Chapter 4

2 years ago, Gu QingYin was not a famous Poison Doctor.

At that time, she was just a female doctor living in the secluded mountain and forest.

That day, the sunlight was bright and beautiful, so it was a good weather to go out to pick herbs.

With a herb’s basket on her back, Gu QingYin went to the mountain behind BaiNing village to gather herbs.

Following the road that she had memorised by heart, she walked around the hill to the bottom of the precipice, not far from the back of the mountain.

She and her Master, Ling YingZhuo have been living in the BaiNing Village for 5years.

In the beginning, her master had brought her to BaiNing Village to settle down, because of the abundant natural herbs at the back of the mountain.

The precipice not far from this mountain has various medicinal materials that could be used to make poisons.

The herbs at the back of the mountains were used to detoxify poisons and cure illnesses.

While the medicinal materials at this precipice were used to make drugs.

A few days ago, she had developed a new poison but was lacking Chinese Tallow.

Hence, she took the advantage of the clear weather to gather some here.

Currently, Gu QingYin was sticking close to the precipice, propping on her toes on the stone gap in the Chinese Tallow.

Suddenly, Gu QingYin felt a murderous aura coming towards her.

Although her martial arts were not particularly good, her QingGong was still passable. But this does not hinder her awareness towards danger.

Must trust a woman’s instinct.

Gu QingYin immediately stopped her movements as she surveyed her surroundings vigilantly.

No one.

But what was this thick chilling sensation?

Suddenly, a cold light flash.

Gu QingYin’s heart trembled slightly, here it comes!

Turns out to be coming from above!

Tipping her toes lightly, Gu QingYin jumped backwards dexterously.

She quickly waved the sickle in her hand and blocked the weapon above her head.

A YanLing sword inserted into the soil diagonally.

Chilling and forbidding light were dazzling.

Gu QingYin lowered her head to looked at the sickle in her hand and there was already missing a small metal piece.

She took another look at the sword that was stuck on the ground diagonally.

It was still in perfect and intact shape.

En. It was a good sword.

It seems that the owner of the sword was someone she could not mess with.

Gu QingYin once again looked around carefully to confirmed that she did not see anyone.

“I do not know which master is here. This junior came here today to gather herbs. If I have offended in any way, I plead the senior for forgiveness!”

The lingering sound has dissipated and there was silence.

Still, no one showed up.

Not only Gu QingYin could not see half of the person’s figure, but she could also not even detect the other party’s breath.

It seems like that owner of the sword must have an exceptionally good martial arts skills that she could even hide in the surroundings and could not let her detect her breath!

Gu QingYin furrowed her brows. If she were to confront this person head-on, she would lose.

Oh dear, why did she not bring along some poisons when leaving the house today.

It seems that she had been leading an easy life for too long and had forgotten what her master had once said: “Danger is always there, remember not to take it lightly.”

Gu QingYin who was listening to the surroundings carefully had finally heard some clue.

Above her head again!

She once again used the sickle with a hole to block the hidden weapon above her head, knocking it to the ground.

Eh, the appearance of this hidden weapon seems to be like a scabbard of this sword.

Strange, how could it be a scabbard?

The sickle in her hand has another hole.

It seems that even this scabbard was an extraordinary thing!

Gu QingYin looked at the appearance of the sword and scabbard carefully.

Even the scabbard was exquisite and magnificent.

It seems like the owner of the sword was a rich owner.

A rich owner who, she should not messed with!

The martial arts were not beneath her!

So, could it be master’s enemy?

But this does not seem to be right. Since master had died 2 years ago, she had never seen any JiangHu people in BaiNing Village.

So how could it possible that the enemy has come looking for them?

Gu QingYin, who was pondering, did not notice that the real danger had arrived.

When she raised her head, it was too late.

Before she could avoid, she was crushed by the Zhong Sect leader who had fallen from the sky.

At the first meeting, Gu QingYin had already suffered under Zhong Sect Leader.

Gu QingYin almost vomited out blood from the pressure.

Hurts! It hurts a lot!

Head hurts, back hurts, buttock hurts, leg hurts, her whole-body hurts!

Gu QingYin only felt that all her bones were about to be pulverised. She endured the sweetness in her throat as she pushed away the person on her body with trembling hands.  

With a slight push, she had easily pushed away the person.

The person rolled off her and laid beside her with a ‘dong’ sound, the person’s head knocked onto the stone that was on the side.

Gu QingYin endured the pain on her body as she supported herself up with great difficulty. She looked to the side, only then she saw the face of the person who had fallen from the sky.

Delicate face, thin lips with light eyebrows, tender skins that were white like snow.

En. she was a beauty.

Everyone loves beauty. But, in this situation, no matter how beautiful a beauty was, it could not suppress Gu QingYin’s anger.

Gu QingYin stood up and took down the flattened herb’s basket on her back.

The herbs she had gathered today were all wasted.

She rubbed her aching arm and glared at the culprit on the ground.

Gu QingYin must be terribly upset after she was almost crushed to death for no reason.

She lifted her leg and kicked the person’s thigh, suppressing her anger forcefully and called out: “Hey? Miss?

After all, this was a rich person who could not be messed with, so, she had better be careful.

Woman in black robe still did not respond. 

Gu QingYin used a little more force to kicked, seemingly to relieve her anger.

“Miss! Wake up!”


A weak and faint muffled sounded.

Gu QingYin quickly retracted her legs as she looked at the person on the ground with a serious face.

It was better to appear polite, otherwise, what could she do if the person suddenly wakes up, unsheathed her sword, and cut her?

However, Zhong ShuJin only hummed like and showed no sign of waking up.

Gu Qing Yin lowered her head to look and realized her clothes was stained with blood.

It must be stained when she was crushed by this person.

She pulled the blood-stained clothes to her nose and sniffed, keenly smelled a bloody smell mixed with a faint poison smell.

Gu QingYin furrowed her brows as she quickly knelt to check Zhong ShuJin’s situation.

The black robe did not reveal the blood on her body. So, with a glimpse, Gu QingYin did not see that she was a seriously injured person.

Looking at it now, she realized that person was indeed seriously injured.

En. seems like the snow-white skin must be due to the blood loss after a serious injury, hence, her face was so pale.

Also, the lips were abnormally black! 

Aiya, what has this beauty been poisoned with?

Gu QingYin had originally did not want to care about it.

However, driven by the curiosity, she checked Zhong ShuJin’s pulse.

Yes, it was simply to check her pulse

It was not to waste energy to save her!

However, after feeling her pulse, Gu QingYin’s expression was even more sombre.

She had almost forgotten the pain on her body and the unhappiness brought by Zhong ShuJin.

After putting Zhong ShuJin’s hand down, she immediately undoes Zhong ShuJin’s placket 

After opening her clothes, she looked at the wound on her chest that was still bleeding as she furrowed her brows in contemplation.

If Zhong Sect Leader were awake at this moment, she would definitely slap her and shout angrily: “Lecher!”

But she was unconscious at this moment, so she was in Gu QingYin’s mercy.

Sword wound that was only an inch from the heart. If it were a little higher, Zhong ShuJin would have gone to see the King of Hell.

The person who had injured her must have an exceptionally good martial art.

However, now, Gu QingYin’s concern was not the martial art skill of the person who had injured her.

Of course, it was not the wound on her body either.

But the purplish-black blood flowing out of the wound.

And the wisteria pattern twined around Zhong ShuJin’s chest.

Gu QingYin sealed Zhong ShuJin’s heart pulse, temporarily stopping the spread of the poison as she frowned at the pattern.

This poison was called Wisteria Entwine.

It was the last poison developed by her master before his death.

At that time, her master had unexpectedly died before he could sell the poison concoction and solution.

After her master’s death, she had never sold this poison recipe too.

In that case, how could anyone in JiangHu use this Wisteria Entwine to harm people?

Who on earth had used this Wisteria Entwine on this black-robed woman in front of her?

And how did that person get her master’s Wisteria Entwine?  

Gu QingYin’s brows furrowed deeper.

She could not help but to have a bold presumption

Perhaps, her master had not died? And this poison was released by her master?

But, back then, she had indeed seen the last of her master. Her medical skills were not inferior and could naturally tell with a glance that he was incurable.

Although the old man was afraid that after his death, he would looked too ugly. And so, he hid on the mountain alone after entrusting his funeral.

And even forbidden her from retrieving his corpse, saying that he would rather be gnawed away by wild beast than to let her see his ugly death.

When she went to look for it later, there was indeed bits of pieces of the old man’s clothes left. Seemingly like it has been gnawed away by the wild beasts.

She was sad for a long time. It seems like the old man had probably had a fortuitous meeting and escaped from death.

Really? Had already escape from death but still did not come back to see his own disciple!

It was too much!

She had thought about it already. As long as she healed the black-robed beauty in front of her, she could learn who had poisoned her, and she could follow that person and find her master’s whereabouts!

Yes! That was it!

With this thought, Gu QingYin who was angry, had decided to be generous and waste a little effort to save the black-robed beauty in front of her.

Hence, Gu QingYin threw away her sickle and medicine basket, picked up the YanLing sword and scabbard, carrying the seriously injured and unconscious Zhong Sect Lead back to her Medicine Hut.  

[Author has something to say]:

Zhong Shu Jin: So the first time we’ve met, you have stripped off my clothes!

Gu Qing Yin said with a sombre expression: “I just want to see the injury on you chest.”

Zhong Shu Jin: “My clothes were stripped, and only looked at my injury? Okay, you can get off from my bed!”

Gu Qing Yin: “Wife, I’m wrong……”

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