Chapter 14: Giving Directions

To Gu Lian’s disappointment, the zither player was neither a peerless beauty nor a gentleman but a middle-aged uncle. He looks unattractive but his zither skills were so good that even people like Gu Lian who does not understand was able to appreciate it.

Gu Lian walked around twice and felt that sufficient time has passed, so she turned and walked back.

On the way, she ran into the cold-face princess who was half-sitting half-leaning against the railing on the suspended wooden bridge.

The wooden bridge was arched and has a tile roof over it. So, no matter if you were looking from the outside or standing on the bridge, it was remarkable. However, this bridge was suspended on the third floor. With the princess sitting on the railing, if she accidentally slipped, she would fall all the way down.

Gu Lian was startled and quickly walked over. 

She purposely plodded her way over so that Qiao MingYu who was lost in thought would hear the sound and come back to her senses. She does not dare to call out to her as she fears she would frighten her and lost her footing.

Qiao MingYu slowly turned her head to look. Upon seeing Gu Lian, she was slightly startled and then showed an obvious happy expression: “Ah Lian, you are here too?”

Gu Lian hesitated. What kind of weird way of greeting was this?

If she had not known that the princess has no special intention towards her. This kind of inexplicable chatter would make her think otherwise.

“Why is the princess sitting here?” Gu Lian smiled softly: “Looking at the scenery?”

Qiao MingYu was not worried about losing face and answered her honestly: “I’m lost.”

Hearing that, Gu Lian does not know to cry or to laugh about it.

“Then, I shall lead the way for the princess.” Gu Lian took the initiative to mention it making Qiao MingYu much happier.

“Let’s go.”

This was still quite a distance from their room and was unsure as to why the princess came here. Was she not talking to the eunuch just now?

Qiao MingYu seemed to know what she was thinking and explained: “Second brother invited me to his place to have a chat and see his eldest son. After that when I left, I could not find my way back.”

“Why didn’t your highness bring someone along? Where is Qiu Commander?” Gu Lian frowned slightly.

During this precarious time when the emperor was seriously ill and may die anytime. Those princes wanting to take down the third prince would come up with a solution(!) which was to kidnap the princess and threatened the third prince. Previously, she would bring a lot of people with her. So why did she not bring anyone now?

(!)病急乱投医 Bing Ji Luan Tou Yi: seeking medical treatment when in critical condition without reviewing the medical skills (or) (proverb) analogy of an utmost urgent matter and would seek for a solution. In this case, it’s the latter.

Qiao MingYu pouted: “I don’t like to be followed.”

“……” Gu Lian sighed.

This princess sure has a naive and cute side. Despite knowing that she does not recognize her way around, she refused to allow anyone to follow her. It would be fine if they were in other restaurants, after all, they were not as complicated as this place. Wait…… There seems to be something wrong here. Was the princess really lost because of the complicated layout of this place?

Gu Lian suddenly thought of the first time she met the princess. Seems like at that time in the garden, she stood there looking pale and did not move at all. Could it be that……the princess has a terrible sense of direction?

Thinking back to the scene when the princess pretended that she was not lost and then she looked at the Qiao MingYu beside her who was flirtatiously complaining to her, Gu Lian suddenly smiled. It was unclear as to why Qiao MingYu and her relationship has suddenly become so intimate, however, such innocent and pure-hearted person was indeed likeable.

“We are here.” Gu Lian knocked and reached out to push the door open.

Qiao Mingyu caressed her flat stomach. She then hurried to the table and sat down to devour her food.

Although, she ate her food very quickly, her movement was still graceful. Seeing that she was always picking meat, Gu Lian was unable to resist picking up her chopsticks to grabbed meatball for her.

The meatballs were made with lotus root and meat. Although they were also meat, it was better than eating purely meats. Qiao MingYu did not dislike it, instead, she obediently ate it at once.

After finishing her food, she placed her bowl in front of Gu Lian, obviously hinting to her that she wants more.

Gu Lian grabbed a few more for her.

After the meal, Gu Lian felt that she was like a mother taking care of her picky eater daughter. Thinking about this, she could not help but felt helpless. What is with all this.

unable to send Gu Lian back home because Qiao MingYu had to rush back to the palace, she appointed Qiu He to send her back. Gu Lian thought about it for a while. She did not curtsy to Qiao MingYu, she simply responded with a smile.

Upon seeing this, Qiao MingYu left with her guards with satisfaction.

“The princess……” finally let go by the guards and hurried to Gu Lian’s side, Lan Xiang whispered.

Gu Lian shook her head, not allowing her to say anything more.

She does not understand Qiao MingYu’s weird attitude either. She could only take one step at a time. Currently, it seems like Qiao MingYu does not have the slightest malicious towards her and instead was quite friendly. This was for the best, lest she must work hard to earn her favour.

“Let’s go” Gu Lian turned around and was assisted by Qiu He up to the carriage.

“Sit properly.” Qiu He raised her eyebrows and took the whip from the coachman to drive it personally.

Gu Lian could not understand her smirk and ignored Qiu He’s triumphant expression.

As a dignified lady of the government office. What is so good about driving a carriage. Childish.

Mei Xiang had been waiting for a long time outside of the side door.

“Miss, are you tired?” She hurriedly greeted Gu Lian the moment she came out. “This servant has prepared warm water.”

Gu Lian nodded slightly at Qiu He: “Thank you for the trouble, Qiu Commander.”

“Small matters.” Qiu He waved, got onto the carriage, and left.

Mei Xiang glanced at Qiu He with doubts.

“That was the princess’s right commander.” Gu Lian explained.

The first thing she did upon returning was to bathe and changed her clothes. Being out for half the day and was exposed to the sand and dust, she felt extremely uncomfortable if she did not take a bath. Gu Lian soaked in the water a while more before getting out. She immediately scrambled under the quilt and let out a sigh of relief.

“This servant let Ju Xiang give you a massage.” Mei Xiang glanced at Gu Lian worriedly for fear that she was not feeling well.

“No need.” Gu Lian waved her hand: “You all should go and practice, don’t be lazy.”

Mei Xiang’s face darkened, twisting her handkerchief. She bit her lip and snorted before turning her head and left.

This girl has a good temper.

Gu Lian turned over and yawned lazily.

The moment the princess sent her invitation to her house, Gu Lian received a random mission. At that time, she did not care about it. Later, in the carriage, she suddenly saw the system prompted that she had completed her mission. This was when she had the time to take a look.

Other than a few incomplete daily missions, there was a few completed missions under the list. Under the completed mission list, there was one that indicated to play with the princess and another to show the way back for the lost princess.

The rewards were okay as they were all the medicinal pills that can be used.

Gu Lian turned over quietly. Suddenly, there was a mission today? Previously when first met the princess, there was no mission at all.

No choice, she had to go through the system prompts again, only then she knows that the system function would not always stay open. Some functions will open only upon reaching a certain level. After transmigrating, her level was only 0. After a couple of months of daily missions, she has risen to level 30, so she could pick up random missions now.

Random missions were much more rewarding than daily missions. The items were unique. And if lucky, she would be able to get rare items.

When she unlocked random missions, she had also unlocked WuDu second mind skill, Sky patching technique.

WuDu Sect has 2 mind skills. 1 is a long-range poison, another is a healing skill, sky patching technique. As Gu Lian had not activated the Sky Patching Technique, she had assumed that the system does not have it. But it turned out that this was not the case. It was simply not available to her yet.

She had not been able to practice her poison techniques because she does not have those corresponding poisons. Both poison technique and sky patching technique required their corresponding poisonous bugs, such as snake poison, live poison, death poison, etc. She would need to raise those poisonous worms and absorb into the body to be able to practice. In short, it was very troublesome.

Gu Lian sighed. Had to take my time.

The poison for the poison technique had not been developed yet, and now there was another sky patching technique to practice. It would probably be busier these days.

T/L Note: Ah! Finally more happenings between the princess and the protagonist! need more cute interaction between the two of them! <( ̄︶ ̄)> The first 5 chapters I’ve translated was quite boring because they were all about secondary characters! (#`Д´)

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  1. Lolol. Such an innocent Fl (or is she?). Welp, for now their relationship is somewhat like a mother-daughter type where one is spoiled and the other spoils. It seems like the top and bottom is getting a bit obvious.

    Can’t wait to see how their love story blooms. Thank you for the chappie~


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