insects. While placing the 4 poisons in carefully, Lan Xiang was a little worried. Would the princess alienate her young lady if she knew that she was raising poisonous insects?

It turns out that they think too much. After Qiao MingYu heard about it, she did not have any reaction at all.

In fact, from the start, Gu Lian did not plan to conceal this matter from Qiao MingYu. Although Gu Lian and her servants stayed behind closed door every day, and not many people had been to the courtyard, the matters in her courtyard were not concealed tightly. A long time ago, Gu Lian had discovered that there were some people observing her courtyard. In addition to the Yin Shi and Mistress Li’s people, the other was Qiao MingYu’s people.

This person came to the residence later and do not hold any malice towards Gu Lian. After some thought, Gu Lian decided to give her some special treatment, such as allowing her to see things that other spies did not see. This method was a bit of a gamble, but she could not keep this from Qiao MingYu forever. If she wants to leave a mark in the women’s army, she must not hide these things because these were favourable for her.

Gu Lian had used this to test Qiao MingYu’s attitude and the feedback was satisfactory.

It was evening when Gu Lian woke up and Qiao MingYu had gone back to the palace. She had left a message for her, stating that she could stay at the princess estate with ease. And to let Su Dan knows if there were anything lacking, hence, this time she did not bring Su Dan into the palace.

“Miss Gu, do you have any diet restraint?” Su Dan asked with a smile. Seeing Gu Lian shook her head, she clapped her hands and let the servants served up the food.

The princess has always been frugal; however, a meal would still have big and small dishes, cold plates, and hot soup, adding up to 10 dishes. As there was only 1 master sitting at the table, eating, it seems extravagant and wasteful. Gu Lian was not used to this. The money spent was not hers, and would feel bad for others after eating a large meal for nothing, she was not crazy.

The unfinished food will be rewarded to the servants and will not be wasted anyway.

Su Dan personally picked up some food for her, but Gu Lian shook her head to reject, wanting Zhu Xiang to do it instead. How could she order the princess’s servants? This principle would be like asking the Chief eunuch beside the emperor to picked out the dishes for her.

Upon seeing this, Su Dan did not forced it.

The TianXi Dynasty do not have the habit of ‘talking while eating and no talking when going to sleep’. Su Dan took this chance to explain some things clearly. “That man in black had been sent to the third prince’s estate, because the princess is not good at this and there are capable men in the third prince’s estate so the truth will come to light soon. So please, Miss Gu, do not worry.”

“There is nothing to worry about when the 2 highnesses do things.” Gu Lian put down her chopsticks and wiped her mouth and said that. After speaking, she picked up her chopsticks and continued eating.

Su Dan smiled slightly: “I’m afraid that the princess will not be able to come back these few days. However, there will be a Cai Yun Festival a few days later, and the princess will be back to stay for a couple of days. Before leaving, Princess has enjoined. Whatever miss Gu wants to do, just go ahead and do it, the servants and people in the estate will do their best to cooperate with you.”

Because Gu Lian was a woman, Qiao MingYu had purposely transferred a team of female guards to protect the main courtyard. And even left the deputy commander, left and right commander together to guard.

Previously, Gu Lian was almost in danger due to her carelessness. But now, Qiao MingYu was alert and wants to prevent similar situation from happening. If it happens again, it would be a like slap to her face. She had the left, right guards, and commanders to guard solemnly, encircling the entire princess estate so that not even water could trickle in.

Qiao MingYu did not restrict her from going out, and only said that when she heads out, she must bring more guards with her. And the guards will listen to her assignment.

After some thought, Gu Lian felt that it was troublesome to bring so many people out, and would be better to stay in the princess estate. If she must do something, she would let the guards handle it instead. With that, she stayed in the estate with ease.

5 days has gone past.

TianXi dynasty’s Cai Yun festival was held on the 1st of august, between the mid-autumn festival and Qi Qiao Festival. Qi Qiao festival was not like the future Qi Xi Valentine’s day. The festival here was for girls who wants to be like the weaving girl(!) and to pray for dexterous hands. While Cai Yun festival was like the real valentine’s day. This night, it would be like a lantern City. Unmarried men and women would go to to the streets to find their beloved and the engaged ones would use this opportunity to meet one another.

(!)织女Weaving Girl: She is the heroine of the Chinese folktale: Cowherd and the weaving girl

During Qi Qiao festival, Gu Lian was still at the Gu residence. At that time, the family was in turmoil. They all celebrated a decent festival miserably, making all the daughters unhappy. In this era, Qi Qiao festival was still an especially important to unmarried women and the in-laws would value their new daughter-in-law’s skills. Only a weirdo like Gu Lian was not affected by it. The trouble in the family made the festival unbearable to go through with it, but she felt this was rather good. She does not want to participate the Qi Qiao Festival due to the skills and handicraft competition. In the past, Gu Family would participate it, which was troublesome.

Counting the days, there was still 7days to Cai Yun Festival. Gu Lian lazily reached out her fingers to tease the ice silkworm that was lying in the heart of the TianShan Snow Lotus as it gnawed the flower petal. The body of the ice silkworm was soft and tender, and it felt good.

After being poked, the little silkworm baby looked back at her then turned its head back to continued eating its petal.

Gu Lian think it was cute, and poked it again, the silkworm baby looked back at her again.

WuDu disciples understood animal languages. The animal here refers to the five poison and the poisonous insects, but this does not mean they understood what the 5 poisonous babies and the poisonous insects’ babies were saying. After all, normal people could not understand what babies were saying. Silkworm babies snorted coquettishly, warning her not to disturb its meal.

Just as Gu Lian was prepared to go against its wishes and commit the crime by poking it, Zhu Xiang came in.

“Miss.” Zhu Xiang’s sharped eyes saw that her missy was teasing the silkworm and the corners of her lip twitched slightly. “There is a Taoist asking to see you.”

“Taoist?” Gu Lian raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Was it the kind of Taoist she thinks? How could there be a Taoist that comes to the princess estate? she remembers that those who took the initiative to come were those eminent monks, so, when did Taoists had started to join in the fun?

“I’ve heard that it was the princess’s friend.” Zhu Xiang found an outer clothing and put it on Gu Lian, “and would like to speak to you.”

Gu Lian nodded as she lets go of the poor silkworm baby and wiped her hands. She walked out with Zhu Xiang to meet the Taoist

Thinking that she would meet an old man with extraordinary appearance and demeanour with fluttering beard. But turns out to be a noticeably young man in wide sleeves Taoist robe with a 3-foot-long sword at the waist and holding a horsetail whisk in his hand.

The moment Gu Lian saw this person, she turned her head and left.

MMP (!), Transmigrated yet she could still meet this Jiang Hu cheater!

(!) MMP 媽賣批: Means ‘Your mother is a prostitute’ This is a sexist expletive phrase from the Chongqing dialect.

“Miss Gu, please stay.” The cheater looked at her with a grave expression. “I(!) am Ling Su, greetings.”

(!)贫道Pin Dao: a humble term of self-address of a Taoist monk, there is no English term for this. Hence, “I am”

Gu Lian held back a national curse as she gritted her teeth and turn her head and smiled: “Taoist Ling Su, greetings.” Why did you not go and die?

A brief antecedent to this. It was not out of nowhere when Gu Lian transmigrated here. She went to assassinate the crown prince, Li Heng. And then in Li Heng’s camp, she met this Taoist who came to assassinate the crown prince. The timing of the Taoist’s appearance was not coincidental, and accidentally messed up Gu Lian’s plan. As a result, the assassination was not successful, and the two had to helped one another and retreat first.

After escaping, they decided to work and act together. The planning took 3 days, and after sufficient preparation, they sneaked in again.

This time the assassination was successful. However, the Taoist had kidney deficiency and during the process of assassinating the crown prince, there was not enough internal force to stop the crown prince from calling for help. This made them gone through several grades of dangers and narrowly escaped from ascending heaven. There were waves after waves of people chasing them. In the end, the 2 of them had reached their limits and was prepared to die. Gu Lian was seriously injured and lost consciousness, when she woke up, she had already transmigrated.

Now, thinking about it, the possibility of this stupid Taoist transmigrated with her was too high! Why did she not think of it before?

The Taoist’s face full of vicissitude as he brushed off the dust on his clothes and let the unrelated people to retreat first.

Su Dan who entertained distinguished guests in the main hall knew that the princess and third prince trusted the Taoist, so she did not hesitate as she took the palace maids to retreat. Zhu Xiang was reluctant to leave, looking at Gu Lian’s expression. Although, he is a Taoist, she had heard that Taoist could married too. So how could she leave a man, and a woman alone in the room?

Gu Lian looked at Zhu Xiang: “You retreat first.”

No choice, Zhu Xiang turned around 3 times with every step she took as she leaves.

When everyone was gone, Gu Lian’s face darkened immediately: “Why are you here?”

“You think I want to come?” Ling Su replied immediately.

Although the 2 of them had only got along for a short period of 3 days. Their temper was unexpectedly congenial. The people of Jiang Hu do not bother about the small matters and they quickly became confidants. But this did not stop Gu Lian from feeling unhappy when she saw this guy because they were not great friend and had harm one another as a daily routine. Moreover, this guy had ruin 2 of her good matters. This made her not only unable to complete matters successfully but also made it worse.

Ling Su knew he was at wrong, as he listened to Gu Lian as she brought up old arguments. He touched his nose and do not dare to refute.

“When did you come?” GU Lian frowned and sat on a chair, realizing that she knew too little.

“Before you, I have been here for several years.” Ling Su said. “I fell directly onto Third prince’s bed and was mistook as an assassin and almost strangled to death. Fortunately, I have 8seconds of invincible Zhen Shan He, otherwise, I would have been shot by the feather arrows and become a sieve.”

Gu Lian suddenly figured out something: “Qiao MingYu has a good attitude towards me. Was it because you said something? How did you know I’ve transmigrated?”

Upon mentioning this, Ling Su got angry: “You were already dead, it was my good intention and kindness that pulled you here, Not only were you not grateful towards me, you still questioned me.”

It turns out that although Ling Su looked like a Jiang Hu cheater, he was quite capable. As an orthodox disciple of ChunYang and was 1 of the 5 of Ling Xu Zi Chief Taoist’s disciple, he was best at using mystical methods. Although it was an indeed an accident when he transmigrated here, he took advantage of this accident to help his good friend, Gu Lian who was in terrible shape because of him.

Ling Su had calculated that Gu Lian had died and her soul was about to dissipate, so he had been trying to think of ways to save her. Later, by chance, he discovered a shell suitable for Gu Lian. However, the other person was still living well, so he could not steal the person’s body and could only give up. He used his Taoism skill to sealed Gu Lian’s soul temporarily, until the original owner of Gu Lian’s body died accidentally, then he sent Gu Lian here.

“I’ve took great pains for you!”  Ling Su complained tearfully.

He had worked hard to achieved great things; however, his good friend did not understand him. Yao Shou(!) ah! How can she treat him like this!

夭寿Yao Shou: Means short life. Different meaning when combined with other characters or in other phrases, but in this case, it is an exclamation.

Gu Lian was too lazy to listen to his fake cry and instead grasped the main point: “You fell onto the third prince’s bed, were you eaten by him?”


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