Chapter 3

The warm kiss moved from Zhong ShuJin’s ear to the corner of her mouth.

That soft lips were already printed on her lips.

This familiar breath made Zhong ShuJin fell into a momentary trance and even forgot to struggle.

Like almost sinking into it.

No, it was not right.

At the beginning when she had recovered her memory, she left Gu QingYin was because she had realized that Gu QingYin and she were both women.

This way, it should be, wrong.

Obviously, she had figured out that this was wrong. So why, when she met Gu QingYin again, her logic has been hooked away.

When her tongue has been rolled up by the person on her body, only then did Zhong ShuJin shook. She exhausted all her strength and shoved Gu QingYin aside.

Then she quickly picked up her robe, draped it over her body and got out of the bed.

Before leaving, she turned her back to Gu QingYin and said coldly: “QingQing, you and I are both women. Do not joke about this anymore. Do not worry, I will not welch on the payment. Thousand gold, will be offered up sometime later!”

When she was about to leave, she notices that her waist was held tightly by Gu QingYin.

Zhong ShuJin pried open Gu QingYin’s hand and said angrily: “Let me go first!”

Who knows, behind her, Gu QingYin had tightened her hands even more.

“Ah Jin, having not seen each other for 2 years, have you ever thought of me?”

Hearing that hint of bitterness beside her ear, Zhong ShuJin’s heart twitched.

QingQing, she seems to be incredibly sad.

Zhong ShuJin’s hand stopped moving.

“I’m sorry……I……”

She does not have the nerve to tell Gu QingYin that last year she had gone to BaiNing Village and wanted to peek at Gu QingYin.

However, at that time Gu QingYin was no longer there.

Zhu Zi had told her that Gu QingYin had gone to find her relatives and did not know when she would return.

She had waited at the village for 3days, but Gu QingYin did not turn up so she went back by herself.

Just as Zhong ShuJin was thinking carefully on how she should comfort Gu QingYin.

She suddenly felt the front of her chest, empty.

Looking down, she had realized that Gu QingYin behind her had already taken away her dudou.

Zhong ShuJin turned around and saw Gu QingYin placing her dudou in front of her nose and sniffed.

“En, smells good.”

There was not a trace of bitterness from earlier on.

Really was……

Too scoundrel……  

Zhong ShuJin flushed in an instant and pressed on the robe that was secretly opened by Gu QingYin. Covering her exposed yet not exposed body and shouted angrily at Gu QingYin: “Return it to me!”

Gu QingYin gave a mischievous smile as she threw Zhong ShuJin’s dudou onto the bed behind her.

“Go get it yourself!”

Zhong ShuJin was embarrassed and angry. She glared at Gu QingYin but could only walk towards the bed to picked up her dudou, feeling ashamed and annoyed.

Zhong ShuJin who only bothered about picking up her dudou, did not notice that Gu QingYin had risen her feet secretly.

Thus, Zhong ShuJin was tripped onto the bed by Gu QingYin.

And her face happens to bury onto her dudou’s embroidered peony.

Zhong ShuJin was really……


She felt that Gu QingYin was really……

So bad….

How could she bully a wounded person!

She wanted to get up and reason with Gu QingYin but was pushed down by Gu QingYin who had followed closely and could not get up anymore.

“No one has ever owed me treatment fees, you are the same, you can’t owe me either.”

Zhong ShuJin’s waist was held by Gu QingYin. Not knowing if Gu QingYin had jabbed her acupoints or not, because she does not even have the strength to resist.

She could only lie there weakly, letting Gu QingYin takes advantage of her.

When those hands covered the 2-soft roundness on her chest, Zhong ShuJin heard the person on her body smiled as she said in her ear: “Ah Jin had really grown a lot.”

Zhong ShuJin was ashamed and annoyed as she used that pitiful strength to pushed Gu QingYin.

“Get down!”

How could Gu QingYin listen to her?

She pressed Zhong ShuJin’s hands to the side and gazed at her as she smiled: “I will not!”

Seeing the different light in Gu QingYin’s eyes, Zhong ShuJin knew that things were bad.

At this time, she does not want to be tortured by Gu QingYin to the extent that she could not get out of bed, so she could only exert more force to resist.

However, even so, that little strength was so small that it was pitiful.

She could only keep yelping: “You let me go! Let me go! I still have injuries, it hurts!”

She shouted like this in hopes of the injuries, Gu QingYIn would let her go.

However, Gu QIngYin was not easy to be deceived. After all, this injury was healed by her own hand, so she still has a measure of the injuries.

Gu QingYin smiled slightly and simply lowered her head to cover that fluttering lips.

Finally, it was quiet.

The familiar taste made Gu QingYin infatuated.

She knew that Zhong ShuJin was resisting her, so no matter how much Gu QingYin wanted to ravage the woman she hated and love, she still held back.

She did not go any further. She only sucked Zhong ShuJin’s lips and left slightly.

Before Zhong ShuJin could get angry, Gu QingYin had already let go of her hand.

Without the blustering and aggressive atmosphere from earlier on, Gu QingYin had already calmed down a lot as she caressed Zhong ShuJin’s head.

“Okay Okay, stop shouting, be good. I will not do anything to you.” After saying that, Zhong ShuJin has really gotten quiet. Gu QingYin smiled slightly as she held Zhong ShuJin’s face gently and looked at her nostalgically.

After a long time, she sighed and whispered: “Ah Jin, I miss you so much.”

The yearning in her eyes seemed to have passed through slow years of mountains and rivers, displaying unconditionally it in front of Zhong ShuJin’s eyes.

Zhong ShuJin was stunned.

A light sentence of ‘I miss you so much’ was like a sharp knife pricking Zhong ShuJin’s heart.

The initial anger and indignant dissipated instantly.

What was left were heartache and remorse.

Zhong ShuJin stopped struggling as she closed her eyes in compromise and at the same time concealing a trace of sympathy in her eyes.

“This night…. just treat it as paying back the treatment fees for detoxifying the poison today….in the future we will go our separate ways…don’t…. don’t be like this anymore…”

Zhong ShuJin who had closed her eyes naturally did not notice the flash of pain in Gu QingYin’s eyes.

Oh, we will go our separate ways?

With this phrase alone has stabbed Gu QingYin successfully.

When Zhong ShuJin opened her eyes again, Gu QingYin had already removed what was left on her body impolitely.

The delirious kisses, delirious movement was not as gentle as usual.

Seemingly wanting to crush her, loosened her, skinned her alive and swallowed her alive.

A group of XueYan Sect people were squatting outside the door, eavesdropping.

The sound from within travelled through the door and subtly wafting into their ears.

“En…. QingQing…be gentle…”

“Wu…Pain…. You be gentle…”

“Ah…. You bastard….it hurts….”

“QingQing…. En Ah…. QingQing……No more…stop…. stop….”

After they have confirmed the safety of the inn, they ran over to the Poison Doctor’s room and squatted outside. They had unexpectedly heard their Sect Leader’s cry

Jing Rong said worriedly: “Isn’t it said that the poison doctor’s medical skills were better than her poison skills? How could it hurt the leader so much?”

Qiu ChengYe continued: “It doesn’t make sense! As far as I know, the poison doctor’s medical skills were sometimes more reliable than the ShenYi Sects!”

Ju YuZe thought for a while and said: “Maybe that stinky old man, Zhu XingAn stabbed the poison dart too deeply. So, it is not easy for the poison doctor to remove the poison dart and thus, hurting the Sect Leader!” 

Li ZiMing said with doubts: “No, Sect Leader is usually not afraid of pain! In the past, whenever she was injured and bleeding, she would never cry. So why is it so abnormal today……”

Leng ShaoYing covered her blushing cheeks and rebuked: “Sect Leader, an unmarried woman, how come detoxifying a poison, must call out so……making it easy to misunderstand….”

The rest of the people looked at Leng ShaoYing simultaneously.

After she had said this and then listening to the sound within the room carefully, it made the conjecture feels different.

“Hmm…ah… Qing…QingQing…it hurts…Wu…”

En, indeed it was quite easy to be misunderstood.

After a while, their Sect leader’s cries finally faded till it had stopped.

Just when they were about collapsed from tiredness, the poison doctor lady has finally opened the door.

They quickly perked up and asked the radiant poison doctor lady: “Miss, how is our Sect Leader?”

The poison doctor lady curled her mouth into an inexplicable yet gentle smile: “It is fine, the poison has been cleared and she had already slept. You all can go back to rest. With me here to guard her is enough.”

Leng ShaoYing said hastily: “Ah, it is so embarrassing. It is better not to trouble Miss for the subsequent matters. Let Rong’er and I take care of Sect Leader!”

“There is no need. As she is my current patient, I will take care of her. In case something happens to her again at night, it will be troublesome to rush to and fro.”

Since Gu QingYin had said that, so naturally, the rest would no longer pretend to be courteous. After all, letting someone with medical skills takes care of Zhong ShuJin was better than Jing Rong and Leng ShaoYing who knows nothing!

The group of people quickly thanked her and once they saw the poison doctor closing the door, they returned to their room happily.

Fortunately, this poison doctor had appeared today, otherwise, they would have been toyed miserably by the Tang Sect.

Gu QingYin returned to the bed as she undressed and laid beside Zhong ShuJin.

The person who had fallen asleep knew how to looked-for warmth as she drilled into her arms.

Even if she had fallen asleep, that person still hugged her waist tightly, refusing to let go.

Her mouth said no, but the body was quite honest!

Gu QingYin hugged Zhong ShuJin, using the dimmed lights to look at the marks all over her body and smiled happily.

En, this was her Ah Jin.

She gently combed Ah Jin’s messy hair and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

She would settle those old accounts slowly in the future.

We will go our separate ways?

Ah. Since she had already found her this time, how could she let her wife have the opportunity of separating their ways?

Want to run away again?

Hmph, not a chance!

Gu QingYin hugged Zhong ShuJin and stayed up all night as she looked at her, recalling the bits and pieces since they have met.

Train of thoughts floated back 2years ago.

[T/L Note]: Reading this novel is fine….translating is a different feel though….. I don’t know if I could handle a more……”passionate scene” that will appeared later…….. (/ω\) Can I regret translating this novel?

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