Chapter 12: Polo

The polo competition was held in a racecourse just outside of the capital city. This kind of semi-annual competition was not only grand but because the Royal family was both the owner of the racecourse and the organiser of the competition, it brings a different meaning to it. And, it was said that when the emperor was still healthy, he would come to spectate at the competition occasionally. Therefore, the polo competition was a great opportunity for wealthier families to come and show their faces to the royalties.

Although the emperor could not come anymore due to poor health, the benevolent princess and princes would still come to spectate. Which is why the rich and powerful would still look forward to this grand event.

It was said that there were several close and powerful young masters who got together to form a team. Not only that, but the princes have also formed their teams and even the princess has formed a women’s team which was nowhere inferior compared to the men.

The carriage steadily stopped right outside of the racecourse as Gu Lian was assisted by a eunuch down from the carriage. Seeing a figure galloping and dust rising around it within the fenced racecourse from the distance, the corner of her mouth twitched a little. Probably due to the fact that she has been in the boudoir for a long time, the once-great heroine Gu Lian who braved the storm was now sensitive to these dirty activities.

Such a cleanliness attitude was part of her now, so she silently raised her handkerchief to cover her mouth and nose to block the dust blown by the wind.

Once she saw this scene, Qiu He stomach ached again.

Qiao MingYu was a little ecstatic as she walked over to block the wind with her body.

“This must be the first time Ah Lian is watching the polo right?” Qiao MingYu’s voice softened: “Later, you should go to the higher platform to watch. There is no dust and there is a dust screen to block the dust too.” 

Gu Lian was not aware she was close enough to the princess that she would call out to her using a nickname, but she still smiles calmly as though she would be blown away at any time.

After she sat down at the higher platform, Gu Lian finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Miss, shall I wipe your face?” Lan Xiang took out a handkerchief and was about to pour some water on it but was stopped by Gu Lian.

It was unnecessary as she definitely has to head out in a while, it was quite troublesome to wipe it off.

There were only tea and no pastries. Although it was said to be tea, it was in fact just hot water. Obviously, to take care of those who were playing as hot water is better for quenching thirst.

Gu Lian slowly walked over to the railing, looking through the dust screen. She was impressed as she watched those figures riding the horse competing against one another. Although their equestrian seems rushed and the practical aspect was somewhat ordinary but their manoeuvre was amazing. So at least when playing polo, it seems professional

Actually, Gu Lian does not understand these hobbies of the nobles. After all, for people like her who often had to deal with dangers in her life, these idle hobbies are for those fragile people, hence she neither had the time nor was interested in it. After looking at it for a while more, she could not see any knack to it, so she decided to go back to her seat.

As Lan Xiang had not seen this before, she was staring at it intently, eyes filled with curiosity.

“Will the princess compete?” when 1 of the matches ended, Lan Xiang’s face was red with bashfulness as she asked in a low yet excited voice.

Gu Lian shook her head, not knowing.

Sitting beside Gu Lian to personally protect her, Qiu He drank mouthfuls of water and replied: “ no, Her Highness is here to watch the excitement. The team formed by Her Highness will compete. Her Highness has not seen them practising for so long, she wanted to see if their skills have regressed. Speaking of which…….” Qiu He looked at Gu Lian and sighed: “How do you know that Her Highness would not play?”

Gu Lian smiles in a strange way and said: “Make a guess.”

“……….” Qiu He silently turned her head and continued drinking her tea.

She would not guess. She would not be able to guess when it comes to questions that requires brainpower to think. Tsk. Annoying. These kinds of smart ladies of civil servants like to use such tricks. Her sister is still better and would explain it to her gently.

Subconsciously, Qiu He felt that Gu Lian was not as simple as she looks and immediately became more respectful towards her.

Gu Lian took a sip of water indifferently without emitting a sense of guilt of deceiving her purity.

Too bad.

“The women’s team is up!” Lan Xiang exclaimed in a low voice: “Who is the opposition?!”

Gu Lian looked at Lan Xiang. This girl has always been shy and introverted. As today was her first time seeing so many new and interesting things, her ebullient self was revealed immediately. This is a good thing. An outgoing personality was very helpful to Lan Xiang.

However, being seen like this by GU Lian, Lan Xiang suddenly realized she has lost her manners. Feeling embarrassed, she did not dare to speak again.

Qiu He interrupted at a timely manner to introduced the women’s team opposition, which eased Lan Xiang’s embarrassment. 

As Lan Xiang listened attentively, her expression gradually eased up.

So as to not pressurised Lan Xiang, Gu Lian did not look at her anymore and instead carefully observed the people around.

Although it was not possible to see a person’s face when they were further away, Gu Lian has a cheat system. Once she zooms in her lens, the figures were enlarged and Gu Lian can see them more clearly. She wanted to see how capable are the princess’s team. Very often, minor expressions can reveal many secrets.

“Aiya!” Seeing that the ball in the women’s team was taken, Lan Xiang yelped.

In fact, while the women’s team has been very calm throughout,  it can be seen that the men’s team has a trace of vigilance and fear towards the women’s team. Although they had lost the ball, they did not show the slightest panic. That woman leading even smiled as if she had deliberately lost the ball.

 Fortunately, the scene was chaotic so no one had the time to pay attention to her expression. Otherwise, the men’s team would have vomit blood due to anger.

Sure enough, the women have gotten back the ball and scored easily.

The men’s team had no choice but to get off from the horse, feeling annoyed. 

“They are so naughty.” Qiu He laughed a little: “They deliberately gave hope to others so that they can show them despair. The princess has not checked up on them for a couple of days and they started messing around.”

It seems like this was not the first time, it was a recurring trick.

However, while watching the men’s team not realizing that they have been tricked and the women passed the ball naturally, showing no sign of deliberateness. It could be said that their standard was indeed quite high.

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