Chapter 94: Eavesdrop

Wei Chi Li never expected that she could blurt out such a sentence and was stunned for a while and then laughed.

“What are you thinking?” She said helplessly.

Forget it, after seeing Xin Ran’s reaction, and knowing that she could not get any information out of her. She reached out her hand to her without saying anything.

Xin Ran hesitated, then put her hand in Wei Chi Li’s palm. Wei Chi Li exert some force and pulled her up.

Wei Chi Li sighed, looked into Xin Ran’s eyes and said word by word clearly: “I will tell you what I said earlier on some other time, but I have a question. Will you tell others what I have said today?”

The expression in Xin Ran’s eyes was a little timid, but after hearing Wei Chi Li’s question, she did not hesitate to shake her head firmly.

She still believes in her princess as always.

“That’s good.” Wei Chi Li reached out and patted her shoulder to comfort her.

Then princess…” Xin Ran stammered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find you a handsome general in the future.” Wei Chi Li messed up her hair, turned her head and shrugged at Liu Luo Yi.

With naked eyes, one could see that Xin Ran heaved a sigh of relief and became happy again as she walked out the door and show Wei Chi Li the meticulously placed layers of cushions on a carved chair.

The 3 of them sat here for a while and after seeing that it was almost noon, they went out to find the restaurant booked by Wei Chi Die.

The street was no longer crowded like before, so they quickly found the largest restaurant in Er Gu. From a distance, they saw the colourful braids hanging on the restaurant window and stunning colours made Wei Chi Li a little dazzled.

Their seats were located at the outermost compartment on the 2nd floor. The compartment was huge and through the windows on one side, one could see the bustling streets outside and the endless grassland further away.

An Ge stood at the door of the room, looking at Wei Chi Die from a distance, not daring to go forward, while Wei Chi Die was sitting alone at the table with an empty pot of wine in front of her. Wei Chi Li stopped for a moment, then walked over as usual and sat down beside her.

“Why did sister drink alone? Didn’t even eat a bit of food before drinking, be mindful of your health.” Wei Chi Li said as she slowly takes the wine glass from her hands.

Yet, Wei Chi Die suddenly squeezed the wine glass and look at her with a trace of hostility in her eyes, which made Wei Chi Li a little surprised.

“Let go.” She spoke. Her tone was indifferent.

WEi Chi Li did not let go and put away the smile on her force, then grabbed the wine glass with force and reached out to put it on one side.

Wei Chi Li lowered her eyes and said no more, just sullenly eating the side dishes on the table. Liu Luo Yi and Xin Ran on one side looked at them fearfully, then looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.

Wei Chi Li gestured for them to sit down. Only then did they take their seats. They waited for the waiter to fill the table with various dishes before daring to move their chopsticks, but the surrounding temperature still seems to be frozen and no one talks.

And the foods were tasteless.

Wei Chi Die raised her hands and gave orders to the waiter. After a while, several charming women came in, bringing in sweet powder fragrance, which quickly filled the whole room. They seemed to know Wei Chi Die very well, and they all smiled and saluted. One of the women in yellow clothes was the most familiar as she sat directly on Wei Chi Die’s chair.

“Eldest princess, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” The woman in yellow covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve and took out a wine glass from nowhere. Wei Chi Die did not say a word. She gritted her teeth, took the glass of wine into her hand and drank it all up.

Upon seeing this, An Ge’s nails were almost embedded into her fleas. She trembled, turned her head away, not wanting to look.

Liu Luo Yi, who was sitting next to Wei Chi Li, suddenly coughed. Only then did Wei Chi Li raised her head abruptly and realised a woman leaning towards her. She was taken aback and hurried sideways to avoid.

“Sister, what are you doing?” Wei Chi Li frowned at Wei Chi Die.

Wei Chi Die was already a little bit tipsy. She looked at Wei Chi Li with her phoenix eyes. There seemed to be water rippling in it. It was both frivolous and charming. She sneered and said: “Wei Chi Li, is it the first day you have known me? Haven’t I always been a loafer, wandering around the flower streets?”

“It is okay to call for a man to come up too. It is boring for it all to be women.” Wei Chi Die said and was about to get up to call for someone, but staggered and almost fell to the ground. An Ge quickly stood up to support her.

“You obviously are not.” Wei Chi Li who has reached her limit, reached out to pull the woman who was wrapped around her and push her back a few steps.

“How do you know that I am not?” Wei Chi Die glanced at Wei Chi Li like she was a joke and reached out to pick up the wine, wanting to drink but was snatched by Wei Chi Li.

“Sister, what the hell happened? Would you please say something?” Wei Chi Li was a little exhausted as she put the wine glass aside, but Wei Chi Die suddenly picked up the flask on the side and raised it towards Wei Chi Li.

With a quick of a hand and deft of an eye, she sidesteps and leaned back hard and at the same time, reached out her hand to grab her arm. This round by the 2 of them was done only in a moment, and the people next to them were so scared to avoid them, that they could hardly see their movements.

Only knowing that when they stopped, Wei Chi Li stood on the spot and her chin to her chest was splashed with the wine and was still drinking down her slender neck.

Wei Chi Die was stunned and her eyes seemed to be clearer. She looked at her hand, and when she lost her strength, the flask fell to pieces on the ground and the glass scattered.

“Wei Chi Li….” She whispered.

Wei Chi Li was able to avoid it, but she did not move, letting the flask of wine spill all over her.

“All out.” Wei Chi Li said.

“Get out!” She deepened her voice suddenly, making people terrified. Several women were so scared they hurriedly saluted her, and then lifted their skirts and ran away. When they left, they turned their heads back with lingering fears, thinking about how the 2nd princess left and came back with so much imposing aura that people did not dare to resist.

“Come with me.” Wei Chi Li said, took the handkerchief that Liu Luo Yi handed over carefully, and wiped off the wine stains on her body little by little, then turned her head and went out into the next room.

After a while, Wei Chi Li has also lowered her head and slowly moved in, standing at the door without saying a word.

Before Wei Chi Li spoke, she took the initiative to step forward, put her hands behind her, twisted her slender waist slightly and said: “I’m sorry.”

Wei Chi Li was speechless, she shook her head, softened her voice and asked softly: “Sister, what happened?”

“It’s nothing, just talked to royal father yesterday.” Wei Chi Die looked at the stains on Wei Chi Li’s body, and as if she has suddenly become sober, she felt regretful in her heart.

“Have you quarrelled with royal father?” Wei Chi Li asked.

Wei Chi Die shook her head, with her eyes still lowered. When she raised her eyes again, her eyes were filled with tears, her nose turned red, biting her lips, like a pear blossom bathed in rain.

Seeing her like this, Wei Chi Li’s heart softened. She was at loss and handed the handkerchief to Wei Chi Die, but suddenly realised that she had just used it to wipe her clothes.

But seeing that Wei Chi Die was already wiping away the tears, she closed her mouth and decided not to tell her.

“Yesterday, royal father reprimanded me, saying that I did not notice it sooner and bring you back and almost caused a catastrophe. He blamed me for nothing more than to say that I am a loafer and have no ambition wasted as a princess. But it has always been this way since young, blaming me for the mistakes you made. I am obviously the older sister, but when you were born, you made people happy and born to be the crown princess’s material and I am nothing!”

Wei Chi Die seemed to be venting as she poured everything out. She choked as she spoke, and then blew her nose with a handkerchief.

Wei Chi Li felt sad when she heard this. She sighed, a little weak, and not sure what to say.

“I hated you since I was a child, and I still do. You are obviously so bad yet have been liked by everyone.” Wei Chi Die squatted down and hugged her knees with her white and well-proportioned arms.

A charming beauty curled into a tuft, looking a little funny.

Wei Chi Li also squatted down like her, reached out her hand to embrace her and gently patted her on the back. She sighed and said softly: “If sister wants the crown princess position, I will tell royal father that I do not want it.”

Upon hearing this, Wei Chi Die trembled and looked at Wei Chi Li in disbelief.

“What did you say?” Her voice was trembling.

“You heard it.” Wei Chi Li said as she curled her lips slightly, her eyes were very gentle, “To tell you the truth, the current me knows nothing and is not as good as sister. If it is a responsibility, I will carry it, but sister can also lead the Northern Territory, so it is not necessary that this position belongs to me.”

The 2 of them looked at each other and Wei Chi Die saw absolute sincerity in Wei Chi Li’s eyes. She suddenly chuckled and at the same time, tears also flow down her face.

“Do you think I can too?” She asked.

Wei Chi Li nodded firmly.

Wei Chi Die suddenly covered her face with her hands and her shoulders were shaking as if she was crying, yet it was like laughing. After a while, she suddenly heaved a sigh of relief and stood up.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.” Although Wei Chi Die’s nose was still red, she still taking care of the hair that was messed up by herself.

“The crown princess position must belong to you. I was just dissatisfied with royal father, so I vented.” She suddenly took Wei Chi Li’s hand, lowered her eyes and said: “This whole way, I found out that you can make many decisions that I dare not make. Father’s decision is actually right. You are more determined than me, bolder than me, calmer than me, does things more vigorous and swifter than me and understands far more than me.”:

“Although I am very reluctant, I have to admit it.” Wei Chi Die sniffed.

“But….” Wei Chi Li wanted to say something, but Wei Chi Die covered her mouth: “Not another word, what if I decided to go back on my words? Royal father has said that the ceremony will be held in a few days to crown a princess. You should be prepared. When the time comes, you have to face hundreds of official, don’t be a disgrace.”

As she said, she pushed Wei Chi Li away and said: “Go out first. I want to be alone for a while.”

Wei Chi Li was still a little stunned. She scratched her head and walked out the door obediently, but as soon as the door closed, she quickly looked for An Ge’s trace and then desperately beckoned her.

“2nd princess, how is princess?” AN Ge ran up anxiously. But before she could stand firmly, she was stuffed into the door by Wei Chi Li and then locked by her.

“My sister is not feeling very good, please persuade her more.” After Wei Chi Li finished speaking, she let all the people retired all the people in the restaurant, then reached out to pull Liu Luo Yi who was still confused and then made a quiet gesture and went to the next door together and leaned on the wall to listen carefully.

“Shh, I don’t think my sister is just angry because of royal father. She must also be angry with An Ge, otherwise, why everything is fine yet the 2 were estranged and even called the girls in.” Wei Chi Li said in a very quiet voice.

Not fully understanding it, Liu Luo Yi nodded and then leaned on the wall like Wei Chi Li.

Suddenly there was a crashing sound from the next door, followed by a few depressed shouts from Wei Chi Die, and then a woman’s choking sound. As Wei Chi Li listened, she realised that something was not right, and hurried back 2 steps and pulled Liu Luo Yi into her arms and covered her ears tightly.

“Princess, what’s the matter with them?” Liu Luo Yi raised her eyes to look at her. The clear expression in her eyes, made Wei Chi Li embarrassed to explain.

“Ah…probably fighting….” Wei Chi Li placed her hand on her chest and answered with a guilty conscience.

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