Chapter 1

FYI, for those who have read the first chapter by the previous translator, do note that the translator had only translated only half of it, but mine is full chapter 1 and I tried to comprised the original Chinese style of writing into the translated work. So you might noticed that there is major difference between mine and the previous translator. If you like, I would kindly suggest to re-read from the very top.

Late at night, thick fog covered the crescent moon.

In the quiet night, an unexpected shout travelled through the air.

“Stop! You can’t run!”

On the dark road, over 30 Tang Sect’s disciples held a torch in 1 hand and a sword in another as they chased after the shadows in front of them.

Those shadows moved as fast as ghosts. With a flash, they turned around the corner at the end of the street.

After the Tang Sect’s disciples went around the corner, they realized they have lost that group of people.

The leader was Zhu JunZhe, 2nd disciple of the Great Elder of the Tang Sect. He looked at the empty street in front of him as he gritted his teeth, punched the wall beside him and said angrily: “Spread out and find them! Those Demon Sect tools must be hiding nearby!”

Tonight, Xueyan Sect attacked the Tang Sect, but was accidentally ambushed and could only escaped in panic.

In the middle of the night with all kinds of suffering and yet still chasing after them for so long, many Tang Sect’s disciples were grumbling in their hearts, but none of them dares to say it out loud. They could only yield and obeys Zhu JunZhe’s command.

The firelight swayed. Tang Sect’s disciples scattered according to the command. With 2 in a group and 2 groups in a team, they searched around the area carefully.

The Tang Sect’s Great Elder, Zhu XingAn and Third Elder, Bi YuanMing had also rushed to the location.

“JunZhe, where are they?”

Zhu JunZhe clasped his fist and plead guilty: “Replying to master, this disciple is incompetent and had lost them!”

Zhu XingAn flung his sleeves and reprimanded: “Scoundrel, the she-demon head of the Demon Sect had already been inflicted by my Five Scattering Poison and could not even use internal strength, yet you lost her!”

Zhu JunZhe lowered his head and said nothing, not daring to go against Zhu XingAn.

Upon seeing this, Bi YuanMing persuaded him quickly: “Senior Brother, don’t be angry. Anyway, that demon-girl head had been inflicted by your poison, so it does not matter if she was captured or not. After all, besides the people from Tang Sect, the ones who can remove this Five Scattering Poison are those chaps from ShenYi Sect! Those stubborn doctors from ShenYi Sect will certainly not help. From what I can see that she-demon head will not live long! Then there is no need for us to waste our energy!”

(!)神医门: ShenYi Sect! Literal translation is 神: Divine/godly, 医: doctor/medical Sect

In JiangHu(!), the Orthodox Sects allied among themselves and so did the Unorthodox Sect. And within their Orthodox Sect and Unorthodox Sect, they each have their own alliance.

(!)江湖: JiangHu = this term has evolved over the course of Chinese history, but usually refers to the martial arts world of ancient China

But it happened that this large Demon Sect: XueYan Sect was chased by the orthodox Sect and disgusted by the unorthodox Sect.

Because the people of XueYan Sect were too arrogant. As long as there was someone who provokes them, no matter who the other party was, the people of XueYan Sect would rush to their doorstep to seek revenge.

Never mind the revenge, for they must rush up on a grand scale and did not hide their identity as though the other party do not know that they were the people of the Demon Sect.

Therefore, after many years of accumulation, the XueYan Sect have made countless enemies, causing everyone in JiangHu to cursed them as Huge Demon Sect.

Even when the villain among the villains mentioned them, they would be filled with a face full of disgust.

Deep into the night.

When the wind blows, it was somewhat cold.

The Tang Sect’s disciples who had searched desperately with no results had no choice but to give up.

As they were prepared to retreat, they did not expect that those XueYan Sect’s disciples would be able to flip over the wall within seconds and hide in the backyard of a shop without being discovered by them.

With a wall apart, the people behind the wall could hear the people outside of the wall. Yet they people outside the wall could not find them no matter what.

After waiting for the sound outside the wall to fade away, only then did the people behind the wall dared to make a sound.

“Guardian Qiu! What should we do! The Sect Leader was inflicted by the Five Scattering Poison! What should we do! Can you cure it?”

Qing Rong with a face full of anxiousness, shouted.

Among this group of people, the only person who knows a little medical skill was Qiu ChengYe. So, Qing Rong could only pin all hopes on him.

Upon hearing this, Qiu ChengYe was also very worried.

Just now, when Zhong ShuJin was hit by Zhu XingAn’s poison dart, he had already sealed Zhong ShuJin’s heart vein to prevent the poison from spreading.

At that time, he did not know what kind of poison it was and could not do anything to it. But now that he knows, it was even harder for him to do anything.

The Five Scattering Poison was a poison unique to Tang Sect and only the people of Tang Sect know the methods of making this poison. Without knowing the ingredients of this poison, it would be too difficult to make an antidote for this poison.

“I cannot cure this Five scattering poison! Besides the people from Tang Sect, the only other party who can cure this, is the people from ShenYi Sect! But the people of ShenYi Sect will not save the people of XueYan Sect! So even if we seek their help, it is still useless!”

Hearing this, Ju YuZe said hurriedly: “How about, I change the Sect leader’s appearance to someone else’s appearance and bring the Sect Leader to the ShenYi Valley to seek the people of ShenYi Sect?”

Leng ShaoYing smacked Ju YuZhe’s head and said with a cold-shoulder: “So Stupid! It will take less than 5days for the Five Scattering Poison to spread across. It is 4days away from the ShenYi Valley and by the time we sent Sect Leader to the ShenYi Sect, the poison would have spread across Sect Leader’s body and would have died.”

Li ZiMing agreed: “Sister Ying is right; this method is not feasible. Let us not talked about the travelling issue first. Tonight, when Sect Leader has been inflicted by the Five Scattering Poison, Tang Sect will definitely release this news all over JiangHu. If we sent Five-Scattering-Poison-inflicted Sect Leader to ShenYi Sect and even after changing appearance, they will know she is this is Sect Leader! When the time comes, they would not be polite towards Sect Leader. We are simply delivering ourselves to the death’s doorstep!”

Jing Rong was so anxious that she was about to cry.

“Then what do you guys want us to do! You can’t expect us to watch our Sect Leader die!”

Zhong ShuJin stopped their argument.

“Alright, stop arguing!”

Zhong ShuJin who was leaning against Jing Rong, used Jing Rong to support her body up.

After they have quiet down, she glanced at the poison dart nailed into her right arm and asked: “Uncle Qiu, If I cut off my arm, will that stop the poison?”

“After cutting off the arm, it can indeed stop the poison from spreading……” After understanding what Zhong ShuJin was thinking, Qiu ChengYe panicked: “Sect Leader, you can’t possibly think of cutting your arm to save yourself!”

Zhong ShuJin’s expression slightly hardened. The cold sweat on her forehead had dripped down.

Cutting an arm off was better than losing a life?

“Yes, protecting my life is more important.”

Several men and women quickly persuaded: “Sect Leader! Think twice!”

Zhong ShuJin pushed Jing Rong a little and drew out YanLing sword from her waist. Ignoring their persuasion and directing the sword towards her left arm to cut it off with a backhand wave.

Losing an arm to save her own life was worth it.

Suddenly a sound ‘clang’.

That YanLing sword that was about to cut off Zhong ShuJin was hit by a stone by someone.

That stone was able to forcefully hit the YanLing sword in Zhong ShuJin’s hand to the side.

Seeing this, the few people who could not stop it was able to heave a sigh of relieve.

Before they could relax for a while, their hearts were strung up again.

Wait, where did this stone come from?

“ If a mere Five Scattering Poison could force you to lose an arm, then aren’t you too useless?” 

Hearing a clear and cold voice from the top of the wall, those group of people quickly pulled out their weapons and said vigilantly: “Who!”

The woman on top of the floor float to the ground and stood before them.

Although she directed her words to them, her gaze was on Zhong ShuJin.

“NianJin. It is my JiangHu’s name.”


Ah, this person was actually NianJin!

Qiu ChengYe was surprised: “Could this lady be JiangHu’s famous poison doctor, NianJin?”

Within this 1 year, there was a young woman by the name of ‘NianJin’ who came out of nowhere.

It was said that the woman has a godlike demeanour, however, she was extremely heartless.

Anyone who had offended her even a little would suffer under her poison.

And there were even some skeletons that had been melted into a puddle.

Her poison skills were excellent, and her medical skills were even better.

Some who were sick beyond cure and those who could not save by the ShenYi Sect Doctors, and if she wants to save them, she could pull them from the death’s door.

There were people who wants her poison and there were some who wanted to be cured.

Hence, the people of JiangHu gave her a title.

Poison Doctor.

‘NianJin’ looked at the sluggish Zhong ShuJin, she smiled gently and said: “Yes.”

If it was the poison doctor, then this Five Scattering Poison was not a problem to her.

Seeing their saviour, they quickly begged: “Miss NianJin please show great compassion, save our Sect Leader! If miss could cure our Sect leader’s poison, XueYan Sect will forever grateful!”

‘NianJin’ did not retrieved her gaze, curled her lips slightly and said: “Great compassion? I do not have such kindness.”

Immediately after, she smiled and said: “Ah Jin, don’t you think so?”

Ah Jin?

Several people quickly looked at their Sect leader.

Could it be that? The Sect Leader and this lady knows each other?

Zhong ShuJin looked at ‘NianJin’ in a daze.


Aware that she was about to blurt out the familiar name, Zhong ShuJin quickly changed her words: “Gu…Doctor Gu…Why are you here….”

Those people suddenly realized that the Sect Leader actually knows this lady.

Seems like the Sect Leader could be saved!

She does not have to lose her arm to live! 

Qiu ChengYe said excitedly: “Since Miss and our Sect Leader are old acquaintances, this is for the best! I hope that Miss will save our Sect Leader based on friendship sentimental!”

Gu Qingyin raised her eyebrows and said with slight displeasure: “Doctor Gu? Doctor Gu does not want to save.”

Do not want to save? Both are old acquaintances and still do not want to save her?

Leng ShaoYing quickly pushed Zhong ShuJin.

“Sect Leader!” Why are you still in a daze! Quickly ask poison doctor lady to save you!”

Zhong ShuJin wanted to refuse but looking at Leng ShaoYing and the other’s serious expression that showed that they do not allow rejection. She could only listen to them obediently and said awkwardly: “Poison…. Poison doctor…save…. save me……”

Gu QingYin snorted.

“Poison Doctor? Poison Doctor does not want to save too.”

Zhong ShuJin was so angry that she stomped her feet

“Forget it! Let us go!”

At this time, how would anyone let Zhong ShuJin leave!

While holding Zhong ShuJin, they persuaded: “Sect Leader, don’t show your child-like temper, it’s more important to save your life!”

While begging Gu QingYin: “Poison doctor lady, you are magnanimous, please don’t bicker with our Sect Leader and save her!”

Gu QingYin passed by a few people and walked towards Zhong ShuJin

She grasped Zhong ShuJin’s chin and forced her to look at herself.

“What do you call me?”

Zhong ShuJin’s face was slightly red as she looked at those familiar eyes and said in a trembling voice: “Gu…. Doctor Gu….”

Gu QingYin chuckled softly: “I’ve said that Doctor Gu will not save you. When you and I were alone, was that how you called me?”

Zhong ShuJin gritted her teeth, before calling out softly: “QingQing, save me……”


Those people were a little surprised seeing such Zhong ShuJin.

Was this still their proud, stern Sect Leader who kills decisively?

Why did she appear shy as though she was a young lady from a decent family?   

Before they could walked out from their initial surprised, they heard the doctor lady suddenly laughed happily.

“Okay! I will save you!”

Yes, this poison doctor was really wilful.

Before they could react, the poison doctor princess carried their Sect Leader and jumped onto the wall, skipped to the rooftop and left.

They looked at each other.

“What should we do?”

“What should we do?”

“Of course, we should chase after them!” 

[T/L Note:] Heya! I’ve read the entire novel and really liked it. This story is not heavy and the interaction between the MC and FL is pretty cute and *cough* passionate (*ノдノ) Hope y’all can join me on this journey and watch their growth (*≧▽≦)

YanLing Sword:

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