Chapter 95: Unable to Endure

“Fighting?” Liu Luo Yi frowned. She stood up straight, with some worries in ehr heart, and wanted to rush to the next door to have a look.

Wei Chi Li quickly grabbed her, pulled her back and changed the subject abruptly: “Little Liu’er, don’t worry, they are fine. I am having a little headache, come and massage for me.”

“Could it be that you have suffered from the wind chill last night? The wind here is colder and stronger.” When Liu Luo Yi heard that she has a headache, she immediately ditches the movement of the next door behind her mind, and then touched Wei Chi Li up and down, confirming that she has no fever, only then did she heave a sigh of relief.

She pressed Wei Chi Li on the chair and gently rubbed her head with her fingertips. Her movements were very gentle, and the strength was just right. She massaged Wei Chi Li so comfortably that her body was soft and even yawned.

This room was not very soundproof, and Wei Chi Li has good hearings, hence she can hear the movements on Wei Chi Die’s side. She can hear that Wei Chi Die was still crying, and was scolding An Ge.

It seems to be: “If I don’t have immoral thoughts about you, why would I do that to you just because I am drunk?”

Wei Chi Li’s eyes widened as she listened.

An Ge explained something with a quiet voice but was interrupted by Wei Chi Die’s raised voice.

“I just hate always accepting humiliation. What I want is a lover who can stand by me, not a slave who follows me around!” Wei Chi Die screamed. She seemed very emotional and pushed An Ge vigorously.

Wei Chi Li’s body became tense, and Liu Luo Yi behind her noticed the abnormality and asked worriedly, “Princess is it painful?”

“No, no.” Wei Chi Li said quickly. Liu Luo Yi was silent for a while and continued to massage her. The pair of soft hands moved down, helping her to massage her stiff shoulders and neck.

The sound from next door continued. An Ge seemed to have been angered, and suddenly backhanded to block off Wei Chi Die, moved her body forward and pressed her hard against the wall. Wei Chi Li could feel the tremor on the wall when Wei Chi Die’s back hit the wall.

She could not help but shudder.

There was silence next door, seemingly like the both were painting in silence. After a while, she heard An Ge’s voice as she slowly said: “Yes, I am a servant and you are the master and I have always been accepting of humiliation. But princess, if you have always always loved someone who is above you, will you be the same as me, someone without dignity?”

“You never experience it. I followed you day and night, and then watched you walk into flower streets and waited in the dark for you to come out, day after day.”  

“That day, when you do that to me, I was very happy and willing to dedicate myself to you. At least for that night, I no longer need to look at your back.”

An Ge’s voice trembled a little.

She slowly reached out and raised the beauty’s chin in front of her. This was her princess, her sacred everything.

Wei Chi Die was charming as usual and even more charming. Because she was crying, her soft body was trapped in An Ge’s arms, her slender waist was twisting slowly, as if she wanted to struggle, but was not willing to struggle.

Not knowing where the courage from, An Ge suddenly lowered her head and kissed Wei Chi Die, taking her everything frantically and the lips there were applied with lipsticks throbbing crazily in her eyes. It was bright red and sweet enough to make people intoxicated.

At first, Wei Chi Die resisted, but later she was completely obedient because she found that once An Ge gets tough, she cannot break free anyway, or rather, she does not want to break free at all.

With one hand behind her back, An Ge pressed her into her arms. Wei Chi Die slowly raised her lotus arms and placed them on An Ge’s shoulders. She began to take initiative but failed.

An Ge’s kiss was strong and domineering. This was something she has never done before. The first time, she was shocked when she was kissed, but now she was completely proficient and kissed till Wei Chi Die was pressed against the wall, panting again and again with her back cold and hot in front of her.

The reverie voice reached Wei Chi Li’s ears. She retreated a bit and wanted to leave first, but if they would have to leave just like that, there were people watching downstairs and felt that it was a little inappropriate.

But listening to it was not very appropriate either. The 2 of them were the same, acting boldly.

What was even adding fuel to the fire was that Liu Luo Yi behind her was serious, massaging her shoulders without any other meaning. Her cold hands swept over Wei Chi Li’s exposed skin from time to time, making her heart tremble.

“Okay, Little Liu’er.” Wei Chi Li gritted her teeth.

The movement next door was really big, but fortunately, Wei Chi Li had everyone retreat from this floor. Otherwise, there will be rumours flying all over the streets and alleys of Er Gu tomorrow.

This time, even Liu Luo Yi heard it. She looked at the wall and seemed to realise what it was. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, and she hurriedly stopped with her head lowered and sat next to Wei Chi Li with a very obedient expression.

Wei Chi Li casually tore a few pieces of cloth from the handkerchief on the table used to wipe hands, stuffed them into her ears and then handed a pair to Liu Luo Yi.

The 2 sat there in silence, waiting for the end of the vigorous behaviour next door.

Wei Chi Li began to rejoice that she had asked Xin Ran went door and guard the stairs, otherwise, the scene would be more embarrassing.

“Princess, I once heard from the elders say that on the night of marriage, only then can the woman give herself to the man and the 2 are truly married.” Liu Luo Yi suddenly said.

“What about us? I also want to give myself to princess, so that we can be considered as really married.” She turned sideways to look at Wei Chi Li and asked seriously, her eyes were bright, with undisguised desire.

Although Wei Chi Li conjectured, she does not know what exactly she desires. Even if she had read those books, without her mother’s teaching, how would she know these clearly?

It was because of her honest inquiry that Wei Chi Li felt her throat dry and speechless.

“We will too. The difference is that we are not giving ourselves to someone. We are equal, it is just a deep feeling.” Wei Chi Li said softly. She did not dare to look at Liu Luo Yi especially in such an environment.

But Liu Luo Yi suddenly leaned over, looked at her with wide eyes, reached out her white and tender fingers and pointed at her own lips.

Wei Chi Li hurriedly shook her head. Kissing her during this situation, she was afraid of herself…..

This Little Liu’er understood or did not understand? She was already a little uncertain, so she could only shuffle to the other side, and her buttock almost fell out of her seat.

Seeing that she was avoiding, Liu Luo Yi felt a little flustered. She bit her lips, gently tugged Wei Chi Li’s sleeve, and said softly: “Princess….”

“This, this is inappropriate, really.” Wei Chi Li said.

“Ah Li…” Liu Luo Yi suddenly spoke. She changed the way she addresses her and suddenly the atmosphere became hazy and ambiguous. The prolong ending sounded a bit charming, making Wei Chi Li’s body numb.

In the next second, Liu Luo Yi got up suddenly and sat directly on Wei Chi Li’s thigh. She bit her lips tightly, and she was so frightened that her hands were clenched till it was white and blue, but still looked at Wei Chi Li softly with eyes filled with mist.

The soft touch made Wei Chi Li’s heart palpitate. She could clearly hear her heart beating in her chest. During this period when she was tensed up, Liu Luo Yi had already leaned her entire body into her arms, and then pinched her placket tightly with 2 fingers.

Familiar little movements of fear and unfamiliar bold behaviours and in that instant, Wei Chi Li understood. She sighed and reached out to put her hands on Liu Luo Yi’s waist to prevent her from falling. She shook her head and said: “Tell me, who taught you?”

“Eldest princess.” Liu Luo Yi replied very confidently.

She knew it. Wei Chi Li was so angry that she could have smashed the chair and should not have coaxed Wei Chi Die. She should have fought her and then thrown her out of the window. She knew that Liu Luo Yi was very easy to be deceived when it comes to emotions, so she always does these bad things.

She does not know what else she said to Liu Luo Yi.

But the beauty’s touch in her arms was very real and prominent and she could neither ignore it nor push her down. The voice next door gradually became quieter but does not know if it was quieter or she has diverted her attention.

Liu Luo Yi clutched her placket with her hand and the she softened and leaned her head on Wei Chi Li’s shoulder. Her soft cheeks touched Wei Chi Li’s neck and Wei Chi Li’s heart melt and could not help but hug her tighter.

This feeling was very comfortable, like holding a soft plush doll, but more elastic.

“Don’t move.” Wei Chi Li’s voice became a little hoarse. She was desperately enduring the throbbing in her heart. Now was not the time. Liu Luo Yi was a woman who grew up in ancient times, but different from Wei Chi Die’s with her easy personality and different from her own commitment, she cannot be irresponsible towards her.

“Okay.” Wei Chi Li replied and did not move, except that she was so happy that she was hugged by Wei Chi Li in this way. 

Her slender and beautiful shoulders leaning close to Wei Chi Li, and other parts were also curvaceous and seductive, making Wei Chi Li not daring to lower her head.

“You are going to the military camp tomorrow. I don’t know how long till you come back.” Liu Luo Yi said with a sad tone.

Wei Chi Li smiled. No wonder she was so strange today, it turned out it was because she was reluctant for her to leave her.

“Don’t worry. Must crown a princess and will return to Er Gu after a short while. You can play here for a few days. My sister and An Ge will be here, and I will arrange for a hardworking lady later to take care of you.”

Liu Luo Yi nodded and said: “I want to turn the house you gave me into a shop, just for painting portraits, is it okay?”

“Of course, that’s your palace. Do what you want to do. Little Liu’er’s paintings are so life-like and will surely become a famous painter of the generation.” When Wei Chi Li heard it, she smiled happily.

Liu Luo Yi smiled shyly.

There was no more movement next door, and they could still hear the 2 whisperings. When Wei Chi Li began to look forward to seeing them embarrassed, she must take this opportunity to tease them. How dare Wei Chi Die taught Little Liu’er bad things.

“Princess…” Liu Luo Yi said very quietly, and then shook Wei Chi Li’s placket, her eyes were full of expectation, making Wei Chi Li felt very unbearable.

“Just now still called me Ah Li.” Wei Chi Li pretended to be aggrieved.

“After we get married, I will change the way I address you.” Liu Luo Yi smiled shyly, but not knowing where the courage comes from, she suddenly turned to face Wei Chi Li, with both her hands on her shoulders and said timidly: “Princess…”

Wei Chi Li knows that she wants her to kiss her.

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