Chapter 2

Gu QingYin stepped on the rooftop as she leapt forward with agility.

The sound of wind whizzed past her ears and the surrounding scenes change rapidly.

Zhong ShuJin laid in Gu QingYin’s arm with her hand pinching Gu QingYin’s clothes lightly but was extremely restrained.

She raised her head secretly and glanced at Gu QIngYin as she asked awkwardly: “QingQing, why are you here?”

After a glimpse of that person’s overcautious movement, Gu QingYin raised an eyebrow feeling unhappy as she said: “Passing by.”

“Ah, is there such coincidence!”

Gu QingYin said lightly: “En, maybe it is fate.”

She could not tell Zhong ShuJin that she was worried that when XueYan Sect finds trouble with Tang Sect, they would end up suffering for it, so she followed behind secretly.

At this moment, Zhong ShuJin seemed to have forgotten the pain and discomfort in her body as she looked at Gu QingYin and asked: “But, shouldn’t you be at BaiNing Village? Why did you come out? And even became Poison Doctor, NianJin.”

Moreover, she feels that this name ‘NianJin’ was a little strange……

Gu QingYin lowered her head a little and met Zhong ShuJin’s eyes. Her thin lips opened a little and said lightly: “I came out to look for relatives.”

Although Gu QingYin’s words were light, her eyes were too anxious. Zhong ShuJin’s heart was feeling peculiar but did not think too much and looked away embarrassingly and asked: “Then, have you found them?”

“Found some clues.”

Hearing this, Zhong ShuJin remembered what she had heard when she returned to BaiNing village last year. So, she took the initiative: “En, if you need help, remember to tell me. I believe I should more or less be able to help out.”

Gu QingYin seemed to smile but not smile as she continued: “I thought when you left without saying goodbye was because you no longer wanted to do anything with me. So why do you still want to help me now?”

Zhong ShuJin was stunned.

Not hearing Zhong ShuJin’s explanation, Gu QingYin acted as though she does not care. She deliberately plays a trick by pretending that she did not stand firmly and swayed to the side.

Swaying along with Gu QingYin, Zhong ShuJin was about to fall off. She panicked and quickly reached out and put her arms around Gu QingYin’s neck, lest she falls off accidentally.

With this, Gu QingYin smiled with satisfaction. She immediately quickened her pace and soon after, was able to shake off XueYan people.

At this moment, the two were extremely close.

After Zhong ShuJin came back to her senses, she raised her head slightly. But because of this, her lips touched Gu QingYin’s chin.

The cold touch on the lip was like an illusion, as if, it was not real.

Zhong ShuJin looked at Gu QingYin’s refined profile in a daze. How long has it been since they have been this close?

In a daze, Zhong ShuJjin subconsciously stretched out her tongue to lick her lips.

That lip had indeed touched Gu QingYin’s chin just now….

After noticing this action, Zhong ShuJin blushed instantly. She glanced at Gu QingYin with a guilty conscience and saw that there was nothing unusual about Gu QingYin. Upon seeing she that was still smiling and yet not smiling as if she had not noticed her actions, she breathed a sigh of relief.

For some reason, Zhong ShuJin was reluctant to take back her arms that were wrapped around Gu QingYin’s neck. Not only that, but had also buried her cheeks into Gu QingYin’s shoulders secretly and laid in her arms feeling at ease.

The strong medicine fragrance lingers in her nose. Smelling this familiar fragrance, Zhong ShuJin felt at ease unknowingly and was able to forget about her poisoning at this time.

On the road, Zhong ShuJin could not help but recalled the bits and pieces of their lives together. Thinking about it carefully, she felt that her act of leaving without saying goodbye was a bit too much.

In the beginning, QingQing treated her so…. well……

She still must tell her personally before leaving right?    

Zhong ShuJin opened her eyes and looked at that familiar face in front of her. After brooding for a long while, she could only squeeze out a few words.

“I’m sorry…QingQing…In the beginning, I……”

Before she could finish saying, Gu QingYin had stopped.

At this moment, they have landed on the rooftop of the Inn where Gu QingYin was staying at.

“Shh, don’t rush to apologise. After I have healed you, I will slowly settle those old accounts with you.”

As soon as she said that, Gu QingYin flipped down along the edge of the roof.

With 1 hand embracing Zhong ShuJin, another hand grabbing the eaves and with a light kick, she kicked the window open.

She brought Zhong ShuJin into the room with ease.

After being placed on the bed by Gu QingYin, Zhong ShuJin notices the familiar layout of the room. Zhong ShuJin reacted only after thinking about the familiar topography she has seen above.

“QingQing, why do you stay in this inn too?

Could Gu QingYin say that she was following her specifically?

Of course not! 

She lit the oil lamp and acted as if she does not mind: “Oh? Are you staying in this inn too? What a coincidence.”

Before Zhong ShuJin could answer, Gu QingYin had walked to the window, blocking several people who were hanging outside the window and wanted to followed in.

“I’m going to detoxify your Sect leader, why are you all coming in for?”

Ju YuZe who was squeezed out at the front quickly smiled and said: “Ah, we will trouble Poison Doctor lady! We shall not bother your lady!”

Gu QingYin smiled slightly and closed the window.

After taking out the needle bag and other items from the travelling bag, Gu QingYin placed the oil lamp on the table next to the bed and stuffed a pill into Zhong ShuJin’s mouth casually.

“Take medicine first.”

It was rare for Zhong ShuJin to swallow the medicine obediently in Gu QingYin’s hand.

When she noticed Gu QingYin’s scorching gaze, Zhong ShuJin could not help blushing.

“Why are you…. looking at me like that….”

“I have not seen you for a long time, Can’t I look at you for a bit more?”

Zhong ShuJin lowered her head feeling guilty.

It has been 2 years, and does not know how QingQing will settle accounts with her……

Gu QingYin took out a scissor and trimmed away parts of the clothes that has the poison dart embedded in it.

The arm that was originally white and clean like a jade was now black.

Gu QingYin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Very good, dare to poison Zhong ShuJin!

Then she shall make that person pay enough price!

Letting that person have a taste of what was a real poison like!

Zhong ShuJin looked at Gu QingYin’s expression secretly and could not help feeling a little nervous.

“What to do, QingQing! Is this poison, serious? Will I die?”

She had not noticed that there was a sense of inadvertent reliance in her words.

Gu QingYin put down Zhong ShuJin’s arm and wiped away the sweat on her forehead gently, but did not forget to smile and said: “Why, now then you know fear? Weren’t you quite calm when you want to cut off your arm just now?”

Zhong ShuJin said with great embarrassment: “That is better than losing my life….”

For some reason, seeing Gu QingYin again, she had unknowingly become like how she was in the beginning.

Treating Gu QingYin as her support again.

Before Zhong ShuJin could finish speaking, she suddenly realized that Gu QingYin had her hands on her belt.

She quickly pressed Gu QingYin’s hand.

“What are you doing!”

Gu QingYin curled the corner of her mouth.

“Of course, taking off your clothes!”

Zhong ShuJin’s face flushed

“Injury…Injury is on the arm…. why must I undress….”

Gu QingYin’s smile deepened.

“If I don’t take off your clothes, how am I able to see if there are any other injuries?”

With this, Zhong ShuJin could only let go obediently.

“Okay…Okay…then you can take it off……”

As soon as she said that, the belt fell off.

Zhong ShuJin looked at Gu QingYin’s movement in a daze.

That pair of white and slender hand was gently removing her black robe.

And removing her middle clothing slowly.

The familiar face and familiar movement made her recalled the various past scenes in the medicine hut……

Back then, QingQing was like now, removing her clothes and pressing her under her body.

When that cold fingers touched her neck, she suddenly shook and jumped out from her reminiscing.

When she saw that there were only dudou(!) left and combining with the things she had thought about, her face was reddened and almost weep out blood.

(!)肚兜 DuDou: Undergarment

Gu QingYin placed her hands on Zhong ShuJin’s shoulder and pulled her in front of her.

Gu QingYin only stopped when she touches Zhong ShuJin’s tip of the nose 

Zhong ShuJin’s heartbeat was like lightning. Her gaze landed on those eyebrows as she slowly moves down and landed on Gu QingYin’s delicate red lips.

Just when she thought Gu QingYin would kiss her like the usual, Gu QingYin had instead used the back of her hand to touch her cheek.

“What are you thinking about? Your face had already reddened to this extent?”

Zhong ShuJin titled her head awkwardly and pushed Gu QingYin away slightly.

“I am not thinking about anything… Maybe, the poison has spread….”

Hearing this, Gu QingYin laughed out immediately.

“Stupid, you just took my medicine, how could it have spread?”

That was Gu QingYin’s specially made antidote. Although it could not detoxify a hundred poisons, it was enough to detoxified Tang Sect’s Five Scattering Poison.

Zhong ShuJin was ashamed and annoyed: “What if there are other poisons in me!”

Gu QingYin caressed Zhong ShuJin’s head fondly.

“Okay Okay Okay, I will cure all for you, alright?”

That gentle and pampering action put Zhong ShuJin in a trance-like state for a long while.

After Gu QingYin said that, she stopped teasing Zhong ShuJin and concentrated on healing her injuries.

On the way here, she had already felt Zhong ShuJin’s pulse.

After using heated golden needles to seal several of Zhong ShuJin’s key points. Gu QingYin put on a pair of specially made silk gloves and took out a knife as she placed it on the oil lamp to heat it up.

After sprinkling some medicine powder on Zhong ShuJin’s wound, Gu QingYin grabbed her arm and did not even blink when she cut on the wound.

Gu QingYin’s movement was extremely skilful. She did not hesitate just because the target of that knife was Zhong ShuJin.

Soon, Gu QingYin took out the poison dart from Zhong ShuJin’s arm and after releasing the poisonous blood from her body, she bandaged her wound carefully.

Before Zhong ShuJin could feel any pain, she saw that Gu QingYin was already cleaning up the mess.

She asked in a daze: “So fast?”

Uncle Qiu had said that Five Scattering poison was difficult to detoxify, how come it was so quickly detoxified by QingQing.

Once Gu QingYin had kept all the things and washed her hands, she went back to the bed and looked at Zhong ShuJin and smiled: “Why? Do you want me to detoxify it slowly so that you can stay with me for a while more?”

“Nonsense! I did not!”

Gu QingYin smiled and said nothing.

People who were being guessed right would often react a little more.

She rolled her eyes and looked at Zhong ShuJin.

Suddenly she sighed: “Haven’t seen you for 2 years, Ah Jin has grown up a lot.”

Zhong ShuJin snorted lightly: “Was my past-self so naive!”

After saying that, Zhong ShuJin realized that Gu QingYin’s gaze was a little weird.

She followed Gu QingYin’s gaze and moved down slowly.

When her gaze landed on the 2 rounded bumps on her dudou, only then did she reacted and realized that she had the wrong idea just now!

Zhong Shu Jin blushed and quickly blocked her chest as she glared at Gu QingYin, feeling ashamed and annoyed.


Gu QingYin not only did not refute, instead, she smiled gently.

Zhong ShuJin suddenly felt that when she was in front of Gu QingYin, she was so weak and seems to have thrown away XueYan Sect dignity.

So, she quickly put on a Sect Leader’s mannerism and straightened her neck as she said proudly: “Thank you very much for today’s matter. Now that the Five Scattering Poison has been detoxified and it is late at night, I shall not disrupt your rest anymore!”

Gu QingYin stopped Zhong ShuJin from picking up her clothes and raised her eyebrows, saying: “You want to simply leave like this?”

Zhong ShuJin thought for a while and felt that leaving as soon as the other party had saved her was a little rude.

So, she quickly continued: “Tomorrow, I, Sect Leader will let someone offer up an honorarium!”

Gu QingYin pinched Zhong ShuJin’s waist gently.

“You have not gotten out of the bed yet and already want to pretend not to know me?”

Zhong ShuJin’s ear was already red.

This rascal!

Gu QingYin suppressed her smile and stopped Zhong ShuJin’s hands and with a serious face, she said solemnly: “I believe, you should have heard JiangHu Poison Doctor’s rules about saving lives.”

Previously, Zhong ShuJin did not know that the poison doctor “NianJin” was Gu QingYin, but she does know the rules of the poison doctor saving lives.

To begged Poison Doctor to save a life, one must pay a satisfactory reward before she was willing to save lives.

However, she had also heard that the most important thing when the poison doctor saves a person was affinity.

If she does not find that person pleasing to the eye, she would not even save the noblest and authoritative person.

Even if they were pleasing to the eyes if one did not pay for it, she would still treat them.

“You want me to recompense, is it because you don’t think that I’m pleasing to the eyes?”

Gu QingYin sneered

This idiot!

“If I don’t find you pleasing to my eyes, will I still save you?”

Zhong ShuJin was a little aggrieved: “But….in the beginning, you said you would not save me….”

If it were not because of the alienated way of addressing, how could she have said that she would not save?

Gu QingYin does not want to drag on and said: “I don’t care, anyway, I’m acting according to the rules so I should be compensated.”

Zhong Shu Jin hesitated for a moment before saying: “you… what kind of compensation do you want…… Don’t be too excessive”

“Naturally.” Gu QingYin smiled with insinuation: “Just a thousand gold, is enough.”

Just a thousand gold!

What was just a thousand gold!

Why does detoxifying a poison needs a thousand gold! 

Why this person does not talk about relationship!

Zhong Shu Jin was so angry that she gritted her molar, “I can’t take out so much right now! I can only give it to you once I have returned back to the Sect!”

Gu QingYin applied a small effort and pushed Zhong Shu Jin onto the bed.

The black hair spread on the bed, making that small face even whiter.

Gu QingYin lowered her head a little and saw that a face of astonishment on the person under her. As she continued looking down, the red dudou embroidered with peony flowers was hiding the proud view underneath it.

This kind of view has an unspeakable temptation.

It makes people really want to, lift it up, to check it out.

Gu QingYin licked her dry lips and before Zhong ShuJin could speak, she had pressed on and clung onto her: “I don’t care, anyway, I want it tonight.”

Zhong ShuJin was not able to break away from Gu QingYin and could only put down her dignity and acted coquettishly like usual: “QingQing, I really can’t take it out tonight, excuse me for a few days!”

They had come to seek revenge on Tang Sect, so how could they have brought a thousand gold!

Gu QingYin smiled happily as she clung onto Zhong ShuJin closely. The back of her hand held Zhong ShuJin’s waist unintentionally. After feeling Zhong ShuJin stiffened her body, she whispered: “No, you are able to take it out!”

Before Zhong ShuJin could refute, Gu QingYin puffed out at her ears, making her body trembled.

The captivating voice rang beside her hearts.

“A spring night(!) is worth a thousand gold, and just a spring night is enough.”

(!)春宵 Chun Xiao: Spring Night. It means *cough cough* Making Love

[T/L Note]: 念谨 NianJin is written as ‘念’ thinking of/miss & ‘谨’ is from Zhong Shu Jin’s name. So it means ‘missing/thinking of Ah Jin’

This Chinese novel/chapter is quite easy & straightforward to read. BUT!!!! translating it was giving me a massive headache! yes, I know…I’m complaining about easy work! That is because I’m stuck between wanting to keep it to author’s original style and yet wanting to make the translated work flows naturally. (; ̄Д ̄)

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